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Comment 3 hours ago

He looks real good. I am impressed with his pocket presence. I am a bit surprised as I thought he would look faster running the ball. He looks like above average speed for a QB. Regardless, he is going to be a good one because he can throw the rock. 

Comment 20 Sep 2014

FSU is just scared of being lumped into the mess that is going on in the NFL. Total PR damage control. Jameis = million dollar arm & a five cent head. 

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I hope the best for him. Nothing like a piece of humble pie, to bring things into perspective. He should not be kicked off the team and all you people calling for that... Just shut up!!!!!!

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Agreed. Also, if the coaches were surprised by the defense game plan of VT then by default JT wasn't prepared well by them. I thought JT played amazing for what he was thrown into. 

note to Tommy: not a good plan. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I thought the D looked pretty good considering how our offense could not stay on the field. The D produced 3 turnovers and were aggressive. Sure the 3 down conversions hurt but holding VT to less than 350 yards is better than we have for the past two years. Offensive looked overwhelmed and was simply embrassing at points in the game. Poor play calling by Tom. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

We go out coached. Simple. And for some reason our offensive line forgot how to block. We chose not to run the ball consistently at all. 15 total RB touches? The game plan was just "hey JT...go out there and win it us". I feel bad for the kid. I thought he did what he could with his experience. He will get better. he showed some flashes today. 

Also while did Tom stop giving Curtis Samuel the ball on that option?  

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I am disappointed the coaches didn't get more touches for Rod Smith or B. Dunn who fit more of the power back role that was vacated by Hyde. C. Samuel and Ezekiel Elliott seem like they are same kind of running back, very quick, very fast but unable to get the tough yards. It seemed like Ezekiel was taken down a few times by arm tackles. Don't get me wrong, I love our quick RB's...but on 3rd and two, it shouldnt be a question. Impose our will, break a tackle, and barrel through. 

Comment 30 Aug 2014

All I can say is I thought JT played great in his first game. 80% completion percentage for 200+ yards and led the team with 50 rushing yards. Sure the INT was bad, but it wasn't like the pass protection was great. In addition our running back position looked like it was below what we are used too. How much better would he have looked with last year O-line, and Carlos Hyde. With all that said, I thought it was the best QB performance for a first start I have ever seen at tOSU. And his stats would have been even higher if the time of possession would not have been so one sided.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Rod has a much bigger NFL body although not the break away speed of Eze. I think the coaches will lean on Rod Smith when the games are tight much like they did with Carlos. I think Eze is awesome but I haven't seen him move the pile to pick up the hard yards. 

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Defense really does win championship. 

I am strongly disappointed. Pass defense was weak all year. We have plenty of young talent at DB ( Apple, Burrows, Conley, Bell ) heck Roby will get drafted and D. Grant was a 5 star recruit -- if we can't get it figured out on the backend of our defense, I don't know we can make it really happen going forward. Combs / Fickell ??? Accountability. 

Herman forgot about Carlos on 4 and 1 and forgot about TE. -- also no D. Wilson sweeps??? -- I am thankful we have Tom H., but COME ON MAN. That was weak play calling late. 

WR's drops hurt bad. ( we are missing that large possession receiver ) hello Michael Thomas. 

Braxton should stay or be drafted in the 6th round. ( they throw in the NFL....against strong defenses every weak ) 

good year... just short of great. Defense let us down. 

Comment 01 Dec 2013

I thought Michigan's O-line played much better than expected which caused the defensive planning to go out the window. It looked like our blitzes actually hurt us, we telegraphed out blitzes before the snap ( we have to work on that ) while TTUN used that aggressiveness against us with screens. We just let our best pass rushing D-Line play without exposing our blitz packages and we will be fine. Our DB's should play closer to the line and if you can't do that with the speed of Roby / Grant then we can't ever do it. I understand the strategy of keeping the ball in front of us but in college football we next to tighten up on 3rd downs...anyway 24-0 great problems with great players, and great coaches. Go bucks 

Comment 01 Dec 2013

I still can't believe we are here ranked #2. After all the BuckHate from everyone outside BuckeyeNation, I was preparing myself for a Rose Bowl trip. Amazing. When we beat SpRty and ESPN realizes we are in the NCG, and that the one loss SEC isn't going to NCG...watch how quickly the narrative changes about Winston and he should not play in the NCG and that FSU should not go. 

Comment 19 Nov 2013

The best thing for the BIG10 is to kick in the teeth of whoever they play in the bowl games. Wisconsin, MSU, and our beloved Bucks need to take care of business this January. And if FSU plays Alabama... it needs to destroy them like 55 - 14. 

The headlines will read SEC loses all of its bowl games and the BIG10 wins all of its bowl games and Jameis Winston is charged for stupidity and go to prison forever. And the media ( espn )and FSU have to live with the fact that they let a criminal play in the NCG while holding the Hesiman-- ok maybe i am kidding a bit about Winston. 

Comment 16 Nov 2013

Our defense???? Why can't our defense back field cover. I don't know. 

And maybe Braxton should take off the glove on the throwing hand. Not playing good today. We look more like the 2012 Buckeyes.

Comment 08 Nov 2013

A message to ESPN and all you sport writers... Flashy Uniforms don't win games, blocking and tackling do gentlemen. 

Comment 04 Nov 2013

If Alabama loses to LSU ( which is possible ) and Oregon loses to Stanford. We are in!!!

After watching the FSU / Miami game, I had a few take aways.                                      1. FSU linebackers looked small ( hello Carlos Hyde )                                                       2. Miami's depth issue on the defensive line really hurt them after half time.                     3. Jamis is really good but his is not Ivan Draggo ( he is just a man ) although he is faster than I thought as well.                                                                                                4. Miami's pass defense played a lot of basic man coverage which killed them in the run support and is why IMO they lost the game. Our pass defensive scheme is actually much better suited for the FSU offense.                                                                                5. FSU has one really good receiver who is very tall but that's it.                                     6. If a team can put together a consistent pass rush on Jameis he will look like a freshman. I have to see him look rattled because he always has a ton of time in the pocket.                                                                                                                        7. I was not as impressed with FSU as I thought I was going to be.                                8. We can beat this team because we can score as well as they can                                 9. Sweep the leg... do you have a problem with that!!!                                                 10. The FSU chant is one of the worst sounds on the planet earth and it never stops. 

Comment 03 Nov 2013

Sad thing is had we scheduled a strong non conference team at the beginning of the year maybe we would not be in this situation. And for those of us who want to pretend that scheduling Cal ( oh the they used to be good line ) doesn't quite fly. They weren't good then and aren't good now. Our best bet would have been to schedule a BIG12 or ACC team with more of a brand name to it. I understand Oklahoma or Texas can't come play us every year but our Athletic Director ( sweet Gene ) should of had the foresight to see that the BIG10 was down and we needed quality opponents. Even a common fan has that kind of insight. Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Clemson, FSU, Miami, Boston College, Stanford, USC, Arizona State, Kansas State, heck even West Virginia would have been been better teams to schedule other than FlaAM, SDST, Buffulo. That is bad management Gene and two years in a row you have hurt our chances of playing in the NCG. ( and we would have killed Notre Dame ) ... perhaps you go to Texas. 

Comment 03 Nov 2013

I think George Whitfield gets way too much credit in Braxton growth as a QB. He probably spent two weeks with Braxton while Tom Herman is on year two. I think his growth is working with a guy whose football IQ makes Whitfield look like a 1st grader. Anyone seen Kenny G's growth as well...maybe Tom Herman should give the credit to Whitfield ( oh yeah Kenny didn't work with GW ) // sarcasm -- give Tom Herman his respect!!!