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Comment 12 Oct 2016

Wow. Why would a coach even comment on a player like that? The week before a, that is dumb. Williams tweet was dumb as well in fairness, but he was 17 years old. That coach talking about former commits with spite....yikes. 

Comment 11 Oct 2016
Its a pretty docile scene up there at the Big Dump these days. I usually go up there. I don't know guys, for most of the 90s and early 2000s is was pretty inhospitable in Columbus for TTUN fans. Just from what I remember. Lots of incidents. Particularly car damage and really stupid stuff. I saw some stuff that wasn't cool. Same when Texas visited. Im sure TTUN Fans have done stuff to us. The rivalry can bring out the ugly...alcohol doesn't help much. I think its changed a bit in recent years (been to the last 4 in the Shoe). We give em hell, but we should always respect the rivalry and human beings in general (skunk weasel or not). I'll crack a beer with anyone and talk some CFB. In the end, more seats for us!
Comment 10 Oct 2016

Weather this week in WI looking good. Partly cloudy, high of 69 low of 58.  ~63 degrees at game time. Hope that holds up. 

Comment 03 Oct 2016
Not sure this is new thread worthy, but did anyone else notice Rutgers brought like 12 members of their band?
We we're waiting for TBDBITL to march into the stadium and Rutgers rolled up with this sorry crew. Good for them though. Those kids at least got to go. Just thought it was funny (and kind of sad). 
Comment 30 Sep 2016

Sorry, I pretty much agree with Saban on this one. Backup QB quits in week 4 and that hurts the team. Imagine Burrow just up and leaving (?!). Blake's dad was very involved and was reportedly giving ultimatums to the staff.  Must be fun for a coach with 5 Natty's to have to take the dad of a 5* recruit chirping at him and the staff about his kid not starting (INSERT ANNIE APPLE QUOTE). 

Saban should have not said anything publicly though. So I don't agree with that. Not a good look. 

Comment 29 Sep 2016


 Not anywhere close to being thrown into a volcano. Job is safe and sound. No issues will arise. Not even a loss at home to Minny....full support of administration. Confident in....building it the right way. 

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Louisiana judge or prosecutor (forget which) dropped charges against Bama OT Cam Robinson and then was quoted as saying "those players are out there in the heat sweating while we're in here in air conditioning". Something to that affect.