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Comment 04 Mar 2014

Great article Kyle

We need a bunch of guys to step up if we're going to win a B10 championship. Particulary, our secondary and a few Sophmores.

Important rule of thumb IMO, never expect anything from Frosh. If one steps up and performs well that is strictly a bonus.

Go bucks




Comment 11 Feb 2014

How awesome would it be to not only get promoted, but to fire your former bosses? RAY FARMER IS DA MAN and I'm betting he is behind all this. Good for him. Banner is a clown.



Comment 10 Feb 2014

Ah, DFH beers...yes, those do age well. If you can track down some World Wide stout and Old School Barleywine those would be good ones to try from them. The Old School Barleywine is fantastic with age...recently drank my 2011 and it was fantastic. I could see the DFH brown ale being decent as it fades. 

Here's a good link to look up breweries that distribute to your area and my personal favorite beer site appropriately called Don't Drink Beer, which is pretty funny. dude is nuts.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

Wookey Jack is a great beer.

In the DC area, DC BRAU "on the wings of armageddon" is a tremendous DIPA that nobody talks about. Single hop falconers flight. very delicious. brewery only I think.

Comment 09 Feb 2014

OP - First of all, best of luck on the "experiment". Secondly, don't age IPA's!! Also, a "high ABV malty brown ale" is probably not worth aging, bu that's just my opinion. Bottle conditioned beers are a good idea....imperial stouts, barleywines, strong ales are good choices as well. I'm going to guess you're not into Belgians or Lambics, Saisons and Wild Ales, but all of those are great to cellar as well. My advice would be to try as many new beers as possible to see what you like and then age those to see the difference over time. For example, cellar a few bottles of this years release to try alongside next years so you can compare/contrast. My advice would be to have a set amount ($100 or something) you drop each month on your cellar...don't drink any of the beers...and year from now you got $1,200 of dank brews and all your friends are hounding you about the next tasting party!

Given your locale, here are my recs for beer to start aging. I have aged all of these beers at one point or another to various degrees of success:

Goose Island - Bourbon County Brand Stout (and all the variants).

Bell's - Expedition Imperial Stout, Black Note, Third Coast Old Ale (this is a greatly underrated beer imo)

Founders - KBS, Imperial Stout,

Firestone Walker - Anniversary Ale (XVII, etc.), Sucaba, Parabola,

Great Lakes - Blackout Stout

Stone - Imperial Russian Stout, Double Bastard

Three Floyds - Behemoth, Dark Lord

Oskar Blues - Ten Fidy

Surly - Darkness (available in CHI I think now).

Pipeworks, Revolution, Central Waters, Jolly Pumpkin & lots of other Michigan/Wisconsin breweries have good beer to age as well.

Best of luck. Remember, It's an experiment!!! YMMV

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Seems like a good fit. Welcome to Columbus Dr. Drake!

BAND NAME: DR. Drake & the Board of Trustees

Smooth Jazz in the house!

Comment 09 Jan 2014

I've always wanted to see Beck live. Same for Fatboy Slim, but just for late 1990's nostalgia I guess.

I had a blast at Outside Lands last year. Trying to do another Left Coast festi just to do it. Might end up flying out for this one.

Comment 20 Dec 2013

In all honesty, it's pretty bizzare of her to want to rename Assembly Hall after herself

Even If I donated $100 million to OSU...I sure as hell don't have the balls to try and rename it Eric Cartman Ohio Stadium

Bush league on her part IMO.