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Comment 27 Jan 2016
Cause I'm Jim Shady, Yes I'm the real Shady, All you other head coaches are just imitating, So won't the real Jim Shady Please sleep over Please sleep over Please sleep over
Comment 23 Jan 2016
I was fortunate enough to get a private tour of the Cavs facility a few weeks ago. GM of the cavs didnt mention Blatt once in 2.5 hours of conversation. Mentioned Mike Brown twice. Talked a lot about Pop with the Spurs, chicago organization, Warriors roster, etc. We all thought it was weird he never mentioned anything about DB at the time. This is a verbatim quote "i cant believe we're in 1st place given how poorly we've played". Pretty telling in retrospect. I was never a big Fan of Blatt from what i saw with the cavs. My 2 cents.
Comment 16 Jan 2016
Hinton could have just as easily left the program and gotten another job. If you got screwed or are jaded, why even stay at ohio state? Seems like there is stuff we dont know about. I'll sleep just fine without unearthing this high paying job tragedy. Glad hes still with us.
Comment 13 Nov 2015
I'm sorry, i was under the impression that D$ was pretty good. Ill leave the thread now. Wish that BUCKEYE the best.
Comment 09 Nov 2015
"OR" Because 106k people are probably totally cool with an indecisive start time less than 2 weeks before kick off. Cmon! Little Johnny has travel basketball and Aunt Edna's visiting hours are 12-6. Clocks! Do you own one ESPN? WHY AM I YELLING?
Comment 02 Nov 2015
Well, i hope it goes to a walk on if that is possible . Joe Burger maybe.