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Comment 30 Jul 2014

I'm a beer guy but this is helpful. I'm always confused when it comes to whiskey. Tx

Comment 27 Jul 2014
I can't wait to watch that back to back combo of MSU vs UM and OSU. FEEL THE HATE!!!! I love college football.
Comment 11 Jul 2014

Misplaced blame. Spencer at EDSBS broke it down the best.

The running theme in our head, watching this atrocity spiral out of control and eat the entire 2013 season, is that this is three years after Urban Meyer left Gainesville. Three years, not two, and not one, and not done with the mythical barren cupboard of homewrecking Urban Meyer. This is what this team looks like on purpose, because no one can evaluate and develop offensive talent. This was done on purpose because Will Muschamp, a defensive savant, apparently cannot pick a competent offensive coordinator out of a bin of them. This is now a rebuilding project going well past its thousandth day, and with another year at minimum to go. Please do not give the huddled, be-molded hordes of solipsistic, self-pitying Buckeyes fans the opportunity to shoehorn in the now elderly cliche that any of this is Urban Meyer's fault anymore. Urban Meyer recruited the majority of what was left standing on the offensive line Saturday, and won two BCS championships, and also didn't lose to Vanderbilt.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

Roger is getting soft in his old age. I think he's let a lot of the post-Roger Pink Floyd stuff go. Hell, they all performed together before Wright died. No denying he was the genius behind Pink Floyd, but I admittedly hated him for a while. Definitely pro Gilmour still to this day, but I'd like to see them play together again before anyone else passes on. My 2 cents.