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Cleveland area transplant to Columbus after graduating from the University of Toledo in 2010. Moving to Columbus has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field after the last second come from behind victory over Wisky in 2011.
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Comment 20 Nov 2012

I cant wait to see Denard line up at RB and just get hammered by the Shaidozer.  SCUM has improved but I still think the Buckeyes win big on Saturday as they take their frustrations out for not being able to be in a bowl game this year.

Comment 19 Nov 2012

im not sure I agree with Maryland on a sports basis but as far as revenue goes this is huge for the B1G and adding Rutgers makes the most sense.  I would love to add Texas and I would love to add ND(even though I can't stand them) just to beat them every year we play so I can rub it in ND fans faces like i have been able to do to SCUM fans 9 out of 12 years.

Comment 19 Nov 2012

Not sure if its just because I am younger but I would of loved to see all black uni's.  I know many people will disagree but I think it does give a little bit of a recruiting advantage. Times are changing and I think OSU has seen this, thus their involvement in the Pro Combat Series.  I just think a blacked out Shoe on Saturday would of been sweet.  If they come out in tutus on Saturday I could care less as long as there is a W on Saturday. BEAT SCUM!!!!!

Comment 06 Nov 2012

Bosa is my favorite recruit of 2013 and if his younger brother has even a little bit of the drive and work ethic I've seen from Joey the kid is going to be a beast. This is also going to help open a pipeline to one of the premier high school programs in Florida. 

Comment 23 Mar 2012

he leads all players in the tourny in points scored(74 points throught 3 games I believe).  Another big showing against Syracuse and i'll put money down that he goes in the top 14.

Comment 23 Mar 2012

with the kind of tourny DeShaun is having there is no doubt that he will be a lottery pick in June.

Comment 14 Mar 2012

Its good to see him put his priorities in line and pass on a potential NFL career and millions to pursue something that wont put his life in danger everday.   Good Luck Tyler!