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Comment 22 Jan 2017
I would add Lyle to that list. His body language is never good. But it was absolutely awful today. I get so sick of him pointing the finger at others, whether it is the refs, his teammates, the coaches, etc. It seems like in his mind, it is never his fault. That is a terrible attitude to have and I feel like it rubs off on the entire team.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
Not sure how you lasted this long, IP. As your intelligent, well-written comments were continuously followed up by snarky, short responses.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
So we should only feel excited about this team if they beat two NCAA tournament projected teams (Minney, NW) comfortably? And this is in addition to the fact that one of those teams already beat us by 10 pts. I have a feeling you are not going to enjoy rooting for the Buckeyes the rest of the season with those expectations. You may want to switch to another team to cheer for.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
I know surgery was mentioned when they decided to redshirt KBD, but I wonder if they decided against it. I have heard no confirmation that he has had surgery. Seems like he would have had it by now if it was necessary. But I could be wrong. I am not ruling out Kaleb Wesson joining the rotation next year with or without Trevor coming back. He obviously does not have the athleticism of Thompson, but he has one thing that no big man at OSU has had since Sully: passing skills. You cannot discount elite passing skills from a post player. We all saw the damage Diebler did being on the same side of floor as Sullinger. I am not saying it would be at the same level, but Kaleb and Kam might have a similar dynamic together.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
Very true, IP. And the tone of the article is pretty negative so I am not surprised to see a comment like that. I have no problem with the negative slant, but it seems like weird timing for the article. It very much has the feel of 'pump the brakes, we actually still suck.'
Comment 19 Jan 2017
And I am not sure I would classify MSU as not so great. Their November schedule was absolutely brutal. They lost to 4 legit Final 4 contenders (Arizona, Baylor, Kentucky, Duke). Their best player (Miles Bridges, a likely NBA lottery pick) missed the entire month of December. And this is Izzo's youngest team. They are a better team now than they were in November and December.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
'Yea, celebrating a win over Nebraska and acting like it is a big deal is pretty sad.' I hate this comment. This team has been knocked all year for not playing with heart, emotion, etc. And they celebrate this last second, road win and it is sad? Outside of playing Rutgers at home, there is no automatic wins on any Big Ten team's schedule. Purdue lost to a mediocre Iowa team. That same Iowa team lost to Northwestern by 35 pts. NW struggled to beat Rutgers. This same Nebraska team beat two likely NCAA tournament teams (IU and Maryland) on their home courts. I remember when possibly the best Thad Matta Buckeye team (Sully, Diebler, Lighty, Craft, etc.) beat a terrible NW in Evansville by 2 pts. And you know what? They were excited and celebrated. And despite the huge talent difference, it wasn't sad. Because a conference win is a conference win. Some are obviously bigger than others, but they all count. And they are college kids. They should be excited when they win.
Comment 18 Jan 2017
Agree completely, Awlin. The starters have plenty of experience, but the entire bench has zero D1 experience. It would have been at nice if at least one of those 4 who transferred actually worked out. As for KBD, I think he has the highest ceiling on the team. Unfortunately, staying healthy and putting it all together on the court are huge question marks. I do think Matta gets next year to right the ship. With a healthy KBD and plenty of experience and depth, I feel like the expectations should be really high (Top 3 in Big Ten, Sweet 16 or better finish).
Comment 16 Jan 2017
Sorry. I did not mean for my comments to come off that way. I just think when you compare every coach in America to Izzo as far as player development and success on the court, nearly every coach comes up short. Heck, you could argue they all do. Yet that being said, out of all the current and recent past Big Ten coaches, Izzo is the only coach I would take over Matta. The fact that Matta has beaten Izzo 10 times and has 5 league titles and 4 tourney titles is a testament to what a good coach Thad is.
Comment 16 Jan 2017
I agree completely. They have a heck of a team and almost knocked off two top 20 teams on the road (Butler and Notre Dame). I am thankful we only play them at home. I do believe we will be a slight favorite at home. And hopefully we have a nice homecourt crowd this Sunday. I was shocked and elated at how strong of a crowd we had against MSU.
Comment 16 Jan 2017

'Ohio kids have been successful in Sparty's program, and that is neither coincidence nor accident.'

Let's not be naive and act like all of these kids are home runs:

Javon Bess (Gahanna)- averaged 2.9 pts a game, transferred to St.Louis after two years

Kenny Kaminski (Medina)- averaged 4.9 pts a game, suspended from the team twice, transferred to Ohio University 

Kyle Ahrens (Versailles)- current sophomore, averages 3.1 pts a game

I am sure I could come up with plenty more if I wanted to spend the time.  Those 3 were on the top of my head.  And there are plenty of highly successful Ohio kids that have come through or are in Matta's program: Lighty, Diebler, Buford, Sully, Craft, Tate, etc..  It is a much bigger list than the bust list: Sibert, Weatherspoon, Harris, etc.

My biggest knock on Matta is not the Ohio kids he landed and developed.  He has done an excellent job in that area.  It is that he has not recruited Ohio enough.  The huge recruiting blunders by Matta were 2011 (Thompson, Scott, Williams, Ross, McDonald) and last year (Mitchell, Grandstaff, Giddens, Harris, and Lyle). 8 of those 9 players either did not play to their recruiting ranking (in some cases not even close) or they transferred out of the program (and in some cases transferred again, ha ha). The jury is still out on Jaquan Lyle.  Only one of those 9 players came from the state of Ohio: AJ Harris.

Some might say the success rate of Ohio kids versus out of state kids is purely coincidental.  I do not.  And I am starting to think maybe Thad doesn't as well. 3 of the 4 kids in this year's class are from Ohio (Potter, Wesson, and Funderburk).  And 4 of the 5 commits (verbal or signed) are from Ohio (Wesson, Goodwin, Bazley, Ahrens). I like that trend. We'll see if it pays off.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

You think they did not play with effort to comeback from an 18 pt deficit and cut it to three?  Plus outrebound a team (by 7) that has one of the best interiors in the game.

The only game where they flat out gave a bad effort was the Wisconsin game.  And you could argue the first half against Illinois and the second half against FAU.

If you thought they did not give effort against Minnesota, you were watching a different game than I was.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I would be thrilled with 10-8 in the conference and we get in the NCAA tourney somehow. And next season KBD hopefully comes back healthy, Funderburk and Kaleb Wesson possibly join the rotation, and possibly your only loss is Loving.  And let's be honest, Loving isn't going to be a huge loss.

I know some fans had us pegged as a bottom feeder in the Big Ten after Thursday's debacle.  And that may end up being true. There are no gimmies in the Big Ten this year.  The top is weaker than most years, but the depth is much stronger than last year. But if this team plays with the same passion they did against Purdue and Michigan State, they could do it.

Wednesday's game @ Nebraska becomes a must win. We cannot dig a bigger hole than we already have and we need to build on the confidence we gained from yesterday.  But let's say we somehow pull out a victory in Lincoln.  We would need 8 more wins to get to 10.  We would have 5 more road games (Iowa, Michigan, Maryland, MSU, PSU).  We would need to at least get 2 wins in those 5. MSU is nearly a guarantee loss on the road, but I think they could get 2 of the 4. It would not be easy, but we could do it.

Now let's look at the 7 home games (Northwestern, Minney, Maryland, Rutgers, Neb, Wisky, and Ind).  Rutgers is probably the only lock win.  And we are probably looking at a split at best with Wisky and IU.  But could we win the other 4 games? It would not be easy, but we absolutely could. No gimmies, but it's not like (NW, Minney, Mary, Neb) is a murderer's row.

And say we get to 10-8.  You are looking at a team that won 10 of their last 14 games.  With a coach that has had a crazy amount of success in the Big Ten tourney (4 titles and a runner-up).

I know this post is just a bunch of 'what ifs.' And we may very well tank it and Sunday end up being the only bright spot in a terrible year.  But I have seen sicker dogs get well.  There is still hope.

Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Jan 2017
Agree completely. Jent taking over for Matta was only going to play out if the program was back in good shape (top 5 of Big Ten, Sweet 16 caliber team). This program is in bad shape. I love Thad and he has done an incredible job at OSU. But I truly believe the only way to jumpstart this program is to clean house and bring in a new coach (with head coaching experience).