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Comment 22 Jun 2017
Robby Carmody verbally committed to Notre Dame today. He is a 6'4" SG from Pennsylvania in 2018. Very similar skill set and ranking to Dane Goodwin. Based on that info, I kind of doubt it was a coincidence he committed a day after it became public that Dane de-committed and had interest in ND. I highly doubt the Irish are an option now for Goodwin and Zach Fleer says that Dayton is not a factor despite his Dad being a former Flyer. As of now, I'd say it is between OSU and Nova.
Comment 20 Jun 2017
Yeah, saying no one cares about anyone on the roster is ridiculous. Just for one example, Ja'Sean Tate has dealt with two torn labrums and ankle surgery since he committed to be a Buckeye. All he has done is play nearly every game, bust his butt off no matter what the score is, and been one of the most consistent players production wise in the Matta era. And he has never had any off the court issues. And nobody cares about him? Nobody wants him to end his career with a surprise trip to the NCAA tournament? Come on, man.
Comment 19 Jun 2017
'You might have to fill the roster with walkons just to have enough depth to field a team.' With Kyle Young joining the team, we have 10 scholarship players and a walk on who is in his 3rd year with the team (and is now on scholarship). 6 of those 10 scholarship players are Top 100 national recruits. Also, last year's team ended with a horrible loss to Rutgers. But they won 17 games, not 7. They also beat two Sweet 16 teams in the last month. One was rather handily at home (Wisky) and one was on the road (your Wolverines). And don't worry, we'll still own you guys. I find it funny that even though the program has struggled mightily the last two seasons, they still went 2-0 against Michigan. Matta's final record against UM: 21-7.
Comment 19 Jun 2017
I think he is a more natural 3 than a 2 and I think he will play both spots. I agree, out of necessity he will probably play more at the 2 spot. Which, until today's news, left only a currently suspended player to have the primary duty of backing up KBD and Tate. Young affords Holtmann a little more flexibility with the bench.
Comment 19 Jun 2017
Agreed, put possibly this allows the staff to play Andre Wesson (if he improves his ball handling) at the SG spot, which is the weakest on the team. Also, Tate is gone after next season and KBD could definitely leave after next season. He is a good student, so my guess is he will graduate next year.
Comment 19 Jun 2017
As far as the Ohio recruits, I hope we retain Dane Goodwin (good bet), land Jerome Hunter (seems 50-50 right now) for 18' and land Jeremiah Francis for 19'. As a guy that has lived in Central Ohio his whole life, the potential having 5 local kids (3 aforementioned kids and the Wesson bros) on the same team would be incredible.
Comment 16 Jun 2017
Things can change in a hurry in basketball. Matta won 20 games with a roster with less talent (though more depth) than this one in year 1. He won the Big Ten his 2nd year. He led them to National Runner Up his 3rd year. Is Holtmann going to match that? Probably not. But you basically don't think we are going to be competitive until 2019-20? That seems like an exaggerated take from a Michigan fan. As far as getting kids that want to play at OSU, we have plenty and we are recruiting plenty. Andre and Kaleb Wesson's Dad played here. So did Ja'Sean Tate's Dad. Dane Goodwin plays 5 mins from campus and has been committed since the 9th grade. Jeremiah Francis' (OSU offer, 2019 recruit) Dad played here. Dom Penn's (2020 class, Central Ohio kid) Dad played here. Congrats on landing Taylor Currie. But don't feel so sorry for us Buckeye fans. We will be back at the top of the Big Ten sooner than later.
Comment 16 Jun 2017
I think it is a heck of an assumption to think we won't have Derek Funderburk this upcoming season. It is a possibility? Sure, but you could say that about any player given the way this offseason has gone. But Funderburk has never had any public off the court issues in HS or his first year at OSU. He was willing to redshirt his first year to focus on his game and add weight. And finally, and most importantly, if he transfers he would have to sit out another season. How many kids do you know that did not play their first two years of college with no major injuries involved?
Comment 16 Jun 2017
I think the ship has sailed on trying to find a 2 guard for next season. I agree that is the Buckeyes' weakest spot and the guard depth in general is razor thin. But it seems like they are way more focused on bringing in a big time 2018 recruiting class (hence the double digits offers this week) than finding a diamond in the tiny 2017 rough. I think the best case scenario for next season, 3 things happen: (1) Funderburk gets his act together and becomes a solid contributor (2) Kyle Young joins the team (3) Andre Wesson developed enough ball handling skills to play some mins at the 2 spot. Guard depth still wouldn't be ideal, but I think we could get by. I could see a starting five of 1-CJ 2- Kam 3- KBD 4- Tate 5- K. Wesson. Braxton would obviously back up CJ at the PG spot. But maybe the rest of the bench would be more fluid. Andre Wesson playing the 2 and 3, Young and Funderburk playing the 3 and 4, and Potter playing the 4 and 5 spots.
Comment 15 Jun 2017
And Eric Hunter Jr. and Luther Muhammad Lots of 2018 offers this week but none for Justin Ahrens. I think pretty much every offer was to players that had offers from Butler previously (including Jerome Hunter and Dwayne Cohill). But that being said, it sure looks like Ahrens missed out on his chance to be a Buckeye. We'll see.
Comment 13 Jun 2017
Can Dane Goodwin get here a year early? I can see him thriving with this play.
Comment 11 Jun 2017
As far as recruiting Ohio kids all I want is (1) Kyle Young to be released from his NLI and come over with Holtmann for next season (2) Get Justin Ahrens back on board (along with Dane Goodwin) for 2018 (3) Get Dwayne Cohill and either Jerome Hunter or Pete Nance for 2018 (4) Get Jeremiah Francis for the 2019 class That's not too much to ask for, right?
Comment 10 Jun 2017
I think the weight thing was a big issue. Even though Keita was playing through a stress fracture in the offseason, I can't imagine Matta thought he would shut down by early January. That being said, I did not agree with it. Unless you recruit a project with really raw skills (Dave Bell) or have an illness or an injury going into their 1st year (Kam Williams-mono), I don't see the point of redshirting anyone in this day and age. With the transfer rate as high as it is and kids leaving programs early just to play overseas, you are lucky to have a player stay 4 years. 5 years is even more rare, though Kam will do it this year.
Comment 10 Jun 2017
Sylvester's shot and Lewis's shot are 1A and 1B for me. Sylvester's signified that our program had arrived. Lewis's allowed a tourney run that established us as an elite program. Bonus: Gus announced both shots.
Comment 08 Jun 2017
He also took over a Butler team that had just joined the Big East, went 14-17 the year before, and their coach (Brandon Miller) abruptly left in October. Holtmann's interim tag was removed by January and he led them to the NCAA tourney. And then followed it up with two more tourney appearances including a Sweet 16. I don't know much about him on the recruiting front. But he did just steal a top 100 national recruit out of the state of Ohio: Kyle Young. And even though Andre Wesson was only a 3 star recruit, he damn near got a kid from Columbus, whose Dad played at OSU and brother was committed to OSU, to attend Butler. He may have a small body of work, but I think it is pretty impressive.
Comment 08 Jun 2017
No one that covers Ohio State hoops on a regular basis (Columbus Dispatch, 11 Warriors,, etc) have confirmed that he got an offer from what I can tell. It is whether or not we believe Jeff Goodman's (ESPN) sources are accurate. When no one can confirm it after 12 hours have passed, I have my doubts.
Comment 08 Jun 2017
Adam Jardy (Dispatch) just tweeted that he was told it was not certain that McDermott got an offer. Smith's private jet has been to Dallas (Shaka Smart, Scott Drew, or Jamie Dixon) and Roanoke (Buzz Williams). Those guys have like 10 Sweet 16s among them. And he offers the guy who has zero Sweet 16s in 16 years of being a head coach? Yeah, that makes sense.
Comment 06 Jun 2017
Dayton just offered Ahrens a scholarship. Obviously not Duke or Kentucky, but UD is better than any of the offers he got (besides OSU) before he committed to OSU 10 months ago. He has since gone on to be All State as a Junior and performed really well on the AAU. I suspect we will see more offers as good or better than UD in the next few months.