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Comment 3 minutes ago
I have no problem with the article, other than your take on KBD. Keita just wasn't right this year. He played 9 games with a stress fracture in one leg and 6 of those games he had to recover from a severely sprained ankle in the other leg. He certainly wasn't a star last year, but he was our most versatile player. And unfortunately, he was a shell of himself in the limited time he played.
Comment 5 hours ago
KBD was playing with a stress fracture in one leg and a sprained ankle on the other leg. There have been huge disappointments on this team (Kam Williams, Jaquan Lyle, etc.), but Keita was never healthy this year, even in the games he played.
Comment 19 hours ago

No worries.

Like I said, I could be reading into things too much.

But, when we signed Beverly and Wesson in November, Matta said it was unlikely they would add any more players to the class.  Fast forward a few months later, and they are recruiting and offering PGs and combo guards for 2017. The exact same position Jaquan Lyle plays. Coincidence?

The funny thing is, the situation seems eerily similar to Lyle's recruitment.  The 2015 class seemed set with Harris, Grandstaff, Mitchell, and Giddens. And then Russell turned out to be way better than expected.  Matta seemed to realize pretty early on that he was going to be one and done.  He started actively recruiting combo guards for 2015 and landed Lyle that winter.

Not sure where Lyle might be headed. He is a long shot at best for the NBA.  Maybe overseas. Maybe he is completing the 100% transfer rate of the 2015. But he sure does not look like he will be in Columbus next year.

But I have been wrong before. This wouldn't be the first time.

Comment 20 hours ago
Also Thad was in New Jersey last night recruiting top PG recruit for 2017, Jahvon Quinerly. Maybe I am reading into things too much, but I think Lyle is good as gone. Every week, 2 players are available to the media for interviews. Today is was Potter and Jackson. Since Big 10 play, every player in the 8 man rotation (Loving, Tate, Williams, Thompson, Lyle, Jackson, Potter, and Wesson) has been available at least once. Except for one player: Jaquan Lyle.
Comment 20 hours ago
Yeah, but both of those things happened in the last 2-3 weeks. What are his excuses for the rest of the season? We heard all off-season how he had 'bought in' to the program and lost weight (which was true, he dropped 20 lbs). But he came out of the gates with 8 total pts in the first two games. Then he has a huge game against Providence. And he has been all over place following that. The hope that Lyle could be an all Big 10 player has died. And if he isn't going to play close to that level, do we really want his negative energy on the roster? I don't.
Comment 21 hours ago
I am not high on Cohill at all, mainly due to our roster make up in the future. CJ is listed at a generous 6'1 and will be a senior when Cohill is a freshman. Braxton Beverly is listed between 5'10"-6 ft and would be a sophomore. Cohill is listed at 6'2", 170 lbs. I would much rather add a guard with decent size to this year's class, like this Mark Smith kid. And hopefully we land Jeremiah Francis (6'3" 205 lbs), who is a class below Cohill.
Comment 21 hours ago
Not getting my hopes up because like IP said, we are late to the party. But if they landed this kid, it would be amazing. I actually think our forward and center depth is pretty strong (especially if Trevor stays) heading into next season: Thompson (possibly), Tate, Bates-Diop, A.Wesson, Potter, Funderburk, K.Wesson The major weakness of this team now and in the immediate future is guard depth and talent. I truly believe Kam Williams is meant to be a 15-25 minute bench player (where he thrived last year). CJ may end up being a solid starting PG by next year or the year after, but he is also playing way more minutes than he should due to the inconsistency of Jaquan Lyle. And last, and certainly least, the Lyle experiment did not work. Matta has stood behind him for two years and played him a ton. He shows flashes of brilliance. But at this point, if he cannot play at a consistently solid level (and he sure as hell is not), then he never will. The only things you can count on from Jaquan are poor defense, terrible body language, and lots of finger pointing. This team needs guards desperately. And with two on the roster next year lucky to be 6ft tall (CJ and Braxton), one with some good size would be an added bonus.
Comment 19 Feb 2017
I get it. Fans are frustrated and upset. So am I and I am a huge Thad supporter that hopes he gets one more year to turn it around. It is not surprising that 70-90% of the comments on recent basketball articles are negative. I am fine with that. But downvoting a post just because it doesn't fall in line with the negative ones? Don't get it.
Comment 19 Feb 2017
'Offer lists are a slightly better indication.' Agreed. But you used the word slightly for a reason, and rightfully so. Two big Central Ohio guys that thrived at TSUN are good examples. Burke's two biggest offers were Penn State and Butler before a late offer. LeVert was committed to Ohio University before a late offer. The Curry brothers went to Davidson and Liberty (Seth later transferred to Duke). Look at the 4 Freshmen we had last year (Harris, Giddens, Grandstaff, and Mitchell) and their collective offer lists out of high school: Arizona, Maryland, Kansas, Florida, Michigan, Xavier, etc. And they ended up at New Mexico State, Alabama, DePaul, and Arizona State. Pretty huge difference in those two lists.
Comment 19 Feb 2017
I don't care much for recruiting rankings. Outside of the top 20-30 players, they seem to be a crapshoot in basketball. Guys like Amir Williams and Shannon Scott were severely overrated, whereas guys like Evan Turner and Aaron Craft were severely underrated. And I am sure you could find examples like that in every program in the country. That being said, for whatever it is worth, ESPN recently bumped Beverly from a 3 star to a 4 star recruit.
Comment 18 Feb 2017
Agree to disagree. I think nearly every Big Ten coach would like to have Tate, Thompson, and a healthy KBD in their lineup next year, or at the least playing a lot of minutes. And the jury is still out on Andre Wesson, Micah Potter, and CJ Jackson. But I firmly believe they are going to improve. I think all 3 have as the season has progressed. And they all seem to have the work ethic and attitude to improve in the offseason. Who knows about Kaleb Wesson, Derek Funderburk, and Braxton Beverly? Plenty of people already have them pegged as this or that, mainly negative. But no one really knows. Outside of the top 20-30 players, recruiting rankings mean very little.
Comment 18 Feb 2017
'Marc Loving will be gone and he is the only dude who can score.' He averages 12.6 pts a game. He has played great (on offense) the last couple of games. But he has 11 single digit scoring games this year, including 5 in the Big Ten. He is also the Buckeyes' worst defender, has the worst (or close second to Lyle) body language, and his effort is inconsistent, and that is being kind. KBD is not Evan Turner. You are right about that. But he is our most versatile player is our best perimeter defender on a team that is desperate for a good perimeter defender. I will take the Keita for Loving trade all day every day. I hope Marc continues to play great on offense down the stretch. But the only thing he has done consistently in his career is play bad defense and show terrible body language. Even when he scores 20 pts or so, he is just as likely to give up 20 plus on the defensive end. We also are adding two players (Kaleb Wesson and Funderburk) to a potentially deep and talented front line if Trevor Thompson returns. I am on the fence with whether I want Lyle to return. If he continues to play with great effort and pace the rest of the season like he did against MSU, I would love to have him back. If his effort is inconsistent the rest of the way, I could take him or leave him. Bottom line is I am cautiously optimistic about next year. If a healthy KBD returns, we can hopefully slide Kam into his more ideal role as a 6th man. Of course, we will return the always steady Tate (14 pts, 6 rebs a game). I like the effort and potential of our 3 youngsters (Andre, Micah, CJ). They all have their shortcomings, but they have all been lauded for their excellent work ethics by Matta on numerous occasions. That never happened with last year's Freshmen class. A lot of my optimism hinges on whether or not Trevor comes back and to a lesser extent if the good Jaquan Lyle returns. But I actually think we have a lot of good pieces in place. And I wish all of the good fortune in the world to Marc Loving, but I am not going to miss him at all.
Comment 18 Feb 2017
Doubt it will happen, but would love to see CJ and Jaquan start the game. Kam thrived in a 6th man role last year and he started off the year playing great off the bench. Since replacing KBD in the starting lineup, he has struggled (with the exception of the Rutgers game).
Comment 17 Feb 2017
Hard to complain with your take on Paulus. That being said, much like my opinion on Matta, I would like to see how we do next year. We lose our worst defender (Loving), possibly lose our 2nd worst defender (Lyle), and gain our best defender (Bates-Diop). Andre Wesson looks like he has the potential to be the real deal on defense and should be getting more minutes. And Micah Potter has to be better on defense next year, right? Unlike Loving and Lyle, does not seem like effort is the issue with Potter. He just looks like a lost Freshman who has no idea what the heck he is doing, especially against the pick and roll. If we are not playing defense at a high level by next season, I think Paulus should be gone. But then again, if our defense struggles again, the whole staff may be gone.
Comment 17 Feb 2017
Just to be clear, IP, I want Thad Matta to be our coach next season. And I hope he can pull this program out of this rut (and I think he will) and be our coach for another decade or so. I just appreciate anyone who can put up a decent replacement candidate other than Archie Miller or Chris Jent.
Comment 16 Feb 2017
Thank you. Love Buzz Williams. Though I am admittedly in the 'let's give Matta' next season group that is dwindling every day, I like everything about Buzz. His resume is really impressive: conference title, multiple deep NCAA tournament runs, developed plenty of NBA talent (Jimmy Butler, Wes Matthews, Jae Crowder). I just can't stand how 75% of the suggestions are Archie Miller. I like Archie, but he has one deep tournament run on his resume and not much else. And unless Matta leaves on his own terms, I don't think one of his good friends and former assistants is going to take his job. Just don't see it.
Comment 15 Feb 2017
Yeah, I only skimmed through the post. Not a big fan of 3 hour movies. But I share the same opinion on VCA as IP does. And all of my family and friends (that are OSU fans) feel the same. The huge size of the arena is a detriment, not a positive. They should have pumped a bunch of money into renovating the arena that actually had a consistent homecourt advantage, SJA. As far as the fan support, I think it kind of sucks, though some of that has to do with the mistake of building an arena that is way too big and cavernous. I would much rather have sell out crowds at a 12-15k arena, than have 3k of empty seats at a big game at VCA. But I always point the extra stuff as far as fan support. I was at VCA to welcome back Sully, Craft,etc after their final 4 appearance. There were maybe 1k fans there. Maybe. And I go to every open practice/meet the team event that they have. The crowds are embarrassingly low. And I have been going to these for over 10 years. They are slightly better when we are coming off a good year, but not by much.
Comment 15 Feb 2017
His shooting style is unorthodox for sure. But he shot 45% last year. I know JC is a different level. But the 3pt line is the same. And as far as I know, the hoops are set at 10 ft. Maybe it is just taking a year to adjust to the speed of the game. Some others at OSU have struggled with their outside shot early on and turned it around (Lighty, Diebler, etc).