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Comment 20 Sep 2012

If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the East
I live out there, so don't go there

Comment 28 Dec 2011

Agree.  Does anyone really know why OSU football isn't more profitable?  Why are expenses so high compared to some of the other top programs? 

I am stuck in the middle of PSU country and I constantly hear about how PSU football is the 2nd most profitable programs in the country (that and their high graduation rate are about the only 2 things they can talk about these days...).  Why does PSU's program generate $12 more in revenue?   

Comment 04 Nov 2011

while we are on penn state, did anyone see the news that former psu-coach-in-waiting-if-paterno-ever-retires jerry sandusky was just indicted on over 40 counts of felony charges of sex crimes against minors.  yikes. 

Comment 31 Oct 2011

Is that how other conferences (that have a true championship game) do it as well?

Comment 31 Oct 2011

I just read the Routes to Indy column on ESPN.  Can someone explain why Penn State would go to Indy if they win 2 of their last 3 games.  Lets say that Ohio State beats Penn State, but Penn State beats Wisconsin and Nebraska.  Lets also say Ohio State wins out.  Wouldn't Ohio State be undefeated within the Leaders and Penn State would have 1 loss?  Does the Big10 look at overall Big10 record or just within the Division? 

Comment 18 Aug 2011

Did Shannon ever sign that form at the end of the year that got Tressel in trouble?  You know, the one that makes them represent that they are not aware of any violations...

Comment 18 Aug 2011

Why didn't he alert the NCAA then?  Haven't we learned that is what Coaches are supposed to do? 

Comment 09 Jun 2011

My wife and I have a deal that she got to name our kids and I get to name our pets.  There is a 100% chance that our next dog will be James Patrick Tressel. 

Comment 06 Jun 2011

Poop - they are on the list because those schools finished the season in AP Top 25.  The list is the APRs of the Top 25.  Ohio State was the best. 

Comment 27 May 2011

I don't understand the story here.  So the car dealerships give something of value to Ohio State coaches/staff (the use of an automobile) and in return they get something of value (tickets to Ohio State sporting events).  Isn't this how any product is exchanged on a market?   

Comment 11 Mar 2011

Even though they played awfully, sweet jesus it was nice to see the basketball team out there! 

Comment 11 Mar 2011

Here's what I don't understand about the articles I've read concerning Tressel.  Most of the sportswriters at the big media outlets are calling Tressel a "liar" and a "cheater" and I even read "slick little con man."  They say that Tressel is smart enough to have known what he was doing.  In my experiences, when you lie or cheat you do it for a reason.  Usually a risk-reward analysis at some level is undertaken by the person contemplating cheating or lying.  I'm failing to figure out exactly what he was hoping to accomplish if he did indeed lie and/or cheat.  I don't think the national sportswriters have fully connected the dots.  Here's what I'm thinking - 

We know that Tressel was alerted that there was a federal investigation going on and that some of his players stuff was found as part of that investigation.  Its been made pretty clear that at that point, Tressel had an obligation to alert the NCAA.  It isn't likely that Tressel stayed quiet in hopes that it would all blow ever because Tressel had to have known (and he actually said during the press conference on Tuesday) that he knew this would come out eventually.  Federal criminal investigations don't just go away quietly.  They eventually wrap up and information comes out.  Therefore, the argument seems to be that Tressel kept it quiet to preserve all of his players for the 2010 season. 

That doesn't make sense to me either because there I am sure there is precedent out there for what punishment players have received for selling their gear.  Even if there isn't precedent, Tressel had to know that it wouldn't be an entire season suspension for players selling their memorabilia.  Turns out it would have been 4 games, which is what AJ Green got at Georgia and its what the Buckeyes would have received.  If Tressel had thought it through and was deliberately keeping the info from the NCAA, does it really make sense that he'd save the 2010 season and risk the 2011 season?  (Again, this is operating under the assumption that he knew the information from the federal criminal investigation would be revealed at some point).  The players involved were all Juniors in 2010 and will be Seniors for the 2011 season.  Players normally get better as they get older, so if he actually thought about it, why wouldn't he have sit out the first 4 or 5 games of their Junior season?  Again, he had to have known that information was going to come out eventually when the federal investigation finished.   

Concluding, if he really was a liar or a manipulative con man (as seems to be the consensus outside of Buckeye Nation), Tressel would have done a quick risk-reward analysis, at which point he would have realized that it made absolutely no sense to keep this information from the NCAA.  This all brings me back to my original feeling that Tressel didn't keep the information from the NCAA for any deliberate reason.  It seems like he just made a mistake.