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Comment 14 May 2015

There are creative ways to get around reading when your major is picking up sticks...

Comment 14 May 2015

Don't know why you are so nervous, every name you just mentioned puts calm in my heart. Not to mention Jalin Marshall/Dontre Wilson/Curtis Samuel all lining up in the H-back position. We're good. Enjoy your summer.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Im hearing the same thing about Grayson. Saw him in the Senior Bowl and wasn't impressed, but that was only one game where he was throwing to guys he only had a week with so I have to bow to those who have truly evaluated him. I also think Hutson Mason is way underrated. 

I think DJ is holding out for a Gary Nova sighting.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Apparently, according to harbaw, all he had to do in his answers is prove he isn't an "ass-hole." Because that is all that NFL team front offices want to know, again, according to harbaw.

All kidding aside I wouldn't be surprised to see Doran go round 2.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

Well, I work from home - so its a daily struggle between proactively working on what I am supposed to, and cruising Netflix. Typically I can limit myself to a show over a lunch break, but when something like Peaky Blinders is discovered discipline goes out the window.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

When I discovered Peaky Blinders I didn't work for two days. Only wishing seasons were longer than 6 episodes, but that does ratchet up my anticipation for season 3 this fall.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

One of the things you want to make sure of is how close you are to the "hub." If you are a block away, they may promise 12 but you may only get 8. I had one company that promised 10, I only got just over 1, so cancelled that in a day. Now, I pay for 10 but get about 15 just due to how close I am to this new company's hub.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Im giving the qbs a pass based on the fact the D new it was going to be a passing down every play and they blitzed like crazy. Also, no Michael Thomas and no Zeke made me not expect an offensive outpouring. I get where you are coming from though it wasn't the offense we got accustomed to watching last year, but its just the spring game, and once September 7 rolls around and we hang a revenge 50+ on VT....we will all be smiling.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

I would agree with that, but he really seemed to turn it around in The Game, especially in the blocking game. He has two highlight reel blocks, and he was an absolute homing missile in the Sugar Bowl on kickoff coverage. I think the switch has been flipped, and Im excited about him this year.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I think to a degree you will see this in some instances, but you will always have guys that regard the reward greater than the risk. Also - as science evolves to learn about brain trauma, and its effects, you can also imagine that the technology used in player protection will advance.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Unfortunately I am a displaced Buckeye fan so I have only the road experience. 5-0 on the road though between MN, IL and NW. I am trying  to plan a 60th B-day gift to the man that gave me life by taking him to the Shoe with my brothers...fingers crossed.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I have pictures, but I am way too lazy to upload them from my phone right now, but he came in wearing a hoody, and had his hood on until he got to his seat. He just looked so uninterested being there. And when they wheeled out that sick Citrus Bowl trophy with real/fake? oranges in it...who could blame him after being in Urban's office just a week prior and seeing that new hardware? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's shy, maybe he was tired, but looking at him and his body language he wished he was somewhere else. He didn't acknowledge the other recruits, and he sure wasn't interested in the guys on the team when they walked by him. His mom literally pulled him out of his seat and pushed him into the isle as they walked off. 

The only thing to be happy about, if I was a Mizzou fan, was his mom. She was all about Mizzou. She absolutely ate up that atmosphere, and Im guessing proximity has a lot to do with it as well. Mom may win out on this one. 

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I was at that game, a couple sections over from the antlers, and its true, they were very loud when he came in with Pinkel. Beckner Jr. walked right by me and sat about 10 rows behind me. He didn't look very happy to be there to be honest. His mom sure was though, she was trying to get him to stand up and shake peoples hands and he kept trying to pull her down. At half time they introduced the football team - looked half strength at the most maty mauk wasn't even there - and as they left the court his mom had to drag him out of his seat to walk away with the team and they all left at half time. His mom was all about Mizzou, and its easy to see why - she only would have to drive 1 1/2 hrs to see him as opposed to 6-7 hrs. Judging by his body language and expression I wouldn't be worried, but I can never underestimate the push of a mother. He might be as good as gone to Mizzou if thats what his mom really wants.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

The CFP colors of Black and Gold, like on the hats. The two previous games were black and silver and the final was black and gold, hence the gold confetti. Personally I like it when they shoot out the team colors, but they didn't ask me.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

When we won the game, I did think of you and your article (can't believe that was a year and a half ago). So happy for the team and every Buckeye fan who got to witness.