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Comment 15 Apr 2014

I agree DJ, big time college sports, as we know it today, will look radically different in the next 5 yrs.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

That's because they don't seize meth labs in Seattle.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

Thanks for the write up Jeff.  I for one, can't wait to see Cardale at game time...I have been saying that since I saw him come in for mop up duty last year...the kid is going to be tough to bring down.

Comment 21 Mar 2014


Nearly 30 lawmakers received free football or other tickets, and some got all-expense-paid trips from the bowl, but prosecutors declined to bring any charges against them. County Attorney Bill Montgomery has said the law covering legislator freebies was so vaguely written that he had no case. He recommended that the Legislature rewrite the law, but nothing was ever done on the matter.
Comment 13 Mar 2014

It will eventually happen.  All it takes is for a couple of starters to have an off night, and add in some foul trouble.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Given the risk of injury, you think $176K is plenty?  While the NCAA and university's rake it in?  While the administrator's, coaches, and television networks rake it in?

And these kids aren't allowed to make any $$$, yet you proudly display their name on the back of your store bought jersey? Yet 176K is plenty?

Sorry...but I tend to disagree.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Looking back, the possibility of not getting Urban, has absolutely never crossed my mind.  I don't want to think about it...lalalalalalalalalala!

Comment 12 Feb 2014

you're basically just changing your vantage point for watching never-ending snow from your window to your television during this winter of endless goddamn school closings. This clearly makes winter the lesser of the two Olympicses.

Your ability to wax eloquently is unmatched.  Nice write up!

Comment 12 Feb 2014

This is the first post since we switched that makes miss being able to dv a post.

Damn...I was thinking the same thing...

Very incoherent rambling

Comment 12 Feb 2014

good point, and upvote for the license to kill long as it is on the internet, and the UN said it's ok...I'm with ya!

Comment 11 Feb 2014

~~Tom Izzo points a finger at Twitter for making the fan-athlete relationship more hostile

Generally speaking, as a rule, the coach should make everyone turn Twitter off during the season.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Love it...especially the love the mobile app.  One issue that I am seeing though, is that the log in link for the mobile app isn't working.  Any ideas?

Comment 06 Feb 2014

I imagine it is pretty easy selling the SEC and immediate playing time to a 2nd/3rd tier, 18 yr old.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

How could any kid turn down what Coach Coombs is selling? 

Comment 28 Jan 2014

I see your point, though I have a difficult time seeing a pro-athlete as needing to be protected by a collective bargaining agreement.  That is the point of contract negotiation.  Collusion can occur whether or not one has union protection.