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Comment 05 Feb 2014

That sucks that a good player like Christian gets shot down like this over a rule that should be there to help the players. Good luck, thanks for everything Christian Bryant!

Comment 03 Jan 2014

I vote yes. I read that it maybe a little windy at times tonight. Also, I think after the msu game they watched the tapes and realized that Carlos should have been feed the ball more and they are not gonna make the same mistake.

Comment 28 Dec 2013

Screw the skunkweasels go cats! As for conference  perception I'll be more than happy with the other teams winning out, going 5-2. Even though that probably won't happen. I think that the other will have a better chance to change the perception of the league  with their wins than a  _ichigan win. 

Comment 24 Dec 2013

My guess is that since all he has ever known is failure, he decided he want to see what success was like so he put on a scarlet polo on and go beat on a weaker opponent. Much like the Buckeyes do to ttun! But on a more serious note I guess we will have to wait and see if anything comes of this.