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Comment 10 hours ago

My guess there was no actual vote counting. They already decided they were going to put him in just to troll Buckeye Nation.

Comment 15 hours ago
I agree. I don't know if they would want this offer out in the open. If harbaugh says no then not only will the fan base go into butthurt overload but it will be publicly known that a coach rejected the highest offer in all of college football to coach that dumpster fire of a team.
Comment 17 Dec 2014

They have the secpn on the front page. Mark schlabach has the B1G going 1-9 with Penn State as the only winner. God help us all when Penn st is our only savior for the conference.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Dont you mean they have Peppers and thats all they need. They just faked his injury so he could train for all of this season so he can win it all by himself next year.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

I think they look at him but ultimately go with someone with head coaching expience. It almost seems like they put them self in the position where they have to hire a proven hc. 

Comment 30 Nov 2014
I think if it's a cramp or a helmet coming off it will be Jalin since it should only be a few snaps. If the unfortunate should happen then that would be harder to decide. It would prob depend how much experience Jalin has seen in practice to run the offense. If it's only a few plays here and there and running the wildcat I would think they would goes Collier since he would have more experience as a qb instead of splitting time between a few plays and h back.
Comment 26 Nov 2014

This rule makes no sense to me at all. If they win enough games they should be able to play in a bowl game. Isn't the whole point of bowl games to reward the players for their season? I mean if they didn't switch to FBS then they would have been able to make they playoffs for their hard work. This is just plain stupid.