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Comment 30 Aug 2016

Unless the girl decides to hold a press conference about it, I don't think you're getting any more info.  All we can do is trust that the process worked: they each told their side and an independent body ruled.  Urban may not like it but he's far from objective in this given his vested interest in the outcome. 

We'll probably never know for sure if TG was wronged or if he's getting what he deserves.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Maybe they think he's a little small?  He's listed as 6'3 295.  Mangold is 6'4 307, Alex Mack is 6'4 311, and Corey Linsley is 6'3 301.  Not a huge difference, but these guys are paid to care about that kinda stuff.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Love him or hate him, I think he definitely has his finger to the pulse of football fans.  He's not an idiot, he knows what to say that will rile up various fanbases.  He can say "the SEC is better than everyone else" and fans of the other conference will whip into a frenzy and SEC-fans will puff their chests. 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Yes.  He was suspended for violating the same Code of Conduct that 50,000 other OSU students have to follow.  Carving out special treatment for football players is what sends you down the path of any number of unseemly headlines we've seen regarding other schools.  Urban works for the school, not the other way around.