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Comment 26 May 2017

I know nobody cares about bloggers... but these night games are getting a little out of hand!

#hottake: I'm over night games.  I wish we had one per year so it was like a cool event, but other than that I wish they were all at 3:30.  Maybe it's my over-30 age, but I hate staying up till after midnight watching tv.  I'd rather the game be over in time for dinner, then I'd prefer to option (but not the obligation) to watch someone else in primetime.  That way if Bama / FSU / etc was in a blowout I could just turn it off. 

Comment 25 May 2017

2007 was the worst loss of my lifetime, hopefully a title it retains forever.

2008 LSU wasn't really all that bad to me, mostly because we kinda fell into the game backwards and I didn't really have high hopes.

If I had to think up one that you might have missed I would go with 2009 Purdue - it had such a huge WTF factor and derailed what otherwise could have been a NCG appearance (though the sting is lessened by the fact that Bama would probably have smashed us).

Comment 24 May 2017

Since we've got 99 days left to discuss Buckeye-stuff, thoughts on the GoT trailer?? (It's the offseason, mods)

1. Not a single white walker.  They better actually be in this season, and not continue their neverending tease by showing up in 4 minutes in the season finale.

2. Jamie's totally gonna kill Cersei, right?  Will that be this year or next?

3. No Bran or Sam= good riddance