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Comment 2 hours ago

Because when you think of the best coaches in CFB, you think of Nick Saban, Ramiy63, and Urban Meyer - in that order.  Actually kind of embarrassing that Urban didn't check 11W first on what he should do before going out there and announcing he wasns't making changes.  The arrogance of that guy.

Comment 2 hours ago

Who the hell does Meyer think he is??!?  I don't care if he has three rings and gets paid millions of dollars to actually "know" things.  I trust the internet commentary wholeheartedly, and they've told me that we need to fire half the coaching staff, burn the playbook and bench half of the starting offense.  THEN, and only then, will we see some positive changes.

Comment 7 hours ago


Ok, I'm as big an OSU fan as anybody, but screw Malik Hooker.  I'm all in on this badass right here.  I know nothing about him but this is now my favorite CFB player.

UPDATE: Found him.  #SteelhammerForHeisman

Comment 8 hours ago

Yes, but if you're going to criticize the CB's technique we need to at least acknowledge that the ball literally hit Clark in the face, and he made no attempt to move either of his arms up to try to catch it.  The interference did not prevent him from catching that ball.  Would I have like a flag there?  Of course.  But am I outraged over it?  No - it wasn't going to be a catch.