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Comment 11 hours ago

Bosa would be doing backflips (again) if he 'slipped' all the way to San Diego at 3.  Not only would you land on a team that has had 2 losing seasons in the past 13 years, you'd live in San Diego - or possibly LA in a year.  I'd take that anyday over the mess that is the Titans or the unspeakable burden of playing for the Browns.

Comment 11 hours ago

A more interesting side note would be if there needs to be a rule change regarding penalties by the goal line.  If you're a DB and you get beat, why wouldn't you just mug the guy to prevent the TD?  You're saving six points and losing a foot from the LOS.  I wonder if they could implement a system where the penalty yardage gets added to the ensuing kickoff, or something like that.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

I've kinda thrown in the towel on the tournament hopes (I'm not being a pessimist, just realistic).  So what I'm really looking for from here on out is growth from the younger guys, as next year is shaping up to be huge for us.  I want to see few mistakes from Lyle, more scoring from Giddens, and less head-scratching-moments from Loving.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

He's not sure what position Harrison will play at Ohio State.

I love that he just wants good athletes and will figure out where to put them later.  Doesn't matter if you're a QB, basketball player, offensive lineman, whatever. Just get your ass down here.