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Comment 22 Apr 2017

Fox had the Oklahoma game last year, but I believe because it was an OU home game they had rights to it.  I'd expect Gameday to head to Columbus for Week 2 and have that one be on ABC.  

I'd be surprised if UNLV is evening time - night games actually cost the city a lot in OT, so given a choice I'd doubt they're interested.  UC was kind of a weird exception.

I think Fox only gets a certain number of times they can claim us - despite it being the first night I still don't think IU/OSU is a major draw on the scale of say OSU/Michigan or OSU/PSU.  I could be wrong though.

Comment 21 Apr 2017

I feel like Zeke is going to cause a lot of teams to make dumb decisions this year.  He was a special talent for sure, but he was also put behind possibly the best offensive line, and that combo is what helped him have a great year.  Some team with a shitty line is going to draft Fournette in the top 10 then get mad when he doesn't rush for 1600 yards. Personally, I wouldn't touch a RB in the first.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

USC has done nothing since Carroll left, despite being a premier program and getting top classes year after year.

LSU has averaged better recruiting rankings than everyone but Bama but hasn't come close to knocking them from the perch.

For the amount of money they generate, Texas and Notre Dame also have very little to show for themselves in the past 25 years (with the exception of the time VY dragged Texas to a title).

Tenn/ UF / UGA have not capitalized on the fact that the SEC East is terrible.  Any of those should have taken a stranglehold on the division and built from there, but just couldn't do it.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

If you're going to claim that records will fall you could at least do 2 minutes of research and tell us which ones will.  Luckily for you, I'm bored.

Current Records:

Pass completions: 361, Brees, 1998

Passing yards: 3985, Painter, 2006

Receiving yards: 1545, Evans, 2001

Rushing yards: 2587, Gordon, 2014

Passing TDs: 39, Brees, 1998

Total TDs: 39, Ball, 2011

Total yards: 4272, Robinson, 2010

Not going to lie, I don't really like our chances at breaking any of those.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

How are you just going to drop recruiting notes in a forum post like that.  Start a basketball recruiting article and call it The Dribble.  Post updates irregularly and put forward an inconsistent effort into each one.  You know, like the team.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Doesn't BC have literally the worst athletic dept in the country?  I think I remember hearing that their football and and basketball teams were the first to go combined winless in conference in maybe forever.  I get that Jarmond wants to move up, but maybe keep waiting a little bit longer.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

The back leg is the plant leg though.

I'm not sure it's for protection as much function.  The fact that it's on the front leg leads me to believe Day doesn't want them twisting the knee on the follow through.