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Comment 22 Apr 2015
I love Braxton and want the best for the guy. Personally I hope he gets the starting job after all he had been through in his carrer. If he does transfer, please please please not bama. It be difficult to see a favorite player go to a hated team. Good luck to the kid no matter what!
Comment 28 Mar 2015
I will never forget Harrelson, UK 's big man down low, falling out of bounds and throwing the ball as hard as he could off of Sully. I was heated. That just made the 101st reason to hate Kentucky.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
I am definitely content with the effort from Scott tonight and Thompson too I guess. It's obviously Amir and McDonald who kill us all though. Although not a senior, Marc Loving may be the one with the least amount of effort but results in most hair pulled out.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
So many problems. Free throws. Big men. Why isn't KBD getting more time? The lack of intensity. I'm a fan to the end but I just don't understand. There is so much potential for this team. If they would pull it together, they could make a run in the tournament. But they never seem to do so in a convincing manner for long enough. Till the end, Go Buckeyes!