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Comment 02 Sep 2015

You did mean except for the year a team from the SEC that didn't even win their division (Alabama) got to play for the National Title, right? You were just leaving that one out for arguments sake?

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Arrogant Bastard Ale and some Woodford Reserve Double Oak. Obviously, I do not have to work in the morning. I will DVR the game incase my wife makes me go to bed early for being too drunk and  Who am I kidding?, Im loud during a Buckeye game when I am sober. My Grandfather's quote:" Anyone can get drunk and pass out, that's a waste of money. The art is to be able to maintain that cool buzz all day and all night long".

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Pete is a victim of his own narcissism. He would be in the Hall if he would have just admitted that he did it in the first place. It wasn't Pete's infractions, it was his actions/attitude after that got him banned. I love Pete the player but Pete the person has some serious issues and they didn't just happen overnight. No way Pete enters the Hall during his lifetime. Will someone down the road open the doors for his Grandchildren to see? Maybe. Pete to the Hall of Fame is not even a question I ponder in my mind. It's not happening while I am alive.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Up 14 with 3:30 left in the Sugar Bowl vs Alabama is a very valid argument. He did the only thing that you cant do as a Safety in that situation. This isn't rocket science, he's been hearing "don't let anyone over the top" in that situation since he was in junior high. Physical abilities have limits but mental mistakes are inexcusable in those type of situations. You can give him a pass if you'd like but I am going to take a wild guess that Urban expects more from his starting Safeties in those type of situations. Running the interception out of the end-zone was also genius.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Because he is tall, has good footwork, a decent release, can get past his 2nd read before taking off with the ball and has been operating with a terrible offensive line for his entire college career. Taking off with the ball in the NFL leads to a very short career and thats not what NFL GM's and owners are looking for in a franchise QB. Go back through all of the Buckeye games and take all of the runs our QBs made for 1st downs and divide it by 10 and see how many drives would have been sustained. That is whats waiting on them in the NFL. WIll he be great in the NFL? Who knows but he does have the potential.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Powell will start ahead of Smith and Smith will take Bells spot when he leaves early for the draft and Powell stays. I think that Smith has the potential to be better than Powell but you aren't breaking up the unity of a top notch defense. Giving Powell credit for the interception in the Sugar Bowl and conveniently forgetting about him giving up the long pass play when we were up 14 with 3:30 to go in the game is a joke. and to add to his poor decision making ability he ran the ball out of the endzone on the interception that ended the game. He is not the best decision maker on the defense but I hope that he is continuing to improve because he will not be supplanted at Safety during his OSU career. Powell isnt chopped liver but he has plenty left to improve on before leaving OSU.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Hard enough to recruit at UC. Putting out opinions like this isn't going to help. Good luck with that at UC, TT.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I don't think fining Student Athletes out of their COA $ would be very smart. You cant bitch that Scholarships don't cover full cost of attendance and then turn around and say that you are going to fine players out of that $. That's like admitting that they don't need it in the first place. Bud is basically telling on himself here. Either he didn't want COA money or he only wanted it to utilize as a recruiting advantage. Bud should've kept that idea to himself.

I'm still hopeful Pryor can make some plays (if Josh McCown can get the ball within three feet of Pryor's hands

The pot calling the kettle black?. I think ole Josh has a better completion percentage and QB rating than TP had at QB. What's TP going to say to Josh if he overthrows him?.....Nothing, he shouldn't say a damn thing.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Picked up a pair of 11's this morning.

Click on the shoe even though it still says "Out of Stock". When it opens there will be sizes available. It was down to 2 sizes left this morning.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I think that the older guys like Coombs, Hinton, Warriner and Johnson stay until Urban Leaves. The young guys like Fickell and Ash are gone in the next 3 years without question. Smith stays, gets promoted to OC and then leaves in the next 6-7 years.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

The more people that build expectations in their mind, the better. I love it. That's more disappointment felt up North as far as im concerned. And,,,, that leads to the most tasty tears on the planet. Keep hyping!

Comment 23 Aug 2015

AW was the first and probably will be the last DB to win the Thorpe with 0 interceptions. AW has no equal in run support abilities from the college CB position, period! That young man was a blur to the ball and my favorite all time Buckeye.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

I live in Augusta, Ga. (retired Uncle Sam).Please show me a previous stretch of success at South Click that Spurrier has had? Coaching isn't all about titles, it's about doing with what you have. Spurrier is a great coach, not at the top of my list but he has made SC relevant. Plus he makes great presser jokes about the rest of my friends' teams here in Georgia.That's way more than his predecessors have done. I'd go with Dantonio, Snyder from KSU and Patterson at TCU for doing their best with what they have.

The debate over Urban and Saban is mute. Urban won without loads of talent and Saban couldn't. Urban is a much better recruiter. Put Saban anywhere other than the "dont have to go to class and still get Paid" conference and he is a sub 500 coach.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

That would be my list and I missed it on the way down. Sorry, plus 100 to you. I may allow my bias to switch Dantonio and Patterson. Not sold on Saban in an equal talent duel with any of these guys.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

I really like Peterson but I think he is too small town to compete in the big leagues. UW is his last stop unless he goes back to Boise.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

Not sure but I can tell you that the Bama defense and most especially Landon Collins wasn't running his mouth at Dale or Zeke after the 2nd quarter.

Bradley Roby???? Great GOD given talent, everything else................Ill leave that there for someone else. 4 years in Urban's house would've been so awesome.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

But they were all against much better competition than Penn State. Bama, Wisky and Oregon all roll Penn State and Michigan. JT looked good in 1 game vs legitimate talent and that was Mich State, the other games he struggled. JT struggles vs good/great D lines because his height wont allow him to see the field. Cardale can see the field and is able to make better decisions in improvisation when the play breaks down or someone misses a block. All of that knowing the offense doesn't help you when you cant stand in there and throw over an oncoming defender or take off with 2 or 3 guys wide open because you cant see them. If JT is healthy, we don't win a National Championship last year. We beat Wisky and Oregon but dont get to Oregon because we dont beat Bama.

Listen to me now, believe me later.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

I live in Georgia and the exact opposite for me. Everyone is telling me how great we look on paper which is much more troubling to me than what you are experiencing.

You are dealing with a different kind of fan.  I like to remind them of the B1G bowl record from last year so they don't pull that shit on me. They know we beat their best team last year and we had to come back to do it. Nobody has came back on Bama like that since Cam Newton. UGA will always have a ton of talent and a lack of team discipline. UF will always have talent and will always bad mouth OSU because we have their favorite coach. You shouldn't sweat it. just smile and tell them that we have open dates on the schedule if they're upset about it. Unfortunately the Conference expansions killed the OSU vs UGA home and home series that was in the works,