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Comment 20 Sep 2016

Who wouldnt take anyone named Blades at DB? He needs some food and weight room work but hes going to be good.

Love the explosion/quick twitch of the DE but he needs some coaching and some time in the weight room. Hes a year 2 or 3 player.

Loved watching Emory beat up those flood zone routes and really liked seeing him roll out left and throw as a righty.

That Safety/DB from Bellflower is an OLB in college and going to be a beast.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I agree that JT has missed some receivers and missed some option calls. It almost appears that he has his mind made up before the snap on some option plays. JT is not a tall QB which is why I think he hitches or holds the ball, he cant see the field. Sometimes I see the old JT where he doesn't get a deep enough drop to see the field because he is too close to the OL. This may be by design for blocking but you can tell that he cant see the whole field. I say they need to keep it to 2 reads, a dump off or run and he'd start cruising again.

Marcus Baugh is an unwilling blocker. He does not look for contact or engage the defensive players, he waits to be engaged. It is very evident on a few plays in the 2nd half. His blocking ability was my biggest concern about the TE position coming into this year. I really want him to prove me wrong because he certainly has the tools to be a more than competent blocker. Its will, not skill.

The offensive line is doing great and should be unstoppable by the end of the year. Nothing else to say here, love those guys' heart and effort.

WRs are blocking their tails off. Samuel's 36 yard TD a WR has a DB locked up about 15 yards down field as Samuel rolls by.

On defense I really liked the freshman DTs and think they will be seen more often as the season goes on. I think D. Webb is the weak link of the secondary so far. He seems fast enough to tackle them after they catch it but not good enough to keep them from getting open. Having a former CB at Safety was suppose to be a coverage advantage for the defense but I think we know why he isn't a CB. Would love to see him clean up his technique or see E Smith get a shot.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Retired Army, have been living in the CSRA since 2005. There is not a shortage of Buckeye fans in the area. You wont be surprised by the SEC, UGA, and USC (Cocks) love in the area but the amount of Clemson fans will surprise you. That's not just because of their current success either like all of the SEC fans here. In 2006 when I cried like a baby because we lost to UF, there were UF license plates, banners and flags everywhere. In 2007 when we lost to LSU, the same same occurred. However, all of those plates, flags and banners quickly disappeared after the 09 saga at UF with Urban leaving. Now, its obviously UGA, USC and of course Bama because they are the hot SEC team. Very strange cfb demographic here in Augusta. I've never seen anything like it. Add another to the CSRA Buckeye Family. Welcome aboard the Buckeye Train South. They hate me by the way. No one in any of my circles dares to challenge me with SEC, SEC or any of that trash. Easy to win or look like you are right when you root for 14 teams.

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Love the " self motivated" speech from JT but would've liked to have heard a little love for an up and coming QB on the roster. I don't think that it is a vote of confidence in the guys behind him whether they are ready or not. OSU has lost QBs at an alarming rate compared to most programs and we need 2 at all times that can operate the offense.

Comment 31 Jul 2016

Last Chance U? I thought that was Auburn or Louisville?

Comment 29 Jul 2016

The point is that Woody, Urban and even John Cooper have had more successful classes than Jim Tressel. That's what I got out of it but I already knew that a long time ago.

Comment 28 Jul 2016

Would be a very smart decision. The logistics of this event are too difficult to make a new country/city reinvent the wheel every 4 years, it is insane and counter productive.

Comment 28 Jul 2016

No sh*t, I enjoy knowing our Athletes will be safe and this is ridiculous. Notice that the people who already make a shitload of money arent going like the golfers and who could blame them. I wouldn't go if you paid me.

Comment 28 Jul 2016

Spent some time in East Timor in 99 and she definitely overcame some adversity to make that happen. Australians probably helped her,  just a guess since they're helping them mine all of that oil that they had no idea they Lived in the Timor Timor University for 68 days! Timor means "East" in their language.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

JohnBlair my advice is fence an area off in your back yard for your kids, you don't have to fence your whole yard imo. Its an improvement to your property that adds value. And yes I'm a believer that most pit bulls get a bad rap, if they are loveingly raised they return that love a 1000 times imo.

Are you serious? I must live on another planet. When my kids cant play in my backyard because you cant keep your dogs out of my yard, you pay to build the fence in your yard to keep your dogs in, i don't have to pay to build one to keep them out.

John, you've already asked the lady to keep the dogs out of your yard. Now, you have to tell her and then call the authorities. Don't feel bad about being a dick because if she was a responsible pet owner, this wouldn't even be an issue. Once you have it documented that you've called on them once or twice, no one will say shit when you give them the "hole in the head" disease in your yard and call to have them picked up. You've already put up with way more than I would at this point. Good dog, bad dog, bad reputation, or unfair judgement of the breed isn't the issue, violating the personal property and space of your family is the problem.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Has been repeated a billion times by everyone else on the planet but still is as true as it was when it came out of his mouth or whoever he stole it from. Who gets credit for saying it first doesn't matter!

Comment 22 Jul 2016

My Mom's favorite saying to me growing up. "Don't let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird ass!" & "Cant never did a damn thing" Unmerciful, evil woman that i thank everyday for my unwillingness to deal with bullshit.

My Grandfathers favorite saying to me. "How in the hell did you break it again? I swear, you could break an anvil!" Usually had many more expletives included but i think you understand.

I was born at night, but not last night,

Thats why it is called work!

Curiosity killed the cat.............but satisfaction brought him back! 8 times

There are two things that aren't happening today, you whipping my ass is both of them!

Its not what you know that makes you dangerous, its the shit you think you do that you don't!

If you think everyone around you is bat sh*t crazy, it's time to look in the mirror.

Everyday is a holiday, every meal is a feast, every payday is a fortune.

Practice doesn't make perfect, practicing until the point of perfection does.

You have no chance of succeeding in the things you fail to attempt.

I didnt come to take part, i came to take over!

Comment 21 Apr 2016

You're not misremembering, you're selectively forgetful. 2 out of 3 losses to Texas, 2 losses to USC, an insane beat down at the hands of Florida with a Heisman QB and 4 NFL WR's, and trash wins vs Oregon and Arkansas which was revoked. I don't have limited or selective memory, you do. Massoli was the worst QB for Oregon in a decade and an asshole to boot. Tresel Ball tried to ruin the Arkansas win but his coddling that bitch TP vacated it anyway and continued OSU's streak to 0-9 vs the SEC. May not be that bad living in the comfort of your stadium but living anywhere outside and logic says that he was just good enough and not great. JT coddle players and was a ..........................Senator/Politician. period!

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Nope not selective memory, just honest truth. Rarely beat an equally or superiorly talented team, ever. Read above, I covered it!

Comment 15 Apr 2016

Yes he was. 2 losses to Texas, 2 Losses to USC, UF and LSU were examples of not being able to beat a team as talented or more talented than your own. You know, that's when coaching, game planning and development come into play. Beating Oregon with their worst QB in the last decade was not impressive nor was the win vs Arkansas where Tressel Ball almost handed them the game and has since been vacated because of the coddling of one young QB. Can you beat a team that has recruited as well or better than you for the last 5 years? His best wins were against Michigan and the Natty with someone else's players. Ill give him some love for his 1 win (out of 3 attempts) vs Texas, ND and KSU even though I don't think KSU or ND were nearly as talented overall as the OSU rosters they played against. Maybe you weren't embarrassed by all of these beat downs or the vacated win vs Arky that continued the OSU 0-fer vs the SEC but I sure as heck was. Maybe you have the luxury of being surrounded by Buckeyes but as a Soldier stationed around the globe, it's not a sunshiny day the next morning coming to work.