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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 National Championship vs Cryami. I was stationed in Germany and was up all night to watch it.
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Comment 14 minutes ago

You mean that you drink the beer as you are eating the bottle like a savage! There, fixed it for you. The pint glasses are for the smooth brown liquor. You know my wife isn't going to let me take down that crystal we bought in the Czech Republic and put brown liquor in it no matter how much the bottle costs. lol

Comment 22 minutes ago

Except for the arm punt. A true glider with the ball in his hands but he had some of the worst throwing mechanics I've ever seen. It hurt my eyes to watch him throw. I'll go with Troy or Joe G. for $2000, Alex.

Comment 4 hours ago

It would be nice to get a 6'4"/6'5" WR in this class but if we get Kirk, I don't care if we get anyone else. I truly think that he is that good and will make an immediate impact no matter where he goes. Please let it be tOSU.

Comment 4 hours ago

Pretty please with sugar or whichever white powdery substance Warren G would like on top. My all time favorite of anything on 11W not related to a gray box.

Comment 6 hours ago

I don't cry after a loss but if there was one I would have cried over the 98 Mich ST game would be right behind the 96 ttun game when Shawn Springs fell down leaving Tai S an unimpeded avenue to the end zone. I was stationed in Germany and they weren't showing the Buckeyes game but flashed to a highlight of an interception return for a TD right before halftime to give us a 24-9 lead. You know some smart ass woke me up at about 4am to let me know we lost. My actions after the 96 ttun game which was being aired on Armed Forces Network should not be spoken of in public or private. Let's just say that it was not something you would tell anyone who didn't already know and be scared to death your kids would ever find out. Man, my maturity level and alcohol tolerance were grossly unprepared for the Cooper years.

Comment 6 hours ago

I'm not really surprised by the "or" designations especially with the D-line where we know there will be many participants in the rotation and the DB's because of the insane amount of young talent. However, if there is one place I didn't want to see an "or" it is the Offensive Line. I have confidence in the man coaching them but I'm not sold that the talent for an elite OL is currently on campus. I pray they prove me wrong. There's nowhere on the football field where it is more important to operate as a unit than the OL. If we still have "or" then it certainly doesn't inspire my confidence that they have found 5 men to gel together as a unit at this point. I'm rooting for them but I have to admit that the OL is my biggest area of concern.

Comment 10 hours ago

So... you would vote for a guy who just lead your football team to a home field loss at the hands of an FCS opponent over the guy who brought you 2 National Championships? I'd say that you're telling on yourself. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!

Comment 10 hours ago

I'm just happy that we have them both. I think that Eli had a lot more hype and his recruitment was more closely followed by the masses. However, anytime that we keep a top Ohio athlete home by flipping them back from ttun, it's a great day. Grateful to have them both. I think that we see a lot of both of them on the field this year as well as Burrows in the mix at Safety with Powell and Bell. I'm feeling really good about the talent and depth we have in the secondary. Now, all they need is some live game-day experience. That's not even mentioning the studs at DB from the Dream '14. Can you say "STACKED!" DBU is making a comeback!

Comment 25 Aug 2014

I'm not going to predict our success vs Sparty off of their performance vs Oregon. When I see our WR's being able to get off of press coverage, consistently beat man coverage with a QB that is accurate enough to make the throws vs man to man, then and only then will I predict a W vs Sparty. We didn't have that last year and with a Freshman starting QB the jury is out until further notice. We're not going into East Lansing and running the rock with 2 TE sets down their throat all day and getting away with it. If you don't come out and prove to their defense that your QB and WR's can complete passes vs man to man then that 8th man (SS) will be in the box all day long.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

To be honest, PSU can only get better. Franklin took on one of the easiest jobs to take over in College Football. BOB took the hit and rode the horse without a saddle. Now, Franklin is going to come in and act like the glory hound he is. We are still going to kick their asses and I cant wait. Why cant I wait? Franklin is a crybaby so I know I will be entertained by the multiple episodes of bitching and whining that will ensue in the coming years of their numerous beat downs at the hands of our Buckeyes.!!! Starting to dislike PSU more than ttun. You better get on your job, Hoke!

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Let's be honest, there's no way that the secondary can look any worse than last year. Top talent out of position and confused on nearly every pass play of every game. However, Pitt Brown and Armani Reeves did not appear to have the athletic ability to be starters with or without the confusion created by the scheme or a lack there of. I truly believe that Cam Burrows could excel at any secondary position that is required which leads me to believe that he will see plenty of PT no matter who starts where. I feel very good about our secondary and I look forward to their ability to make us forget about last year's 112th rated pass defense.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I'm sure I have been kicked in the balls before but the one that I can recall without fail and remember in an almost frame by frame scenario is when I was 7 years old and my brother and I were jumping a ramp with our bicycles. I'm sure everyone can guess where this one ended up. Right on that f*cking bar between the seat and the handlebar forks. I couldn't move, I couldn't feel anything but an intense lower abdomen pain even though I was bleeding from just about every body part that hit the ground. I had no breath, I couldn't scream or cry. It was like that pause you get from that uncontrollable, involuntary inhalation but on overload. I almost passed out from oxygen deprivation because I couldn't stop inhaling. IT HURT, A LOT! Nothing near it since.


Comment 21 Aug 2014

Because there's nothing positive said by ESPN about OSU unless it comes with a caveat or a comparison to their teacher's pet $EC unless it is said by a former tOSU/B1G alum. I will admit that a lot of it is because we are such a large fan-base that they know what they are doing because it will continue to draw  a reaction by many people (our fans),thereby making it news. However, to say that they are completely innocent of bias would be a lie and an attempt to insult the intelligence of anyone who pays attention. However, the $EC is part of the ESPN's money train and they aren't doing anything different than any other company in the USA. I'm not mad at them, I just don't like them.

P.S. Who gives a sh*t what Desmond Howard thinks? Since when did a traitor become a reliable source of anything but lies and deceit?

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Will XBrax Redshirt? If so and JT has a good season this year, how do you ask him to sit next year? I'd really like to see Jalin Marshall in the Wildcat for about 8-10 plays a game this year. Maybe not against Navy but certainly vs Va Tech and forward.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Using Herbie as your Subject Matter Expert on here might be your worst idea of the day. Although I do not share their opinion, there are many 11W faithful who actually despise Herbie and are no doubt thinking up something negative to say about Herbie's prediction that Brax will win the Heisman. I'd say that you have dug this hole about as deep as she can go my friend. What do you say we just leave this dead horse to rot? We can't start filling in the hole until you stop digging it.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I honestly think that by the time that all is said and done that EZE will be better than Carlos, just not quite there yet. Let's not act like you will be able to make a fair comparison of any RB we play this year to Carlos based entirely off of the difference in OL talent alone. Thank you El Guapo but it's the next man up at tOSU.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I have no idea how someone who watches College Football could call Mariota a joke. I say that we focus on helping our players be the best that they can be instead of trying to make ourselves look or feel better by attempting to tear down another teams athlete, especially one that is obviously a better NFL talent than the one that resides in C-bus. Of course if it is a player with a big mouth from ttun, all bets are off. It would be different if the guy had went on ESPN and took a shot at our team or QB but he hasn't. He's done nothing but put up insane stats, play hurt and nearly lead his team to a title shot the last 2 years. I don't always attempt to tear down opposing teams players but when I do, it's a Missagain Man!

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Getting curb-stomped 7-10 times a year for 3-4 years at UK is going to get that heart of his broken into a million pieces. UK is a wh*re! I normally support any athlete that decides to stay home to go to school and play their sport. However, going to UK for anything other than basketball just doesn't have any realistic appeal to me at all. You cannot logically convince me that Mr. Harris will be in a better place 3-4 years from now by attending UK instead of tOS.... just about anywhere  I think that he gets on the field early at UK but it also means that they will relentlessly ride him into the ground on a game to game basis thereby shortening his possible future NFL career and $. I understand the pressure but at the end of the day he has to map it out and make the decision based off of where he will be in 3-4 years instead of how easy it will be for him in the immediate future. " Mr. Harris, use your head, your heart will be full by the time you leave C-bus."

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Urban and the coaches (except Coombs) would probably be displaying the look of shock while doing this but the players already soak almost fully emerged in ice water for recovery so I don't think that it would really bother them. I have a feeling Urban will soon be conducting this as a team event selling it to the players as a team building/bonding experience. Good Luck Guys, mandatory fun is on its way. lol