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  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: I had to REALLY think about this, but it's Billy Owens from Syracuse. It is what it is :)
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Comment 21 Jun 2017
SNG, I agree with all of your points, and I respect all opinions on all matters (unless they are grossly ignorant). But I think the point is that blacks die at a FAR greater rate at the hands of other blacks. Sadly, that is ignored while the media sensationalizes the less frequent police killings. Is one too many? Yes, but it's not the main problem in the black community.
Comment 21 Jun 2017
I don't have a problem with his shirt or the (explained) message he hopes to convey. My PERSONAL opinion is that it was the wrong time. It was definitely a courageous move on his part, and I realize he was taking advantage of the media opportunity​. Idk, the timing just felt off to me.
Comment 20 Jun 2017
"funding for education" I know, I'm picking out one statement from your entire post, but Columbus Public (as well as the other major cities in Ohio) spend far more per student than 90% of the suburban schools. Money isn't the answer.