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Comment 11 hours ago
as they’re two more than any of the comparables that have a different Mom and Dad than he does.

What a great line! Not being able to play Little Bear because you have better players in front of him (not that I'm admitting that's true) is a Buckeye kinda problem to have. Obviously I have concrete idea, but I think his future is as a DE, not a DT. He just seems to have the right instincts and skill set for DE. That said, I won't be a bit surprised if he comes out for the Spring Game and Coach Mick has him up to 299 lbs of interior line-wrecking muscle. Can't wait to see him this year! 

Comment 22 hours ago
I hope a physically superior man never puts on a condom and rapes your daughter. She would not have his skin under her fingernails because he held her arms down, no DNA due to the condom, and no obvious bruising. That is if she had the emotional strength to go to the police immediately after it happened. Or maybe during the actual rape she made the instinctual decision to accept what was happening and she prays for it to be over as quickly as possible. Get out of the Stone Ages, man! You're part of the problem, not the solution.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
I don't think that either young running back will surpass Weber, but I think they will be collectively used more than they were last season. I have a feeling that Weber will be used more than last year, but they will pick up more late game reps to rest Weber. Of course, this all depends on the maturation/improvement of the rest of the offense as well. Gonna be a fun Spring and season!
Comment 23 Feb 2017

I'm starting to wonder what the coaches are thinking about concerning Prince. When Pridgeon was signed, Meyer stated that they didn't sign a JUCO player to sit. They're both pretty tall for guards. Did they realize that Prince wasn't what they thought he was and expected Pridgeon to flat out take his spot? I guess time will tell...