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Comment 21 Jan 2017

I'm kinda stumped on the nicknames for Ohio Stadium, but I'm sure this will be an "oh yeah" kind of moment. Of course there's "the Shoe", and I'm guessing another is "the House that Harley Built", not that anyone regularly calls it that. What am I missing?

Comment 20 Jan 2017
I'm with you 100%. They all must think that they would be better coaches than UFM since everyone seems to know who the starter should be. If these armchair QBs had to face the pass rush JT faced last year, they'd still have their thumbs in their mouths and need to sleep with the lights on. Stop bashing and start supporting.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
I'm thinking that the plans to shorten the length of each individual game will offset any new games proposed. In their infinite wisdom, the proposals are to continue running the clock after incompletions and when a ballcarrier runs out of bounds. Those ideas are basically stealing football time from fans in an effort to continue to make money. No one would ever consider that the amount of commercials during a game are what is making each game last over 3 1/2 hours. So yeah, let's lose about 10-15 plays per game through "clock management". They will spin that as a player safety gain while the NCAA and universities continue to cash larger and larger checks.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
For those opining for an "open competition", how do you know it isn't already? Ive heard this ad nauseum since 12/31. I've stated this before, but I don't think that Urban turned into the Senator over the last 5 years. It seems everyone assumes JT wasn't the best QB on the roster because he had a (slightly) down year, and we should have found a way to get Martell on campus a year earlier. Idk, just my 2 cents.
Comment 19 Jan 2017

Yes, and that's really all that matters to me. I get that KBD is a big loss for this team, and the loss of all the guys from last year (however big/small of a loss that is) changed some things for this year's team. I understand that they are not a top 10 team in regards to talent. But please just act like you give a shit, and for the last two games the effort and fire has been there. I love it!

Comment 18 Jan 2017
It doesn't seem like tOSU really wanted Scates, but losing him to MSU feels all too familiar. Best of luck, young man. On a brighter note, I'm not really a Twitter guy at all, but I do look at that daily push they send me every now and then. Marvin Wilson tweeted that he's considering joining his guys, with an edit that has him in a Buckeye uni!!. I can dream...