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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2015 Championship. GO BUCKS!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Xbrax1, Carlos Hyde, Ted Ginn Jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns, Bengals
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Comment 02 Feb 2016
The Big Lebowski Happy Gilmore Interstellar Django Casablanca -------------------- Trailer Park Boys movie (the 1st one) Donnie Darko Walter Mitty The Artist Inception
Comment 20 Jan 2016
+1 for username. the picture is a nice touch as well
Comment 15 Dec 2015
The probability that you were all born on Thursday is 1/343: Number the days so that Monday=1, Tues=2,...,Sun.=7. Then P(all three born on Thurs.)=#{(4,4,4)}/#{(i,j,k)}=1/7^3. OTOH, the prob. that you were all born on the same day of the week is 1/49: Define the events A={all three were born on the same day} and A_i={all three were were born on day i}, 1<=i<=7. Then the A_i are disjoint, equiprobable, and their union is A. Hence P(A)=P(UA_i)=P(A_1)+...+P(A_7)=7P(A_1) =7/7^3=1/49. Put another way, there are seven "success"combinations (i,i,i) out of a possible 7^3 generic (i,j,k) combinations. By induction, the probability that n people were born on the same day of the week is 1/7^{n-1}.
Comment 24 Nov 2015
Today I learned that the term "45 year old field goal" applies not only to cougar hunting, but also to football.