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Comment 17 Dec 2013

+1 for the TPB screenname...Smokey, Randy's street-walking alter-ego LOL

Comment 29 Nov 2013

that gif of woody is hilarious!

Comment 29 Nov 2013

thanks bro +1 to you

Comment 29 Nov 2013

Haha this memo is pretty cool! I've met Kasich IRL a few times because my grandma worked with him in DC. I bumped into him at JFK airport in NYC on my way back to Columbus a few years back, and we talked on the flight. He was in NYC filling in for Bill OReilly on that stupid show. Politics aside, he's a cool dude and definitely a Buckeye fan.

Comment 28 Nov 2013

hey how do you put the signature "license to kill" etc. in italics that shows up in your comments? I tried finding how to do it in the forums with no luck. thanks and go bucks.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

and either way, you are entitled to be a fan of whatever cfb team you want, regardless of whether you are from ohio or not.

Comment 23 Nov 2013
if you are born and raised in ohio, you are a de facto buckeye fan by being an inhabitant of this great state. in many cases, rooting for a team outside of your state is treachery imo. perhaps a good counterargument that i sometimes bring up is 'why do you root for [insert their favorite nfl team]'? if their answer is geographically based, then they answered their own question. if not, then it suffices to provide the same response as theirs in the context of college football; this second case shows them how arbitrary their answer to your question was, so they should realize the parallel w this and their original cfb team affiliation question they asked you. fwiw (im sure many are in this boat) i was a diehard buckeye fan before i ever enrolled let alone graduated from osu, and everyone has a right to root for whatever team they want. in some respect, the argument that you must attend the univ. to be a fan of its sports teams is a bandwagon one. just my .02 but i feel like its an excuse for people to talk down on someone else, for really no good reason at all. its just a vapid excuse to be condescending imo.
Comment 23 Nov 2013

no, we watched the same game. holding a team to 0 points midway through the 4th is always good from a defensive perspective, and i think fickell should at least get some credit. although RDS blew up the whole game too, so there's that.

Comment 23 Nov 2013

fickell dialed up a nice defensive game plan. hopefully the detractors are retreating to their caves so we dont have to see another "fire fickell" thread