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Comment 2 hours ago

Yes, they gave her cancer.  

There are urban legends of the CIA using a heart attack or cancer causing weapon for assassinations.  The KGB/Russia has used Polonium-210 to assassinate people as well with radiation poisoning. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I hear John Wick 3 is already in the works.  If not I have a great plot for it. 

The High Table killed John's wife in order to get him to come out of retirement, but "Theon Greyjoy" screwed things up before the plan could be completed.  John finds out and seeks revenge on the whole High Table.

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Miami got screwed in the deal for the Marlins' new stadium in every way imaginable.  It was built on the site where Orange Bowl was once located, it cost $600M, the final total with interest will be $2.3B, and the owner is a total jackass who pockets all of the subsidies from the MLB while putting a crap product on the field.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I think you nailed it with the intermediate and deep passing comment.  The last two season both Cardale and JT seemed to shy away from the deep ball.  Throw the ball up there and let your WRs make a play.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Alan Faneca  should've been a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer.  No love for the Guards.  Nine straight Pro Bowls from 2001 - 2009, six-time 1st Team All-Pro, and a member of the NFL All-Decade Team for the 2000s.  Oh, and after he retired he lost 100 pounds and ran a marathon.

Comment 31 Jan 2017

I've seen that theory, and honestly I think the only way the ending of ME3 makes since is if Sherpard was indoctrinated the whole time.  It makes no sense how the Shepard, The Illusive Man, and Anderson make it onto the ship while everyone else was dead around them.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Belichik teaches his DBs to do defensive holding or PI on every play.  It got so bad that the NFL had to create a rule where DBs couldn't mug the WR after 5 yards.  Get ready, Belichik will tell his DBs to mug the Falcon WRs all night and dare the refs to throw a flag.  He know fans will be pissed if there's a flag on every play and he knows people will assume it was Goodell getting revenge on the Pats.  Dirtiest coach/team in sports, if you don't believe me read the interview with Marshall Faulk.  The Rams practiced brand new redzone plays before Super Bowl XXXVI yet the Pats knew exactly what was going on because they taped the practices.  That championship should be forfeited.