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Comment 14 Apr 2014

In the book Littlefinger hires some midget pig jousters to set a drunk Joeffery off on Tyrion.  I liked the midget battle royal just as much.  The choking death should've been much more gruesome though.  Like nail marks on his throat from trying to breathe gruesome.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

No, it'll be about the Browns being dooped and trading up 1 spot to pick Kellen Winslow Jr. or Trent Richardson.  The twist at the end will be trading back into the first round to draft a 27 year-old quarterback with limited NFL potential.

Comment 16 Mar 2014

Because Mark Emmert was the university president of LSU and he hand picked Nick Saban to be the head coach?  Those two are close personal friends.

Comment 16 Mar 2014

I guess he wants to graduate from college without ever going to class.

Comment 15 Mar 2014

The NCAA will literally have it's day in court in June and it will be exposed for the corrupt organization that it truly is.  I can't wait to hear it explain how amateurism allows it to use a person's likeness in a video game without compensation.  If I was one of Ed O'Bannon's lawyers I'd bring up oversigning and the Christian Bryant example of how the NCAA doesn't have the student athlete's best interest in mind.  I'd use the Miami and Yahoo Sports article about paying players in the SEC to show how it is biased toward certain conferences that happen to have major contracts with one particular sports network.

Comment 16 Feb 2014

Damien Harris commits and the a bunch of scUM fans reenact this movie scene.

Comment 30 May 2013

Cards Against Humanity + Friends + Alcohol = A Great Night


My best combination of all time.

Santa Claus is giving this to naughty children this year instead of coal.

Answer: Mild Autism