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Comment 14 Aug 2013

Me too! Color me butthurt but that spoiler was totally unnecessary! Might skip DJ's writing for now on

Comment 22 Jul 2013

I think you might be creating false tensions that don't really exist. I think people can express concern for potential impact to our football program, kids potentially ruining their sports careers, and even concern for potential victims - all at the same time.  I think in general it might be more difficult to offer sympathies to potential victims because there haven't been any charges yet and there's rumors swirling that we might not have the full story

Comment 27 Feb 2013

"Out of the 16,639 recruits at 2012 Nike SPARQ Combines, only 19 ran a electronically-timed sub 4.50 forty yard dash."
I know there have been discussions on this topic before, but that really shows how rare 4.4 guys are, especially in high school. We see the same results come NFL combine time as well. You truly have to be elite. Yet, I feel like every recruit on Rivals is listed with a 4.4 forty time.
The other stat Adams supplied was that only 3 guys out of the 16,639 who were measured ran sub 4.4 times, and one of them was none other than 6' 4" 220 lb. linebacker Mike Mitchell.


At Sparq they ran a cone type agility drill.......5-10-5.
to the left Mike ran 4.19 and to the right 4.00........with that 4.00 he finished third, as first and second tied at 3.97.
Mike's vertical jump was 40.6" and that took third.....first was 41.4 by Derrick Henry (RB).
Mike's first attempt at the 40 was 4.46 and that caused quite a stated above, his final effort was 4.39 and, as you might imagine, that sucked ALL the oxygen out of Beaverton.
Mike's final rating was 154.47....highest ever seen......even though Nike has rated about 175,000 players since 2004, including close to 17,000 in this years event.
Second place rating, at 144.99 went to a running back named Altee Tenpenny"

Comment 25 Feb 2013

I just don't understand where the motive to even write something like that comes from...