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Comment 25 May 2015
Likewise, BD, as I aspire not to participate in DV'ing for disagreements. Appreciate the banter, your contrarian spirit notwithstanding.
Comment 25 May 2015
Guess you missed the premise of Stoic's comment. You know...the part that implied Dean was healthy and Lattimore was not.
Comment 25 May 2015
This is the type of response from a poster whose mind only goes in One Direction. Hey BD, read my response below...
Comment 25 May 2015
Not at all. It would mean the outcome didn't align with the medical opinion given 4-5 years in advance, but it still wouldn't mean OSU doctors did anything "wrong". Exponential variables would contribute to that outcome...playing the result is a lazy oversimplification.
Comment 25 May 2015
Makes perfect sense, doesn't it Stoic?
Comment 25 May 2015
Even if he goes on to have a successful career, and I certainly hope he does, it doesn't mean OSU doctors were "wrong".
Comment 25 May 2015 story, bro! You sure lived up to your name with this thread.
Comment 25 May 2015
Well, everybody knows the 18th time is the charm. Yawn...
Comment 09 May 2015
I read Buckshots, All the time, Can't say the same, For KINGBUCKEYE-4-1-9. Edit: just messing with ya, KB.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
^This. As much as I love and appreciate DJ, Birm and the rest of the crew, Ramzy is in his own stratosphere. And that's no shot at the others... Thanks to the enire 11W staff!