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Comment 16 hours ago
Maybe when the one opining is a pretentious douchebag who thinks he's so smart that others can't see through his "subtle" jabs and douchebaggery? Or maybe it's the fact said individual spends more time on the site of his rival spewing insecurity than supporting his own team on his own team's site? I get that you don't have much to support, but save that crap for the simple folk on MGOBLOG or wherever your kind gathers. I rue the day I have no better option than trolling my rivals' site begging for sympathy and empathy...
Comment 16 hours ago
Duh..."M Man" obviously knows exactly how it all transpired. Just because Urban's explanation was good enough for the parties involved, namely Weber and the CT coaches, doesn't mean it's good enough for "M Man"! Mr. Onwenu...with all due respect, be a Buckeye or get beat by the Buckeyes. Choice is yours my man, and I wish you personal success regardless.
Comment 18 hours ago
For the record, I've never DV'd "M Man" (please remind me again what exactly that stands for). That said, an outsider's opinion is one thing, but thinly veiled negative bias expressed with such pretention is another. No thanks...
Comment 24 hours ago
Nope. 20 didn't even touch Cardale...let alone run into him!
Comment 26 Feb 2015
Man, I read the title as "decommit" and my heart sank a little. It's been a Murphy's Law kind of week at the it Friday yet? Expecting great things from Cooper! Thanks 305!
Comment 25 Feb 2015
Staff/Mods/11W family...any way we can mobilize and make the most of this impactful event by organizing some sort of fundraiser? Even something simple like a $10 donation to a suicide prevention non-prof in the name of 11W/618Buckeye and a $10 donation to 11W? What are the logistics, how do we make something like this happen? It may not turn into anything huge, but if it makes a difference in 1 life it's worth it! I know it would be the best $20 I've spent in a long time...
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Agree 100%...considering the forum title, I think Tampa's response is perfectly apropos!
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Yessir! Actually played football for a year before giving it up due to injuries, lack of passion and desire to party. Ahh...The Ghetto. Such an amazing, wonderful place with unlimited "opportunities" around every corner!!!
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Thankfully, Jessica Alba is on my pre-approved "free pass" list. Coincidentally, she is also on the Queen's "free pass" list. The Queen has great taste... ;-)
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Bachelors from UD and Masters from UF, spent a few years in athletic administration @ D-I basketball conference office, as an academic advisor for the football team at a major FBS school and worked 1 season for an NBA team until life took a few unexpected twists and turns. Somehow ended up as a Business Analyst/Systems Manager for a company in South FL that manufactures and sells human resource and DOL/OSHA compliance products B2B. Enjoying my beautiful family and the beautiful weather every day...God bless the broken road!
Comment 23 Feb 2015
And before that was Jonathan Wells...those are only 2 I can think of this century.
Comment 21 Feb 2015
Amen! This is such great news! Like others have already stated, the outpouring of sincere love, support and selfless offers to help from those that are only connected by our mostly anonymous love of the Buckeyes was incredible to witness. Buckeye Nation is truly a family, and its members are NEVER alone! DJ - I've always appreciated and respected your work, and now I appreciate and respect you as a man even more. That also goes for Jason, Tim and the rest of the 11w staff who not only showed support but also utilized resources and made a personal investment to help 618. Today I'm just as proud to be a Buckeye as I am when our young men and women who don the Scarlet and Gray bring us home a W! 618 - your battle is not over, and I'm still praying for you and encourage you to follow through on seeking help to beat these demons that many of us have also battled. E+R=O brother. I'll definitely be toasting the entire 11w family, both members and staff, tonight when I sip my bourbon. This brings a whole new meaning to "The best damn fans in the land!" Go Bucks!
Comment 21 Feb 2015
C'mon 618, see all this love and concern from people that don't know you and only share a love of the Buckeyes with you? Talk to someone or sleep on're worth it and deserve it, and so does your family and all those who love you (trust me, they do!) E+R=O Buckeye Brother! You control your reaction! There's a rainbow after every storm, you just have to weather it. God bless...