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Comment 8 hours ago
This. Had we not won I would absolutely despise the song, but because we did I had to buy the album!!!
Comment 29 Jan 2015
As previously mentioned, the insecurity around all things TTUN is strong...
Comment 24 Jan 2015
Auburn, and to lesser extent LSU, could possibly be a concern...but Miami is not.
Comment 24 Jan 2015
Glorious non-use of italics, BoE. +1
Comment 24 Jan 2015
Antrel Rolle did something similar, wearing a FSU hat to his UF visit. Let's just say Spurrier was not amused...definitely didn't pose for any pics. Edit: just saw that this pic is from Boulware's HS and not his OV to UGA, so Rolle's situation was different and more disrespectful.
Comment 23 Jan 2015
Which, I believe, coincides precisely with a position change for 63/53. Just saying...
Comment 18 Jan 2015
Well said Doc, and props to Coach Drayton!
Comment 18 Jan 2015
Sorry for the double yawn...I mean double post!