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Comment 11 minutes ago
So...does that mean no beach weekend on Lake Erie? Dad is still in central OH so I hear all about it this time of year, especially when I send pics from the beach! Miss a lot of people up there but none of the weather, save for the beginning of fall when the leaves turn.
Comment 3 hours ago
FWIW, I worked in the industry several years and Gene is absolutley one of the most highly respected administrators out there. OSU is lucky to have him, Tatgate mistakes notwithstanding. Met him while he was still at ASU...class act.
Comment 02 Mar 2015
I was going to edit my original comment and add essentially the exact same disclaimer. have good taste, my friend!
Comment 28 Feb 2015 refer to me as "snarky" while defending M Man? Amusing. I'm 100% in favor of dissenting opinions, but if you can't see through his act and recognize the pretention and "snark" with which he posts that's on you, my friend (sans sarcasm). I get that it feels sophisticated/educated to welcome dissent and I typically side with that approach; however, when said dissent is delivered with thinly veiled pretention, bias and ultimately disrespect given his assumption that those who disagree are simply blinded by hate and/or aren't intelligent enough to comprehend his argument, then I draw the line. The fact that he's doing all this while being a "guest" makes it that much more offensive. I have no doubt that Drayton and Meyer knew he was interviewing, but that doesn't mean either had a reason to assume he was getting the job. Most every assistant at every FBS school jumps at every opportunity to interview if he has any aspirations to further his career. It happens everywhere each year and is simply a reality of the're naive if you think these interviewees should plant a hypothetical seed in the minds of recruits when it happens. It's the premise for the old adage that one should never choose a school because of an assistant coach for a reason, and chances are Weber didn't. M Man, Mr. Onwenu and everyone else should move on because the involved parties already have; otherwise, you're just pushing a self-fulfilling agenda or being influenced by one (not necessarily you, but rather those perpetuating the abuse of this deadhorse.gif).
Comment 28 Feb 2015
Maybe when the one opining is a pretentious douchebag who thinks he's so smart that others can't see through his "subtle" jabs and douchebaggery? Or maybe it's the fact said individual spends more time on the site of his rival spewing insecurity than supporting his own team on his own team's site? I get that you don't have much to support, but save that crap for the simple folk on MGOBLOG or wherever your kind gathers. I rue the day I have no better option than trolling my rivals' site begging for sympathy and empathy...
Comment 28 Feb 2015
Duh..."M Man" obviously knows exactly how it all transpired. Just because Urban's explanation was good enough for the parties involved, namely Weber and the CT coaches, doesn't mean it's good enough for "M Man"! Mr. Onwenu...with all due respect, be a Buckeye or get beat by the Buckeyes. Choice is yours my man, and I wish you personal success regardless.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
For the record, I've never DV'd "M Man" (please remind me again what exactly that stands for). That said, an outsider's opinion is one thing, but thinly veiled negative bias expressed with such pretention is another. No thanks...
Comment 27 Feb 2015
Nope. 20 didn't even touch Cardale...let alone run into him!
Comment 26 Feb 2015
Man, I read the title as "decommit" and my heart sank a little. It's been a Murphy's Law kind of week at the it Friday yet? Expecting great things from Cooper! Thanks 305!
Comment 25 Feb 2015
Staff/Mods/11W family...any way we can mobilize and make the most of this impactful event by organizing some sort of fundraiser? Even something simple like a $10 donation to a suicide prevention non-prof in the name of 11W/618Buckeye and a $10 donation to 11W? What are the logistics, how do we make something like this happen? It may not turn into anything huge, but if it makes a difference in 1 life it's worth it! I know it would be the best $20 I've spent in a long time...
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Agree 100%...considering the forum title, I think Tampa's response is perfectly apropos!