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Comment 22 Jun 2016
The parallels are unparalleled.
Comment 22 Jun 2016
The parallels are amazing.
Comment 07 Jun 2016
I don't idolize him either, but how can you imply idolizing an OSU football player is more noble than idolizing a professional fighter? And like others have said, I have heard nothing but great things about him down here in South Florida...including those that went to HD with him. RIP Kimbo.
Comment 12 May 2016
Yep, kind of eery...same thing happened to Chris "Bear" Daniels (Antonio''s big brother) and women's soccer player Stacey Williams during my time @ UD. So young, so sad. RIP young man.
Comment 31 Mar 2016
Side note...if your fridge smells funky from leftovers or whatever else you might store in there, an open cup of spent coffee grounds will usually do the trick in a day or 2.
Comment 02 Feb 2016
Tell the boss you have anal glaucoma and just can't see your ass coming to work tomorrow.
Comment 01 Feb 2016
Needed a break from the James ICU so I walked to Hangover Easy and happened to pass Austin on the way. I, too, was face with grown ass man size.