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Comment 11 Aug 2015
Played RB/WR/CB/KR for Centerburg in the early 90's. Went to Dayton as a CB, but only played freshman year and decided to hang it up and enjoy the Ghetto life (for non-Flyers, that's the student housing neighborhood). JBGB - I believe our HS's are in the same conference now, but not back in my day.
Comment 07 Aug 2015
Agree as well. Guess my reply to Birm's Bosa shrug above is a little late. At least we're on the same page...
Comment 07 Aug 2015
I played travel baseball for Johnny Appleseed which was based out of Mansfield. Does that count?
Comment 07 Aug 2015
Anyone else wondering if the TTUN staff is "encouraging" him to continue to do this so it gives the illusion that Harbaugh actually won a recruiting battle against Urban for a non-*ichigan recruit?
Comment 07 Aug 2015
I hear ya...guess I'm just over it. I'll blame my low tolerance on the off season. BTW, I didn't DV and just UV'd to counter.
Comment 05 Aug 2015
Abdul Adams, who is Hall's HS teammate or really good friend. If he flips to Bama with Hall it's been surmised that Hill could flip to MSU.