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Comment 20 Mar 2015

I can't disagree with that.  Let's hope the outcome is the same too!

Comment 09 Mar 2015
To be fair, I believe this was already banned according to an official referee at /r/CFB. Its just that the penalty was charging a team a timeout for not having a tucked in jersey (baseball and basketball has similar rules). Its just no ref would penalize it because of the rampant use and harsh penalty. EZE screwed himself when he admitted that it makes it harder to be tackled in an interview.
Comment 09 Mar 2015
This is the analogy I use because I can't believe some people still don't see the distinction between Bonds and Rose. A kid that cheats on a math exam is wrong and punished, gets an F, maybe a suspension, maybe just a warning and stern talking to. A teacher that chooses to ignore the test answers and gives kids whatever grade he/she pleases is fired, stripped of teaching license, and it makes national news. Even if they gave all kids A's and everyone is happy, its still 100% wrong and ruins the integrity of what the school system is based upon. Steroid users are the kid cheating on a test. Rose, Shoeless Joe, et al. are the teacher.
Comment 09 Mar 2015
Betting on sports is 1000 times worse than using steroids, and other forms of cheating. Especially since the steroid era was the wild West and everyone was doing it and MLB didn't do anything.
Comment 09 Mar 2015
Yes. Betting worse than any kind of cheating. If you ruin the integrity of the game, it is no longer a game. His betting effected the way games were coached. Once that line is broken the game is broken. Pro sports are billion dollar organizations. One man betting on them that can effect the game, a player, a coach, an official could crumble the entire basis on why we watch games. And as someone else said, he made substitution changes the games before so that he'd throw his best the games he bet on. Never, ever let him in. Honor the hell out of him, one of the best to ever play. But you have got to take a stand on this issue. Just for the principle of why betting by those involved is so bad.
Comment 08 Mar 2015

This is way late, but for future references, I have seen people have their phones scanned for entrance to sporting events.  I wouldn't rely on it, but it should be an option just in case.

Comment 04 Mar 2015
He didn't prepare. He didn't take it serious enough. Those are things that should be said past tense. Let's see how he's matured. The so-called QB gurus still say he has the tools to be a not average but great NFL QB. 90%+ QBs don't go out and light it up from the start. I believe Manning, Elway, Luck all had bad or worse starts that Johnny did. Writing him off this soon in his career after you've spent a first rounder on him is outrageous.
Comment 16 Feb 2015

It's terrible.  I went to high school with a couple of 4/5 star athletes.  They acted entitled in everything they did, both on the field and in the class rooms.  And some teachers let them get away with anything, friendly parents treating them extra well, fellow classmates building up this celeb status.  Their heads would get so big, and this was 17/18 year olds.  Just wait until 13 year olds are getting the same attention.    

Comment 12 Feb 2015

Judging by my icon, I'd have to go with The Wire.  Rewatching it for the first time at the moment, it's even better the second time.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

He uses the vocal digitization on purpose, if they wanted it to sound normal, it would be normal.  It's a shoutout to his 808s album, when he was broken-hearted about his mom dying , this song is him finally accepting it.  808s used that style on every song I believe.  

Comment 11 Feb 2015

I'd rather he keep making music though.  His insane persona might fuel his musical creativity.  

College Dropout, Graduation, 808s and Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Fantasy are some of the best hip hop albums of the last decade - influencing a new generation of hiphop.  Paul McCartney, among other legends, call Kanye one of the best musical artists out there.

Also, some he's produced hundreds of well known songs.  If Kanye wasn't the egotistical jackass Kanye, he wouldn't keep coming out with great material.  It's all in his persona.  

Comment 09 Feb 2015

People should use gfycat instead.  They use HTML5 and are much smaller in file size and load much faster.

Also, didn't IMGUR recently change the way they host gifs as well?