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Comment 45 minutes ago

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if the Browns drafted D'Angelo Russell to play right tackle.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

If that's the case then I feel really sorry for Alabama's mens coach these past few years.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Just turned the game on and saw the punt return.  He is so quick and agile that it looked like he had middle schoolers trying to tackle him.  Another electric playmaker incoming.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

If it's the play I'm thinking of, Jalin was substituting in so Alabama gets the right to sub as well.  Now, it seemed like they took their good old time making the substitution at times and the ref would give them more than enough time to make a change.  I don't know exactly how the rules are stated -- just because the other team is allowed to sub shouldn't mean they can take their time while the game clock is running.  

Comment 30 Dec 2014

This is a good post in and of itself, but we've had 20+ forum threads and multiple articles regarding Harbaugh and Michigan -- these opinions have been reiterated over and over again.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

I don't want to say LSU got robbed because they had plenty of opportunities to win, but they still got robbed of 7 meaningful points.  

Comment 27 Dec 2014

This wasn't Saved by the Bell as we know it.  It was the spinoff after Kelly, Slater, Lisa, and Zack all left.  I think it was called New Class or something like that.  

Comment 26 Dec 2014

You realize that he is still currently coaching the 49ers.  There is one more game left in the season.  Nothing would be announced until after Sunday at the earliest.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

There has been a lot of smoke about him announcing on December 29th and then being introduced at the Michigan basketball game on the 30th.  

Comment 19 Dec 2014

ESPN magazine did a survey among NFL players, and it was less than 10% or something that wore cups.  

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Since we aren't Oklahoma, I'd try to concoct some sort of hybrid between our Michigan State and Wisconsin games but add some dashes of ingredients from the Oklahoma and Ole Miss vs Alabama games.

Professor Meyer is probably in the lab right now.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Definitely can recruit the area.  I think he fits the style of play that Michigan wants to play.  Might be due for a change in scenery from Oklahoma eventually, and it's not too often these Michigan/Florida level jobs come open.  

I can't think of anything else that I would consider it a perfect fit.  

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Having no head coaching experience isn't a reason why someone wouldn't be a good head coach.  

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Taylor Gabriel has been, according to Pro Football Focus, better than all rookie WRs not named Mike Evans this season!  

Watkins would have been nice to have though...

Comment 03 Dec 2014

If people judged me over the stuff that I did when I was a senior in high school, I'd never get anywhere in adulthood.  I respect the hell out of Gardner.  

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Exactly what I was going to reference.  Ficken is one of the best kickers in the country now.  Kicking in big games and being consistent are things that take time.  It's probably one of the hardest things for a kid to come out of high school and do at a high level.  

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I know we like to see Bert lose, but watching Arkansas, I can't understand how in the hell they are 1-5 in the SEC.  Pretty solid football team who has come up just short over and over again.  I'm sure it's nice for those players to finally get some big, much deserved wins.