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Comment 16 hours ago

I think the the Buckeyes DL stops Ferguson and forces Illinois into a lot of 3rd and longs.  I would be surprised if Illinois scores more than 28 points.

Comment 25 Oct 2014
Both. Give UK credit, they're looking like they belong and are improving under Stoops. But also MSU is showing they aren't the best out there. They have holes that championship contenders shouldn't have. And Dak is really good, but not best QB out there today.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
Name a top team that hasn't had close games against subpar competition. Most of them do. Ole Miss and Auburn are the only ones that havent had close games. ND vs UNC. MSU vs Purdue. Alabama vs Arkansas FSU vs NC State Kansas State vs Iowa State. You get the point. Its like all FBS teams can play good games and playing in opposing stadiums can be hostile. And its as if schools are paying coaches millions to spend all week planning how to beat somebody in a sport that has a high variance as it is.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
Great point. And the answer is none. I don't like ESPN at all. But the people that whine about the media bias are just as bad. OSU and MSU have gotten just as much or more talk and airtime on ESPN than Oregon, any big 12 team, Auburn in the past week. JT is constantly being talked about, even during games where OSU isn't even playing.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
And Notre Dame should've lost to Purdue. And Oregon had games closer than they should've been.
Comment 25 Oct 2014

Because conference wins is completely relevant when previewing a non-conference game.  

Comment 25 Oct 2014

There are 4 SEC teams in the top 5, and two of them have a loss. Not sure how that doesn't look biased or media influenced, but I'm not so sure that any of the one loss teams out there couldn't beat anyone in the SEC.

 Sigh, I'm going to have to rant here before the circlejerk starts.  I'm with Fowler here.  Tell me 1 loss teams you would put above Alabama or Auburn?  Notre Dame is the only other one with an "argument" and they are right there behind them (plus they just lost last week and you always see drops immediately after a loss).  Alabama and Auburn (and Notre Dame) lost to the undefeated teams above them on the road.  Oregon? No, they lost to Arizona, who has one loss.  Michigan State? No, they lost to Oregon, who has one loss.  You can go on down the entire rankings like this.  The rankings pretty much reflect the "food chain" in college football and that's exactly what they are doing.  Sure you can argue spots here and there, but the overall picture is fine right now.  Expect the playoff picks to work in the same way.  

Imagine Wisconsin was #1 and OSU lost to them on the road, but has looked really good otherwise.  We fans sure as hell would be arguing that we are the best 1 loss team and should be right there in the top 5 still and in contention for a playoff spot.  And it would be completely valid.  ESPN and other media members are looking at the general picture:

Undefeated Teams (Miss St, FSU, Ole Miss) > Teams with only 1 close loss to undefeated teams (Alabama, Auburn, Notre Dame)> Teams with 1 loss that have lost to other really solid teams with 1 loss (MSU, Oregon, Kansas State, TCU) > The rest of the 1 loss teams in some order.

Then you have to add in the fact that teams like Georgia, Arizona State, Ohio State lost to teams that didn't seem as bad at the time so they didn't drop much even though since then those losses look worse now.  

TL:DR  - Sure SEC has momentum with rankings/media/playoff likelihood, but they are completely valid for the time being.  

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Exactly.  If you're looking at 1 one loss teams at the end of the season, you will most certainly look at a 1 loss Alabama, Auburn, Oregon, Notre Dame, one of the Mississippi schools, or even TCU  because they only lost to undefeated teams (one the road usually) or teams that are also looking "elite".  Whereas OSU lost by 14 to a team that looks to be mediocre at home.  There isn't a narrative, that's simple logic and I'm sick of posters here whine (even sarcastically) about being victims to media bias.  OSU needs to win big week by week to show that, hey, this isn't the same team and this IS one of the best teams in the country.  

If I were a playoff committee voter, my opinion now of OSU would be: "Okay, Buckeyes, you are starting to garner my attention, now take care of business by leaving no doubt in every game until B1GCCG and then I'll strongly consider you for the playoffs."

Comment 24 Oct 2014

A lot of youth, Royals especially.  Most of these Royals players will become more well known in the coming years, they are almost all still on their rookie deals and due for big paydays.  Giants have more well known guys - Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence to name a few.  

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Can't stand Joe Buck as a baseball announcer.  I wish they'd get someone else on World Series games, get someone that actually loves baseball.  I also wish someone other than Fox had the coverage rights.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Go to google and search for whatever your want to look for and put '' after it (quotes not needed) and it'll just search your item in the website you tell it to.  Very useful search function.  

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I'm pretty sure Tennessee has had a lot of attrition in the past year or two, more than usual, which is why they've been able to bring in large classes.  

Comment 22 Oct 2014
And it could still probably be business related:

A huge chunk of potential viewers live in B1G territory.  It covers some of the most populated areas of the entire country already, and now with the footprint into New Jersey/Maryland areas, it's even more so.  Pair that with the giant and historical schools of OSU, Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska, and others, it's pretty obvious that B1G schools being really good would be really good for ESPN and CFB business.

Comment 20 Oct 2014
Found a picture of Florida State's strategy for the rest of the season.  
Comment 03 Oct 2014

When RR first got to Michigan, he did not have near the caliber of talent/depth that his system needed.  He recruited it, but was never able to utilize a mature roster full of his players.  He steps into Arizona and already has a roster of guys that fit what he wants to do.  

The defense never seemed to be there (nor did it show any signs of getting there soon) for Rich Rod at Michigan.  So even if his offense was stellar, the D would've likely been lacking and caused problems regardless.  That type of D works in the PAC12 whereas is wouldn't have worked as well in the B1G (that era of the B1G at least).  

RR belongs in the PAC12 or Big 12.  He fits in there very well.  

Comment 02 Oct 2014

I think anything around -8.5 to -11.5 is reasonable.  This isn't a laughing stock Maryland team that we've seen in recent memory.  A lot of talent on both sides of the ball.  And it's a lot of these guys' first time playing in an away game.  I will go with 38-24.