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Comment 4 hours ago
Like LA Buckeye said, the difference from an ethical standpoint is the diagnosis, treatment, and rules regarding concussions has changed drastically in all levels of football in the past two years. If that seems like a short amount of of time, that's because it is. Both NFL and and college have drastically changed their rules during that time. Is their a double standard? Yes. Of course there is a double standard. The same way that domestic violence is suddenly a career-jeopardizing offense, when as recently as six months ago, it was something that caused a suspension for a game or two. It's called fake moral outrage, and Michigan fans who have defended Hoke as a Michigan Man, and everyone else who thought he was a joke can now openly take pleasure in his imminent termination. It's a lot more fun to piss on the grave of a selfishly dangerous liar than someone who was merely incompotent. As to what you are doing-- defending Hoke at first and saying the concussion was questionable because of your great seats? That's far less complex, and I'm sure you and some fans in Happy Valley can help each other out at a denial support group.
Comment 8 hours ago

Yes, he would have to sit out a year. Whether that rule is fair or not is a different question, but as far as I know there are only three situations wherein a player can transfer from one FBS school to another and not sit out.

1. Medical hardship waiver (kid moves closer to family because of a medical situation within the family)

2. Graduates from the school, enrolls at a different school for post-grad work, and I think is technically supposed to be going to that specific school for academic opportunities that aren't at present school (Russell Wilson)

3. NCAA sanctions cause a bowl ban, so kids are allowed to leave without punishment (Penn St, Ohio State, USC etc...)

Comment 23 Sep 2014

This is what I was thinking, but I think it's both. I think they're probably mostly knuckleheads who aren't great. Not good in the locker room, not good on the field, so they're excised. Not a bad gig being the coach of Texas with a LOT of scholarships available. Only takes one class of buddies from around the state to turn a program around.

Comment 22 Sep 2014

Nice! Multiple night games paying dividends. I think the crowd will be a great one, fired up, but not as much of a pricey event as the VT game. Hopefully more like a party in the shoe, like Penn State last year.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

I really like the community interview of commits, and now even just recruits. If it's hard for guys to be available, and for moderating community interviews, it would be cool if there was just a sort of form questionaire that recruits can fill out if they're interested. I.E. Favorite player, favorite Buckeye, favorite thing about playing football, movies, books, superheroes, pets, nicknames, when did it hit them that major programs wanted them to play at their universities, hobbies, etc... Flavor like that is kind of a fun way of humanizing the recruiting process, and I'm sure there will be some takeaway gems, like Kwon's affinity for baking.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

People actually paying attention to the yearly avalanche of domestic violence cases involving NFL players is a nightmare scenario for the league.

I know some people point to statistics showing the rate of DV cases isn't actually sky-high for NFL players, but I don't think that takes into account cases that were settled out of court, which are plentiful. Now all the cases that would later be settled out of court are national news when first reported.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

What's Michigan's new mascot name? The aristocrats!

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Is there some other place to see games? I live in NYC and I feel like between ESPNs/CBS/BTN I've always been able to see pretty much every game. What about the other 12ish games that aren't on any of the networks? I guess maybe ESPNs/CBS non-conference games haven't been released yet?

Comment 17 Sep 2014

There are certainly many ways to get the most out of players, but football and basketball are very different when it comes to mental/physical intensity. As Urban says, football is about going as hard as you can from A to B for 4-6 seconds, basketball still has elements of physical intensity, but has far more variables based on skill and decision making. Basketball is like football if every player is a quarterback. I think many coaches would like their QBs to be cold-blooded killers, but (almost) everyone else to be hot-blooded maniacs (just as long as they know their one specific assignment for a given play). Nobody in football ever hit somebody too hard (unless it was with helmet/dirty), but in basketball guys force the issue and go too hard all the time.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

This misspelling of "whoa" must be stopped. It's a full-blown typo-virus pandemic. I think maybe it's the type of word, that when people see a spellchecker tell them it's wrong, they're like, "whatever, it doesn't know the word, 'whoa.'" 

We need to draw a line in the sand and give our offspring the world they deserve: a world free of Keanu Reeves memes filled with typos.

Comment 15 Sep 2014
Seatgeek is like kayak, it compiles a comprehensive list of options. Also, check tiqiq, I think I'm spelling that right. Ebay is another option. Another tip, prices go down, not up, as game approaches. Stubhub even builds this in as a pricing option for sellers. The fear of not selling causes underbidding.
Comment 12 Sep 2014

Permanent Lights

Armpits Lengthen

Panthers Melting

Tramps Enlighten

Let Hangmen Strip

Mangles Then Trip -- MY GOD! NOAH SPENCE! RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2014

It's like you can see through my laptop webcam... but I'm not there! Am I vampire? Vampires hate lights!... I'm gonna need more yarn...

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Not clear at all what it's related to yet. ESPN article cryptically mentions his 2-year-old son who died last year, and that Peterson only found out a couple months before that he was the father. That bizarely insinuates there is some connection between that and the charges, but maybe it's just bad journalism (which should NEVER be ruled out). I have no idea if it has anything to do with that son or not.