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Comment 08 May 2016

Unfortunately, there may be more to it than just the fact that some violent people play football because of its physical nature. There is a documentary called The Crash Reel (it's sometimes viewable on HBO Go). The subject of the documentary was a world class snowboarder who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

There is a scene in the documentary when the snowboarder is meeting with a nuerologist. They are going over test results of a CAT scan (I think it was a CAT scan, it may have been an fMRI). In the scene, the nuerologist says he watches Sportscenter and sees the highlights at one end and then all the violent arrest reports on the other, and people think they are unrelated. They may not be. The documentary makes a compelling case that traumatic brain injuries can drastically change your personality, especially your ability to empathize, making you a less caring, often more violent person.

The nuerologist shows the snowboarder a chart with his results on it (colored areas of the brain show signs of damage). The nuerologist then shows a chart of a veteran NFL running back for a comparison. The running back (who never suffered one official traumatic brain injury, but rather multiple less-serious concussions) had way more damage done to his brain. So this would seem to mean that the hits suffered over a life of football can make someone less empathetic and more violent, even if they were always a good person otherwise.

It's very sad, and hard to think about, especially as a fan, player, or parent. This is why we need to have a better understanding of the science behind concussions as soon as possible.

Also, for what it's worth, I think it's in poor taste for the OP to take pleasure in a player on another team being abusive to a woman.

Comment 24 Mar 2016
Sad loss. Here is a sort of memoriam I wrote on Shandling, and his legacy, for those interested:
Comment 17 Mar 2016
When Xavier missed that free throw I jumped up off my couch, in the process knocking the remote on the floor. The screen went black for a second, then came back on. I had hit guide. So now the game was on in a tiny corner of the screen. I watched Lewis bury that shot from about 3 inches away from the screen. Thank god the sound stayed too, so I got to hear Gus's classic call.
Comment 13 Mar 2016

The best advice I can give is wherever you end up, make sure you are on a ladder you'd like climbing. Anywhere you go, whatever you do, you'll have to pay your dues. Most people, though, end up climbing a ladder they have no interest in climbing, and that stymies their motivation, development, and job satisfaction. 

Your job isn't everything, but it is how you will spend a lot of your time. You should enjoy it. That doesn't mean you will enjoy it right away, but you should work in a profession and at a business that has a position you can work your butt of to get that you would enjoy. You will probably work your butt off anyway, because jobs are dwindling and it's sink or swim, so you may as well work towards a job you want.

Comment 21 Feb 2016
I think Brad Stevens is the biggest draw about Boston. It is incredible what he is doing with that team. Stevens is very highly regarded in NBA circles, Popovich said the Spurs used to watch his tapes while he was at Butler to learn stuff. I think Durant is going to re-sign a one-year deal in OKC, to time it up with Westbrook and Ibaka, and don't realistically see him ending up on the Celtics, but I believe Stevens may be the deciding factor for a big free agent or two over the next couple years.
Comment 20 Feb 2016
This community you speak so highly of wouldn't be anything close to what it is without you, Hove. You're the classiest of the bunch, man, and we'll be praying for you and yours.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
Desperate times, etc... I like Newman's more than other frozen ones I've had. Plus, Paul was a great Ohioan. Something to be said for that.
Comment 02 Dec 2015

Don't sleep on the downloadable indie games. If you get PS Plus, always download the two free games every month, and maybe you'll get around to trying them someday.

Two of my absolute favorite games on PS4 (or ever) were free on PS Plus. Towerfall Ascension is amazing if you have some people to play against locally (you can't play online). Rocket League is also tons of fun. Totally worth the 10 dollars or so that it costs. Hotline Miami (and its sequel) is also a ton of fun as a super fast-paced arcade-style top-down shooter.

My favorite single-person shooter on PS4 is Far Cry 4, which would probably be pretty cheap now (it also has the most fun and chaotic co-op mode if you know someone else who has it). 

Bloodborne is also amazing, but very difficult.

Comment 22 Oct 2015

This is one of MANY posts on this site that are truly incredible. People offering help, asking for advice, and just letting people know they aren't alone are what a community is all about. This is obviously a great cause, thanks for posting and doing what you're doing. 

Anyone ever see Dogs of War on A&E? Some feel-good heart-strings-pulling stuff:

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Players putting things on their eye blacks, or wearing pink year round, is an example of individual expression. The owners are vehemently opposed to individual expression, because it could threaten their bottom line (by offending sponsors or fans). So, in order to curtail individual expression, and deflect criticism, they created a puppet dictatorship. That puppet acts like an all-powerful dictator, and earns the scorn of the masses while only doing what the owners tell him to do.

I'm not saying Godell's rules make any sense (they are hypocritical and disgusting), I'm saying they aren't his rules. They are the owners' rules.