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Comment 22 Oct 2015

This is one of MANY posts on this site that are truly incredible. People offering help, asking for advice, and just letting people know they aren't alone are what a community is all about. This is obviously a great cause, thanks for posting and doing what you're doing. 

Anyone ever see Dogs of War on A&E? Some feel-good heart-strings-pulling stuff:

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Players putting things on their eye blacks, or wearing pink year round, is an example of individual expression. The owners are vehemently opposed to individual expression, because it could threaten their bottom line (by offending sponsors or fans). So, in order to curtail individual expression, and deflect criticism, they created a puppet dictatorship. That puppet acts like an all-powerful dictator, and earns the scorn of the masses while only doing what the owners tell him to do.

I'm not saying Godell's rules make any sense (they are hypocritical and disgusting), I'm saying they aren't his rules. They are the owners' rules. 

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Interesting that this story is on Somebody must have just assumed this guy was in the NFL based on his actions.

Comment 14 Oct 2015

None of this is on Goodell. The league is owned and run by the owners. Goodell is their employee. He is their bad cop and their scapegoat. The more we hate Goodell, the more we serve the system. Because they can just replace Goodell when the fire gets too hot, and then bring in the next sacrificial lamb. Pardon my language, but fuck the owners. This is all their doing. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015
Wow, thanks for this BuckeyeJack. I didn't know either. The McCoy's celebration at the Hawaii game was great, but apparently just one more time The Vibrations contribution was overlooked. You are absolutely right, there should be a campaign to recognize The Vibrations. Maybe the 11W commetariat (and writers!!!) can take to twitter. This seems like a doable good deed.
Comment 06 Oct 2015

Yeah, I'm super excited too. Low expectations, high ceiling. Those are the most fun seasons. Gonna be fun to watch these guys. I also love that Thad is still here. He's a class act. It would be so awesome for him to get a championship, but even if he doesn't he is at least the second best coach Ohio State has ever had. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

I see what you're saying. The redzone is a different animal, though, and teams run wildcat, or jumbo sets, or put in defensive players in crazy packages a lot in the redzone because of that. Tebow in 06 was a beast in the redzone, but Leak was better everywhere else. I know JT is way more complete than Tebow was as a QB, but it is still conceivable that JT is better in the redzone, and Cardale is better everywhere else. if Braxton had a healthy shoulder, I think he would be used the majority of the time as the redzone qb (would we still call it a wildcat if he could pass?) If that were the case, I don't think people would be demanding Braxton be the starter, they'd just recognize that his running ability is more useful around the goal line than having a rocket arm. I feel the same way about JT playing there.

But you're right, the FANS may not handle it well. There were probably some Gator fans who couldn't wait for Leak to graduate too.

Comment 05 Oct 2015
Itd be nice if there was an easy game and they could try out JT as redzone qb. He could really specialize on it in practice too. Interesting.
Comment 25 Sep 2015

After being a JT guy all summer, I'm happy to throw full support behind Dolodale this weekend. Not only is the Iron King, Poacher of Badgers, Controller of Tides, Slayer of Ducks, Troll Sultan and 12th Son of the Great State of Ohio, he is also the Hunter of Hokies, and Urban's weapon of choice. That's good enough for me. Hopefully they go out there and play loose, have some fun, and kick some butt.

Boy do I hate when the other team runs bubble screens tho... Nevermind, back to confident. Just need DJ's skully tomorrow to ease the tension.