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Comment 02 May 2012

I think Smith will get at least 300 for the year, however, I bet Dunn isnt too far off him. I dont think we get a 1000 yard rusher... I wonder if Reeves will get touches on offense, I wouldn't be surprised if he did and got a couple hundred yards rushing himself off of reverses and option reads.

Comment 28 Apr 2012

I am so happy for Ebner...having met the guy a few times, he is an outstanding person and going to be a great player IMO in the NFL...Patriots are extremly intelligent with their picks and their trades, I think Ebner and the Pats are a great fit...similar to the Bears and Dane

Comment 26 Apr 2012

glad to see this up and down story is over with...Baugh=all american, mark it.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

Im not sure how everyone else feels about that, but I am excited for the possibility to see Tebow at the Woody...Harvin would be nice as well. Show some of our guys how its done.

Comment 25 Apr 2012

GooseLad... also, Shazier crushes opposing players, I'd fear for a WR's life if he came across the middle with Simon there.

Comment 24 Apr 2012

That Captain America/Buckeye dude...SO much better than Buck-i-guy or the other guy...

Comment 24 Apr 2012

On paper...of course simply on paper right now, this defensive line could be All-American across the board. Schutt is an absolute monster and Spence is scary, scary good. If it were just them two I'd be fine, but throw in Washington, Pittman, and now Bosa...we may not need linebackers.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

best site for college football I've seen....great news, good reads, solid comments.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

More to come folks, more to come. I like this guy a lot. Not an instant impact type player IMO but I think a couple years here and he is a stud, especially with the great players around him.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

BOSA!... our defensive line has the potential to be the best Ohio State has ever seen. Washington, Pittman, Schutt, Spence, Bosa...this is scary. Throw in Shazier, Grant, Anzalone, and the LBs from this class. Silver Bullets are back.

Comment 20 Apr 2012

Lets do this people. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, enemies, get to the stadium tomorrow and bring in this new era.

Comment 19 Apr 2012

Saw he completed 70% of his passes and had about 1,500 yards through the air and on 1,500 on the ground. Excited to see what else Alex has in store for us all this weekend.

Comment 18 Apr 2012

If this kid shows up and progresses like he should, it won't be a competition when Braxton leaves. Everything I've seen and heard about Barrett makes me think of Troy Smith and then when I think of that I wonder what Smith would have been like in this new offense with the weapons he had around him (also considering how he played in Tressel's O back then), its scary. I'll call it now before he even starts his senior year of HS, Barrett will be an All American and Heisman contender at Ohio State.

Comment 18 Apr 2012