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Comment 10 Jun 2014

you need kids like this on both sides of the ball. kids with a chip on there shoulder joining a team with the very same chip . we get our share of 4 and 5 star players who play and preform early.  these guys are the heart and soul of a great program. like the program they grow and develop into greatness over time.


Comment 06 Jun 2014

im for free speech and all. but...................when the moderators of this wonderful site see a heading like this one there should be a chuckle followed by a bye bye.

Comment 06 Jun 2014

im guessing the guy who started this thread isn't in that crowd.


Comment 05 Jun 2014

i vote for them all. I remember a time, and I'm sure many of you do too, when this was an easy answer because speed wasn't aplenty. now we have many burners. love it !

Comment 30 May 2014

well I will believe the whole ailing father move if his brother does flip. but if he comes and plays hoops just tells me that mike just didn't want to put his big boy pants on and compete for a position on the D. went somewhere where its going to be easier.

Comment 15 May 2014

love this thread. we have so many scrappy favorites. spielman  definitely my #1.  doss is on my list for sure. reminds of the safety version of spiels. not great at any one thing but just a good solid player and a great leader.

Comment 10 May 2014

this M fan is right on. I live up in Toledo and listen to 1050 out of ann arbor from time to time and they have this clown on as a guest. most of the callers who call in after hes on think hes a bit clownish.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

i love how the D just gets ripped.  D didnt fumble punt throw 2 picks and fumble and keep the ball on 1st drive of 3rd qtr when O was rolling and we needed a half yard. oh yeah that was miller.

Comment 19 Dec 2013

to me its a matter of depth. identity will come has the D  grows. the line is already showing it with strong depth and leadership. when the back 7 have that it will be just like before.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

only thing im really trying to say is that this is just the start of big things for OSU. its only urbs 2nd season here. has for the rest of the big 10 its on them. as far play making wr i go back to it being yr 2 and all his recruits not in place same on d. we were thin in many areas but not wanting the ball in wide outs hands are on the coaches. think there were chances there last nite on those 3rd and 4s or less were he took hyde out and just ran miller. msu sold out to get em have to think there were plays to be made on the edge or down field and coaches denied them of that chance. browns td perfect example. miller faked run threw over top only time we tried it.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

its his 2nd year and all his pieces are not in place yet and still we were big 10 runner up and a win from a possible naty title shot. thinking future is pretty bright at this point think i will sit back root for a bowl W watch the recruits roll in and get ready for more fun in 14