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Comment 14 Dec 2013

I feel like we have lost a lot of games that we should have won.... I graduated high school in 1988 and through the years I have seen quite a few games, where I thought we were out coached and or choked!

I'm sorry, but the whole scheme of "Play not to Lose" did not fair out too well for the Buckeyes in the past.  This was a reason Cooper and Tress lost the few games that they did.

  I felt the MSU game was played this way last week.  WE could have won that game easily, if the bucks were coached to dominate, instead "Play not to lose."

Comment 12 Dec 2013

When Given the Ball..... HYDE is as solid as they come. He brought it every play, every game!  He never eased up, when I felt some players may have! 

I cant think of one time when we had a 3rd or 4th down and short, that Hyde was stopped when called upon.

 HYDE= WORK HORSE! Definitely this years Team MVP

Comment 11 Dec 2013

Butkus still looks like he would rip your head off and piss down your neck, rather than shake your hand...... Dude is still intimidating to look at! 

Butkus = the original linebacker, he made the position what it is today.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

DAMN ...... you could be a motivational speaker!  I love your post ACAPELL99, THANKS FOR KEEPING THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE !


Great Post!    

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I can't believe how many buckeye fans are still delusional ? We do not have a defense to stop Michigan or Michigan State and you still think we can play with Bama.

Sometimes I wonder about some of you!  Open your eyes, we need a defense that can handle powerful offense!! We don't have that!

its no wonder people say buckeye fans are arrogant stupid..... We give them ( not all fans) the ammo to use against us when they want to rip us apart.

If you disagree with my comments fine! Then we agree to disagree!  Life will go on and I pray I wake up the next morning!

stay blessed and go bucks!


Comment 30 Nov 2013

I'm nervous because I want to keep them scoreless!  And Hope it hpappens.

Comment 25 Nov 2013

I prefer to watch Urban Ball over Tress ball any day!  Sure Tress knew how to win, but man was it boring to watch!  

I will admit, I never liked the play calling that went on all the years with Tress, but you got to respect his wins. 

The Vest was feared by every opposing coach and rightfully so!

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Wish I could fix my misspelled "quite" to QUIT..    I am sure we will  QUIET  the stands though  :)

Thanks for noticing that! 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Just kick their ass to the point they want to quite!  If there is ever a game to run up the score, this is the one!

Make Hoke feel the pain and embarrassment all the way to the unemployment line. 

Comment 20 Nov 2013

I love Kenny G's attitude !  The kid is a positive role model  for underclassmen to look up to.

Kenny would be a good a great assistant coach for us!

Comment 17 Nov 2013

I think Bama was a lackluster win last night..  And people are saying it was won without a "STRUGGLE", while the Buckeyes had what the Media called a lackluster win while scoring 60 points on the road... This tells me the media is expecting a lot out of OSU more than any other team!


This hype will not go away,  It is what it is, the media loves to get all of us Ohio State fans all wound up tight, because of the love hate this country has for THE Ohio State Buckeyes. 

Its about ratings and money!  I think Mark May keeps his job because of the chaos he creates with the OSU fan base! (think about it, how many OSU fans tune in to hear what that dip shit has to say)?

Face it, Mark May is a Dick and does nothing but bash us every time he can...I feel and sense some of his comments are geared toward all of us. (he knows how much we hate him and how what he says pisses us off)  WE should not let this hype bother us, we have a team winning and as long as we keep winning, we are doing the right things to put us in a championship game.  The only thing wrong we can do is lose at this point!

Go bucks! 



Comment 15 Nov 2013

I would love to see this kid now, how old is he now?  He would be a good person to interview and ask who he was actually sending the "Bird" to?  (He better be a buckeye Fan)

I have always loved this picture! It has been photo shopped (altered) more than any other photo in existence.


Comment 13 Nov 2013

I like Gardner.

     I was really hoping for him to have a better season than he has had!  I love my Buckeyes and love to see Michigan lose, however, for our BIG 10 to gain respect and get recognized has a tough conference (like we use to be)  We need Michigan to be just as tough as we are! 

Imagine if Michigan, TOSU, Wiscy, Mich St., Penn St., Nebraska, started dominating all non-conference games and Bowl Games!  BIG 10 would be looked at more seriously.

Hell, who knows, maybe Minnesota is willing to step up and be one of them to be included!

But back to this Gardner kid, he has talent and seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, its a shame that people forget he is human and still a kid!!!   The internet world is destroying a lot of integrity in this world. (Kids these days do not understand what integrity is)

Gardner is just a kid who made a bad choice in choosing Michigan!  LOL  :)

Hey, we all make mistakes at a young age, right? In all seriousness I hope this kid turns things around and can win the rest of his games.... Except against us.

Go Bucks!



Comment 23 Oct 2013

Thanks for sharing....... this makes sense, however, something does need to give! Our team cannot expect to operate this way the rest of the season and come out on top every game.  At some point this style of defense is going to bite us in the ass and cost us the game.

I must say, I like our old ways of playing defense!  BUT , remember how many times we would give up a big play on a deep pass?  :(


Comment 23 Oct 2013


It would be nice to see Rod Smith take a few snaps each game. This would give Hyde a few more breaks, breathers, and rested legs.  Imagine hitting  a defense with two big, powerful, fast, backs with fresh legs, play after play.  (Or use him as a blocking back for Hyde or Miller.

I think this is a good way to wear down a defense and set us up for the deep pass.                                                                                                                                                Being that I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana now, I am a Rod Smith fan!  I would like everyone in college football to see what this kid is made of.  He can be a powerful back for us, which can throw a monkey wrench into the opposing teams defensive scheme..... (I think he has the fumbling of the ball, a thing of the past)   :)

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Im still waiting for this powerful spread offense to dominate...



Field Goals don't cut it Boys!  I hope we are holding back on the play calling, because it looks like we only know 12 plays.  Our offense should score TD's

Comment 08 Sep 2013

I think this was a very well written article that speaks lots of truth.  The bucks do not look like a number 2 team in the nation.  Most top 5 teams will dominate an entire game against teams like Buffalo....

I'm sorry, but we looked pretty horrible that game. Then in the San Diego State game, we come out at half time looking like we are suffering from "FOOD COMA" form eating a Buffet at half time.  I am really serious when I say the Buckeyes still have a lot to work on, especially O-line and D-backs!  (We do not have what I would call a "BUCKEYE DEFENSE")  We should have racked up quite a few sacks these first few games as well as not allow the big running plays.  If we keep this pace we will loose at least 2 games in the BIG 10.


What scares me is, what is going to happen when we are in a close game down to the wire and we are known as a team that cannot score a TD in the 4th. quarter?  I love my Buckeyes, but, we are not looking too impressive!

At the end of the day, maybe I am wrong!  Maybe the Bucks only play to the level of the opposite teams and will rise to the occasion when they up against a worthy opponent!  If this is the case, we are still in trouble, this should never happen!

Let the bashing begin!