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Comment 14 Jan 2015

I don't like to curse on here or say degrading things...... However, Pat Forde is a Dick!  

Seriously, the guy is horrible at his career.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

The Great Yahoo Sports Writer Pat Forde picked Oregon, with a big win.

The only thing he is great at is being an ASSHOLE!  (Big Buckeye Hater)

Pat Forde has been so far off on all of his football predictions!  Why does he even write in a sports column?  He should be writing for   Field and Stream!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

One thing about Braxton is; he has always been a class act and has represented The Ohio State University with class on the field, off the field and in the class room.

He has saved our ass more than a few times!  I want to see him come back and be better than ever (win the Heisman, & National Championship).   His past 4 years have not been easy for him and he never gave up!

Hopefully other fans  will stand by him and have his back, it's the least we could do, he's earned our Respect.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

How does Matta recruit kids who are high scoring, offensive machines, in high school, and once they come to Ohio State they barely average 12 points a game?

We have too many shooters on our team to lose to some of these weaker teams. I personally think Indiana is average.  We should have beat them.. They did not try hard today!

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Bucks played  with absolutely no passion or urgency today!  They looked liked they came off a night of hard partying and could care less that they had to play today.

Free throws would of won the game!

Comment 03 Jan 2015

I bet the Steelers would take him as a Backup to Big Ben.... They are darn near same size and both have one heck of an arm.. I think his style of play fits well with the Steelers.

The Steelers need a quality back up QB.

Comment 03 Jan 2015

I didn't think coach Kill did a good job at all in the Bowl Game... He had is teamoving the ball with motivation right before half (they probably could have got at least a field goal). He decided to slow them up and walk off the field into half time.

When asked why he did that he said " I want to play smart football and didn't want to make a mistake, we get the ball back after half time".

Well, if you watched the game, he never got the ball back at half time!  Mizz did onside kick and went on to score!  He seemed to play too conservative for a bunch of hungry kids. Minnesota was hyped up to play ball and I feel he held them back!

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Here's something that most of us haven't thought about! 

Dont be surprised if  C Jones leads us to a win in the National Championship game and declare eligible for the NFL draft.

He didn't come here to at school and I doubt he is going to want to sit the bench another year..  He might be smart to take the alternative with his draft stock being the highest it could possibly reach!  

NFL teams would live to have a big guy like him with a cannon !  This is very possible!!

Comment 02 Jan 2015

In all honesty,  these videos show another side to these guys.  They are not as nutty as I thought ( well, yeah they are ) LOL, and seem like they could be cool guys to hang out with, especially the guy In the glasses. ( 2nd video).  I could see drinking beers with him and having a good time.  ( don't hate )

They just love trash talking & admit it's nothing personal!!!  That actually shocked me, I was not expecting it.....  I can respect that.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I totally agree!  Zeke was our "bread n butter" all night long!  I have no idea why we didn't run him more!

especially with 1:50 in the 4th qtr.  we could of managed that clock better if we ran him !

Comment 29 Dec 2014

He is your typical fat ass know it all ,who never learned to pick up a football or even learn to spell it!

Guys like him have nothing in life to look forward to except Bama Football.  In reality, it's pretty sad watching him make a complete fool out of himself. 

If he is capable of holding a job down, I wonder what his employer thinks of his antics?

Comment 28 Dec 2014

Something comes to mind....... cant help to wonder how many of our 2015 Class Harbaugh is going to try and take from us, after all he will need a QB as well as other open positions. It is very possible some kids will find this an interesting coach at a historic program (like OSU) and might want to jump ship for instant playing time at a Top 5 program, instead of sitting the bench for 1-2 years.  (don't hate, because this could very well happen)

I hope this does not happened, but the reality of it is very possible.  Like it or not Harbough does appeal to this younger generation and kids are going to want to play for him.  Do I think he has the ROCKSTAR status of Urban?  Heck NO!! But someday he just might.

I hope this only helps the B1G and strengthen the Buckeyes even more.. I say it is a good hire for everyone, even us Buckeye fans.... (because it will help fuel "THE GAME" hype all over again)

Comment 27 Dec 2014

No kidding, Arguing over stupid stuff on the internet!!!  How old are most of you?

Get a life people, more to life than a Buckeye forum.

Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Headlines tomorrow will read!

Harbaugh hired as the new OC of Ohio State!   :)

Now that would be a kick in the Nuts to the U of M fans!    :)

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I was at the championship game in Indianapolis last week. People there booed at the big screen, when they showed these so-called mascots!

people are tired of seeing these guys!

Comment 04 Dec 2014

I cant find any truth to this anywhere.... Where is the proof he took the Job?