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Comment 9 hours ago

Ezekiel Elliott, if he is indeed our starter, will get over 1000 yards rushing. Our WR's will bring us up to the top 50 or 60, which will be enough offense to score by 20+ point margins in most of our games. If our defensive scheme has been corrected, we have the talent to walk undefeated into the playoffs. Because Warriner is our coach, not Bollman, I am not worried one bit about our offense.

Comment 9 hours ago

I see the concern, but when I look at the Job Elflein did in last years 2 games and what Decker did I suddenly see only 3 question marks. Then when I see Lindsay in the lineup, a man who comes from O-line U we start only seeing 2 question marks. Throw in the experience Boren gained last year, we have one question mark. I believe our unit is not as bad as Urban is making it sound. This is what he did to our WR's in year 1 of his coaching staff. He called them out, and now he's doing the same to our O-line to motivate them. Urban's a genius and so is Warriner. I think OSU will be solid on offense again this year.

Comment 01 Feb 2013

If Urban Meyer can bring that team with a HORRID defense to 12-0, I have no doubts that the talented player filling the gap can reach great peaks. The man is Houdini. The man works miracles, but it doesn't take miracles to win with the talent OSU has coming into 2013. Though I believe 2014 is more likely the year (well that depends on O-line), lets not giive up on this year.

Comment 14 Oct 2012

Anyone who votes on us to cover spreads, with our defense, is playing a new kind of Roulette game. Seriously, please give up on bettering LOL.

Comment 14 Oct 2012

Kenny G is the most underrated man on our team. Seems like everytime he provides relief for Miller, we get a TD.

Comment 28 Sep 2012

I really don't feel that OSU had a drop off in talent more so than their strategies were the problem. Tressel's Strategy didn't work against equal or better oppenents. It also kept lesser opponents in the game. I'd venture to say our 2007 team was just as good as LSU. When we went up 10-0 it felt like we suddenly took a step back, like ten points was enough to win the game. There was no persona of a Killer instinct, which I believe Meyer will bring.

Comment 19 Sep 2012

South Carolina is not THAT great...lets compare


SC - 17 Vandy - 13

Northwestern 24 Vandy - 14

Comment 19 Sep 2012

The 2002 team was terrible offensively and even terrible defensively at times. Somehow we were good at disguising our weaknesses and played hard at all times. And there was great leadership. I am proud of that team but you are right, they were far from perfect they just keep winning.

Comment 10 Sep 2012

With Washington and Spence most likely starting next year, we will finally have that pass rush that teams will fear. And The O-line will have another tough camp under their hands. I believe it is not an unlikely expectation for next year. Look at Chizik and Tressel. They won it in their second year, and that seems like the magic of recent history.