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Comment 28 Feb 2014

Haha, me too!  552 = 11w East.  FYI, I initially tried to purchase at my local Ticketmaster retail outlet (Kroger) in an attempt to avoid the online service charges, but found they are not available here - probably just in the Baltimore area.  So, bit the bullet and bought online.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

Have to admit, reading this made me smile:

"He's (Noah Brown) talked to me about how they are like a family at Ohio State and he was really excited when I told him I was coming. We've gone to each others basketballs games and are building a team bond moving forward."

It sounded like a turbulent time for Slade, glad he found a path he really wanted to take and that it led him here.  Will hope for good things for him going forward.


Comment 24 Jan 2014

Love Mom's comments...and am looking forward to watching the competition at RB.

Comment 15 Jan 2014

Sorry if I took the thread off the tracks...

That's OK - it was fun to read.

Comment 02 Jan 2014

Brings back some good memories; I was a freshman in the OSUMB for the '82 Holiday Bowl.  The football team was a machine by the end of that season; I seem to remember BYU had negative rushing yards until the very last play of the game, a long scramble by Young.  So, that made my last bowl game with the band the '87 Cotton Bowl - we had a shared practice with the TAMU band, which was great, and I got caught on national TV whiffing on a high five after the Spielman pick six.  Good times. 

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Wow, I got a bit of a jolt seeing this in the ETC. box:

The last meeting between OSU and Maryland was Nov. 30, 1985. Led by Dennis Hopson, the Buckeyes won, 78-66. That year's Terps squad featured senior Len Bias and freshman Dave Dickerson.

I was courtside at that game and remember being very impressed by Bias; his death months later - seizure related to cocaine use, shortly after being picked #2 overall by the Celtics in the '86 draft - was a tragic waste. 

Comment 29 Nov 2013

Please help me, what am I missing here?

...Hoke and Gedeon's dad had a beer together, which Hoke opened with his wedding ring. Gedeon called it "the sweetest thing I've ever seen." 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

It didn't occur to me until I saw the video (thank you for posting), but that ^^ reminds me of this.  All those times my carefully-designed plays led to my running back dancing endlessly in circles with one of my blockers.  Ahh, the memories.






Comment 06 Nov 2013

That's pretty much why I posted it....and to all, I have no stake whatsoever in who produces the best syrup, so - not that you need them - please enjoy the concentrated tree drippings of your choice with my blessings.  Yep, I only posted the picture because of its slightly naughty overtones. 

Time to go grab some bourbon...

Comment 18 Oct 2013

Wasn't Grambling the original choice of Gene Smith to fill the schedule slot eventually taken by FAMU?  If so, it would seem Smith may have been trying to help the Grambling program with a cash infusion for making the trip here.

Comment 26 Aug 2013

Like many of us, I watched this one on TV; the only thing about it that sticks out in my memory is, at one point, the announcer described the kicking of Mike Malfatt as "suspect" - which prompted a spit take as Malfatt had recently been arrested for...I think it was shoplifting.  

After a decent career at OSU, not sure what happened to him - hopefully he got his life on track.

Comment 22 Aug 2013
The last I had heard - about two weeks ago - FAMU was considering bringing a pep band to perform in the stands. Their marching band was just reinstated so, even if they were to bring their entire band, it almost certainly would not be representative of the pre-suspension product. I wish the best to the kids and staff who had nothing to do with the tragedy that led to the suspension and, of course, to the family of the victim.