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Comment 9 hours ago

Wow. If true, and if he turns it down... Huge gamble with the potential payoff of luring a big name weighed against the risk of further damaging the school's athletic reputation.

Comment 15 hours ago

Thank you, Remy! This was my first bowl trip with the OSUMB, lots of great memories.  Of the game itself, I recall that a) the stadium smelled like s*** because it had just hosted a rodeo a day or two before, and b) OSU was indeed dominant, particularly on rush defense, holding BYU to negative yards rushing until the very end of the game when Young gained some yards on scrambles.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Thank you for the update, Mike.  While I would love to see all three of these players at OSU, I would also really love to see another impact D-lineman. The rotation utilized in the B1G championship game has me upbeat; is there any reason to infer that the coaching staff is willing to stand pat with the players on board (including swaps from other positions) or are you just not seeing anyone else in the cards right now?  Again, thank you.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

I'm in, bought tix a few weeks ago up in 638 - nosebleed but I'm in the house.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Congratulations, JT!  Despite the fact the Griese-Brees Award sounds like standing downwind from a White Castle, it's a huge honor and richly deserved.

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Comment 28 Nov 2014

As GoBucks10 said, 9:40.  All skull sessions now start two hours and 20 minutes prior to kickoff in order to accommodate the team walk-through, which is usually one of the first things that happens once the band arrives.  Enjoy, and Go Bucks.

Comment 24 Nov 2014
Redundant, yes, but also descriptive: there's plain old dumb, and then there's Desmond Howard dumb, which is really, really, really dumb.