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Comment 14 Dec 2016

Lol at reviving "How deep it went" for this. Another great piece, and keep punching the keys on the overreaction/faux outrage, Ramzy - it will never be too much. Well, maybe someday...but not yet.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

E+R=O isn't really Urban's process, but a philosophy he and his team have bought into that seemingly has paid dividends. A link to one of several 11w articles about it and its originators is below; I had a chance to talk with Tim Kight during a shuttle ride to the Va Tech game last season ('15) and came away impressed. I'm sure if Saban wanted to consult with the Kights they would talk to him, but it seems to me to be much more than a wristband in that everyone on the team (and staff) really has to embrace the philosophy for it to work.

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I mean why is it even being discussed ?

To engage those who actually feel this way, namely the #anyonebutosu crowd, which drives tweets and other social media posts as well as pageviews for ESPN. Sure the actual mechanics of why OSU > PSU seem pretty clear cut (even when i disengage from homer mode) but if everyone was on board with the selections there'd be nothing to talk about...and nothing to drive ratings. So, they have the controversy, while OSU has the Fiesta Bowl bid... and I'm OK with that.