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Comment 21 Sep 2015

This can vary, but the usual answer is "plenty". The start time to skull session was moved up (earlier) to better accommodate the team walk-through, so as long as there are not too many announcements (usually not a problem) you will have more than enough time to get to the stadium. Last week skull session let out around 2:00; usually it's a tad later than that but regardless you should have at least an hour to get inside for quick cals, pregame, etc.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Thanks, Hokiepro - have enjoyed the commentary from you and other Hokie fans here in the weeks leading up to the game. Also a "thank you" for the travel advice you shared on a thread that was posted, I think, back in June - especially the hike to McAfee Knob, well worth the time.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Agree w Buckeye06 - there was an attempt made at the O-H-I-O, but I don't know if there was a single OSU fan in the opposite end zone...and on the home side I did see some scarlet and gray, but it was very scattered. However, the "O-H", "I-O" back and forth across the visitor sections between the right (as looking from the home side) end zone and the away side did generate some noise, though.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Logged in (and it took a little time to do so) just to upvote the Chuck Wepner reference. Outstanding!

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I don't think so, HokiePro; I'd like to see that happen too, but to date I haven't heard anything indicating this. As it appears they will not be performing pre-game, one of the OSUMB's usual features for away pre-games - the double Script Ohio - will be done at the conclusion of their halftime show, which is fairly brief.

Much thanks to you and other Hokie fans for the various information drops over the past couple of months; I've utilized some of that knowledge to make plans for our trip.