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Comment 01 Jul 2015

Most - not all - of the pro UM tweets in response to this one are astounding in the denial of how bad this really sucked. As someone who spent 15 years in radio and conducted many live on-air interviews, my opinion is that Cowherd's two screw-ups consisted of rephrasing his initial question in a way that was somewhat odd (which would not have been necessary had Harbaugh not completely ignored it the first time) which perhaps threw Harbaugh off a bit (being generous here), and the whole buy/bye thing, understandably a bit confusing but by which time Harbaugh had already firmly established he wasn't there to play radio. Cowherd kept firing off questions in an attempt to, a) generate some sort of response, and b) avoid dead air, the kiss of death in radio. To the contention that Harbaugh didn't owe Cowherd any respect due to previous negative on-air comments, last I checked doing an interview was not a required thing - he could have simply said "no thanks." Bottom line, Harbaugh deserves at least 90% of this.

Comment 17 Apr 2015
The entire time I was watching that (which admittedly seemed much longer than it really was), I kept thinking how many great gifs were potentially waiting within. Excellent job on getting the ball rolling; this particular shot was so strange and uncomfortable.
Comment 07 Apr 2015

I guess I've always preferred (what I consider to be) actual tackling as opposed to going for the kill shot just to make some highlight reel...while risking not actually bringing the ball carrier to the ground. Like most of you who didn't play organized football as a kid (well, I did some of that too, badly) I played a lot of backyard tackle football with my friends, no equipment...and we made sure tackles on each other without injuries beyond the occasional sprained ankle. Never realized it had a name, "rugby-style"; now that I see we and other teams are returning to doing this, I can only guess that the desire to appear on SportsCenter with a Clowney-type hit was the prime motivator for getting away from real tackling all these years. Happy to see it. Now, get off my lawn.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I'm encouraged that this Imhotep recruit appears to catch with his hands, but at least early on his game has a few holes

Comment 19 Mar 2015

I was in attendance at that tournament, and the win over Kentucky was indeed sweet as it was unexpected. Toward the end of the game an OSU fan threw something at the Kentucky bench - I think it was a sign, something that was visible but had little potential for causing injury. It was low-class and embarrassing; I remember security grabbed the guy and he tried to somehow justify his actions by saying he'd written Woody's name on the sign. It's sad that this memory is the one that stands out most to me from that game, as much as the fantastic victory itself.  The G'town game was a true heart-breaker; OSU executed Williams's game plan almost flawlessly and controlled most of the game, but the Hoyas took control late. Overall, that tournament represented among the best two-game efforts I've ever seen from the Buckeyes.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Just means they're in his top three ;-). Urban will keep in contact until asked not to do so. Good luck to him regardless!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

I'm with you, especially in this situation: playing a day one winner. Every year - and in pretty much every conference tourney - some low seed gets momentum from beating another low seed and turns that into a second-round surprise. It's already happened today with Penn State beating Iowa, and with our team's propensity to start slow, it could easily happen again tonight. I hate to be negative, but just hoping they don't come out sleep-walking again - if they do, it will be ugly.