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Comment 10 hours ago

I'm nearly satisfied with the roster. I don't really want to see any bats added. The group they have right now is incredibly close. They say team chemistry is overrated in baseball, but I disagree. These guys get along and it shows. They're having a blast. Uribe has been mostly awful at the plate, but he's a good clubhouse guy. 

I could be in favor of adding some help to the bullpen. I'm not a Shaw hater, so I think he and Allen are just fine. I wouldn't mind seeing a little help in the middle relief department. That's the weakness, but the starting pitching is doing a great job at hiding it. 

I'm incredibly excited to see Chisenhall proving me right. I've been saying he was really close at the plate based on his approach. I'm hoping the current hot streak can give him the confidence to be the hitter he can be. 

It's really just a great team effort right now with everyone contributing on different nights. This is the kind of success that's sustainable. 

Comment 26 Jun 2016

Mike Riley. He seems like a total hippie. He'd probably have "natural" landscaping which is really just grass and weeds that grow to absurd lengths. And I feel like he'd be growing weed in his back yard. 

Comment 25 Jun 2016

I didn't read the entire piece, but I also fail to see where other individuals were paid dividends with money Sanchez invested. Seems like ethically poor practice, but I'm not even sure it's illegal. Sanchez and the others should've requested documentation stating where the money actually went. 

Comment 17 Jun 2016

I don't know why everyone is so critical of Lonnie. He's hitting .280 and playing above average defense, albeit with some mistakes. He's even proving he can hit lefties. His plate discipline, which has been a struggle of his, is improving. He's turning a corner this year. Too many fans are just stuck in the habit of being critical of him. 

Comment 17 Jun 2016

No suspension deserved. He'll be rightly fined. For what it's worth, he immediately went up to the fan to apologize. It's still a classless thing to do, but I don't think there was any intent towards the fan. Just something stupid players do when emotions overflow. 

Comment 16 Jun 2016

I think Lonnie has done a good job in right. It's still a learning experience, but he has a plus arm. Last I checked he was towards the top of runs saved for outfielders. He doesn't get the best jumps but he makes up for it in athletic ability. Sometimes that means a diving catch when it's not necessary. 

Comment 16 Jun 2016

The Tribe have the roster right now, in my opinion. Getting Brantley back will make things right in the world. Chisenhall is starting to be the answer in right. Naquin is finding his feet, but should be the answer in center. Those two just need more time together to work out the kinks. I think Chisenhall had that ball last night, but was called off at the last second by Naquin. Ramirez needs to be the every day third baseman. Getting Bauer back in the rotation was something that should've happened to start the season. The bullpen is the weakness right now. Middle relief is awful, but I'll take my chances on a Chamberlain, Shaw, Allen 7-8-9 on most nights. 

Comment 16 Jun 2016

I love this tournament. I love seeing the pros struggle with the inherent bad breaks. I'm looking for a winning score right around par, which makes it incredibly exciting. Day has to be a favorite in any tournament right now. I wouldn't be surprised to see an older player make a run. 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

He's much more valuable than just a decoy. Golden State's playing lineups to diminish his effectiveness. He doesn't match up well in any position other than the low post on offense. The Cavs don't seem willing to make any effort to utilize that strength. He's a good passer from the post, as well. I'm also not a Cavs fan, but I respect your opinion more knowing you're not a Cavs fan either. Most people wanting him benched are Cavs fans reacting with their heart. 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

I thought he played really good defense last night. His stat line didn't show his worth. A man guarding Love on the 3 point line is the reason Kyrie and Lebron were able to get inside so easily. His offensive numbers are a function of game plan. He's not a guy to create his own shots unless he's posted up. He rarely was last night. He's a valuable decoy and a smart player. 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

If Lebron plays the next 2 with the fire he had last night, Cavs win. I'm not even a Cavs fan. When he finds that gear, he can't be beat. I'm not just talking about his shooting. That was the most confident I've seen him play in years. It's like he forgets what he's capable of. 

Comment 13 Jun 2016

I think both teams need to worry more about their play and less about the sideshow. Between Draymond's dirty play and the lack of a Cavs offense, this looks like street ball. 

Comment 11 Jun 2016

My dog hunted down a skunk early in the 4th quarter, so I missed a lot of the game, but the officials seemed to favor the Cavs in the first half. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Right? It's kind of hard to blame the guy at that point. He may have sacrificed some of his future, but he made a better life for his family and future generations. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

The problem every time this topic comes up is that everyone wants some obscure song that fits. That's never going to happen. It needs to be highly recognizable. Not just for a certain age group, but by the majority. Hell, it's probably more important that it hits the older demographic. The young fans don't need extra motivation to get into the game. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

I think the simple answer comes from your reasoning in being interested. Hard pass. I could see it from gaining a competitive edge in something. I still wouldn't, but could understand. Marlon Byrd, for example, was able to continue a big league career by supplementing. It's obviously against the rules, but the reward was greater than the risk. The reward of looking pretty isn't greater than the risk. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

I'll be the rational, non Cavs fan here. If Love is healthy, it's business as usual. Talk of bringing him off the bench is crazy. He's your 2nd or 3rd best player. If you take the emotion out of this, it's easy. I really don't get all this overreaction. It was one game, on your home court. 

Comment 09 Jun 2016

Saine would've been a monster under Urban. I always thought his weakness was decision making at the line of scrimmage. With Urban's zone-read game, he would've had easier decisions. 

Comment 08 Jun 2016

What's up with the NBA's concussion protocol? How was he able to stay on the floor after halftime?  I haven't read anything, but I haven't looked for it either. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

Boil then grill. Poke each brat twice right before removing from the grill to prevent the explosion of molten brat juice on the first bite.