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Comment 22 Jul 2016

... I mean, really? 

It's obvious the tweet was about Martell. I understand it's a frustrating situation for Clark, but people trying to read this tweet as being non-Martell related? Come on, now... 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I go out there for work too occasionally and I would have recommended Gold's Gym (there was about 4-5 of them all around SLC) but they've since been bought out by VASA fitness. I've been to the one in Bountiful multiple times (now a VASA fitness) and they have a decent amount of squat racks / areas to deadlift. Day pass is around $8-10 a day I'm assuming.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

And I don't see that happening. Really hope we're not ending up disappointed in Samuel's touches again this season but I wouldn't be surprised. Last season it was somewhat understandable with him transitioning to a new role and there being way too many mouths to feed, but he's the only semi-proven playmaker they've got and even still he's only shown brief flashes. 

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Completely agree. Before Zeke went insane near the end of the season there was a good amount of people that felt Samuel was the teams best RB and it really wasn't that outrageous of a thought. He looked great there.

Coaches know best of course, but I don't see why you wouldn't want to get your best offensive threat the ball 20+ times a game, which he would get at RB, over the 2-5 catches and 4-8 rushes he'll get per game at the H, many of which are obvious telegraphed plays that are basically manufactured touches. If he stays at H (and I'm guessing he will) they need to not dick around and get him 15+ touches a game minimum and lots of plays where he's just a true RB and not just give him that token pop-pass, jet sweep play they love to run for 2-5 yards 3 or 4 times a game. 

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Agreed. The guy could fly in a straight line, but had absolutely no wiggle / agility or feel for the RB position. Had solid hands though. Definitely had an underwhelming career. Him playing in Urban Meyer's offense wouldn't have made a difference IMO (Pryor, on the other hand...)

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Smith's whole persona just makes me cringe. I don't follow him on Twitter or anything but anytime one of these posts pops up and I read his stuff it's painful. 

Comment 21 May 2016

Im not so sure about Braxton being that great of a returner. I think if he showed much promise in practice he would have gotten at least one return last season. I think he's got all of the physical ability in the world to be an elite returner, but I could also see Braxton simply trying to do too much and not letting  blocks develop in front of him / too much east / west stuff. He's not really that decisive, stick your foot in the ground and go kind of runner that you need as a kick returner. A little too much shake and bake. 

Comment 20 May 2016

I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same old thing again; Wilson and Samuel at KR, and Wilson at PR. It's been that way for the past two seasons and it's unlikely to change. Wilson's been solid but unspectacular returning and Samuel has been underwhelming for his sheer talent / ability. 

Comment 19 May 2016

Probably the worst I've ever seen was at King's Island about 10 years ago... I was riding Face-Off (now Invertigo or whatever) and people were stuck at the top of Drop Zone (270 feet tall) for about 45 minutes before they SLOWLY lowered them down. I love drop zone and the view is great and everything, but nah... I wouldn't want any part of that. 

Comment 19 May 2016

I've heard nothing but great things about Intimidator 305 and El Toro. Always find those two in top 5-10 lists. The airtime on the latter is supposedly insane, and Intimidator 305 is basically a hybrid of Millennium Force and Maverick so it's hard to go wrong there. Haven't been to Kings Dominion in years...

Not sure how many people on here know what this mean, but Mean Streak needs to get the RMC treatment fast. That would be pretty sweet. 

Comment 19 May 2016

I know, I know...

Actually, I don't know. I'm a big airtime (weightlessness) guy and Millennium Force just doesn't have much of it. It's a fun ride, but the intensity just isn't there. It's all about the visuals and the speed mainly. When I first rode it as a 10 year old when it opened I thought it was the greatest thing on earth, but idk... I feel it's a little overrated I guess?  

Comment 19 May 2016

Gotta go with:

1. Maverick
2. Magnum XL-200 (ride in the very next-to-last seat that's not over a wheel = not as rough)
3. Diamondback 
4. Millennium Force 
5. The Beast (at night)
6. Top Thrill Dragster
7. Firehawk
8. Gemini
9. Raptor
10. Wicked Twister?

Haven't been to King's Island in a good while (maybe 2009?) and last time at Cedar Point was 2009 so I haven't ridden Banshee, Gatekeeper, or Valravn which would all be top 7 I'm sure.

Moved down to SC two years back... anyone here ridden Fury 325 at Carowinds? Best rollercoaster by far I've ever ridden and frankly craps all over Millennium Force. 

Comment 18 May 2016

Having to depend on others to get things done for you that ultimately are going to reflect on you. I hate having things out of my own control but that I'm responsible for. 

I know that's fairly common in the working world, but if anybody works in the safety field and has to deal with crappy supervisors / leadmen / maintenance departments then you'll know what I mean. 

Comment 18 May 2016

I don't think there's much of a doubt he will one day join the rare 500 pound bench press club, but gaining over 70 lbs on his bench within the next year? That's a pretty tough thing to do.

Regardless, the kid is ridiculously strong. Legit 400+ pound bench presses by 17 year olds is extremely rare, especially with his build as mentioned.  

Comment 17 May 2016

He supposedly gets those $1,000 "haircuts" (what is there to cut?!?) multiple times a week too. Blows my mind, but hey... if you made $500 million last year I guess you gotta blow it on something. I just think I could come up with better ways to literally burn money. Good for the barber I suppose... must be nice to shave a dude's barely-stubbled head twice a week and make 100k a year doing it.

What do I overpay for? Nothing I can think of. I'm pretty damn cheap. Maybe fitness supplements I guess? 

Comment 13 May 2016

For some reason they ended up switching the names of those positions when they created the walk-out LB position. The walk-out LB is the SAM, and the Josh Perry position, the WLB, is basically an inside linebacker. 

The Ohio State SAM is not like a traditional 4-3 SAM though, of course. But yeah... what makes it confusing is that the skillset required to play that walk-out position makes you think of a traditional weakside linebacker. 

Comment 11 May 2016

Brown would have to have a HUGE breakout season. He's a big physical receiver at 6-2, 225 lbs, but with a likely 40 time in the 4.60 - 4.65 range it's not often that kind of WR goes in the 1st. Look at how Laquan Treadwell, a similarly built WR, slipped in the draft. That would be excellent if he had the sort of season where he had an NFL decision to make as a RS-SO at the end of it, but I'd be surprised.

Conley is flying way under the radar. Definitely felt like he was OSU's best CB last season, over the top 10 pick. He's going to be a riser throughout the process.  

Comment 11 May 2016

I think Elflein being only 6-2 and 300 lbs is likely going to cause the NFL to look at him only as a pure center prospect and that is going to hurt his stock a little bit. I'd be pretty surprised to see him go in the 1st.