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Comment 20 hours ago

Your eyes told you to expect a high 4.3?

Hmmm... I expected something in the 4.53-58 range. Posted it in another thread, but Dontre just never showed any sort of long speed at any point in time in his Buckeye career (or high school. His highlights were underwhelming to me). He had solid quicks, good burst, but no 2nd gear to be found. The time checks out. 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

You can't really compare track times with football speed. I was going more off of his football speed. Some guys are elite in both, some are one or the other. Pretty sure Chris Johnson ran like a 10.6 100m yet had a 4.24 40. I've seen guys who run low 4.3's have mediocre times, and then you have a guy like Kermit Whitfield with a 10.15 100m run in the mid 4.4's. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017
I won't be surprised one bit if Arnette is still a starting CB game one... people are way too quick to give up on guys after only one season of play. Hell, I remember Coombs talking him up pre-2016 and basically said he was close to being one of the top 11 guys and needed to be on the field. Very interested to see how he bounces back from a bit of a rough FRESHMAN season. Gotta love the depth on defense this year.
Comment 20 Mar 2017

Yeah, hate to be the pessimist, but I guess I'll believe this when I see it. I remember when Cam Akers was nearly a Buckeye "lock" at one point before his interest fell off the face of the earth. 

Comment 18 Mar 2017

Not sure what to think of the Rashan Gary numbers. On one hand, they seem absolutely unbelievable, but every single other time and measurement they have on there seems really realistic so maybe Gary is just one of the biggest freaks of all time. I guess we'll find out in Indianapolis in 2 years. A 4.57 40 at 287 lbs is one thing, but the 6.7 cone drill is even more bonkers if true.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Interesting. That's the first I've heard of that, but I guess it would make sense as to how he may go his whole career at OSU without starting a single game (regardless of the injuries). I just remember the guy looking pretty athletic at Glenville and then looking really good at CB at the All American game so I just assumed his coverage skills would be decent, but I guess we've never really seen enough of them to judge.

I just want the best players to play. If

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Thanks dude. I was just about to log onto ESPN to check this and to see all the damn games I'll be missing at work.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Everytime I come into a thread to post something I see that you have posted exactly what I was wanting to post. I'm not sure I've ever disagreed with anything you've ever posted... it's kinda weird, actually. I think it's because you're a realist like me.

If I absolutely had to guess at a depth chart for next year? I guess something like...

CB - Ward / Wade / Norwood / Williamson
CB - Arnettte OR Sheffield / Burns / Riep
SS - Smith OR Fuller / Wint / Pryor
FS - Webb / Okudah / Davis

I think Okudah is ultimately a safety, and honestly it makes more sense for him to go that route. Remember, Jordan Fuller was supposedly going to play CB here too; he was a safety day one. I know they like to rotate CBs, but having 9 bodies at corner and only 5 at safety doesn't make a ton of sense, so I wouldn't be shocked if maybe Riep makes the move to safety too.  

Comment 14 Mar 2017

I guess we'll see in a few years, right? I hope he kills it at wideout; I just wouldn't expect immediate results. WR is probably the least "plug and play" position in the NFL besides QB. 

As far as Samuel not giving 100% on his "less important non-40 yard dash drills"... come on now. They are every bit as important as the 40, if not more so. He's just more of a straight-line dude... most guys are one or the other it seems. How many times did Samuel really juke someone out of their shoes the past 3 years? He did, however, absolutely blow by people about 20 times this season for guaranteed long ball TDs. Unfortunately, Barrett only hit on about 30% of those when he was open. 

I was merely pointing out that it's not really surprising that Samuel put up a blazingly fast 40 but only average agility times when you actually watched his game on the field. He's a burner, and I think instead of being the traditional slot guy that wins on quickness and agility and savvy route running he's going to have to be more of a deep threat, one trick pony kind of guy, and could be very effective in that role. 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

As much as I loved Samuel as a Buckeye and I dread to think of what the 2016 offense would have looked like without him... he's got a long road ahead to transition to a full-time WR at the next level. His best role would be a deep threat out of the slot, running 9's down the seam all day... he's not a dynamic runner in space, nor a great returner, his routes aren't crisp, and his catching ability, while not that bad (5 drops last season, 3 this year)... just doesn't seem totally natural. He's a straight-line speedster without a ton of wiggle. Probably going to take him a few years if he does figure things out, but his speed is obviously elite and it shows on the field. No idea where is true stock is right now with regards to the draft.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

His ranking was based on what he did on the field  in highschool. 

I guess that's kind of my point. People pick favorites in recruiting classes and before these guys even step on the field it's "he's by far the best *insert position* we have... why isn't he playing?!?". I remember back when Knox was supposed to potentially start as a true freshman. I can already see people setting themselves up for disappointment by saying that Wade and Okudah should / will be starting day one. 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Might be because Hooker simply wasn't very good in 2015? It was only his 4th year playing football and he had a rough true freshman season the year before... I don't know why people are assuming that the 2016 version of Malik Hooker was kept on the sidelines in 2015. It's crazy how much development can happen from year to year (look at Conley from 2014 - 2015). They play the best guys available (look at Michael Jordan starting over Burrell, Knox, Lisle, Trout, etc.) 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

I'm a little surprised by Nester's offer as well, but how often do they ever offer WV kids? They didn't offer Ryan Switzer a few years back (in hindsight they probably should have) and Josh Jenkins out of Parkersburg, class of 2008 was the last to be offered. It's rare.

As a West Virginian, just curious... what two teams did you guys play?

Comment 10 Mar 2017

I'm from Huntington and still read some high school sports message boards for the area from time to time, and a Spring Valley source said he was leaning towards Tennessee (Spring Valley had another OL that was a Tennessee commit) or WVU before the OSU offer but now, if it's truly commitable, he thinks Nester picks OSU. 

Huntington High school also has a class of 2019 OL / DL prospect that's beginning to get a lot of attention. I'm an alumni, so I've been wondering if OSU might eventually take notice. Athletic kid.