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Comment 23 Apr 2017

Yeah, I've been saying this for the past 2 seasons. Conley has been their best, most consistent CB, and I had no idea why he wasn't being viewed as a first round pick all along. I'm sure he was by NFL teams, but casual draft fans / media didn't have him there. 

Also, used to be a fan of Mayock, but his rankings are such a joke. He literally just changes his rankings to reflect what he hears from inside sources, but he claims it's from watching more film. He had Conley as the #4 CB I think initially, Jabrill Peppers the #1 safety over Adams and Hooker. He had Deshone Kizer inexplicably as his #1 QB, and Kizer's stock has since plummeted and NOW he's #4? They are terrible. 

Comment 21 Apr 2017

It is pretty odd... he's actually 1/2 inch shorter and 6 lbs lighter than Darron Lee. 

I guess people are still thinking that Foster is the 245 lbs that he was from his senior year of highschool all of the way up until his junior season at Bama. He dropped a lot of weight for this season (and it made a big difference in a good way). 

Comment 21 Apr 2017

Foster is an absolute beast, but man... I don't know how you can spend a top ten pick on him after the offseason he's had. I had pretty much become content with him at #9 for the Bengals (fills a huge need, top 5 talent, etc) but it's just too risky at this point. Definite boom or bust guy, and I think he's gonna slide (no later than the mid 20's though).

My initial hesitation with taking him at 9 was just his total disregard for his body and the brutality he plays with... guys like that aren't going to hold up long in the league (I swear I think Burfict concusses himself at least twice a game), especially at 228 pounds or whatever he's dropped to. But it's obvious he's got some issues, and I guess no sane person could play like he does anyway, but there will always be something with him.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I totally get what you're saying, and I'm usually one of those guys with a mindset of "anything can happen" when it comes to players and playing time.

I think it's a few things... the first being that Urban Meyer doesn't start true freshman unless he absolutely has to. Since his Florida days, I think he's had 3 true frosh start for him... Mike Pouncey, Joe Haden, and Michael Jordan last season. It just doesn't happen very often under Meyer, and if it does happen, it's due to lack of depth... the 2017 Buckeyes have one of the deepest DE depth charts I've ever seen. Bosa, Lewis, Hubbard, and Holmes would all likely start on 95% of teams in all of college football. Jonathan Cooper and Rashod Berry are very talented sophomores. You're talking about the strength of the team. And as much as the team has talked up Worley, Baker, and Booker, not to mention Harrison, who is Browning going to be starting over? Is it possible? I guess. Anything's possible. Likely? I don't see it. Alabama plays true freshmen in big roles occasionally (Calvin Ridley, Cam Robinson, Julio Jones, Amari Cooper), Ohio State traditionally hasn't. We all know how much of a monster Joey Bosa was, but he only started in 2013 because of Washington's injury. Was he ready to start? Yes. Was he starting originally despite that? No. There's a precedent.

Second is the position itself... it's often tough for frosh defensive lineman and offensive lineman to make much of an impact year one. There are a handful every year (Lawrence at Clemson and Oliver at Houston were elite as true freshmen) but it's not quite as plug and play as some other positions. It's a steep learning curve as far as dealing with the strength and physicality of grown men; some kids are ready, some aren't. And the mental aspect is hugely overlooked... look at how long it took 5 star, elite prospects like Curtis Grant and Etienne Sabino to figure things out mentally. Physically, they were fine probably day 1.

Anywhere but those two positions this season, I could MAYBE see it. But there would have to be a big lack of depth.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Totally agree on all of this. I understand why people do it; I mean it's hard not to at times. There is an actual "rating" attached to these kid's names that, theoretically, says who is better than who. But I've learned to wait for actual on field production before getting excited about anyone.

Isaiah Prince still has a chance to turn it around, but I think he's a good example of why people need to stop anointing new recruits and setting themselves up for disappointment before these kids even see the field. A former Bama commit (!!!), consensus 4-star top 10 OT, one of only 4 true freshmen to play in 2015 and in the 2-deep immediately, the staff and players showed plenty of confidence in him that he'd step in as a sophomore and play well right away... sounds like a future 1st round pick, right? Then he actually played snaps as an OSU football player and... *fart noise*.

In relation to that, people are also too quick to give up on guys... Arnette looks like he'll bounce back this season, just like Conley did after everyone had written him of as a redshirt freshman. Prince could bounce back too. Players improve.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I agree with all of this... I wondered they put McCall at the H on here. Everything has pointed to him being a straight-up RB, most likely due to the depth at H and the lack of depth at RB.

To me, the depth chart has looked like this consistently throughout the spring:

X: Victor, Mack
H: Campbell, Hill, Glover-Williams
Z: McLaurin, Dixon

With the pecking order looking like Campbell, Hill, McLaurin, Victor, Dixon, EGW, and then Mack (remember when everyone was stating he'd start day one as a freshman?

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I feel like half the fans just hear what other people say about the kids then they take someone else's opinion of a player as facts.

 Without a doubt.

People "assume" way too many things based simply on recruiting rankings and hype. Every new 5-star or 4-star player is automatically better than the old 4-star and 5-star players currently on the roster. 98% of people were saying Pridgeon was a lock to start over Prince last season but he just wasn't healthy. Even if healthy, Pridgeon may have been even more of a turnstile at RT for all we know, but people state things like that as fact. You're seeing it this year with people saying "there's no way Sheffield doesn't start. He was a former 5-star recruit and played at Bama one year!"

Comment 13 Apr 2017

Dre'Mont Jones might be a surprise top-15 pick next season as a sophomore. Really looking forward to watching him this year.

And you gotta love the athleticism of that LB corp if Worley is truly the 5th fastest LB. That's pretty awesome.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Terrible passing scheme + inaccurate QB + only average to above average talent at WR = 2015 + 2016 clown show passing game

But also, the inaccurate QB wasn't helped by the bad passing scheme or lack of pass protection, the pass protection wasn't helped by the inaccurate and indecisive QB, etc... it all was a factor and everything snowballed off something else. Everything was pretty bad, but not as bad as it should have been... if that makes sense.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Examples? I'm guessing you're going to say Pitt Brown over Von Bell (possible, but Bell never even won the job until the 2nd game of his sophomore season as Burrows was neck and neck with him)? Powell over Hooker (this one I don't see. People seem to think the 2016 version of Malik Hooker was kept on the bench in 2015, which was in all likelihood not the case)?

I can't think of anyone else. Michael Jordan coming in here and starting over Knox, Burrell, Lisle, Trout, etc from day one, Dobbins already passing Williams, Samuel leap frogging Ball, Dunn... Bosa over Washington (even once Washington got healthy),  should tell you that they're going to play the best players.

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Unless the coaches that observe, review, and chart each practice saw that Victor was even less effective and consistent than those ahead of him on the depth chart and projected to do even less than "absolutely nothing" that those guys were producing during games...

If you deserve playing time and you're the best option, you're going to get playing time. End of story.  

Comment 12 Apr 2017

And this right here is why it drives me nuts when people act like it was a travesty that Victor and Mack weren't starting (!) last season over "scrubs" like McLaurin and Campbell. A WR can have all of the physical talent in the world, but it's truly a position of intricacies. Just being tall with good speed isn't going to cut it.

Victor wasn't ready for extensive time last season, and if you've been paying attention and reading between the lines this offseason he still looks to be around 4th in the pecking order (behind Campbell, Hill, and McLaurin, which I'm sure people are going to bitch about). Sometimes it takes these guys a few years. He's still young.  

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Everytime I read Buck68's posts, I read the text in a uppity, British man's accent and imagine him visually with a grey handle-bar mustache and a tophat sipping on tea as he types... it adds to the effect.

So basically...

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Completely agree with all of this. On paper, it sounds good... but really, what is the benefit if you're NOT having all 5 of these guys rushing together in obvious passing situations? Like you said, in that instance I'd rather have one of their 3 super-athletic LB out in space covering the flats / curls instead of a moonlighting, 265 lb DE. Just give me a true 25% split rep rotation between these 4 studs and I'm happy.

This sort of reminds me of the clamoring for the pointless "diamond" formation a few years ago, although this admittedly is a bit more practical.

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Posted this in another thread...

Worley gave up 12 completions on 27 targets (44.4%) for 0 TD and 80 yards (6.67 YPC).

Baker gave up 6 completions on 12 targets (46.2%) for 2 TD and 41 yards (6.83 YPC).

And Booker is now playing the walk-out position which is the designated pass coverage LB position... so maybe Baker might be the one coming off the field? I guess we'll see. 

Also, I'm like 95% sure that Dante Booker is actually the best pure "athlete" out of the 3.