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Comment 14 Jul 2014

Why would Dontre Wilson be on the kickoff team though?

Unless you meant that Lattimore would be returning kicks with Wilson, which I guess I could see, but I think there'll be plenty of other guys for that (Samuel, Clark, McLaurin, Dixon, both Smiths, Marshall). 

Comment 24 Jun 2014

I like the move a lot actually. I didn't really see that walk-out linebacker spot being a fit for him anyway. 

There's not many 6-6 linebackers out there for a reason. He could be a dangerous weapon at TE. 

Comment 24 Jun 2014

I don't understand the downvotes. It was extremely obvious Hubbard was never going to play safety at OSU.



Comment 05 May 2014

As well as being an absolute freakish athlete.


I know all kinds of guys slip through the cracks / get overlooked all of the time, but his story is still pretty unique. I'm assuming he wasn't even that dominating of a high school player, and yet he's now THE most dominating defensive player in the NFL. Must have just been a very late bloomer, because he always had to have been extremely athletic, especially back when he was 230 or whatever he was as a TE instead of the 295 he is now. Hell, the Wisconsin J.J. Watt and the NFL Watt aren't even in the same stratosphere either. 

Comment 02 May 2014

Honestly, besides that beastly run against Nebraska and the wheel-route catch... what else has he really shown that makes people so enamored with him? It's just his size, right? I mean... it's pretty fun to watch 6-3 240 pound backs run the ball and the idea of it is nice... but did he ever really offer that much more than any of the other backs that played instead of him?


If he would have gotten the ball he would have produced, sure, but if he was this other-worldly talent like some people act like he would have seen the field a whole lot more. I'd say his height is probably a detriment; backs are hardly ever over 6'2. 

Comment 24 Apr 2014

LB isn't really a huge need, but...

SAM: Rey

MIKE: Burfict


What a nasty LB corp that would be, and they need speed in that group right now. Regardless of wherever the media / casual fans are saying his stock is, I think he'll be gone (and maybe long gone) by the time pick #24 comes around. 

Comment 16 Apr 2014

In recent years it was always the SAM LB that left the field in the nickel, but I'm assuming in this defense the WILL will leave.


I'm going to guess that when they go to nickel, Perry will slide over from WILL to MIKE, Grant leaves the field, and Reeves come in at NB.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

What if he shows up at TT and never play's a snap? Maybe dude is a workout warrior and that's it!?

Wouldn't shock me one bit. The guy was RAW and I was always kind of weary of his game (just from watching his highschool film). His athletic testing numbers were intriguing, but I wouldn't be surprised if he never pans out. This isn't sour grapes either, I could dig up old posts of mine saying the same things right around when he committed. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I've only been filling them out for a few a years, but the only year I actually had the Buckeyes winning it all (and I was still hesitant) was the 2010-2011 team because I'd felt like they were legitimately the best team in the nation that year. Shame they couldn't get past Kentucky; just had a bad shooting game.


Comment 04 Apr 2014

He's never had the luxury of a decent screen pass....THIS IS SURELY THE YEAR FOR IT

 Really? It seems like about 75% of his completions last season were quick WR screens to the outside. He threw a ton of short, easy screen throws that inflated his completion %, but he also threw a bunch of inefficient deep throws that hurt his completion %. I'm just hoping there's SOME kind of intermediate passing game this season instead of 1. Quick Screen 2. Quick Screen 3. Deep ball.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

If Elliott gained 25lb of muscle...WOW!

They must be referring to how much weight he's gained since his senior year of high school, because he was listed at 218 last season as a freshman. 

Comment 13 Mar 2014

Haha, obviously I realize that just because something isn't effective in NCAA 14 doesn't mean it won't work in real life, but what I was trying to say was... maybe it's just one of those formations that really doesn't add much more to an offense. It's just "getting cute" for no reason other than to spice things up and throw out a different look, when maybe strategically it doesn't really offer much. You can do a few different things with it (I know a lot of teams put a FB and a TE back there as the lead backs) but eh... it's probably just not worth the trouble to implement. This offense seems to be 3 WRs split out with a TE either in an H-back spot or in the slot 90% of the time and they can do pretty much anything they want to from that formation. 

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I still think he'll eventually end up as a flex TE. I just don't see the suddenness, speed or quickness for an elite outside WR, but then again... look at Anquan Boldin. I guess they are going to try him out at WR first so we'll see. He's an interesting guy.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

Braxton isn't an elite straight-line speedster by any means, but he's definitely faster than Marshall. Marshall is more agile / quick than fast. He ran a 4.66 electronic 40 at a combine and he looks around there on tape. He's got enough speed, but he's not a burner. He doesn't need to be.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

Bell and Powell will be the safeties, Grant and either Reeves / Conley will be the CBs (sounds like Apple is sort of down the depth chart and this won't be his year) and Burrows will be the nickel. 

Comment 13 Mar 2014

Probably because it just wasn't very effective in practice.

I remember being pretty pumped about that formation whenever it was added to NCAA football (the game), because let's face it... it just looks cool and it seems like there are a lot of different things you can do with it. But I hardly ever used it and it's really nothing more than an interesting look. Having Miller back there with Elliott, Wilson, Smith does sound intriguing, but if it was that effective we would had seen it last year.  

Comment 09 Mar 2014

I think there's zero chance Hubbard plays safety. There's a reason that there's probably only been 6 or 7 safeties over 6' 4" in college football over the last 5-8 years, and close to none in the pros (only ones I can think of are Pat Watkins, Robert Sands, (both out of the league) and George Illoka). The guy's athletic but he's not some uber-freak that could cover slot receivers or be a centerfield type free safety deep. He's a LB all the way and an intriguing one with that speed and length.


And speaking of Lee, if he's the best man for the job I'm all for it. I love when these unheralded 3-star recruits come in here and just surprise everyone by grabbing starting spots out of nowhere (Roby, Powell) early in their careers. Lee was mostly an afterthought. I'm excited to see him play.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

It doesn't make sense that Shazier ran the 3-cone drill if his hamstring was actually bothering him. I can see doing a broad jump / vert with a bad hammy, but hell... doing the 3-cone would probably aggravate it worse than anything. He did the 20-yard short shuttle too. I guess he was just wanting to wait to run on that fast OSU track.


He would have either been close or had the fastest LB 40 time there (4.51).

Comment 24 Feb 2014

I see those sites you're referring to that mention the 39 reps by Peterson but I'm still not buying that. And sorry man, I'm not trying to bust your balls or anything and I know it's totally off topic haha. But a 218-225 lb guy like Peterson isn't going to be throwing up 40+ reps of 225. Most guys that are 21-23 years old at the combine are pretty close to the max strength they'll ever have (especially with the training they receive) and you're not going to add that much strength without adding a ton of mass just because you're in a NFL strength and conditioning program.

Guys throwing up 37+ reps are extremely rare and most of them are lineman. Hyde just probably isn't a great bench presser, but the bench press at the combine is mainly just to see what a guy's work ethic / endurance is like more than just someone's general strength. It can help show how much time someone has spent in the weight room. 



Comment 24 Feb 2014

I don't see how Shazier makes it out of the 1st round and I've always felt that way. To me, he's the best player / prospect out of the all of the draftable OSU players. 

Comment 24 Feb 2014

As a track coach, I've become accustomed to guys feigning injury after a sub-par race or workout. I hate to say it, but watching the video, it looks like he might be faking it.

Wouldn't surprise me. That's what we'd call a business decision. Guys do it every single year at the combine.


I stil don't see him making it to the 3rd round, but I never thought he'd go in the first. No back in the class was going to get picked in the first.  

Comment 24 Feb 2014

Shazier with almost an 11 foot broad jump and a 42" vert? Geez. What a shame he didn't run the 40... he would have absolutely lit it up.