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Comment 05 Sep 2012

Maybe it's because I am a 26-year-old Ohio State fan and I've only been able to watch enough games to know how Ohio State plays (Read :Dave: JIMMY T!). Maybe it's because I don't make enough of an effort to watch other conferences unless Ohio State plays them in pre or post-season. Maybe it's because I just don't give a flying rat's behind outside of the fact that I want my Alma Mater to dominate in all its endavours (which includes academics, but until we can convince anyone that having a state education is close to to having a private one, we're SOL, looking at you Harvard, Yale and *haha* Brown *haha*), but someone needs to write an article with diagrams that shows formations with the indication of which player is the flex player and which player is the pivot player. Maybe I'm an idiot for not knowing which side of the field the slot receiver lines up on and maybe, just maybe, I'm an idiot for thinking that it must be the opposite side of the field from the flex player. I don't know what the H-back is going on because I'm 26 and watched teams coached by Jim Tressel. I know little of modern football. Someone, give me some basics regarding the spread and then delve into the jargin. At least post a link to an explanation of these positions when you mention them in the articles. Sorry. Diatribe over. Go Bucks. My children's middle name's will likely be James and Urban.

Comment 04 Mar 2012

I hope Sam Thompson decides he's going to be fast and shifty and go to the rack a couple times today.