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Comment 25 Oct 2011

This will be my one trip down to the shoe this year.  I really hope the crowd is ready to get loud.  I will do my part.  It shouldn't be too hard considering the extra time to get "psyched".

Comment 21 Sep 2011

Thanks Jason.  I don't think that Klein is terrible.  Maybe I went a little far with my criticsm.  I was angry and buzzed at the end of the game and for some reason the linebacking performance stuck out in my head (besides the quarterback debacle of course).  I think the backers have potential but they just seem a step slower than what we are used to.  Time will tell I guess.

Comment 04 Sep 2011

I didn't know they were in danger of losing it.  Shows how much I know.  I think it is rediculous that they can have that turf and wear their all-blue jerseys that match the field.  There has to be some sorf of competetive advantage gained from that right?

Comment 04 Sep 2011

Notre Dame still being Notre Dame.  I seriously thought Kelly was going to start swinging at some of his players when they were coming off the field.  What a disaster.  Has the new coaching search begun yet?

Comment 04 Sep 2011

I just hate the blue turf.  That shit needs to be outlawed.  I seriously get a headache when trying to watch a game in Boise.  They do deserve a shot at the title if for no other reason than to take the first step at eliminating the BCS.  Viva Playoffs!!!

Comment 04 Sep 2011

I am not sure what to think about Boise St. now.  Usually they win by going all trick play on everybody but for the most part they just lined up and hit Georgia right in the mouth.  It would be nice if they had a couple more games against legite competition to see what they could do instead of coasting to a double digit win total against inferior talent.

Comment 04 Sep 2011

Nice to see some positive press on the Buckeyes for once.  I enjoyed the article but calling Solomon Thomas our "best" defensive lineman is not quite accurate.  Whatever.  I'll take anything positive after this past spring/summer.

Comment 04 Sep 2011

Shit!  I about spit out my Rolling Rock watching that clip.  Good stuff.

Comment 01 Sep 2011

I am glad the Dubcast is back!  Looking forward to a six pack, the Dubcast and some Madden tonight... after the Wisconsin game of course.

Comment 01 Sep 2011

Absolutely.  Graduated from BGSU and never quite made it out of town. 

I called and threatened Time Warner numerous times to add the Big Ten Network or I was leaving (because my 1 household would have meade a huge difference to some huge company) and they finally did.  I like to think it was my bitching and moaning that turned the tide for BG buckeye fans.

Comment 01 Sep 2011

BW3's here in BG does tend to be Pro-Buckeye.  I hate the fact that there are so many michigan fans up this way though.  If I were in charge, there would be no Michigan apparel allowed within state lines.


BTW, Time Warner finally got its' act together and added Big Ten Network.  I wouldn't still be with them if they had not.

Comment 01 Sep 2011

I have no crazy story about where I was during that game.  I was sitting on my couch and drinking off the hangover from the night before.  I tend to get a little over-amped on the nights before the Buckeye opener.  It was a great game to watch but definitely hurt the Big Ten in the long run.  It DID help the hangover though!

Comment 29 Aug 2011

Just an unbelievable story and a damn good tribute to a great Buckeye fan.  I have something and someone to think about during every commercial break from now on.

Comment 15 Aug 2011

Brady Quinn is just sad and pathetic.  Being a Browns fan, I had to "cheer" 3 years for this guy after making fun of him the 4 years before that.  Brady Hoke however, makes me sick to my stomach with all of his "Ohio" comments.

Comment 15 Aug 2011

I've never been so ashamed of my first name before. Even Tom Brady doesn't induce the gag reaction like this tool does.

Comment 28 Jul 2011

I have to agree with Alex that the unknown is a little exciting this year.  Do I wish that the last 6 months had been spent talking about recruits and quarreling over the depth chart?  Sure, but we must play the hand that was dealt.  It is quite intriguing to have a new guy under center and a new face on the sideline.  For the first time in quite awhile, the Bucks will play the part of underdog.  I say bring it on!  It is a new era for Buckeye nation and I can't wait until the pads start to crack again.

Comment 14 Jul 2011

Good stuff Johnny.  All of these guys are going to get a shot this year.  I have a feeling the offense is going to be almost strictly ground based early in the season so there will be plenty of carries to go around.  I do hope that the Hall-to-WR rumors are true.  He is a talented player but I think the other guys should get the majority of the carries.  Their potential is through the roof and I think we already know what we have in Hall.

Comment 03 May 2011

Could not have said it better myself... so I won't try.  +1000

Comment 03 May 2011

Mali, the fact that you were first to post AND got that sweet picture up is amazing. 

Great read Ramzy!  You never disappoint.