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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes over Michigan, always;

    Buckeyes National championship, 2002; 2014

    Red Sox ALCS victory (4-3), 2004 (suck it, Yankees)

    Red Sox World Series 2004, 2007, 2013

    Bruins Stanley Cup Champions, 2011;

    Greg Lemond's 1989 Tour de France win.

    Phil at Augusta in 2004.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Richard McNutt, Joe Germaine, Joe Staysniak
  • NFL TEAM: meh...
  • NHL TEAM: Bruins
  • NBA TEAM: Seattle Superchronics
  • MLB TEAM: Red Sox
  • SOCCER TEAM: USA Men's 1994 World Cup Team

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Comment 21 Sep 2016

82 and sunny with no chance of rain in the forecast.  Great time to be outdoors.  How are things where you are?

Go Buckeyes.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Remember a few weeks back when I said that some of you are way-too-eager for college football to start and are overly-hyped about it when it finally does arrive?  Remember when i said that the weather was still warm and that you should go outside and enjoy the sunshine whilst you still can?

I was basically referring to you.

Lighten up.  

Don't take this shit so goddamned seriously.

Especially at week two.  Against Tulsa.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

Jesus Christ, Corso.  Just shut the fuck up.  

Surprised but not surprised that E(Shitball)PN hasn't put this crotchedy old coot out to pasture for good.  

Fuck Harbaugh.  Fuck MIchigan.  Fuck Corso.   And fuck ESPN.

Go Buckeyes.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Christ.  It's still summer.  You're young.  Go out.  Do something fun in the sunshine.  It's warm outside.