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    Buckeyes National championship, 2002; 2014

    Red Sox ALCS victory (4-3), 2004 (suck it, Yankees)

    Red Sox World Series 2004, 2007, 2013

    Bruins Stanley Cup Champions, 2011;

    Greg Lemond's 1989 Tour de France win.

    Phil at Augusta in 2004.
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Comment 12 hours ago

My mom and I took my daughters to their pediatrician for a checkup last summer.  Vonn Bell's grandfather was there, wearing a Buckeyes cap, which my twins easily pointed out.  Once the nice guy introduced himself as the grandfather of a football player at The Ohio State University, everyone became friends.  I wish I had a photo.  

Good luck, Vonn.  Your grandfather should be proud.

Go Buckeyes.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I like JT.   He's the man for the job.  That being said, would some kind soul please make sure that he has Uber programmed into his phone?  I'm not trying to make light of anything here.  Drunk driving is no joke.  He could have lost a lot more than a one game suspension and driving privilieges.  

This is your year to (again) be the man, JT.  Do it.

Go Buckeyes.

Comment 22 Feb 2016

I still get choked up everytime that I watch this.  

Every.  Time.  Welling up as I type...

Watched it live and and didn't truly understand that this win meant something so much more for the United States of America than just winning a hockey game.


Comment 20 Feb 2016

True story:  Siamese Dream was released sometime during the summer of 1993.   On August 8th, my buddy and I found out that the Pumpkins were playing a "Secret Show" at what was then the 700 High techno club.   Somehow, we scored tickets for $20 apiece and were beyond thrilled with the opportunity to hear the new Siamese Dream stuff on a cassette that was only days old and already on its last leg.

The show was AMAZING.   If you have never been inside 700 High, it was smallish, enough space for a dance floor, dj booth and bar and some upstairs seating.  The place was packed to the rafters.  Smashing Pumpkins covered everything from Gish and Siamese Dream and a few B sides (Obscured, Starla, Drown) that just made the evening perfect.  The club touted state-of-the-art dance lighting, which, when put into motion with the music of the Smashing Pumpkins, left you feeling as if you had entered some beautiful, purplish, trance-like dream.   The in-between song banter between BIlly and James Iha and the crowd was hilarious and I think that SP left knowing that Columbus is a solid new music/alternative music town worth visiting again.  

Again about 700 HIgh, it was a techno club on the weekdays, and where I found myself gravitating to on nights out.  Where else could you hear trance-techno-jungle in C-bus back in those days?  THE CONCERT WAS SO LOUD that I had to create make-shift earplugs out of bar napkins because we were standing so close.  I still believe that I suffer from tinnitus to this day from that night.

After the show, my buddy and I were blown away and walked back north to our shithole apartment on Indianola.  Nothing may ever come close to the expereince of that night.  I slept soundly and right through the final exam for this 1-credit Water Safety Course that I was taking that summer, which disqualified me from receiving my lifeguard certification.  Small price to pay.

It's interesting to note, that during the same week, I traveled to the Cincinatti Zoo (August 3rd) to see pHIsh play an amazing show including the first Slave in over a year, and on August 5th (my 22nd birthday), the Butthole Surfers released Independent Worm Saloon, which to this day serves as the soundtrack to most of the rest of that glorious year.

Damn, to be 22 again.

Go Buckeyes.