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Comment 05 Mar 2015

As winter approached, the chief of a modern Indian tribe was asked by the tribal members as to whether or not this would be a particularly harsh winter.  Not having been instructed by his past elders as to the ways to look at the skies and determine the severity of the winter, the chief deferred to reason and instructed his braves to go out and gather firewood.  When the braves returned, wondering if they had enough wood, the chief contacted the local weather service to ask if they were expecting such a harsh winter.  The representative from the weather service told him that indeed they were expecting a very cold winter.

Hearing this, the chief sent out his braves again on another search for firewood.  When the Indians returned with additional firewood, the chief called the weather service again to confirm their weather forecast.  Again, the chief was told that the weather service was expecting a VERY severe winter, so he sent the Indians out again to gather even MORE firewood.

When the braves returned from their third firewood search, the chief decided to call the weather service one more time.  Again he was told that they were indeed expecting one of the most severe winters in many, many years. 

Consumed with curiosity, the chief finally asked, "How do you at the weather service know that we are in for such a severe winter.  What basis are you using to make your predictions?" 

The weather service guy replies, "Y'know, I'm not really basing it upon anything other than the fact that the Indians are gathering up a shitload of firewood."

Comment 04 Mar 2015

No, I think that you missed it.  The focus of the comparison is that OSU fans might be beginning to perceive that Matta is on the leeward side of his coaching career at my alma mater?  The fickle fans at AACC began to perceive LLLLLLLoyd as slipping from prominence and on the increasingly steep slope of the downside of his career from the point that The Senator assumed the reins of control in 2001.  Somehow, Izzo saw this as a common point between these two men and decided that it was worthy of note.  

He is wrong.

OSU fans should not be that short-sighted or unforgiving.  Many of them (such as myself) have seen and lived through the dark, tumultuous periods in OSU sports.   _ichigan fans had every reason to lose faith in Carr when he again and again (short of a standout performance by Scotty McMullen in 2003) couldn't beat the rival.  No one.  No one has ruled over Matta with any regularity or dominance.  Check his stats.  But maybe that is not the focus of the comparison.  Have his teams lost a few big games?  Yes.  Has he made a bad coaching or recruiting decision in his career?  Absolutely.  

Who hasn't?

The game left Carr behind years before he finally accepted the reality of his situation.  Matta is still way in control of this team and its future potential.   A bad loss here or there or a lousy recruit should not sway a true fan's devotion and support.  Michigan fans gave up on Carr. Damned be those OSU fans who levy their support of non-football related sports at OSU just because the team is 22-8 instead of 28-2.   Any OSU fan who can remember the years of Ayers and O'Brien should look at Matta a bit more closely and realize that this man is still very capable of taking this program all the way.   Are we all so still hungover with a seemingly unbelievable and thrilling OSU football season that anything short of perfection from ALL other OSU sports programs is unacceptable and "Fire Fickle" worthy?  Shame on them.  

Izzo has his trophy.  The equivalent of tenure in his chosen profession.  He is free to say what he wants about his brethren coaches in the conference, regardless of how misguided and sycophantic his opinion might be.   

Matta is the man.  

Comment 04 Mar 2015

What do you get if you cross and elephant and a rhinoceros?


Comment 04 Mar 2015

yo mama has a glass leg and she keeps blue Kool-ad in it.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Per an earlier post on this site, there was a thread about Tom Izzo comparing Thad Matta to LLLLLLLoyd Carr.  

I think that trying to make such a comparison is inane at best and absurd in point.  There are countless differences between a has-been coach at TTUN and the man who has brought OSU round ball back to premiere status and has yet (and will)) bring home a much deserved chance to cut down the net after the final buzzer.

Integrity,  Trust.  Perseverance.  Intelligence.  The differences are (IMHO) staggering.

But, what would I say that the main difference is between LLLLLLLoyd Carr and Thad Matta?  

Matta would never have let Jim Tressel park his nut sack on his chin for eight seasons.

Go Buckeyes!

Screw Blue.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

I voted 'None', because DoloDale just rolled past the stranded bus on his Rhino, hitched it up and pulled it all the way to Happy Valley.  He also rescued 17 kittens from 16 different threes (there were two kittens in one tree), helped 473 old ladies across the street, picked up and returned a pen that some lady left at the counter at a bank, and made the pizzas that were brought to the team*.

*Tyvis Powell helped.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

My friends and I drove from C-bus to PSU for a pHIsh concert back in '94.   Halfway there, I was pretty certain that no one would ever hear from us again.  That state is one big grey area past Pittsburgh.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

"What?  Photo's over?  Yeah.  I shouldn't really stand up right now."

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Weekends - outlaw.

Monday through Friday - something with computers.