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Comment 7 hours ago

Anyone know what the NFL number rules are and why these wouldn't be allowed? 

Wide Receivers have to wear numbers 10-19 or 80-89

Surprised Joey chose 99 being that he wanted to seperate himself from the Watt comparisons

Comment 7 hours ago

"Wear plenty of sunscreen at graduation and hang out in the concourse for the majority of your time"
-The Severely sunburnt 2014 graduate who was the 7th to last person to walk across the field

Comment 20 Apr 2016
He's not the guy we want to lose to "Get to 85" He was probably going to play a lot on obvious running plays and goal line defenses. Wish him the best. Blood clots are nothing to mess with
Comment 20 Apr 2016

They had the 8th pick with Bradford primarily at the helm this past year...

Comment 15 Apr 2016
10 months until signing day and the numbers are already getting tight... Sad to say, this will probably happen to a couple more guys in the near future. Not a fan of it, but it's quickly becoming the trend. One of those things that will take time to get used to, as several programs seem to be going this route
Comment 14 Apr 2016
This is actually a good thing for Cleveland imo. They now have leverage for the 2nd overall pick when trading. If a team is desperate for a QB then they could easily find a partner to trade down
Comment 12 Apr 2016

I don't care if "Manager" is his official title or not...

Greg Oden is not refilling water bottles and handing Joey Lane a clean towel. 
(Yes I know managers do more than that)

Comment 11 Apr 2016
The timetable on this just makes it even more hilarious. February- Applies for reinstatement March- Fails Drug Test
Comment 11 Apr 2016

My suggestion would be for any player promotion to go through the University. Let the University and the player both profit off of autographs, jerseys, etc. Place a cap on the amount a player can earn in a season through the "Autograph Stipend" 

Maybe I'm naive to think that a player would settle for the "Autograph Stipend" amount when they could make more on their own, but I would like to think it would provide a deterrent to committing a violation if they were at least getting something extra. 

It's not even like this would take any money away from the NCAA/University. It's a market that is currently not even being tapped into 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

I have never been someone that says "OMG the NCAA makes SO much money! Pay the players!!"

But what Cardale is saying has always been my gripe with the NCAA. Why can't a player benefit off of his own name? Heck I'm even fine if it all goes through the university and a player gets just a percentage after he leaves school. Cardale Jones should be able to sell something with the name "Cardale Jones" on it.