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Comment 23 Jun 2016
Seems right. Conley was solid last year but I don't think he played great enough to be top 10 coming into this year. Think Hubbard will jump up to closer to 2nd team at the end of the year, but agree 4th team is about right for what he did last year
Comment 16 Jun 2016
1. Rodgers 2. Brady 3. Newton 4. Roethlisberger 5. Rivers 6. Brees 7. Wilson 8. Luck 9. Flacco 10. Romo I would have Palmer at 11 and Dalton at 12. Ive owned Stafford too many times in fantasy and have a personal vendetta against him because of it
Comment 06 Jun 2016

Well so much for his "One bad post" comment from earlier... 

Comment 23 May 2016

I think sometimes people forget the academic standards that we have at this university are probably as high if not higher than anybody in the Big Ten and I like that about it

“You could measure that out with a number of different states throughout the country that have terrific academics, that have an unbelievable opportunity to compete athletic-wise. This is a special institution,” Buckeyes assistant coach Greg Paulus said recently

Listen, I understand OSU's academic standards have grown significantly. Being (Like many) a grad of OSU, I take pride in that. 

However, are we really supposed to believe that 4 and 5 star high school kids are putting "High academic standards" on their top list of reasons to come to OSU? With the amount of players that have left OSU early during Matta's tenure (Whether for the draft or transfer), it's kind of hard to believe receiving a degree from OSU is high on the players priorities. 

Comment 22 May 2016
JT most likely isn't going to be a 1st or a 2nd round pick, no matter what year he comes out. So it could potentially just mean going in the 3rd instead of the 4th or 4th instead of the 5th. I wouldnt knock him for leaving with the possibility of a severe injury occuring, but I would like to think that coming back has a lot more positives than leaving early.
Comment 18 May 2016

When people send mass emails to the entire staff with things like "Anybody have an apple corer?" Or "Does anyone have change for a 20?" 

Both were emails I received today. 

There should be a course that every employee has to take on email etiquette before being allowed to send an email. And if they refuse to do it, they should have to write handwritten letters and deliver them via carrying pigeon to communicate. 

Comment 17 May 2016

Depends what exactly you're going for...

Any specific area of campus you want to be close to? Riverwatch is quite the hike to South Campus. I lived in the dorm next to Riverwatch one year (Old Holiday Inn) and had an 8AM at Younkin during the Winter. 

Riverwatch is an awesome place for gamedays though. Have the tailgate right outside in the parking lot.

As a rule of thumb: Don't go East of Summit, Don't go South of Chittenden 

Comment 16 May 2016
Damn listening to Outkast from like 2003... Victor was like 5 years old when that came out
Comment 16 May 2016

Going to make a somewhat bold prediction and say Toronto wins game 1 continuing their emotional high.

Causes Cavs to wake up and Cavs win in 5.