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Comment 5 hours ago

1st Team- Zeke, Decker, Elflein, Bosa, Washington, Bell, McMillan
2nd Team- Boren, Perry, Thomas, Apple, Johnston

Zeke wins best RB, Bosa wins best Dlineman,

Comment 9 hours ago

This is the issue with the "Playoff or bust" logic when it comes to determining a successful season (I was one of these people). Right now a lot of people would say this season is a bust because no Big Ten title and No playoff appearance.

However, lets say absolute chaos happens this weekend and we somehow sneak in the playoffs. Without playing a game, all of a sudden the season is considered a success based off of other team's failures?

I still can't call this season a success, but I can't call it a failure either.

Comment 29 Nov 2015
Agreed except I think Apple is gone making Lattimore CB 3 and Cam Burrows comes back to start over Smith
Comment 24 Nov 2015

It will be interesting how they try to use him next year. Does he become the main "H-Back" and Dunn/Weber take over for Zeke? Or does Samuel go back to tailback?

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Good question. A google search came up with this:


About half way down it list the QB's since 2008 that threw at the combine and their velocity of throws. The highest of everyone was 59MPH by Weeden, Kaepernick, Cousins and a couple others... So I don't know how Braxton could throw at 70 unless the combine distance is much further than 20 yards

Comment 18 Nov 2015

IT'S OCT. 30, the Friday of the Buckeyes' bye week, and Braxton Miller is having his picture taken. A photographer is set up in a far corner of Ohio State's indoor field house along with his three-man crew.

Before the shoot began, the photographer had asked OSU's PR man, Jerry Emig, whether Miller might throw a few passes for the camera. Emig immediately nixed the proposal. "Braxton hurt his shoulder on a simple little throw," Emig says. "I was there. They brought the cart out, and I thought, 'Who is that for?' And then, 'Oh, no.' So, no, Braxton's not throwing any passes. I'm not gonna get fired over a photo shoot."

Most telling part of the "Will Braxton throw" question. This was less than 3 weeks ago...

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Let me guess...they are getting married at 3:30 exactly and it's a catholic ceremony...aka FOR-EV-ER

It better be an open bar. And not just beer, the expensive stuff. My condolences to you

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Will be interesting to see how Thad narrows down this rotation to his usual 7-8 guys. At the beginning of every year I think the rotation gets bigger, but it usually doesn't go past 8 guys (except for extreme foul trouble/injury).

As much as I want to see Grandstaff play, I think he sits out a good amount. Also Dave Bell looks like the odd man out (3rd) in the middle, despite looking much more athletic than I anticipated.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Not a fan of him either. Reason he gets so much local pub is he actually knows a lot of the players/staff within the program. There's probably twenty other guys that do what he does out there on youtube, they just don't have the connection.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

I could definitely see this. He brings some super-freak of a bird with him that flies in cards with the picture of who he picks on it

Comment 16 Nov 2015

You know some women are going to be upset if it is "That time of the month." The fiancee wasn't going to carry a purse to one game so of course I had to carry around 3 tampons in my pocket.

Yep, my man card was revoked a long time ago.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Trying to remember from grade school how these things work...Probably not correct form, but....

There once was a coach named Meyer

Who's games all went down to the Wire

Except when he plays Sparty

It turns in to a Party

And the Bucks win by 50 or Higher

Comment 13 Nov 2015

"You are a reader of Eleven Warriors...There IS something we can do! Call the lawfirm of (Insert 3 unpronounceable last names here)"