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Comment 21 Jan 2017
Based off of what you have presented, I would argue that the lack of Ohio talent in 2013 and 2014 had a bigger impact on the current team than Thad "missing" on Ohio guys
Comment 20 Jan 2017

I was going to give a ranking, but I didn't want to disrespect Horvath, Cassidy, Janowicz etc... guys that I didn't personally watch but obviously were great in their day.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Who from Central Ohio turned down the Buckeyes, and went on to be an all conference player elsewhere? Nick Ward for MSU looks like he's going to be fantastic. But outside of him the only other two I can think of that were a significant talent that went elsewhere from Central Ohio were Burke and Lavert, but neither of them were offered.

He pulled in Sullinger who wound up being an All American and Tate was the best player in the area for his class as well.
​For 2017 he has Kaleb Wesson who is the best player in the area and for 2018 he has Dane Goodwin who is probably considered the best player in the area for his class as well.

​I agree Thad has an Ohio problem losing guys like Bragg, Kennard, Markell Johnson, Etc, but he doesn't seem to have a problem getting the right guys to commit once offered in Central Ohio.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

"The morning drive" for a sports radio show, pretty much runs itself. You don't need bits and gimmicks, you just talk about what happened the day before, and because your average listener is tuned in for only like 30 minutes, you can repeat topics throughout the morning. Especially with their access to ESPN analysts and high profile athletes. The show is already filled with at least 3 "Guests" every show whether they are in studio or on the phone.

I'm not trying to say it's extremely easy because you have to have some experience and Greeny obviously has some talent. But any one of the guys that fill in around Bristol can probably achieve similar ratings just because ESPN essentially has a sports radio monopoly in the mornings. Outside of Satellite, I'm unaware of any city that has a local sports radio show during the hours of Mike & Mike.

Comment 06 Jan 2017
Good write up. Couple thoughts... Players leaving/returning: The only impact the blowout may have is it looks like the shot to win a championship next year might be swaying Lattimore to stay. I'm 90 percent sure the guys that have announced they're leaving early were going pro regardless of what happened in that game. Didn't Price announce he was staying right after the game and he knew he was switching to Center? Sounds like both he and the coaching staff knew he was coming back no matter what Affects on recruiting: Because the offensive class for 2017 is pretty much settled, I don't think the blowout alone is going to have an impact on recruiting at all. However, if the sluggish offense continues at all early next season, then I think that combined with the shutout could definitely turn 2018/2019 recruits away Impact on playoff: I'm very interested to see this one. The committee would never admit it if the loss impacts where they place Ohio State in the future, but it could very well come into play a little bit. I think the fact that the Big Ten has put up 0 points the past 2 seasons combined probably is going to make getting 2 teams in next season VERY difficult and unlikely, but a 1 loss BIG Ten champ is still in no matter what.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
At this point I'm for David Bell over Potter. Potter's ability to hit a three every once in awhile doesn't make up for his awful defense
Comment 31 Dec 2016
The alternates this year were the only ones I didn't like. Thought the throwbacks were hideous and thought the cannonball helmets were boring and looked even more ridiculous pared with the Unis worn against TTUN. I've liked every other alternate besides this year. 2012 against Michigan are my absolute favorites.
Comment 30 Dec 2016
My first game ever was the 1997 Rose bowl so Germaine/Jackson. Went to a couple more road games before my first game in the shoe was actually Krenzels first start against Illinois after Bellisaris DUI EDIT: I think Scott McMullen actually started that game but Krenzel came in and finished it
Comment 30 Dec 2016
I have a buddy that used the "There weren't any workers in the workzone" defense and it actually worked. I was amazed. I wouldn't count on it working often, but apparently there is a judge in the area (at least 3 years ago there was), that accepts the excuse. We laughed at him when he told us he was going to fight it with that excuse, so the joke wound up being on us