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Comment 20 Jan 2015

Everyone has a crazy "When I realized Buckeye Nation was really strong" story, so I guess I'll share mine.

I was on a cruise that went through the Caribbean a couple years back and the ship's first stop was at the cruise line's private beach in Haiti. Although it was private, there was a tented area where locals set up a make shift flea market where they could sell their woodwork or stuff they knitted. etc. Decided to walk through for a second and check it out and while I was in there a Haitian who could barely speak English, pointed to my shirt (OSU) and starting saying "Come! Come! Come!" 

So I went to his little stand and he showed me a little bracelet where he had knitted in scarlet and grey with a block O in the middle. I was amazed since the only words I had heard the guy say were come, look, and two dollars. I decided to buy it and as I was leaving the guy said something that I didn't quite understand so I gave him a puzzled look. He then proceeded to put his hands over his head and it was then I realized that he was saying "O-H" So of course I gave him back an I-O.

Something I'll never forget. Buckeye Nation is literally WorldWide.  

Comment 20 Jan 2015

Verizon's service was really improved this year in the stadium, at least for me it was. Couldn't even send/receive texts before.

Was actually able to stream the Ole Miss-Auburn game at the end of the Illinois game (Blowout) and watch between plays. Caught Treadwells injury/fumble going into the endzone.

Comment 19 Jan 2015
Why does he only have 1 year of eligibility left? Shouldn't he have 2? Or does he seriously lose a year of eligibility despite not playing a single snap...
Comment 19 Jan 2015
I was probably Cardales biggest critic going into Wisconsin. Yeah he had the hurdle against Maryland, but I remember at least twice he was brought in for a goal line or 3rd and short during the season and got stuffed on draws. Didn't think he could run as well as he can. Now, after these 3 games I'm probably going to buy a 12 gauge shirt and name my first born son Cardale
Comment 15 Jan 2015

D-line will be fine. I would like to see us rotate Washington/Munger/Hill/Schutt all season, the way that we did in the Championship game. Lewis looked solid all year filling in. Too bad that we only had Frazier for one year-guy really improved.

I think the biggest void will be corner. Will be interesting to see if Apple can fill Doran Grant's shutdown role and if Conley/Reeves/Burrows can fill Apple's spot. I assume Conley takes over on the outside and Reeves in the Nickel still. They keep bouncing Burrows back and forth from nickel to safety.

Comment 07 Jan 2015
Great right up enjoyed it. "Ohio State has passed for a TD in 22 consecutive games" "Ohio State has rushed for a TD in 22 consecutive games" Thought it was odd that there was a game where we didn't score an offensive TD... Turns out it's 23 games in a row with a rushing TD. Northwestern had no passing TDs, Wisconsin (game before) had no rushing TDs. The fact that I took the time to look that up shows I have no life
Comment 02 Jan 2015
Just beat Alabama with... 1. 3 turnovers 2. Bosa being a non-factor (double teamed I know) 3. Not converting twice from inside the 5 4. Losing the field position battle ALL game And of course....our 3rd string QB. Don't think I've ever heard of a team that handles adversity on and off the field as well as this. Cue the 30 for 30 now.
Comment 31 Dec 2014
This is the advantage/disadvantage of having co-defensive coordinators. When success occurs, you don't know who to give credit to and when hard times occur you don't know who to blame. Ash is going to get most of the credit because it's easy to say he wasn't here last year, he must be the difference but realistically it has to be a mix of both of them.
Comment 23 Dec 2014
You're right, that's the trend right now...but my question is why? Because guys like Will Muschamp and Lane Kiffin? Plenty of Coordinators have made the leap to HC in the past 6 years that are successful...Jimbo Fisher, Dan Mullen, Mark Helfrich, Dabo Swinney etc
Comment 17 Dec 2014

What's the point of the "Must play 1 game at the actual site" rule?

To prove that the venue is capable of having a college basketball game? Or are they seriously saying that it must be at a "college basketball arena" because 1 game makes the arena a CBB arena?

Comment 16 Dec 2014

1. His track record of recruiting Texas.

2. Other coaches using it as a stepping stone school and succeeding (Art Briles, Kevin Sumlin)

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Can't remember who on the mothership said it the other day...but it was  "...the injury to TJ Barrett and now replaced by Kordell Jones"

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Guys...this was most likely a perceived narcotics OVI...Not because of alcohol. I don't know whether Roby was smoking or not...but want to know why the cops were probably being over suspicious? Check out the date on the citation he posted...4/20