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Comment 25 Mar 2017
Don't think he was going to get drafted even if he ran like a 4.39. He'll get the same opportunity as before. Similar to Jalin Marshall, some team will pick him up as a UDFA and he will get a chance in camp to return kicks. Hopefully that will go better for him than his time doing it at OSU...
Comment 14 Mar 2017
Nova, Zona, Kansas, Kentucky. Kentucky over Zona. Just think Cal's crew clicks at the right time this year. I also have a certain team in the direction of north of Ohio as a sleeper to make the elite 8...
Comment 12 Mar 2017
I'm not knocking Dakich, I'm actually one of the few that likes him. Just saying every year he has things he beats a dead horse about with every team all year. He always obsesses about Urban as they coached together at Bowling Green. There was also the Aaron Craft obsession and the every game "Trey McDonald should have redshirted" comment.
Comment 10 Mar 2017

Once had a prof that went on a 20 minute rant about how replying "I-O" to "O-H" was the biggest load of pointless BS he had ever heard and how the university doesn't give a crap about anything except the football team. He was retiring at the end of the semester so he was uncensored about literally everything from politics to religion the entire course. There were 3 football players in the class with me too. Talk about awkward for them with everyone staring at them while he was going on his rant 

Comment 06 Mar 2017

I would like to know the amount of funds used for the athletic programs that comes from donors. We all know football is a money generating machine and you could argue that money could be used elsewhere.

But if a large portion of their funds are coming from donors saying "Take my money, I want it spent on the football team" then it's kind of hard to complain that it should be spent any other way than what the booster intended

UCF has one of the highest enrollments in the country so I'm guessing they are in a similar boat with a huge alumni base, which in turn creates more donors.

Comment 28 Feb 2017
I don't call out handicap parkers who appear to be able bodied for the same reason I don't ask a lady with a baby bump about her pregnancy. You just never know if things are as they appear.
Comment 28 Feb 2017
I just started golfing like 3 years ago. My second time ever going I was playing absolute horrible and was super embarrassed playing with a couple guys who play somewhat regularly. Every drive at the time was a slice. I duffed about every 3 shots. I remember telling myself at the turn that I'm done with this sport and this will be my last time. Believe it was hole 16 that I chipped in from about 20 feet off the green for my first birdie ever. I now play probably 5-7 times a year. Nothing crazy, but I firmly believe I would never had played again had I not hit that shot.
Comment 28 Feb 2017

I stayed a year at the Old Holiday inn. It was the second year that is was a dorm. A lot of transfer students and out of country students stayed there. The distance to certain things sucked, but being that it used to be the Holiday Inn it was pretty sweet. Still had a workout room on the main floor, dining hall, they filled in the pool and made it a rec room and the bar area became like a study lounge. Throw that in there with a private bath for 2 people and a view overlooking the shoe and I would say it was worth the horrible walk at 8AM for 1 year

Comment 27 Feb 2017

Really any episode where the Kingdom is not in it has been pretty good this season.

I don't know what kind of role the tiger had in the comics, but how in the world can they not be playing into the fact that Ezekiel has a freaking tiger better? Maybe Negan kills the tiger which is the Ezekiel's final straw to join the resistance?

Comment 26 Feb 2017
My hot take is Eugene does something (maybe something with the bullets) to help Rick and the group take down Negan, Negan catches him and before Negan can do something (Lucille, throw in fire) to him, Eugene takes the pills he made to kill himself. Dwight's wife's letter about "being dead is better than being with Negan" seems to foreshadow Dwight making a similar sacrifice eventually.