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Comment 22 Jul 2016
Imagine the outrage we would have if this was a Michigan player that was accused. "But Zeke is a good guy" ...yeah because we all know him personally and a perceived "Good Guy" has never done anything wrong. Not saying we should be bashing him quite yet, but quit defending someone that you really have no reason to defend other than his football skills for your favorite team.
Comment 05 Jul 2016
I think he leads the league in scoring. He no longer has to worry about critics saying he's taking too many shots or not getting KD the ball enough. Yes, he seemed to still garner a lot of assists when KD didnt play the last couple years, but I think that it will be a completely different mentality for him knowing that it's his team. Some people will say that the defense will focus on him more now that KD is gone, but a large amount of Westbrook's points come from contested Pull up threes, free throws, and transition anyway. But would Westbrook becoming a "chucker" be good for the Thunder... I would lean towards No
Comment 30 Jun 2016
Wouldn't say ignore, but I think it speaks more in Patterson's favor. His ability to completely change his offensive system and return to success following the shift isn't something too many coaches have done
Comment 30 Jun 2016
Going to refrain from passing judgement until kickoff in Norman. Still have a long bit of offseason to go without having an "incident" occur here in the 614
Comment 30 Jun 2016
Except TCU is 23-3 the past two seasons... the best of anyone in that conference. The only coach with less losses the past two years is Urban.
Comment 28 Jun 2016
Most of the current coaches have been named so I'll go with a former coach... Barry Alvarez. I don't understand why he is glorified so much by badger fans. He had what, 3 good seasons in 16 years?
Comment 23 Jun 2016
Seems right. Conley was solid last year but I don't think he played great enough to be top 10 coming into this year. Think Hubbard will jump up to closer to 2nd team at the end of the year, but agree 4th team is about right for what he did last year
Comment 16 Jun 2016
1. Rodgers 2. Brady 3. Newton 4. Roethlisberger 5. Rivers 6. Brees 7. Wilson 8. Luck 9. Flacco 10. Romo I would have Palmer at 11 and Dalton at 12. Ive owned Stafford too many times in fantasy and have a personal vendetta against him because of it
Comment 06 Jun 2016

Well so much for his "One bad post" comment from earlier...