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Comment 10 Apr 2015
Nowadays, if you try hard, 500 can be done in a day or two. Plain red ribbon for sure.
Comment 18 Mar 2015
Congrats bud from one addict to another! I know how hard it is. I was heavily addicted to pain killers and I am now coming up on a year clean! Congrats to you bro, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here!
Comment 09 Mar 2015
I think BigMeech (D. Knox) probably holds that record. Every time Meech commented, upvotes always pushed the century mark.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
So I'm a drug addict because I smoke for my back problems? I guess I could be popping those little miracle pain killers that are really gateway drugs. Think before you type.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
Unleash_The_Dave 25 FEB, 2015 @ 10:16 PM Hell yeah! That shit will mess you up man! Passive, slow reactions, slow motor skills, gradually killing brain cells. Just stupid to take, ESPECIALLY if you're an athlete. This is your 1st comment that started all of this. I'm not passive at all says my anger management therapist. My reaction to this 1st post is why all this shit started. I can operate heavy machinery everyday for my business so my motor skills must be decent. Since I own said business, I must have some brain cells left. You lumped everyone together as stupid potheads. There is a lot more people that smoke than you think bud.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
That has absolutely nothing to do with the point. The point you made was that people that smoked couldn't have the drive to compete. Absolute BS. Thanks for the DV.
Comment 27 Feb 2015
I'm not " lethargic" as you say or a lazy ass so why can't Marc Loving be like me? I can smoke a fat doob and still do everything you do just fine. Why can't other people do the same? Not every smoker is a 70's hippie. I know people in 6 digit jobs that smoke everyday and exceed everyday.
Comment 25 Feb 2015
I'm no mechanic either but I did sleep at a holiday inn last night. My assessment is to buy a new battery with more cold cranking amps. I had to replace one in a 3 year old Honda because the battery was el cheapo.
Comment 21 Feb 2015
Can the staff give any updates on 618? Praying for you 618. I really hope you just had a long night of no sleep. If you still need a ear to listen, hit me up brother. It's never worth it brother. 7403618006