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Comment 03 Jan 2016
Bosa will be a Titan. Browns at No. 2 will pick Glenn Gronkowski, FB from K St.
Comment 14 Dec 2015
I got arrested when I was 17 (long time ago!) along with 3 of my buddies when we went to fight a rival school. Let the story begin..... Myself and 3 other football buddies decided it was a good idea to act out against our rival on the saturday following the game. There was quite a bit of shit talking in the game (we won) and we called out a few of the other teams players. We met at a friend's house and ingested a few bottles of cheap vodka and smoked some greenery and loaded up our bats and knives (remember we were kids). We pulled into their driveway and proceeded to get out with our weapon of choice. As soon as both of my feet hit the ground, 3 sheriff cruisers pull in behind us. 4 deputies proceed to pull their guns on us and force us to the ground. I remember vividly the deputy placing the gun within inches of my head as I sat on my knees with my hands on my head. Very, very poor decision making on our part.
Comment 03 Dec 2015
Look up Dan Taylor. OSU grad and Olympic shot putter. I threw with him and Mike De'Andrea during my H/S career. Beat De'Andrea and Lil Anthony Munoz but not Taylor. Throwing is 75% technique 25% strength. Practice your technique in the circle without throwing. Any questions, let me know. Good luck!!!!
Comment 29 Aug 2015
I agree he needs to work but it's hard to set your feet when you have 1 second to throw the ball.
Comment 18 Aug 2015
If it had anything to do with OSU and UK in the same sentence, he trolled. He was a bandwagon jumper. He was all about OSU until UK got Stoops. Magically, he jumped back to the Cats.