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Comment 25 Feb 2015
I'm no mechanic either but I did sleep at a holiday inn last night. My assessment is to buy a new battery with more cold cranking amps. I had to replace one in a 3 year old Honda because the battery was el cheapo.
Comment 21 Feb 2015
Can the staff give any updates on 618? Praying for you 618. I really hope you just had a long night of no sleep. If you still need a ear to listen, hit me up brother. It's never worth it brother. 7403618006
Comment 12 Feb 2015
Hubbard is not going back to TE. Word was he was killing it late in the season in practice at DE.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
The system might be broken but a rule is a rule. I really could care less about the secondary violation that COULD occur. The biggest problem is that you don't see that is wrong behavior to tweet or follow underage kids on twitter. Have any of these kids ever tweeted or followed you back? Probably not, because I'm sure they find it creepy as well.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion but when you're wrong, you're wrong. You are considered a booster after tweeting a recruit and it's a violation to do that. The biggest problem is that you're probably 40 tweeting at 17 year old kids. Do you not SEE the big picture here?
Comment 01 Feb 2015
I agree. Would love to have Gustin but if he's going on a 2 yr mission, that could change things a bit.
Comment 30 Jan 2015
Drago, Hill and Arnette. We keep Weber and Gibson.
Comment 16 Jan 2015
Do you not find it odd that you follow 15-17 yr. old kids on twitter and tweet at them when you are not considered a kid? Seems creepy to me.