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Comment 08 Feb 2011

To #3, agree largely a product of the BCS era.  However, agendas have huge impact on perception.  For example, when Ohio State was struggling with Illinois at the beginning of the Big Ten season this past year, McShay talked about how bad OSU looked while Robert Smith simply pointed out that maybe Illinois was a better team at home then previously thought.  When a clearly medocre at best Tennesee team pushed LSU to the limit, it was the depth of the SEC that was the reason. 

Granted, McShay is a nob.  We all know the ESECPN agenda.  The worst part is that i hear Ohio people, who are mostly uninformed but represent a majority of fans I would assume,  regurgitating this crap as a result. 

Comment 02 Dec 2010

I dont understand.  Ursuline is in Youngstown.  Last time I checked (this post) Cincinnati has Moeller, St. Xavier, and Elder among others who are constantly ranked in the top in the state.   St X won it a couple of years ago over Mentor.

No argument on the Catholic schools advantage though.

Comment 27 Nov 2010

This game is starting to make evaporation seem interesting. . . wait thank God for Boom.

Comment 27 Nov 2010

Dont worry we are in FG range.  There is no reason to try and get anymore yardage.

Comment 27 Nov 2010

Did our secondary grease their hands earlier?  Whats up with these weak ass tackles attempts?

Comment 27 Nov 2010

Agree, but then this "super quarterback" that we have who has yet to be used effectively except in sporadic episodes is getting old.

Comment 27 Nov 2010

I recall on a Cleveland sportstallk station around, I'll say 1997, when a TSUN fan called in and said, "Its not really even a rivalry anymore, its just another game to us," in a poorly chosen arrogance akin to only them.

Well, let me tell you, beating down the rat-infested, mulleted, bloated weasel-cats from Ann Arbor a hundred times in a row will still be as sweet as the first time.  Never, and I mean never will we ever take for granted neither the importance nor the significance of the greatest rivalry in all of sports. 

And that's what makes us better.  Go Bucks!

Comment 20 Nov 2010
Truly Ohio State's biggest problem this season has been the defensive line's poor play and lack of big plays. Today late they did come up with a couple, but they got owned against Wisconsin. Further, Cameron Heyward was supposed to be a 'special' player this season and has yet to be one. Our linebackers and safeties have consistently had to to bring down opposing backs that are nearly in full stride through gaping holes provided by our D-line. Pryor is clearly still not entirely comfortable as a pocket passer, as we all cringe when he holds the ball until the defensive secondary catches up to our receivers before letting loose either a floater or a rocket behind a crossing pattern. I don't understand why it seems like Pryor only gets desperate when its a win or die situation, and decides to make great runs in big games. But hey, it isn't like we are Texas or Florida. We are still going to win another B11 title and go to a BCS game so. . .
Comment 20 Nov 2010

Many on other blogs are biching about that non-PI called on Hines, but no PF on Iowa taking Corey Brown's head off earlier. 

Its just being a Buckeye fan means wwe have to deal a whole ass-load of whining, jealous bandwagoners of the current number one team in the nation or simple haters.  In either case, as long as we continue to do what we do, it will not change.

Comment 15 Nov 2010

Yes,a TSUN win would give us a nice boost in puter points after we embarrass them yet again.  However, the puters are just another way to push SEC bias as the ratings are based upon 'perceived' teams' strengths, which if you look at the way to SEC gets love while the Big Ten gets shafted, you wonder just how those points get tabulated.  Of course, none of the actual formulas are presented. 

It is kind of like how they determine historical references in the bible to be true without actual scientific or physical proof. 

Better, its is like how your High school guidance counselor determined what your "ideal" profession should be.  Why the hell was everyone best suited to be a salesman or a social worker?