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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was at the shoe when Kieth Byars ran out of his shoe for his fourth touchdown that day. Best day spent with my son at a preseason game prior to his departure for Afghanistan. Four sons all in the military one deployed, one comes home next week, one back from Iraq for a year now and the youngest (fourth) probably will now not have to go.

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Comment 21 Apr 2015

Sounds like we picked up another super sleeper recruit. Great interview, from the interview he clearly has the thought processes down well. That skill is critical of a center to run the O-line line ups, Hope he has / gets a lot of training in reading defenses, just another nice tool to have at his future position.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I guess it depends on which Cooper you are referring to, Cooper.

I mean no way John Cooper ran good routes, let alone plays, but I digress...........

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Nailed it MacG91, and judging by the UV you received and several supporting comments, many of us feel exactly as you do.

Great job.

This is one of the rare times I disagree with the direction of a Ramzy article. I almost felt like he was telling me I was wrong to want another B1G team to win and that I was not a true Buckeye for doing so. I refuse to be intimidated by that position.

I have always rooted for any B1G team to win when playing outside of the conference. Who did not want Wisky to win their bowl game against the vaunted B12 team? Especially after we pasted them in the B1G title game. Made us look even better!

Sorry Ramzy, I respectfully disagree with you on this one.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

You do not "deserve" a national title, you have to earn it, by winning it. Thad needs to go out and earn his.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Kind of the point here. He was medically cleared by doctors in Florida. you know, the ones he chose to go to. That is a very easy way to get them to say he is ok, so he could go on to college. BUT OSU was not allowed to review his knee until he arrived on campuis and became a student athlete. Once they did get him on campus they looked at his knee, and stated it is not good enough to play again at the college football level.

So how about we all stop guessing, and let the facts come out.

Do you really believe that highly rated four star true freshman would be not medically cleared by the staff, because, in your opinion just to make the scholarship limit in August?

Comment 06 Apr 2015

"Embrace Kentucky winning it all. It's happening. "

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, how did that end up working out for ya?

Comment 30 Mar 2015

Kind of a little math issue, "Ohio State erected three free snack zones for its athletes and third is on the way"? would that not be four, or is it before?

Regardless, a great way to help out the student athlete with their tough academic and physical daily schedules.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

He may not be allowed to commit until tOSU hears / is visited by JG in two or less weeks. This statement is basedon all of the other comments that OSU is waiting for JG to state his college choice.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

I guess my take on thatinterview is a little different. It seems to me that they are stating that Kwon needs to developoe the leadership skills so important at the MLb spot. UsusallytheMLb set the D based o nwhat he sees as the opposing teams offense go to the line. Kwon may not be used to that and is probably lacking in that specfic experience necessary at this point.

Skill wise everyone assumed he would start over Grant last year, but Grant did have the pre-requisite leadership skills at the position that Kwon did not. Grant excelledat his position last year, hopefully Kwon learned a great deal from him in regards to that skill set and can step in and take over much improived from it.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

This board and many others werre running a continuous stream of benching Grant, let Raekwon start threads all of last summer and early fall.

Wonder where all of those folks went by sesons end.

Raekwon has all of the physical tools, now he needs more game experience and to fill in the mental gaps, and he will be even better than Grant. But he was not last year in all of the necessary roles a good MLB needed.

A very bright future ahead for him.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

Uhmmm, yes we do, they schedule their cupcakes before the big games so as to be rested. Wedo ours at the beggining of theyear so as not to kill them (cupcakes). They almost every one played easier OOC schedules than us last year in the SEC West.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

That is what we said last year, how did that work out?

Complacency folks, assuming we are going to blast a team that beat us last year, when we do not have our starting QB set, RT set, DB, DL, there is still a whole lot of unknowns out there for our team.

If you think VT is not going to be hyped over the moon for us in that game, well think again. That is how you lose games assuming it wil be a walk in the park blowout.

PSU was supposed to be a blowout and we escaped with a win.