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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was at the shoe when Kieth Byars ran out of his shoe for his fourth touchdown that day. Best day spent with my son at a preseason game prior to his departure for Afghanistan. Four sons all in the military one deployed, one comes home next week, one back from Iraq for a year now and the youngest (fourth) probably will now not have to go.

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Comment 22 Jul 2015

 I was wondering if anyone else had read that link. I want to go there sooo bad....

Damn do I love a good steak, but would the Argentina experience ruin all other steaks for me after that???

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Same here, never had any problems with it in over 20 years of consumption.

Just one of those easy to throw out negatives people use, ya know repeat a lie often enough it becomes a fact.

No disrespect ot the poster who stated this as they were clearly joking.....

Comment 15 Jul 2015

Think about his logic in this. Your top draft players playing on national television. They are taking plays off and avoiding being hurt?

Really, because I am pretty sure with all of the NFL scouts watching them, they would want to be seen as a  a player who is half-assing it in a title game for their team.

That would sure boost their draft value......... Sheeeesh, as an excuse, that one really stinks

Comment 15 Jul 2015

He should fake his death and after he gets in the HOF, "come back" and rub it in their noses.

Definitely aLOL moment.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Nellie, There is no implication towards anyone, as I clearly stated that "whomever" released it was wrong. I have since then realized the how of its release, makes my original post statement, an partially incorrect position.

You made the assumptive leap that my post was towards OSU, and if you read all of the posts, you are the only one to do so. You keep making assumptions regarding my posts. You once again make yet another false statement that I am criticising DJ, I never did that either. I stated that the topic of the post was one that I disagreed with. I never crtiicsed the author. Again you are the only one to make that leap of...?

As to outrage, again another assumption of your's.  That seems to be your issue/response to pretty much anything I have to say, but that really isn't MY issue.

I am done with this topic as we clearly do not seem to have a path towards agreement. It does neither of us any good to continue what is now a pointless online disagreement.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

  Never mind, I see we are crossing each other on posts, and frankly it does not make either of us look good. I do apologize for my inital post in missing the "how" as to the letters release, that does change a great deal.

I do still feel strongly that this OP topic, is not one that I think/understand how 11W wants to bring their excellent product to the marketplace.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Whoa Nellie, exactly where in my post did I state that Ohio State released this?

That's right nowhere. You criticize my missing the part about the letter being a court released document (which I did do), then you "intentionally?" misstate my post.

Would this fall under the large "Rejected" stamp for your post?

I find it ironic that you not only criticise me for missing a part of the OP (which I did), but then you in your twice now criticism of my post, make a false comment about something I never stated in my own post.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

I see your point of view on this. I did miss the part about it being a released court document. Had I caught that, my initial post would have been different somewhat.

I think (my opinion) it is not something that is worthy of 11W posted material as it would simply be fodder for ridicule material..

I understand the public purview issue, and release of documents, but to post it on 11W , was an intentional usage of a post/topic to ridicule someone / another rival school and their fanbase.

We keep trying to tell the world we are a better class of sports fans than all of the other schools, and we heap a great deal of crap on PSU fans while at the same time we decry their behavior as boorish. Someone in every single PSU topic states they are supportive of pedophilia. I think this particular posting is hypocritical of what 11W professes to be striving to be.

We cannot have it both ways.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Shame on whomever released this. That is just not cool. How would any of you feel if a personal letter from you, asking for work was released to the public.

Bad form.

Of course, the No. no. no. is how I feel about the request, but it was shitty of whomever to put this out in public.

Given the sensoring of the over use of "Hairball", ScUm" usage and other bad behavior issues in posting, why is something like this, knowing it is going to be used to ridicule a person, acceptable?

As a person who has to deal with labor relations and hiring a great deal, this issuance of a personal letter / note  released to the public would be a clear cut disciplinary action. You (11w) had to know this would be an item of ridicule.

Sorry if this twists someones wiring, but I think it is not something that 11W should get involved with, leave it for the trash sites to put out.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I was bitten by a snake when I was too young and dumb to know better than to try the quick hand grab behind the head move. Actually the damn thing bit me three times before I could pull my hand back, and believe me I was trying to move my hand back when it made its first bite move.

Needless to say it turned out not to be poisonous and I survived (king blacksnake).

Was moving some trash on a worksite, and the was a Northern Timber Rattlesnake under it, fortunately it was really cool that morning and I had time to run away. Had to go back and take pictures so people would beleive I found a rattlesnake on site.

Then there was the time when a copperhead chased my out of the Black Snake river south of Columbus. Actually the damn thing came at me in the water and was only a foot away when I saw it. Head up out of the water mouth open (yes I can still see it) I hit it with my fishing pole, and then I  actually managed to tread water of over five feet in depth  and I only got wet to three feet, moving so fast I did not touch bottom. All of my "friends on the bank laughed there butts off, well all of them except my buddy, who was standing on a log sticking out of the bank.

As I managed to levitate over the water, I jumped up on the log he was standing on, and he fell in as he was laughing at me. Needless to say he stopped laughing pretty quick at that point.

A lifetime never, ever, forget type of moment that was;

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Here you go +1, so use that voting privilege wisely, as it will all be on me if you don't

Comment 08 Jul 2015

I'll, just leave this right here....

•A Michigan grad sees an ad for a $99 cruise. He goes to the travel agent
and pays the fee. The travel agent hits him over the head with a club,
stuffs him in a sack, throws him out the window onto a raft and cuts the
raft loose. The Michigan grad wakes up floating in the ocean, along with
another Michigan graduate. "I hope they serve dinner on this cruise,"
the first grad says. "They didn't last year," the second one replies.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

Feeding before bedtime is a big part of it. They will sleep much longer, because of their basic needs being met. I had twin boys only two years after my first son was born. The twins did not sleep through the night unitl they were nine months old. And of course if one woke up, so did the other. I do recall sleeping in the recliner, one son on each arm with a bottle in their mouths. (And me wanting a good drink too, but no, I did not)

That time was a blur for me, I worked third shift fulltime, was going to college fulltime, and was a very active member in the National Guard. I really do not remeber much of any of those first nine months other than constant fatigue.

Feed the child. Fresh diaper, It will make life much easier for all.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

Well, I do not want to give away Hove's and my age, but our Lincoln Logs are now petrified wood.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Is jeopardizing your entire 85 person+ teams eligibility by breaking rules that you do not like wrong?

Hell yes it is. That is the pure definition of Selfish. Screw over friends and/or family for your own personal wants.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

So many kids from Ohio that want to be here. Sadly that in this way, that the sucess of the team prevents more Ohio kids from making the team.

Only so much room and being the NC brings in top talent from all over the country. If OSU wants to stay on top they will have to turn away many native Ohio sons.

I beleive this situation that the term "bittersweet" most aptly fits.