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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was at the shoe when Kieth Byars ran out of his shoe for his fourth touchdown that day. Best day spent with my son at a preseason game prior to his departure for Afghanistan. Four sons all in the military one deployed, one comes home next week, one back from Iraq for a year now and the youngest (fourth) probably will now not have to go.

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Comment 19 Mar 2014

Amen, not that our opinion matters after the whipping post treatment Tress got from ESPuuhhnnnn.

He should be a first ballot winner just on his YSU feats.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

Maybe it's my computer, but the link to take the Wonderlic does not take you there, goes to some other link on a column by Chad Ford.

Comment 20 Feb 2014

I would love to see Coach Johnson holding a football Natty Trophy, while coaching at tOSU!

Probably something that was on his mind too, when he decided to come our way. I too thought it was interesting the UFM contacted him when he got the job here to see if he woud come to tOSU with him. I am sure that helped bring him over when BOB bailed after two years.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

As a father of four sons,I can tell you, from a significant pool of life experience, kids need guidance. All of my sons were very much interested in doing their own thing, but as that fell flat on them on more than a few occasions they started asking me for advice, not always listening, but asking for it none the same.

After getting burnt a few times they started listening a lot better, and now respect that what I talked with them about was done so from a perspective of the decision without it being a personal influence. They learned that smart people make smart choices after reviewing the facts, not ignoring them. A decision of any importance needs weighed from all perspectives.

 In MM's case this decision will shape his future significantly. his mother, the one person on this earth who knows him better than anyone, including himself, is so concenred with what she has seen/perceived at MSU. She knows from her life experience raising him, that it is not in his best interest to go there. No one on this board, or in the media, or his school has better insight on this issue than she does.

For all of you on this board saying she should stop "interfering" you have no right to say that from your knowledge of the situation over that of her lifetime of raising her son. If you have never been a parent, you really have no idea what she is going through and has been though raising her son.

I guarantee that she knows what is best for her son over any one of us.


Comment 07 Feb 2014

Well this thread is off to a good start, keep it coming folks!

Comment 07 Feb 2014

It certainly is easier to read withthe larger fontssize, do not need my glasses to read it now. I would like to see a little more color in the overall page layout, all grey, all day?

Overall though it is a much more current format, looks very professional.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Thanks it is going to be a slow and cold Friday night, now I have something a little extra to watch.

Light the fire, play with the dogs in the snow, and see two future Buckeyes play! Good Friday in the middle of February, in the snow belt!

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Wel, I am glad this is still on the new site layout. Unfortunately I have absolutely nothing witty or clever to add this morning (and in the opinion of most folks, I have never had anything witty or clever to add). So I salute you (suedo) Bucksfan for this monumental OP, and to the many many 11W's that have had so many clever and hilarious posts since then.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

I thought Meatchicken was the no. 2 class this year. Yeah, every time I think of Meatchicken the No.2 thought comes to um, or elsewhere.

As to having the most aggressive recruiting staff in America, well...........

There is another school just West of them that probably has a better recruiting staff.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

That's the advice you would give to your kids in making a huge decision that will affect their life?

You give your kids every bit of information and wisdom that you have. You help them make a very adult decision. As a parent if they decide to go ahead and do something that you know is going to be bad for them, you keep at them with all that you have, BECAUSE you are their parents and you have only their best interest at heart. Nearly all kids have no foresight on life decisions this big.

You have no vested interest in your kids decision that is anything but is what is good for them, not some school colors, or a state or an agent. You help them because it is your duty to keep them safe and help them make wise decisions, until they can do so on their own. That does not stop at 17-18 years, there is no magic number age wise that says, oh you are now OLD enough to make wise decisions all on your own,, see ya.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Thanks for that information. I posted this early this morning, and then a shortly thereafter I saw it had come up under the BUCKSHOTS banner of stuff.

So I apologize if the topic seems redundant, it wasn't at the time of posting.

Thank all of you for responding and the information you have posted.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Well don't leave us hanging/standing? What do you use it for and how well does it do/

How much is one them babies?

Us older arthritic guys want to know.

I have recently been thinking about installing a oforu soaking tub at home, but was not sure of the physical relief it might provide. What say you osu1995?

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Cryotherapy is used mostly for post surgery rehab, provides significant pain reduction while rehabbing which in turn speeds up the rehab process.

A positive side affect to the cryotherapy is that with the reduced post surgery pain, it allows for most people to reduce the amount of pain medication they use. Which can be a very good thing for those highly susceptible to addiction issues. 

Now for some of us we may prefer a little extra pain medication, especially the Southern bourbon kind;)

Comment 30 Jan 2014

As you can see from the story, the position he is going to is not given. I posted this because I had not heard about a new coach, and I too am interested as to what position he is coming to. I see now over in the 11W Buckshots section there is a story on this topic.

that story states he is replacing an associate S&C coach Rick court, so that answers my questions somewhat.

I would be interested in knowing more about him as a coach.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

Correction on my part here.  This is from a story on SB Nation, which i got from a link on Land Grant.

Sorry about that. I did post the link to the story in the original post. I just want to make sure the correct people get credit for the story.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Thanks for all of the hard work you guys put in, easily making this the most informative and well responded to Buckeye site anywhere. 

Excellent readers and their thoughtful and hilarious comments make this site that much more enjoyable.

I do second the motion to have the site get it's own theme song/music, something extra to get you cranked up when you open it, as I do every morning.

Comment 22 Jan 2014

How about..

"He shouldn't be drinking as an underage college student on full athletic scholarship, after being busted twice last year for it."

Does that make it better for you William?

The first time this was stated in a more abbreviated form, was correct too.