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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I was at the shoe when Kieth Byars ran out of his shoe for his fourth touchdown that day. Best day spent with my son at a preseason game prior to his departure for Afghanistan. Four sons all in the military one deployed, one comes home next week, one back from Iraq for a year now and the youngest (fourth) probably will now not have to go.

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Comment 25 Nov 2014

I had to vote "other" simply because I could not care less. I hope they search all year and come up with another M man choice who again craps the bed.

I await the day when TSUN becomes so irrelevant in our schedule that we stop scheduling them as a rivalry game, I want them to fall that far. Let them become the new UI or Purdue of the B1G East. That would be hilarious.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

The stadium PA / DJ was absolutely ill timed and the worst part of the game atmosphere. Loud abrasive and disjointed. The PA guy/team clearly no idea how to "motivate" the crowd. But the on-field play was the cause of the quiet crowd. 1st half Buckeyes stunk up the place, repeated attempts to run up the middle, over and over were failures and then add in three turnovers in a 8 minute game span, well..........

Play better, crowd gets involved, Crowd was rollingt in the second half especially for the D, when the Buckeye O finally awakened themselves.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

It is a pretty nice problem tro have, Having to decide between two all conference, Heisman nominated, QB's as to which one starts. That problem will be decided AFTER this season.

Jalins is clearly a better distributor, decision make already. Can Braxton regain his throwing ability? Who knows at this time.

This topic should be up for discussion after the season as that is the only time when any kind of answer can be gained.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I concur with all of the posters above this comment. My first live game in ten years. I drove from Cleveland that morning and after navigating no less than 27 accidents (black ice) By the way, the genius that decided to put those rows of post mounted cables between the lanes, Brilliant!!! Every single car that slid off the road towards the center line contacted those cables and literally totaled their cars. The cable ripped body parts off like, well like running into a steel cable with your car at 50 miles an hour would. Four hours and 75 mile later, i made it to Columbus. Great start to the day.

Well the first half speks for itself, crappy game play. Barrett was 25 of 35, and every one of those non catches was comletely on him. He was way off, mafde me think he was injured he was so far off. His first int over the middle was confusing as the number 83/88? was wide open on the left flat for an easy TD , yet JT overthrew a ten yarder over the middle.

PA announcer was out of sync, overly loud, and was easily the most non on the field part ofthe game day experience. Why is it I could barley hear the band, but had to cover my ears when the PA tema went off. Is there really no way to mic the band and boost them over the obvioulsy effective PA system?

What a great way to clelebrate my oldest sons birthday. At least the dinner, the 4th quarter, Janin and the crowd we were with post game made the day a success.

Speaking of Jalin, pre-game a pair of centerians (well close to that it seemed) were sitting behind me and spouting their coaching wisdom about how Jalin should definitely and in their hopes not be returning punts or handling the ball much. I of course as is my want let them know my learned opinion about Jalin and that we would see a different result today. Wow, did that work out for me.

After his PR for a TD, I turned around and looked at them, they looked away. After his 1st passing/run TD, again same response. Well the third and fourth of his TD's were oh so delicious. Maybe the next time they will keep their knowledge to themselves, but I doubt it. Too bad they were "tOSU" fans. I would have really given it to them, for a much more fulflling experience.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Last night/afternoon on the ESPN CFB show Mark May stated we should be a top 4 team based on our last few games. I do not have the specifics, but I was watching it live. Spoke wll of tOSu and JTBarrett.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Well, I am not going to complain. My son just called and he has us two tickets for this weekends game vs UI. B deck so out of the expected rain.

Woo hoo........., or whatever the hell you younger guys say.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

He might even get two this year, both EZE and JT may crack 1000 yards rushing this year. JT is sitting at 790 something right now.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Especially true when it is 15 degrees at the time. There is not one critic of Jalin's that could have held onto that ball if they got whacked like that. Not one.

He will learn from that and will get better because of it.

The punt  fumble, did anyone else notice that at the last second he tried to back up a little, wind pushed the ball higher into his chest and it bounced/ricocheted of the "breast plate?" of his should pads.

Two small occurences got him. a great block helmet to the ball as he leaped over two defenders, and a gust of wind. Experience, both more exp, and from these two incidents will make him a better player. Frickin cold weather causes turnovers. Nebby and Wisky had 10 turnovers in their game, similar temp conditions, and neither of those teams turn the ball over much. Let's at least credit the weather some for these turnovers.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

It would help tremendously if Bennet would quit over running his position allowing ther RB to go right past him over and over and over. Look at the tape. Both bosa and Bennet are overpursuing allowing the inside run game to get past them.

Concentrate on closing down the line and let the LB's make the tackles that are not in your area to defend. Of course they still have to push the O-line back and biust outside run plays.  The sacks will still be there on pass plays. Learn to defend pass as a pass play, and the run play as a run play.

Just frickin stay in your position on run plays and the LB's will do better.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Really? boren was a senior FB, whom converted mid-season to a college MLB, had not played that position for four years (High school), but Fickell did nothing to develope him? Tripe.

Armstroa...Mr. Fire Fickell your logic is a steaming pile. No great D's in years. Go check the record books, then,

Oh hell what's the point.

A man whom defends himslef has an idiot for a client........

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Agreed +2. Saw same thing Miny will not beat Wisky, but should beat Neb, but that game is at Nebrasky.

As usual Wisky run game is strong. Will be our biggest challenge to the D all year.

We will have to outscore Wisky to win. They are going tpo be able to run on us.

All the complaints about tOSU's turnovers. IT WAS VERY COLD!

Nebby and Wisky had 10 turnovers in their COLD game as well. TO's happen in extreme cold weathter, moreso when we have not played in those games and all of our ball carriers were FR, R-
Fr and So's, so not much extreme cold experience. They will get better.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

That INT was all on the receiver, did not even try to play pass D when he knew he was not going to catch it.

Was a bad call as well, trying to go for the throat, changed the entire 1st half game momentum. We should have stayed with ball control and ran out the clock and score. We should have been up 28-0 at the half except for those two key turnovers.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Your OSU/MSU breakdown post game this week, was excellent. This one is as good if not better.

Ross, your work here is top notch, better htan you can get o any site pay or otherwise.

Thank you for another great article.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Yep, those commercials are funny as hell.

01. all the bitching each week after and OSU win about whatever aspect of the game was not "perfect".

02. Yes we all know MSU ran well on us, that is their strength, they also mnow have a passing game, another strength. No one can defend those two strengths over the entire course of a game when the right play is called against the D setup, but you can contain and slow it down. MSU has both, OSU has both and no one can stop us if we execute.

03. Fickle OSU fans calling for the head of whatever coach or player that game did not live up to their " high knowledge of the game expectations". Every week,

If everyone could