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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Meeting my childhood baseball heroes Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams when I was twelve.
  • NFL TEAM: All of the ones with Buckeyes playing for them
  • MLB TEAM: The Big Red Machine

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Comment 13 hours ago

Just to let everyone know, I'm back! I am signed in and going to fill in for Knarcisi. I plan on continuing my pattern of not commenting on a monthly basis so you all really won't know I'm here but I will indeed be filling the void that this outgoing member is leaving. Thank you. *drops mic*

Comment 22 Aug 2013

Did anyone notice Bobby Hoying commenting on the "Woman sucker punches fire chief" link? 

Comment 19 Jul 2013

River Valley class of 92 here. I grew up in Waldo and moved to Grandview my senior year. You know you're in Grandview if you see the Kindell tribe! A gangly bunch of red headed O'Doyle looking hoodlums! lol My grandfather worked at the Marion Power Shovel Co. for 42 years and was the union president for 10 years. Greatest man I've ever known. Can't believe there was no mention of the Oakland Char-burger! Used to be the best! 

Comment 25 May 2013

Wait, wait, wait! So if a staff member writes about Kentucky recruiting Ohio players are all the fans with the flaming butthurt about Waycracken's post going to come back in droves? Get the Anti-monkey butt powder ready!

Comment 29 Mar 2013

So your comment piqued my interest and I had to check it out! Funniest shit ever! The amount of butthurt from the haters on his feed is amazing! I recommend checking it out to anyone who feds off of hater's tears!!


Comment 25 Mar 2013

Best of luck to you Alex. You are the greatest recruiting analyst I have ever followed! 

Comment 28 Feb 2013

Oh shit he grabbed the jersey! Could that be assault!? It's a good thing I'm not qualified to be a coach or I would do this every game! The lack of blocking out on shots and forcing shots by Craft and Thomas during this season would have caused a me to have a stroke!! Go Bucks!

Comment 22 Feb 2013

Did you know that California and Massachusetts allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition?

Comment 13 Feb 2013

BH- I wish Tressel was still their coach.

MD- He kicked our asses for an entire decade you dumb shit!

BH- That's better than what's going to happen for the next ten!

MD- God I miss Tressel!