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Comment 14 Nov 2012

This article is factually incorrect. Let me set this straight as I actually work at the distillery...

First, in 1991 Blanton's sold the distillery and the name Buffalo Trace to Sazerac. The distillery changed from Ancient Age Distillery to Buffalo Trace which after a 7-8 year renovation launched Buffalo Trace Bourbon. As part of that sale, Blanton's maintained ownership of their brands which include; Blanton's, Rockhill Farms, Hancock's Reserve, Elmer T. Lee and the Ancient Age line (AA & AAA.) So the only changes were a production agreement was signed agreeing that Sazerac (BT) would continue to bottle Blanton's and their other lines..As well as  Buffalo Trace was given domestic distribution (which is why there is only 1 label available in the US! They haven't offered to take on the other labels into their portfolio.)

NOW TO CORRECT THE ARTICLE... Buffalo Trace brands (Eagle Rare, Benchmark, Charter...etc) all use a COMPLETELY different mash bill (recipe) than the Blanton brands.

Blanton's brands (with the exception of AA) are taste panel tasted, hand bottled, and all selected from Warehouse H (the only metal warehouse at the distillery...Think more aging and flavor extraction from the wood in a shorter amount of time due to the higher temperatures caused by a metal warehouse instead of brick.)

Mash bill, production requirements, even the warehouse itself make Blanton's a far superior product in comparison to Buffalo Trace Small Batch (there is no BT single barrel except Eagle Rare which is awesome too, but it tastes completely different than Blanton's) Thats why there is price difference.

Hope that clears things up. There are a lot of great bourbons out there and BT make some damn good ones, I just wanted to correct the misunderstanding especially about my favorite bourbon, Blanton's!