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I'm a Buckeye married to a Wolverine and living in Spartanland. Please someone help before I kill again.


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Comment 27 Aug 2014

I've seen this on the O-Zone, Bucknuts, and 11W. I still don't understand why Neutron Man is beloved and Buck-I-Guy is despised. Somebody explain it to me. Both are/were middle aged Buckeye fan that, either through fancy dress or horrid dancing, sought to bring attention to themselves. Both are/were Superfans. Also, the ire seems to be directed towards Buck-I-Guy, and Buck-I-Guy only. There are other superfans out there. Big Nut. The Ohio State rodeo clown guy. How about the dude completely engulfed in a giant S&G pompom. How bout the Tresselytes a couple of years ago, or the Laurinitis "animal" people. No one was irritated by them. I actually dislike the Neutron Man because his embarrassing weeping in that '98 photograph has now been immortalized for our enemies to post around the globe when we lose.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Like Bakerjon I'm concerned about the offensive line too. I'm particularly concerned with a guy named Dodson. His name isn't even mentioned in the two-deep for LG or C. In fact, Jon Waters name is mentioned more on 11W than Dodson. What happened? This kid was supposed to be a monster; groomed for RT. USC fans were disappointed when we got him. Am I over-reacting? Anybody have any insight on this kid so far?

Comment 01 Aug 2014
Last year Connor Cook could look off a defender and throw a completion (see the '04 Rose Bowl), Braxton Miller could not (see the '04 Orange Bowl). Hopefully that's changed. Also, as long as Dino is the coach at Michigan State they will have a chance to beat us. They days of big scores as and high comedy "the coaches are screwin' it up" are gone.
Comment 31 Jul 2014

Then why we parents complaining if he was changing the culture? Also, Drake didn't have to meet with him.

Waters is just the band director. Drake is the President. Drake made the decision based on the evidence

that was given to him from a previous investigation that Gee started (or started under him). I stand with Drake 

on this one.

Comment 30 Jul 2014
Funny, Darrell Hazell has only been there one year and your dubbing him a failure. Luke Fickell has been there four years (in a top position), has been the architect of some of the poorest defenses in OSU history, yet he still has a job. Go figure. Also, uncool your making fun of a former Buckeye who brought success on the field.
Comment 24 Jul 2014
Hopefully Torrence will arrive in Columbus before The Edge of Night.
Comment 20 Jul 2014

On second look, I kinda like it now.  To TheShookster, how could you have gone to UD and not liked the basketball program?

That's UD's signature sport.

Comment 10 Jul 2014
Eat at Legal Seafood too. Visit Newberry Street in Back Bay, and take a romantic stroll through Boston Public Gardens (not Boston Common) in addition to everything everyone else said. Boston is a Great city. So much to do.