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Comment 29 Mar 2014

You don't gain anything if you're Ohio State.  Sure it's a small step up in competition but Ohio State already plays in one of the hardest conferences and usually has a game or two against teams like UNC, Duke, or Kansas.  The basketball team needs those creampuffs to rack up wins for the tournament.  Without those 15 wins at the beginning, it would have been harder for Ohio State to make the tournament.   If you beat a UD, it's just another win and the sports world doesn't blink. Lose and the whole world notices (dayton daily news headline) and you have a harder time recruiting the talented in state kids against Duke, UK, etc. Even if Dayton was close in talent to Ohio State, tt wouldn't matter.  Dayton is seen as a lesser program by the rest of the country.  Playing 13 creampuffs and 1-2 big non conference foes is good enough for me.  Especially since the B1G has 3 teams in the elite 8.   

I will say that I agree with you that I'd love to beat UC and UD every year.  Especially since I can't stand UC fans but it's just not what Matta is going to do. To be honest, we don't really need to either.  We've played Duke, Kansas and others before B1G play and unlike football, our basketball team gets tested before the tournament during B1G play. 


Comment 20 Mar 2014

I think this is the case with pretty much most of the Non-Ohio State Ohio teams.  I avoid things like my facebook after games like this.  I grew up in Dayton so I have some friends on Facebook that definitely call themselves "fans" but never once mentioned them during the year until tooday.  Lots of bandwagon "fans".

Comment 08 Mar 2014

As a Patriots fan, this would be my favorite draft choice possible.  I know Brady has a few more years and odds are Kenny G wouldn't ever become our starter but on the off chance it happened. I'd be one happy Patriots fan. 

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Doesn't mean he shouldn't give it a shot. He can always go to coaching if he fizzles out.  If Brady took that same advice when he was projected as a late round draft pick, he wouldn't be wearing three rings and married to a supermodel. :) 

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Doesn't mean he shouldn't give it a shot. He can always go to coaching if he fizzles out.  If Brady took that same advice when he was projected as a late round draft pick, he wouldn't be wearing three rings and married to a supermodel. :) 

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Not really.  As a Patriots fan, every thing I've heard recently is that Mallett will be gone sooner rather than later.  He's already several years into his career and Brady wants to play til he's 40.  That's another 3-4 years of Brady.  That would mean Mallett is half way through his career without ever getting a meaningful snap.  They will use Mallett to get some draft picks, it's the BB way. 

Comment 28 Oct 2013

I agree that I wouldn't take that line and that we'll most likely blow them out.

In 128 games as head coach Jim Tressel had 24 games scoring at least 40 points, 6 games scoring 50+, and 1 game above 70 points. In just 20 games as head coach Urban Meyer has already had 10(24) games of over 40 points, 7(6) of 50 or more points, 3(1) games over 60 and 1(1) over 70. Gotta love the new Buckeye era of scoring points fast and often. (#) = Tressel's number.

This should help us rack up some points.  Different philosophy with our offense now than we've had in the past.

Comment 21 Oct 2013

I remember watching him against Akron back in 2011.  I thought to myself and told my friend at the game that Carlos was gonna be a hell of a back.  Proudest prediction I've ever had.

Comment 30 Jul 2013

You mean reacting to being hit by pushing a PERSON (doesn't matter what gender it is) back in what you could argue is self defense? I don't care what gender you are....most 22 year olds are going to react when being slapped/hit in the hit by someone of any gender.  Honestly, I probably would have pushed her too.  It's human nature to fight back. He should have walked away but he didn't. That doesn't mean he should have his whole life thrown away because some girl decided to start it all by hitting Hyde. 

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Wouldn't he be able to then do the same thing to her? Am I wrong when I say that he has the same rights as her in this case since she hit him as well? Am I missing something?

Comment 27 Jul 2013

I know it shouldn't matter.  To me it doesn't.  However, if there isn't video evidence of a situation or witnesses, it will mater. A man can leave a physical mark on a woman a lot easier than the other way around.  Unless she punches him in the face, which can easily leave a mark, she most likely won't leave a mark behind to prove she hit him.  Even then, public perception is that she most likely hit him because he started it.  That's the world we live in because we're told to NEVER hit a woman.  Which is bullshit if one's attacking me, I won't hesitate to stop the situation and if that means hitting back, then so be it.  It's much easier for guys to get the book slammed at them if no one's around to witness the event.  It's a no win situation for Hyde because he's in the public eye.  Like the cops have stated, if it wasn't for this being Hyde, this wouldn't garner any attention.  It happens all the time.  Hell, I've been with girls at bars who nearly got in fights with other girls/guys.  Legally, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing comes of this.  It's gonna come down to what Urban sees when he sees the tape.


Edit: I agree with Buckeyevstheworld.  A woman has no more right to hit a man than a man does to hit a woman.  If she hits him with the intention of hurting him, whether it did or not, she should be charged. Period.  Women can't hide behind their gender because men grew up being taught that it's NEVER ok to hit a woman.  Leading to them growing up believing that they can hit a man and he can't hit back. 

Comment 26 Jul 2013

Yeah, I agree.  That's what I was trying to get across.  A woman can do harm to a man.  Human bodies are fragile.  However, it takes more for a woman to do damage.  So it is usually a case by case situation.  IF reports are true that he hit her 10-15 seconds after she hit him then he should be dismissed, he should have walked away at that point.  However, that's IF those reports are true.

Comment 26 Jul 2013

In my opinion, no.  I understand respecting women.  However, isn't respecting women about treating them as equals? Don't get me wrong punching/hitting anyone is wrong but I have no problem with a guy hitting a woman back (if it was right after in self defense, not 10-15 seconds later) if she's hitting the guy.   It's self defense.  Hit in a certain spot and any women can do serious damage to a man of any size.

This question was brought up on reddit a few weeks ago and from what I gathered the general consensus is that the whole notion that men can't hit women leads to women believing they are invincible and can hit a man however hard and often they want.  This was coming from mostly women users.  Please don't mistake this as me saying violence against women is ok...violence against anyone is wrong.  However, self defense is encouraged, when appropriate, against anyone as well.

Comment 07 Jun 2013

Most people are proud to say michigan's best players came from Ohio because most people are aware you can't get every player from your state. The talent is just too rich in Ohio for Ohio State to grab every player.  There are also a ton of people in both states that like the other school because it goes against what everyone else is doing. That's another reason you have kids from either state going to another.  Webb has said, on several occasions, that he's always liked Ohio State, that he wasn't gonna do things just because everyone else around him was.  Therefore, knowing we can't get every great kid from Ohio to come here means we take pride knowing you've had to come to our state to get your best players.  I, sure as hell, wouldn't want most of Ohio State Heisman trophy winners to come from Michigan. Hell, half of the winners for Ohio State were born in Columbus and 2 of the 6 played high school football in Columbus.  Ohio is like Texas...we take pride in our high school football.