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Comment 15 Jan 2013
Good point. I've heard that the ACC is all about NC and Duke. We have a defacto profit sharing arrangement. Easy for coach k to say but he's in the cat bird seat.
Comment 15 Jan 2013
Statistics with a big enough sample size don't LIE. You are correct Sir, he is a .500 coach. A wierd guy. Blows off the hand shake after games. He is in way over his head and it is all down hill - implosion. Who am? No one. Not a coach or an expert. But I've been in business for a long time and wrongly or rightly think he is a fraud who got lucky with a bungled search for a coach. He can prove me wrong and I'll eat crow but I'll bet on Urban.
Comment 15 Jan 2013
Very interesting. Thank you for the hard work. I very much like the overweight to in state talent on OSU. Should be a point of pride for all us natives. That being said, I am not at all adverse to a little augmentation of highly talented very fast skill players with 10.2 speed and hands of glue and .02 percent body fat who call dixy home but want to play for the home team.... :)
Comment 13 Jan 2013
Well it is in FOOTBALL and as of today basketball. Yahooooooo! The band is better it's also farther away from detroit and, and Michigan sucks :)
Comment 13 Jan 2013
MGoDC Joined: 03/21/2010 MGoPoints: 2258 Burke is going to make Craft look silly. They were about even in their 3 games last year (Burke took one, Craft took one, one was a wash) but Burke's level of play has vastly improved and Craft's has declined a bit. Mich by 4-8 points (I think they will be up around 4 and then stretch it to 8 with free throws in From mgoblog