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Comment 04 Jun 2011

I don't get it.  If Pryor is found to be eligibile by the NCAA beyond his five game suspension anyone saying he should be shown the door is crazy for two reasons -

1) everyone likes to preach how Tressel was a man of honor who cared about his players so much that he tried to protect them and took the heat for them which eventually cost him his job.  So by ditching (or booing) TP or any of the players you are basically crapping on the sacrafice that Tressel made for the very same players he cared so much about.

2) he gives the team (and Fickell) the best chance to win. 

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Fickell will get it done.  The current players respect him, great recruiter, worn the jersey, understands the importance of THE GAME - what's not to like about him succeeding Tressel?  The no HC coach experience is overrated.  For years we have worried he would jump to another program as HC, now we have the opportunity to keep him in Columbus. 

When Coop was fired and the anxiety was about who would replace him and consumed everyone.  The resignation of Tressel brings anxiety in the form of what type of sanctions the NCAA hit us with - the fact that Fickell is steering the ship this year actually calms that anxiety somewhat.

Comment 27 Oct 2010

Nice...finally Troy gets to start.  He can do well with SF - Gore, Crabtree, V Davis are studs and if anyone can help Ginn be a good NFL receiver it is Troy.

Comment 09 Sep 2010

Great post, had no idea about his past outside of initially wanting to play for the U.  Truly a quality young man - easy to understand why he is a fan favorite and team captian.

Comment 03 Sep 2010

Gotta love the Black Keys - Go Bucks!