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Comment 07 Jan 2014

Is it possible that this defensive coaching staff is split in terms of their philosophies, and thus the players are being taught to play two completely different ways? I'm not football expert, but I know from my basketball days that one coach might tell you one thing and another coach will tell you something else, which really can cause hesitation and thinking instead of just reacting. This entire defense is pretty much dumbfounded, which is why I ask. I refuse to believe that a coaching staff comprised of people who were extremely successful before they came to OSU can seriously coach bad enough to screw up a defense like this.

Comment 19 Dec 2013

We are soon going to find out whether it was Fickell or somebody else that was to blame for the pass D struggles. If Fick stays as D coordinator, then we know it wasn't him. If Urbz moves him to only a LB coach and brings in a new coordinator altogether, then we know it was most likely him that was the problem.


Before you bash me with the stuff about our secondary players just not being very good, keep in mind that these are the same guys that were heavily recruited by Tress. 

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I can handle losing, but its the way we lost this game that I struggle to cope with. Everything was uncharacteristic. If our offense was taking advantage of the opportunities it had and we cut the stupid plays out, I would be fine with this. Because honestly, FSU would demolish us easily. I'm not being a downer there, I'm being realistic. But to see this team and coaching staff basically implode on itself when it was crunch time just makes me sad.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I just keep thinking about that game last night, and I continue to shake my head and realize what a completely different team we were. The whole game was uncharacteristic. The Buckeye team that we saw the whole season ended up not being on the field last night, I'm afraid. 


Hate to say it, but the pressure got to us.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

First half of this breakdown had me excited, and the second half was seriously depressing.....

I hope and pray that we pull out a win Saturday.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

We have gained about 25 or 30 points this week in both polls, and thats even with FSU putting up 80. I can see how your prediction could very valid.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

Our lead over #4 in both polls is substantial to say the least. Besides, the coaches poll is what matters, and Auburn isn't even number 4 there. Its safe to forget about the stuff behind us. Thats over, just worry about Winston getting charged or Alabama losing. If one of those two things happen, and assuming we win out, we are in.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

Great read, and its very interesting to talk about possible scenarios and such. However, I think we all are forgetting a very, very important piece of information: we have Urban Meyer. As much as we hate the outcome, he was the guy that talked his way into the NC in 2006, remember? Urban won't take too kindly to being left out of the title game with a 25 game win streak. If anybody knows how to work the system, its him.

Comment 13 Oct 2013

I'm not as worried about Oregon now, its the ACC that I'm nervous about. I think FSU will win next week, but then they look very scary to run the table. Oregon will lose just like they always do.

Comment 08 Oct 2013

Why so much Oregon love? We must have a short memory. They will dominate teams like they always do, then they get up against a team that punches them in the mouth and they lose. Happens every time. I'm not concerned about them, its Stanford, FSU, and Clemson that I worry about. The good thing is that one of them has to lose.

Comment 05 Oct 2013

Well, I checked the radar...and there is no rain in sight. Maybe those guys are seeing something I'm not?

Comment 30 Sep 2013

Exactly. What is good about those 4 teams that you mention is that one of them is guaranteed to lose (Stanford vs Oregon), and Clemson will surely pull a Clemson at some point in the season. Additionally, it would be an absolute outrage if a 25-0 Ohio State team got left out of the NC. I think if we take care of business we will be in good shape.