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Comment 08 Mar 2017

You know what's crazier? Stalking a fellow and bringing to light his terrible grammar. Lolololol +1 And just wondering are you a English teacher or major? Just wondering really not trying to be a dick but I found what you did so funny and wondered why it caught your eye

Comment 28 Jan 2017

He is not from Columbus so somebody on this team had to help him out. This is deeper than just a recruit getting popped for weed. Who was suppose to be watching him? He is still in high school!!! We shouldn't be dumping this kid we should offer him a scholly still and help him turn his life around counseling and drug testing. All this talk of family is only bullshit words if you dump them when they make a small mistake. And weed is a small mistake. They could help him and then future parents would see a true family setting where help is encouraged and given. And let's not judge harshly. Kids on visits get treated with red carpet and it may get the better of their judgment