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Comment 20 Apr 2016

The UFC is bullshit. They don't care who are the best fighters across from each other in the ring only $$$ which sucks because I'm so tired of the rematches. Dana is a greedy fat ass who doesn't give a damn about finding the best fighters just the biggest dollar (I understand that's his job). Rematch in a good close fight but if one loses outright next man up. 

Comment 15 Mar 2016

Playing football is dangerous?! No shit! Is that why they wear helmets. I think it's a joke that people never considered smashing your head and body will cause injuries long term. The NFL is a shady business everyone knows that the dollar is all that matters to them. 

Comment 27 Feb 2016

They look soft like they need to hit the weight room. Build confidence or something. Other top teams have players built like men. I always thought our guys don't have a very solid build to them. Not saying that's the fix but just a thought 

Comment 27 Feb 2016

I completely agree! I hope he gets canned before the season starts