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Comment 17 Nov 2016

When I found this site it was like I found a hidden treasure. The site has changed over time (not in a bad way) I was hooked on recruiting but over time with the dirty side and the good side just can numb and jade you. And ya Urban spoiled us a bit too

Comment 05 Nov 2016

Why do either of these d bags have to be labeled to the rest of us who can enjoy ourselves and not be shitheads in public.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

There are a lot of consciousness cyclist. And there are a few who you want to run off the road for  being ding bats in the road. I just saw one fella ride through the intersection without bothering to slow down or stop. And I think the worst is when they don't go single file and they want to ride side-by-side in the road and chit chat.  It not all are jackasses just like not all drivers are jackasses