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Comment 09 Dec 2016

Prince was capable early in the season.  He had some very good games.  I do think that the grind of the season got to him, however.  He did not bend we'll and lost fundamentals late in the season.  Also, JT Barrett also did not step up into the pocket making Prince's problem's more profound.  

I think, with the extra time to work on fundamentals and get over the first time starter impact of the grind that he will play like he did in the first part of the season.  


Comment 09 Dec 2016

Blessed I was in Norman when we won against Oklahoma and I was in the stadium when we beat Michigan.  The only two games I was present!

We played open and went for it in Norman and it showed with a fantastic showing.  We played not to lose for 3+ quarters against Michigan and then we unleashed.  

My hope is and I think we do it, we played crazy hair on fire football in this Championship series and we go for it.  If we do we beat Clemson and then we need some element of luck against an amazingly physically talented Alabama team.  BUT we've done it before!!!!

I would NEVER beat against Urban in these situations NEVER!!!!!

Comment 23 Nov 2016

I'm working on selling my two oldest to buy these tickets!  Come on man be a FAN!!!  (TIC)

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Luke Fickle went from zero to hero after LB talent significantly improved.  I remember hearing Cooper say that good players make a coach look good.  LOL!!!! 

We are getting some serious talent, albeit young, in that wide receiver and H back slot and we appear to be getting very, very capable passing quarterbacks to augment that talent.  Further, the OL talent coming in and developing is nothing short of amazing IMHO.  Add all that up and we will be likely singing praises of our passing attack in the years to come, I suspect.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Losing Corey Smith hasn't helped.  This guy could cut and gain a step and he had wide receiver hands basically.

KJ Hill has been injured a lot.  I can still see him catching everything with one hand in practices.  His lack of health might have taken away a truely gifted receiver for this season.

I also wonder, although unproven and not a WR in high school, what would Torrence Gibson might have brought?  I like having a tall wide receiver who can jump through the roof.  We really don't have that for a big mismatch.

The combined miss catches (even Brown geez) and miss throws by JT along with OL problems amplifies the passing woes.

I will say, IMHO, Parris Campbell got in the way of Samuel on that throw by JT to Curtis in the PSU game where Curtis broke to the sidelines.  IMHO Parris was almost tackled by defensive  holding to cause that slipup and there was no call.  This IMHO was even worse than the McLaurren no call as it was even more obvious.