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Comment 19 Sep 2016

A couple of points.  

First, he would have been significantly developed over where he is now.  Just a part of the Urban Meyer development program that may well be the best in the nation and how NFL people have viewed the 'extreme' development of players coming out of OSU.

Second, he would have developed his mentality under the culture of the OSU program that might have morphed his abilities to the upper most level.

Since we can't measure that or speculate, I guess he would have deselected himself from the culture and be out of the OSU program since he showed signs of that in his recruiting process.  (LOL!!!!!  LORD it is so good to be a Buckeye LOL!)

Comment 11 Sep 2016

Couple of points:  Bill Young was the D Coordinator for Tulsa and he's a great one. Next: Tulsa defense killed San Jose State a 50 50 team the previous year (and projected 2nd in their division) with most all offensive players back.  Tulsa also had most all their offensive skill players back from the 50 50 team of last year.  Compare to Hawaii (*Ichigan) 3-10 the previous year and UCF 0-12 (yes zero wins all losses the previous year).

Oklahoma lost a number of key players.  Based on Houston shutting them out in the second half, I'm not so sure Oklahoma has been able to replace the players missing.  Is OSU replacing their missed pieces.  On D it looks pretty good.  On O if JT Barrett can get the ball to them, I'm thinking we are well on our way.

Norman looms large but we are looking good IMHO.  Two great games to prep us for what we will likely see in Norman.  FAR better than playing Navy and it's triple option then turning around and playing Okie.  Far better!!!

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Well (TIC) we didn't get the 100 plays of offense, however.  I think a solution might be to cut down on the big plays to get a few more plays in.

I'm really wondering what the inexperienced O Line with a freshman starter will look like 'when they jell and get experience'? (TIC)

I was worried that Urban wouldn't diversify his big play opportunities amongst a number of big play players negatively impacting future recruiting. OKAY that worry is gone.

77 pts 776 yards.  DANG I'm furious we didn't get one more yard.  (TIC).

Hands, I say HANDS! Team seems filled with them.  Baugh, KJ Hill, Noah Brown, McLaurin, Samuel, WOW who to guard WORSE when a play starts WHO TO WATCH!!  Hate this! (TIC).

Houston,  I wanted them to beat up Oklahoma, yes, but not beat them.  GEEZ 

Tulsa-----was at the game where Tulsa beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame a few years back.  No LOOKEY AHEADY DUDES!  


Comment 27 Aug 2016

Use a blue tooth device to listen so as not to distract those around you.  

Also, don't yell, jump up and down, or curse when it doesn't 'sync' with the soccer game.  

I did that during the soccer half time of my son's game when no one was playing------embarrassing.  Been there done that.  DUH!

Comment 20 Aug 2016

Bride and I heading out also.  Reynolds Travel has a package.  Never been to Oklahoma so it's a checkoff of my bucket list.

LOL!  Based on posts maybe I should erase it from the list!  HA!


Comment 19 Aug 2016

I say we have a 15% increase in total passing yards and 20% in TDs from last year.

The biggest increase in percentage will be TE, and second will be the HB. Brown will come within 15% of Thomas' numbers of last year. 

This guess is based on a more effective hurry up offense that JT can run well (more plays per game, more passes per game), and the fact that without Zeke (a ground game based offense using one guy primarily last year) we need to have an offense that diversifies the attack through the air to get a lot of gifted, big play players making more plays in space. 

The Brown guess is based on rumor and the fact that the rumor suggests that Brown is very strong and physical and can beat up the cover corner and will catch the pass if near him making him the primary go-to target for JT.  The Baugh guess is based on a similar analysis.



Comment 06 Aug 2016


I suspect there are a few 5 or 4 star recruits that "de-select themselves from the Buckeyes when they hear Urban say the following:

Added Meyer: "You have to embrace the grind. There's plenty of places where I hear the word 'chill,' you'll never hear that at our place. In recruiting, it cracks me up when I hear a recruit say ‘I love it there because it’s really low key.’ You’ll never hear that at our place. I love it because I want to be the best. I want to be a first rounder, I want to win a championship. J.T. is built like that. He's made for this kind of environment."

AND OSU is better off for it.  When we 'lose' a highly regarded recruit I often times think about the above!