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Comment 30 Apr 2015

We have a scholarship open next year with D'Angelo moving on, don't we? We've got 5 coming in in the 2015 class, 3 remaining from the 2014 class, 2 from the 2013 class, 1 transfer who sat out last year but can play in 2015...that's 11 scholarship players by my count. I also don't include Lorbach as a scholarship player, because he's a walkon. They'll let him hold a schollie as long as they've got one available and not being used, but it's not really his. 

Lyle and Giddens aren't really 1 and done caliber players from my understanding. Then again, I didn't expect D'Angelo to be considered a top 5 draft prospect after his freshman year either. 

Comment 30 Apr 2015

I was hoping Marion would've been better and more serviceable this year but he looks like a shadow of himself from last year in Dallas. Hopefully we won't have to talk about depending on guys like JJ or Mike Miller come this time next year. I think one of their biggest needs is finding a legit backup 3/4 combo forward in the offseason. Someone who can play the 4 in small ball but be LeBron's primary backup at the 3. I'm hoping they can pull something off using the Haywood contract.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

It's not so much that it's my point of view, it's just that's been the trend for their rotation for the past month or two. I don't like JJ much as a player, myself, it's just the most successful way they've tried to simulate Love's floor spacing. When they've sat down Love at times toward the end of the season JJ was the one who replaced him in the starting lineup and saw his minutes increase. Marion was getting a lot of PT at the beginning of the season and Mike Miller was as well, but ever since the midseason trades and bringing in Shump and JR (and mostly when Marion got hurt) those two don't even crack the rotation anymore.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

It's going to be James Jones. Marion and Miller have been out of the rotation altogether and haven't played a single meaningful minute for 3 months now. One of the two of them may get a few minutes a game flipped their way, but mostly because we're just down one more body in the regular rotation. To be honest save for like one game or so apiece, Marion and Miller have been dreadful this year in meaningful minutes.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

I hate to say it, but it's going to fall on James Jones. He's the guy they lean on whenever Love's not playing and a lot of times comes in for him when he's subbed out. Simply because they use him to simulate the floor spacing they get with Love by having another shooter out there (who happens to be 6'8") and because they don't like having Tristan and Mozgov on the floor at the same time for long stretches for the same floor spacing reasons. Shump's gonna be big in JR's absence.

In a perfect world, Bron would go back to playing the 4 like he did so ridiculously efficiently in Miami. For a couple years when he was willing to work out of the post/low post instead of almost exclusively from the wing/perimeter, I've never seen someone so ruthlessly efficient than he was during those years. He won't do it though, it's part of the reason he came to Cleveland, he doesn't want to have to bang inside anymore. He wants to go back to being the hero-ball/playmaker on the perimeter. Which, fine...but he's gonna have to tighten up his game and not have games where he has 5-6-7 bad turnovers and he's going to have to be nothing short of spectacular for this team to have a shot. Plus he's going to have to actually play defense, something he hasn't even tried to do since 2012-13.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

I was mad that we traded Wiggins as well (Bennett blows, who cares) but mostly just because I thought we could've waited Minney out and traded for Love without having to give up Wiggins. Their season has once again been pure garbage and Love made no bones about the fact that he was going to walk at the end of the season. If not sooner or at the trade deadline, they would've had to quit playing chicken with him and bite the bullet and take a less than desirable trade including Bennett, Waiters, draft pick considerations and whatever other players the Cavs inevitably would've acquired just to flip to Minney in the trade. That said, I was also realistic enough to say, if we have to trade Wiggins to get a player like Love so be it. His stats may be down from last year, but he's still one of the most effective PFs in the game right now, a large part due to the floor spacing he provides slashers like Kyrie and LeBron just by being anywhere on the floor. The body of an Ehtiopian? He's pretty much the size of an average PF in the NBA. He's 240+ lbs. Lifting weights doesn't have much to do with reaching your body one way and having another 240 lb player yanking your arm down and away in the opposite direction with both arms and the strength of his body. 

And you're high if you think Minney's future looks brighter. Wiggins looks like he will probably be a stud in this league, but the Cavs have 3 bonafide proven studs already. One of them is currently in their prime, one is just now entering the front end of his prime at 26 and Kyrie is one of the best PGs in the game and is 23(!!!).

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I hear ya, but it's not just that simple. There are other factors that play into it. If it was that simple, we'd have our pick at any coach in America any time we want because they'd up and leave their current job for the more prestigious one. Who was there to immediately pounce on the job once Tressel was fired/stepped down? Just because a school is more prestigious, it doesn't mean it's a better situation or fit. Or maybe a guy wants to finish what he started somewhere. ttun is a historically more prestigious and more rich school than LSU and Les Myles is an alum...he had to turn it down years back because of the bad timing of it all...his team was playing for a championship while ttun was looking.

Unless Herman developed some sort of great sentimental bond to the school in his few years here, he'll be offered by other destination jobs if he's good enough. He was raised out on the west coast and has spent his all of his grassroots coaching time in Texas. What if a USC comes knocking? What if he has unprecedented success at UH and in 5 years Nick Saban decides to retire/leave and Alabama comes calling. LSU? Texas? Florida? Florida State? Georgia? The point is there's a lot of destination schools out there. If one of them were to get to him before us, it's unlikely that a guy takes on a program only to abandon it 1-2 years in. I'm not saying that's not possible, look no further than Lane Kiffin...but he's also a noted scumbag for one, and for another...look how well his career path has worked out for him. And as far as money goes, there's other schools willing to spend just as much if not more than we are to attract a coach because they're more desperate because they aren't quite as prestigious as us. A&M has made themselves a destination school by throwing boatloads of money into their program at the right time when UT is down.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

I had similar experiences at Penn State. I've traveled there twice and we spent the whole day tailgating for a night game both times. We learned what to avoid the 2nd time around, but the first time around my small group and I literally got in like 6 or 7 physical altercations throughout the day. A police officer had to pull me out of a group of PSU fans that surrounded me and were shoving me around during one. Was trying to go get to our band performing in the tailgate lot and I got stopped and held by two PSU fans and got beer dumped on my head in one instance. Also got sucker punched from behind and knocked out cold for a few seconds in another instance. People would come talk shit to us and we'd sling it right back to them and they couldn't handle it. It was always, how dare you talk any trash about mighty, "do no wrong" Penn State and Joe-Pa. It would always turn into one of two things at that point...they'd get all self conscious and go on telling stories (completely unsolicited) about their great 5 "mythical national titles"...or they'd try to physically engage you. I'm honestly not sure which was worse. At one point a 70 year old man tried to fight my 21 year old friend because he walked up and said "your fans are the worst!" and my friend replied "no your fans are the worst." He like gasped, gritted his teeth and came at my friend and I seriously had to hold a 70 year old man back and ask him what the hell he's thinking.

During the second trip, we stayed exclusively on the periphery of the tailgate area and stayed exclusively around other OSU fans. If someone came to talk trash and challenge us we'd just ignore and walk away. I guess maybe that's the difference between being a sophomore and a senior, lol.

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Herman would be a natural choice...I'd be willing to bet he'll be scooped up by a major program by the time Urbz is walking out the door though. 

Comment 06 Apr 2015

I assume Thad & co. probably had this talk with Lorbach already. The one that says look, you're a walk-on for our program. If we come into a situation where we have a scholarship freed up and no one to occupy it, we'll give it to you...but when we need the schollie, we need the schollie. You can get some financial assistance you wouldn't have had otherwise in the meantime cause it'll go to waste otherwise.

Such is the life of a walk-on. He knew what he was signing up for and really he should consider himself fortunate that he was able to get even a temporary scholarship at all...most walk-ons don't.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

I hope this guy was so "ashamed to be a Buckeye" that he left and never came back. We're ashamed to call fans like this Buckeyes, so...right back at ya.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

I'd add Penn State to that list. You don't want to give those asshats in their fanbase a chance to ramble about their glories. The most obnoxiously delusional fanbase I've ever come across in all my years. Please tell me again, PSU fan, how much better and more important your 5 "mythical national titles" are than our 8 ACTUAL national titles.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

Yeah, I think I was just thinking of this:

Still, it's not the quality of the education that's in question there, it's the performance of the student athletes. I don't think the NCAA should penalize  schools for progress rates either, but whatever.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

Wasn't UConn's having to do with excessive and illegal contact with boosters and contact with players by a former manager turned agent (among other things)? Maybe academic misconduct was a part of it? I don't really recall fully.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I mean, they are sort of correct, aren't they? It's the job of the school that the student athlete chooses to attend to ensure the quality of the education. Also, the athlete himself/herself. You can go to one of the top schools in the country and take a bunch of BS classes just to skate by and not wind up getting a quality education.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

The awesome part about our QB situation is that I can truly not care who wins the starting QB job. I love all 3 of these guys just as much as the other. I love what each brings to the table and I love that they're all great ambassadors for our great University.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I'm not in any way shape or form a casual basketball fan. I tuned into a couple of women's games last year and witnessed what looked like several breakdowns into bumble bee basketball. People out of position, people chucking garbage shots and 8 ladies standing under the basket in see ball/get ball mode, just forgetting to even attempt to box out. 8 of them under the basket standing straight up and down, jumping fumbling and tipping rebounds around, missing layups, jumping tipping/fumbling rebounds around, missing putbacks, jumping tipping/fumbling rebounds, missing putbacks....this would go on for 20 consecutive seconds until the defense would finally get the rebound, someone would take off up the floor, botch a 3 on 2 break, someone gets stuck directly under the basket with the ball, throws up a garbage layup...and then 8 people under the basket jumping tipping/fumbling rebounds, missing putbacks, jumping tipping/fumbling get the point. This inevitably has happened numerous times a game when I've watched, until the coach calls timeout to settle things down and slow things down. It was like watching kids rec league bumble bee basketball. Now, UConn's kind of a different animal, because they're literally on a completely different plateau athletically than 95% of the teams they play. Every top player in the women's game goes to the same 2-3 schools. Even that gets old, because it's like watching varsity players play the 8th grade team.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

I wouldn't say MSU doesn't go after McD's all americans. Izzo's had his handful of them and has missed on others. He's had a lot of top 100 type guys even if not McD's AAs. Totally agree on Ryan, he just goes after guys that fit his system. He's had what? Like two McD's AAs? He is reaping the benefits of one of those right now, however. He's got the typical versatile big man in Frank the Tank (who is better than any previous big men he's developed) but you throw in Sam Dekker who was a 247 composite top 10 recruit in 2012...and you see the success they have. I may not like Ryan...his gaze seems like pure evil...but I won't deny he's one of the best in the game just like Izzo. 

Comment 01 Apr 2015

ah, gotcha. But on the flip side, everyone else has access to SM, so it makes it easier for the Dukes of the world to come in and steal a Luke Kennard and the Kansas's of the world to come and steal a Carlton Bragg from our turf. We in turn are able to go into Texas and steal the likes of Mickey Mitchell and Austin Grandstaff. Coaches today have a climate that they operate within, just as coaches back in the 80s or 90s or whatever had a climate that they operated in without SM. Thad has access to the same resources as all the other coaches in today's climate, but he stands out against his peers in his own climate more than any other OSU coach against their own peers operating in their own climate has previously. We can't just compare Thad directly to a coach from the 90s. We have to look at his success relative to his peers and today's recruiting environment and compare that to the relative success of that previous coach against his peers in the recruiting environment he had to work with.

And we definitely still suffer that same disadvantage of not being one of those name-brand, blue blood schools when it comes to basketball. We still fight that battle all the time. Ever since Conley/Oden, Thad has swung for the fences in recruiting and has been trying to go toe to toe with those blue bloods and there have been times it leads to us missing the big targets like Bragg and then also sometimes missing the Ohio guys like Esa Ahmad (guys who we consider backup plans to the Braggs of the world) because they decide to go elsewhere while we're pursuing bigger fish.