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Comment 10 May 2016

LeBron pouted his way through a handful of games through the playoffs in his career. The guy once sat out of the 4th quarter of the NBA FINALS with cramps, in which he had to be carried off the floor....again, for cramps. I watch every Cavs game of the season and, though he was MUCH better about it this year, he typically tends to go through the motions for 2/3 of the season. Defense isn't even an option for most of the regular season, and unless he's playing in a marquee game or a must-win game, he'll play for a quarter or two and mail it in the rest of the night. Steph played his nuts off every game throughout the regular season, wasn't getting sat on back to backs like LeBron was and if you recall, he was the one trying to get the team to let him play after the ankle thing. And an MCL sprain is not something to mess around with. There's legitimate risk of further and far more damaging injury if you try to push it. Tired of listening people bash the guy because they don't like him or don't like his style or whatever. I'm a Cavs fan first and foremost, but i'm also a fan of basketball. If you can't appreciate what he's done this year, you just never will.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Right, that's a signal for a no-count quick snap when they're trying to catch a defense off-guard while subbing or out of position/not lined up. It means everyone set and snap the ball the second everyone is set.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Our O-line doesn't move at the sound though and I'm 99% sure we do a silent count, which is done by the center. The clap is just an indicator to the center that the team is set and he can now begin the count.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

My understanding of the clap as it was explained when Urban first came in and we first started using it, was basically that it's just sort of an indicator to the center that the team is set and the QB is ready for the snap. I always remembered hearing that the snap count was done by the center and the other offensive linemen's cue to move was from the center, not moving at the sound of the clap. The QB gets everyone on their mark, gets people in motion, says "get set" by clapping his hands and it's the center to then say "go" (maybe not verbally in the use of a silent count, which I believe we use) to start the play. It also allowed for the QB to clap rapidly as an indicator for everyone to get down and set quickly for a quick snap if the defense is out of position or substituting. 

Other teams use a different indicator, such as having the QB lift one leg or dip his hand below his waist by his knee, which is within the center's line of vision (looking back at the QB between his legs), letting the center know everyone is set and the snap count will begin (depending on the team, the center could do the snap count or the QB could do the count). If you watch the beginning of plays (I haven't watched the above video) a QB will clap and then stand there waiting for the ball...for sometimes up to several seconds based on the count. That's because the center begins the snap count after the QBs cue. The cue itself is trivial, it can be the QB flipping off the center's mother in the stands, it's just an "all set" indicator. The QB doesn't clap and the ball is snapped immediately at the sound...forget throwing off the count and false starts, defenses would just watch the QB and jump the snap whenever he clapped his hands. Maybe I'm wrong on that but it just seems like that'd be dumb to move on the sound of the clap and i'm 99% sure that's not how we do it.

Comment 10 Mar 2016

Good beer. Blood Thirst Wheat is one of my summer go-tos. Wings are awesome. Grilled, not fried. They're phenomenal.

Comment 09 Mar 2016

And all Coach Cal did that season was just whine and complain and behave like a child and throw his young team under the bus when, as probably still the most talented team in the country, had a season about on par with ours so far. Thad's handled everything tremendously.

Comment 09 Mar 2016

To me the somewhat downward trajectory had to do with a specific recruiting class. Shannon Scott, Sam Thompson, LQR, Trey and Amir. These were all highly regarded guys (sans Trey) coming out of high school pretty much across the board. It was a strong recruiting class. They were nice, mild mannered guys and they just seemed to lack a few things personality-wise to really take the next step. They all wound up being nice contributing players. None of them turned out to be studs. Sometimes a guy or two won't pan out in a recruiting class, but unfortunately none of them really panned out to live up to expectations. That's not typically the case. As a result, that class put together solid seasons as they played alongside more talented and alpha-dog type players (Sullinger, Deshaun, Craft and Russell), but we weren't able to take the next step as long as they were the backbone of the team their junior and senior seasons. Four years of that class really kind of set us back as far as our roster goes. The year after their class, we only had one schollie to offer late in the game as Sullinger declared pro following his soph season, which we scrambled to find someone and wound up with Della Valle (who left early to go back to Italy). Only had two schollies the following year, Loving and Kam...we're only just getting to see them fit into a production role and then. My point is, we're still in recovery from that class not panning out. On top of that, Thad was going after blue chip recruits and rubbing shoulders with the Dukes/Kentuckys/UNCs/Kansas' of the world and lost out on some guys that would've been program changers. Not much shame in a non-basketball school losing out to the schools blue bloods in recruiting battles as far as I'm concerned.

I didn't think we'd get off to such a rocky start this year, but seeing the challenge working with this young of a team has presented, I think the coaching staff has done a fantastic job this season with these guys. I already like what I see out of the freshmen and sophs more than I did with that 2011 class. Most schools wouldn't be 20 win teams with rosters this young. For most it's a rebuilding year and .500 is a reasonable expectation. Kentucky went 21-12 and got bounced in the first round of the NIT the year after winning the nat'l title...that's one of the dominant blue bloods with one of the perceived best coaches in America after having brought in 3 of the top 15 recruits in the country and 4 of the top 40 (all of which are either in the NBA or most definitely will be). I'm excited about the next two years and happy with what Thad's been able to do this year.

Comment 27 Feb 2016
That is a pretty significant amount of budget for one program, 6%. Especially given all of the issues and needs that need addressed right here on this rock. Just because we aren't spending money to go to the moon doesn't mean money isn't going into R&D. There just isn't anymore R&D to be done with the moon. They're focusing it toward much more practical pursuits since these are expensive ventures. Plus the private sector has taken up so much of the slack on R&D since the 60s. Going to the moon at this point would be a large allocation of money that could've been better spent on space stations, satellite and defense system technology, mars exploration, etc., just so we can say "cool, look what we can do just because we feel like it."
Comment 27 Feb 2016
What would we have to gain from it? The government already can't afford NASA as it is and we should drop insane amounts of money to fly to the moon for shits and giggles? Video editing technology and film production is also infinitely more advanced than it was back then, so if they were really in it to fool us they could keep right on ahead doing so and we could've "been back to the moon" many times since.
Comment 18 Feb 2016

I always found the use of the term "humbled" or "humbling" very peculiar in the sports world. In my mind, having a statue built for you is being honored, not being humbled. Every sports figure says they're humbled whenever they're honored. I never understood that. My understanding of the term humbled is to be knocked down a peg or two off of your high horse. Maybe I could understand in the context of like being humbled when being inducted into the HOF or something, when you're considered the best that's not in and then you make it and look around to see all of the all time greats you're in the company of and that, I suppose, could be construed as humbling when you try to stack yourself up against them.

Comment 30 Jan 2016
All I know is this is a rebuilding year for Ohio State basketball. We're literally one of the youngest teams in America. No seniors, one junior. We're probably going to wind up with 20 wins after the dust settles from the post season. Show me other programs that win 20 games in this heavy of a rebuild and you're likely only going to see the school names of the major blue bloods of the sport. And we are in no way known as a basketball school or a blue blood that recruits itself. Part of me has hoped that Thad finally does get fed up with the undue criticism he gets and bolts for a better job because he deserves better than that and so the jackasses that call for his removal can have their memories refreshed of what a non-Matta OSU basketball program looks like. Jim O'Brien was a big hire for us at a school like OSU and he had to cheat just to essentially be a .500 coach. I guess we can just go back to that if ya prefer.
Comment 29 Jan 2016

But to do it every single year of your coaching career? I'd say that's impressive. I hope it doesn't get snapped. I pegged them for probably 4 wins out of the remaining games as well, keeping in mind that 4 of those games are against top 12 ranked teams and one is on the road at Wisky, which isn't an easy place to play.

Personally, I think 20 wins is a decent accomplishment with this team anyway. This is the youngest team Thad's ever coached and I believe I'd read that we're one of the 5 youngest teams in the country. We have no seniors (walkons who don't play don't count) and one junior. Rebuilding years aren't 20 win seasons for a lot of schools.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

I've never seen anything like what they're doing this year. And all I can do is just get the popcorn and watch and enjoy...even though I'm a Cavs fan, I'm also just a fan of basketball in general. Really was interested to see what would happen between them and SA...and they just keep roundhousing their way through the NBA. It's impossible to go undefeated in an NBA season...but they're showing the only team even remotely capable of beating the Golden State Warriors is the Golden State Warriors.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Do Brees and Manning have reputations for having weak arms? I never thought that was the case. Sure, now Manning's arm at age 39 and several surgeries later looks like a wet noodle...and you can see how much he's struggling in comparison to several years prior. I thought Brees was always known to have a stronger arm, the knock on him was just that he was too short. And Montana? I mean, he didn't have the greatest arm, but we're also talking about one of the best ever, not just some common case. And you're talking an infamous bunch with Kaep (who still took his team to the SB), George, Leaf, RGIII and Cutler...the other common thread among those guys is they're headcases. Let's not let the exceptions define the rule...a lot of successful QBs have strong arms and sometimes successful QBs have weaker arms. 

JT's going to have to fight more than just the arm strength stigma. He's going to have to fight the height stigma and he's also going to have to fight the "spread QB doesn't translate to the NFL" stigma. Unless he has a Manziel-esque season in which he goes berserk and puts up video game numbers, I don't think he's widely considered a top QB prospect coming out of his RS junior season next year. If you're projected to go highly if you leave early, right or not and fair or not, it's typically because you have that freakish cannon arm and the measurables that scouts and GMs drool over. I think he can make it in the NFL too, I just don't think there's a market for him leaving early unless he goes flipshit on everyone this year. He'd be better served to come back as a senior gain more experience and get better, instead of going pro early and being taken in a middle round as a project and having to fight just to stick with a team's roster. Even though Troy left as a senior, I see it as as similar scenario. Had the stigma of being too short and having enough arm strength and not a particularly fast release. He could play in the pros and showed some promise, but he had to fight to stick with teams and bounced around before falling out of the League altogether.

TL;DR - I think he can be successful in the League but don't agree with a lot of previous comments (not the one I'm replying to) saying he's a surefire candidate to potentially leave early next year. Don't think he'll have scouts drooling all over him enough to warrant an early exit.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Exactly my mindset on it. It'd be a hell of a coup for Meyer to pull a guy out of Louisiana away from LSU up to Ohio. If he can, I'd be blown away and thrilled. But I'm certainly not holding out much hope. It's hard enough to pry a big time Louisiana guy away from LSU within the south...and seemingly impossible to pry them all the way up to Ohio.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Hope to see him take another step forward. For my money he was the better of the two corners we had starting last season.

Comment 14 Jan 2016

Really, I'd prefer it if Simmons played 1 and Lyle the 2. JaQuan's always looked a bit out of position for me at 1. I think they put him at the 1 because they want to get their best players out there as starters and of those 5, he's the closest thing to a point. Kobi looks like a better natural ball handler and passer to me. Either way, both of these guys have the flexibility to play the 1 or the 2. With Arizona having a quality starting PG and UK being flush at both guard positions (not to mention two top 10 in the country PG/combo guards already in their class), I think those other schools face the same "where can we fit him in" conversation.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Usually depends on who scored most points, I think. I'll defer to BR on that one.