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Comment 6 hours ago

We don't need them to be good for our strength of schedule. Our SOS wasn't very good both of the last two years and ttun was god awful both years. In both cases, how good ttun was didn't hurt us at all. Last year we would've made the NCG if we'd won in the B1G title game and this year we made the 4 team playoff despite ttun and our SOS lacking. And if we hadn't laid an egg against VT, we'd probably be ranked 1 or 2 right now. If we handle our business every year, even against weaker competition, we'll have a shot at the national championship, regardless of how good ttun is. The only thing that can be accomplished by ttun being good is them stealing prized recruits from us and them being able to ruin national championship and B1G championships for us. I say F them. I hope they're terrible forever. It might not be good for the passion of The Game and the rivalry and as big of a fan of the rivalry as I am....I'm a much bigger fan of Ohio State winning football games and success. ttun being good poses a threat to that.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I was at Dick's yesterday at Easton and they had the new Zeke #15 unis there for $150.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

If we're speaking in technicality, A&M was still in the Big 12 at that time, not an SEC school. 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Not at all a disappointment. Schutt was a very good pickup...but in that recruiting class, Spence and Washington were supposed to be the next great defensive linemen. Schutt's playing behind Washington and a senior, Michael Bennett, that has been projected as highly as a top 15 NFL draft pick within the last 12 months. Schutt has played a lot for us, experienced some injuries and honestly has played well when he's gotten a chance IMO.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Am I missing something...or did Aaron Craft win a lot at Ohio State? The offense looked stagnant and unwatchable at times, but that also wasn't completely because of Craft in those instances. I like Shannon as well...but did you see him against the one team we've played this year (Louisville) that wasn't on the same level as Columbus State CC? He was so atrocious and in over his head in that game that he eventually had to be sat down...and when he was sat down, we started coming back. I'll typically chalk that up to first big game jitters...but it's not good when your freshmen are looking more composed than the senior PG in the first big test/legitimate game of the season. 

We can't be judging this team based on what they've done so far. Our schedule has been such a poor joke. I would hope we can be putting up 90+ on these teams.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Italian Village. Does anyone else around here actually live in/around the Short North? I don't believe I've come across anyone on this site.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

He was the offensive coordinator/mastermind behind the only time I can think of in my lifetime when Kansas was relevant in football. They won an Orange Bowl with him as OC, and were a 1 score loss (in the Big 12 championship game against a top 5 Missouri team) away from going undefeated and making the NCG....and they put up monster offensive numbers in some of those games that year, I recall. If he can do that with a sad ass Kansas team, I think he can do that and more with an infinitely more talented Ohio State team. I have total confidence in Ed.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Oh, this is no joke...Can't you see?! Follow me here...

@00Buck I couldn't be more with you on this. 59. Seems like a random enough number. That is, until you dig a little bit further...

We all know this was to be Braxton Miller's year. However, two quarterbacks combined to take over his position after we lost #5. Cardale Jones (#12) + JT Barrett (#16). 12 + 16 = 28. Minus the missing Braxton Miller (#5). 28 - 5 = 23. Good, god. The 23 Enigma. The Buckeyes got a W in the Big Ten championship as a result of this formula. The letter W...23rd letter in the alphabet, has two points down three points up. 23. It keeps coming up no matter how you shake it.

Next, Ohio State wins by 59 points. But why 59? No doubt a reference to the 1959 season in which Ohio State lost to Wisconsin 3-12. But wait a minute, that score...3-12. 3 times 12...36. We're not finished here. 36 plus 23....59. O.M.G.

You heard it here folks. this is irrefutable evidence. The Illuminati is upon us. Woody Hayes has been in conjunction with the Illuminati plotting this 59 point victory for just the right time....the year of Braxton; the year of 23. Hayes knew that even long after his death...The Illuminati would hold up the conspiracy. Coach Anderson and Melvin Gordon are Illuminati! The great revenge for the injustice of 1959! Coach Hayes always went to great lengths.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

@seattle linga, it's not that he's buying front row seats...he goes to people and says, hey you want to be on TV? let me sit down here with you. And some dumbass fans of ours that actually think he's a celebrity or are grown people enamored with the thought of making it on TV for 5 seconds standing behind some clown actually let him. It's dumb and sad. Some people I was sitting next to once brought all 3 of these clowns down to their seats and the guys were literally just on top of us all game. Buck-I-Guy is the biggest sham of a fan I've ever seen. He never even watches the game, just shouts at the cameraman to "show me some love!" allllll gaaaame loooong. It's extremely pathetic.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

That would be funny for everyone to copy him, actually. I know that's what would absolutely piss him off the most. I'd be willing to bet he'd start trying to take legal action against people lol.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

haha, always glad to partake, my man. We're essentially in agreement on a lot of points, and I like your last point about the boycott. I don't think it would have to come to that...however it would have to come to the point where the voice for movement is completely harmonious. That's when it starts looking debilitating to the long term sustainability of your product...that nearly every consumer feels there's a great product with an annoying flaw to it. That's as close as you'll come to a boycott. In this type of situation it's essentially the same thing. It's pretty nuts to get unified voice on a specific perceived topic/flaw, but if it happens, just about every time, the company or whatever will try to rectify it for the consumer, regardless of if it's cost effective because it's about the long term sustainability of your product. That's what happened in the last couple movements. It took a lot of time and the NCAA continued to fight it until there was almost unanimous harmony in the voice for change.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

OK, but the original point is, why did they decide to have a playoff in the first place? Because the public wanted it. We've had the same bowl system for I don't know how many years until people clamored and bitched and moaned enough for a national championship game. NCAA was considered unmovable on that. Over time, the people got that. When people got that, they clamored for a playoff. NCAA was considered unmovable on that. After 15 or whatever years of the BCS we've got that. If people clamor and complain enough, they'll get movement again. There was no more money in any of these moves. Yet the find themselves backed in a corner having to do it. Why? Because the customer is bitching and complaining for it to the point where all observers, inside and out started looking at it saying, if they want to maintain any credibility with the consumer long term, they better adjust. Pretty much everyone involved says that expanding the 4 team format is inevitable in the relatively near future...and it's not because the NCAA wants to or needs to to make's because they have to because it's what the consumer wants. The format stated above is the format I support. I was never a fan of the playoff format because I always argued that it would water things down...but people don't care to listen to reason and keep droning on about gotta have a playoff. Gotta have a playoff. No one in a decisions making position for the NCAA was for it because it didn't make sense money wise and logistic wise...but guess what happened? "The customer's always right."

Comment 07 Dec 2014

And again, I'm not saying that change is going to happen, I'm just saying if that's what the people want, eventually they will get it. There's no such thing as unmovable. We've seen unmovable so many times and yet change has happened. If the consumer wants change, they'll (the NCAA) find a way to make it work. This isn't about the money they'll make this year or next...this is about the sustainability of their product, which, ultimately they, like any business, will have to listen to their consumer to maintain their high demand and keep making money...not for this year or next...but for decades and generations. 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

wut? You say money drove the playoff...then you go on to explain that there wasn't more money in a playoff? Why would they even go to a playoff regardless of the number of teams if there wasn't money in it? Because it wasn't about the money short term, it was about years upon years of complaints from the "public". They would've just stayed with the old format if everything was driven by money, by your argument. But it's about the long term money and continuing to keep people interested in your product for years/decades going forward. The public is the ultimate constituent of money. If people have complaints and issues with a product and it becomes so loud that it's becoming bad for business...that's when it changes. Which is exactly what happened to lead us to a playoff system. I said never say never because it could also lead to anything at all if that's what people want long term.