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Comment 7 hours ago

There is a lot of speed, but the plays developed so slowly.  It looked to me like against a faster D than Kent State, many of those early drives stall out and often times behind the original line of scrimmage.  I think reps and games will cure this, but the pace needs to pick up.

Comment 7 hours ago

I don't know if they'll do it this year, but I've always thought UC would be the instate team that would eventually beat OSU.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

The Kent State game was the first chance I had to get a good look at the Buckeyes on tv this season. (Prior to this its all been live updates.)

The only problem I see is this team is very young and that is not a bad thing, its just not where OSU has recently been.  I don't think Ohio State has fielded a team that looks and plays this young since the Cooper era.  They have talent but also a lot of growing to do.  It seemed to me for team built on speed after the snap, they move pretty slowly.  I don't think they are slow, I just don't think they are sure of themselves yet.  With some more reps and games I expect to see them do great things but I don't know if they reach their potential before the end of the season. 

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Vrable used to do things like that back in the day.  He could be in the same play at 4 different places.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

I thnk the odds favor this to happen.  There is too much speed across too many players for an agressive D not to get burned at least once.  The question is how well VTs D contains this sort of thing.  Overall, I think this could be a game of big plays for OSU, where the acutal game feels much closer than the final score indicates.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

We once had a running back named Saine.  I remember his wheel routes at the rosebowl and get warm and fuzzy inside.  Does that make me insane?

Comment 04 Sep 2014

As for taking advantage of overpursuits, I think thats a way this game could get out of control for VT.  Not trying to come off as a homer here, as I really think this game will feel close, but the cost of agressive playcalling on D comes at tremendous risk.  Furthermore, I think Urban with the players he has in skill positions are exactly the people to explore those opportunities.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

No, nobody runs their mouths like the Duck fans!!! You want to shut Sparty up, BEAT THEM, but don't let that honor fall to the Oregon.  In the online community, there is no species more insufferable than those Quack f*ckers!

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Thats my thought as well.  I mean, it probably does not even take as much time as a beer.  Just say "I did not like seeing that, Craig.  That came close to assault in my book, and I'd like you to think about it"  Bringing the police seems totally out of order.  I mean, if the police need involved, then so do the courts, and Child Protective Services.  It could be that what went down was just that big, but I sort of doubt it.