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First started watching OSU sports during the '90 football season, when I was about 12. Loved it, and transitioned right into OSU basketball as well. I can truly say that Jimmy Jackson was my first sports hero. Wore his jersey so much that it ended up being my nickname at that time, even though I was a short white kid. My love for all things Scarlet and Grey led to matriculation to OSU in fall '96. Had some fun, breathed some helium with Block O, got arrested at Sloopy's partying with the ski club, but ultimately this homesick guy needed a place a little closer, so I transferred to OU in Athens, hence my handle on here. Obviously have a lot of love for both schools, but I made the best move for me, and have never stopped loving my Buckeyes.

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Comment 24 Sep 2014

2011 for me.  No one individual star as good as some of the young talent on the '07 team (except maybe Sully), but that team, when on, was devastating.  I've never seen Bo Ryan Wisconsin's pants pulled down as bad as in the season finale.  They were made to look like a junior high team.  It was unreal.  The Bucks were just shredding teams in the B1G and NCAA tourneys.  Until UK.  That is up there with some of the football upsets for me, and by far the most painful basketball loss since the '92 Michigan final 8 game.  It was HORRIBLE.  Just shows that one off night can just kill you in the tourney.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Yup.  Said it after the game.  This VT team is not good at all.  To hear Texas Tom Herman describe it, VT's defense was like the freaking steel curtain.  There is no way in hell OSU should have lost that game, and no way in hell they would have even 4 years ago.  This staff has failed to prepare superior talent to play at even GT or ECU's level.  They need to figure out exactly why OSU is the paperest of paper tigers these days, and exactly what needs to be done, because in the Meyer era they have been consistently soft as a rotten pumpkin.  And all they have given is excuses.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Wish I could upvote this more than once. Lol at all these people that thought VT was good. We just tanked against a horrible team

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Yup. Just in time for what has become the daily dose of bad news about OSU football/bball. Ah, I long for the days of 5-6 years ago. Sure would be nice to have something to feel good about, but whipping horribly overmatched Kent State is probably not going to do it. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I agree with everyone above that is tired of coachspeak when it comes to this. "It's not a good gauge of where we are right now" does not cut it for every game. Sooner or later you have to go out and beat the team across the field no matter who they are, or if they have put in a wrinkle or two just for you. VT is not gimmicky. They have a bevy of young players who went out and executed a good game plan. If OSU had done that, they would have won. 

  I don't think Urban has to call anyone out. Everyone saw the game. What he has to figure out is why in his third year here he has been unable to field a defense who can stop anyone who is not totally inept at moving a football. He has to figure out why his wideouts have looked good on paper, but cannot loosen a defense at all. He has to figure out why he always seems to be at a decided schematic disadvantage against teams with a pulse. Other teams have to deal with inexperience at positions all the time. That's college football. 

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is like "The Urban Who Cried Improvement". Sooner or later no one will believe you anymore if they can't see it with their eyes. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

   Starting with the horrible game last night, this is just not my 24 hours.  We lost in a fashion that confirms that real doubts remain whether Urban and his staff are going to be able to produce a hard-nosed team at OSU.  I had to come to work at 0600 on a Sunday morning.  Even though I tried to miss it, I hit a raccoon on the way into work.  Lastly, I just spent a half hour of time on the clock typing a thoughtful, measured response to this article, and on the state of the program, only to have it all lost with the stroke of a key.  I need a whole bottle of Sailor Jerry's.

  The short and sweet (or rotten) of what my thoughts were regarding where OSU is at under Urban right now is as follows:  We all know that Urban is in his third year here.  Maybe it is unreasonable and unfair to expect multiple national titles and a complete domination of the B1G.  We are starting a RS freshman QB, a green O-line, and a mostly green secondary.

  That said, the VT team OSU played last night is not going to set the world on fire.  They are every bit as young as OSU, started a RS frosh QB on the road in front of 107,000, and will probably be middle of the pack in the ACC.  In a few weeks, we will see them struggle against the North Carolinas and Virginias of the ACC world, who even if they lose, will probably present a tougher matchup with VT than OSU did due to their coaching staffs' ability to utilize what talent they possess into a coherent gameplan.  OSU has recruited well under Urban, and the cupboard was not bare even as he was starting the regime.  This staff, for over two seasons now, has failed to develop players, position groups, and a coherent scheme on which to hang their hat for success against teams that they can't just overpower.  A healthy Miller and Hyde had covered up for the fact that teams for which the talent level was less of a mismatch have consistently outschemed and outplayed OSU's staff and team.  In a little over two seasons, Urban and co. still do not have a signature win at OSU.  Kenny G was a hero for saving our ass agaist a Purdue team that we should have shellacked.  Tyvis Powell saved us against a horrible scUM team.  And those are the BAD B1G teams.

  The DNA may well be there for future success. However, there are only so many Mulligans Urban can take on putting a hard nosed team on the field.  Many of the same issues that have been apparent from the start of his tenure are not only still unresolved, they haven't even improved.  Recruiting services are national.  These are players that Alabama, FSU, etc., want on their roster.  With the exception of Braxton's injury, the staff has known exactly who it has to work with since the spring.  Comparison is the thief of joy, but it seems other schools are able to at least look competent or play to players' strengths with rebuilding seasons and "green" players. All other staffs across the country have just as much time to get inexperienced players ready to make good decisions.  I didn't expect a national Championship this season, but I didn't expect to be physically and mentally beat by a mediocre VT team at home.  There are real doubts about whether OSU is on the right path.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Me too!  Hence the name.  Was there from '97 to '01.  Like it says on my profile, I was watching Ohio State sports long before I went to college, but OU was the right choice for me school-wise.  I try to watch the Bobcats when I can, even if I can't make it to Athens as much as I used to.  So all you 90's guys like me remember the magic of the Nick, the Cheese, and Night Court?

  I like the success that Solich has had there, even if they haven't been as good as some of the best MAC teams over the last 10 years or so.  Was hoping that we  give Kentucky all they can handle.  I work in Kentucky (even though I live in Ohio - river rat), and Big Blue Nation gets on my last nerve.  

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Oh, and when I was a freshman, I got arrested for underage possession of alcohol at Sloopy's on High Street with the ski club. I had to sell what remained of my season tickets, which included Minnesota and Michigan. It was the Tai Streets to the house game, but I missed it nonetheless. Generating money to take care of my citation. 

Comment 18 Jun 2014

1.  I won 20 bucks this last year betting against OSU in the B1G title game. I saw the defense get carved up pretty bad the previous 2 weeks, and I didn't think we had a chance against a good team. Hey, it's a confessional. 

2.  I am 0-4 watching OSU play Illinois at home. Was there when we lost in '92, '94, '01, and '07. I will not be going to the Illinois home game again. 


Comment 31 May 2014

I absolutely would.  I am jealous as hell of PSU heading to Ireland for a game this year.  My wife and I visited Ireland last year, and we had a blast.  The people, the land, the history, all of it was fantastic.  I would look at it as combining two of my favorite things - travel and watching the Bucks.  It would be such a unique experience.  I hope Gene is open to this idea in the future, if OSU is approached in any way about the possibility.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

I'm from around the Portsmouth area, and I'm happy that Shawnee has something like that to hang their hat on.  It's good that a smaller school in a small town has something to attract students interested in that field.  Lord knows we could use more creative types here on the river.  That said, SSU has no football team, and has never put anyone in the NFL.  :-)

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Playing intramural basketball in HS, I made a three that was kind of like Chris' in the article.  Was inbounded to me with a couple of seconds on the clock, I dribbled a little to get closer, and with 2 players closing fast, I hit the buzzer-beater from the left wing.  And baby, the bank was OPEN.  Totally meant to do it too.  Not a huge mob scene, but a few friends rushed the court.  Woo Hoo!

  Freshman football against Portsmouth I took a pitch around the left end for 10-15 yards and met the safety on the goal line.  I scored, and he was helped off the field.  Not that I'm advocating putting people out of the game, but it made me feel like a badass for like a day or two.

  Last one.  As you can tell from the handle and my profile, I went to OU for undergrad.  Took bowling for a class one quarter just for fun and a credit hour.  It was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you played 2 on 2.  Anyway, if there are any old farts from the 90's like me on here who spent any time in Athens back then, Wednesday was quarter draft night at the Cheese (Greenery).  Got royally wasted one Weds, woke up in my bar clothes, struggled to bowling at 10 am.  Reeking from the bar, still with the stamp on my hand, and without a partner for 2 on 2, I bowled the best 2 games of my life concurrently, and just buried the other 2 people.  Was in a hungover zone.  It was beautiful.