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First started watching OSU sports during the '90 football season, when I was about 12. Loved it, and transitioned right into OSU basketball as well. I can truly say that Jimmy Jackson was my first sports hero. Wore his jersey so much that it ended up being my nickname at that time, even though I was a short white kid. My love for all things Scarlet and Grey led to matriculation to OSU in fall '96. Had some fun, breathed some helium with Block O, got arrested at Sloopy's partying with the ski club, but ultimately this homesick guy needed a place a little closer, so I transferred to OU in Athens, hence my handle on here. Obviously have a lot of love for both schools, but I made the best move for me, and have never stopped loving my Buckeyes.

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Comment 20 Dec 2014

Didn't want to earlier, but am now turning it off. Matta as of now is failing to put the players he has into a position to compete with relevant teams. It's sad, considering that his recruiting hasn't dropped off. I'm nowhere near calling for the guy's head, he has won way too much for us to think that, but he is really starting to look like he is struggling to develop players, and to make coaching decisions that give them the best chance to win. 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Woof. Don't we play Louisville this year?  Ouch. Potential, but this team is REALLY rough around the edges. Did not do the little things well at all. If they want to finish in the top half of the B1G, they need to clean things up badly. The shooting has improved, but that's it so far. 

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I'll play.  A win, first and foremost.  Beat a team that, if lacking for overall talent, was really well coached fundamentally.  Even maligned Jalin had 100 total yards, as DJ pointed out.  Everyone is feeling that "it should have been 38-14" or so, but the things we have to fix to make it so are really minor.  It was just a hair away from a game no one would be griping about.  Sometimes you have to win the grinders, and we did.  We are fully capable of hitting on all cylinders (see: MSU), and when we aren't we still won against a ranked team in 20 degrees with snow.  I'm not really displeased at all.