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First started watching OSU sports during the '90 football season, when I was about 12. Loved it, and transitioned right into OSU basketball as well. I can truly say that Jimmy Jackson was my first sports hero. Wore his jersey so much that it ended up being my nickname at that time, even though I was a short white kid. My love for all things Scarlet and Grey led to matriculation to OSU in fall '96. Had some fun, breathed some helium with Block O, got arrested at Sloopy's partying with the ski club, but ultimately this homesick guy needed a place a little closer, so I transferred to OU in Athens, hence my handle on here. Obviously have a lot of love for both schools, but I made the best move for me, and have never stopped loving my Buckeyes.

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Comment 11 Apr 2014

Playing intramural basketball in HS, I made a three that was kind of like Chris' in the article.  Was inbounded to me with a couple of seconds on the clock, I dribbled a little to get closer, and with 2 players closing fast, I hit the buzzer-beater from the left wing.  And baby, the bank was OPEN.  Totally meant to do it too.  Not a huge mob scene, but a few friends rushed the court.  Woo Hoo!

  Freshman football against Portsmouth I took a pitch around the left end for 10-15 yards and met the safety on the goal line.  I scored, and he was helped off the field.  Not that I'm advocating putting people out of the game, but it made me feel like a badass for like a day or two.

  Last one.  As you can tell from the handle and my profile, I went to OU for undergrad.  Took bowling for a class one quarter just for fun and a credit hour.  It was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you played 2 on 2.  Anyway, if there are any old farts from the 90's like me on here who spent any time in Athens back then, Wednesday was quarter draft night at the Cheese (Greenery).  Got royally wasted one Weds, woke up in my bar clothes, struggled to bowling at 10 am.  Reeking from the bar, still with the stamp on my hand, and without a partner for 2 on 2, I bowled the best 2 games of my life concurrently, and just buried the other 2 people.  Was in a hungover zone.  It was beautiful.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Free throws and rebounding. Those are 2 things that it seems Matta has not been able to teach well for all his success. I think dudes like Sullinger and Oden came to Ohio State with those skills already. Oh, and we always make an absolute jobber look all B1G against us. Like this Newbill dude. 

Comment 29 Jan 2014

We beat that Nebraska team by 30 at home, then lost to them on the road. We would have beat this team by 20 a month ago. I just think we lost something somewhere, and are slumping badly. 

Comment 12 Jan 2014

Can it be 2015?  I've never wished a year of my life away, but 2014 is easily the worst year of my life so far.  Both for OSU's futility in the major sports, and other reasons. 

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Now I just hope Urban has the guts to roll a couple of heads on our defensive staff. That's what happens:  A unit glaringly doesn't cut it, not show improvement, and changes are made. If Urbs stubbornly retains all besides Withers, Hoke has officially done more to improve his team in the offseason than Meyer. 

Comment 01 Jan 2014

I, too, have a bad feeling on this one.  The difference between Sparty's defense and ours is the difference between a win and a loss.  I just can't be confident in this (or next year's) team until the changes are made that will improve this defense.  Till then, I believe that Boyd and Watkins will light us up.  I hope I'm wrong.

Comment 01 Jan 2014

I feel like in Rocky 3 when Mickey tells Rocky that the reason he is still winning is that his opponents have been cream puffs, hand-picked so he wins.  Then he fights a real opponent and finds out that he doesn't stack up.  That feeling that your victories were hollow is how Sparty has made me feel this year.  They have guts on defense, and we don't.  I have a bad feeling about Friday.  Armani Reeves against Watkins?  Sheesh...

Comment 01 Jan 2014

Just makes me kind of sad to see a hard-hitting well-coached defense.  Wish it was ours.  Used to be ours.  We're recruiting really well on that side of the ball, and I'd hate to see all of that talent go to waste over the next few years.  You need a strong defense to win anything.