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Comment 21 Sep 2016
  1. Finebaum is a troll. But that's ok . . . his business model depends on that.
  2. I'm happy with Michigan right now.
  3. I'm happy with Harbaugh too.
  4. OSU and MSU are better until Michigan proves differently.
  5. Urban is a recruiter extraordinaire. This is the golden age for OSU and OSU fans. Michigan is doing a fine job recruiting, but they're a step or two behind OSU. Them's just the facts.
  6. There are lots of whiny Michigan fans out there. Quit whining and shut up until the team actually does something.
  7. I hate Sept. Heisman's. And the rankings mean pretty much nothing right now. I don't think OSU has dropped at all.
  8. I don't know why, but it seems like there are an awful lot of OSU fans obsessed with Michigan. Why, I ask myself.
  9. There also are a lot of pretty rude OSU fans on here. Hey, it's your site. Have at it. Really, I'm not trying to put you down, but some of it is pretty classless.
  10. I'm glad we're playing PSU this week. And if you really want to hate someone, hate on the PSU fans that don't get it with JoePa. JoePa knew. So did many on his former staff. Wink, wink.
Comment 20 Sep 2016

Hmmmm. Don't know what to say. FTR, I've never watched an Urban Meyer Presser. Are there links here? I saw the summary for the teleconference, but haven't seen a whole press conference. I don't know that mgoblog has ever linked to one. Probably has, but I've missed it. Again, I really don't know how to respond.

OSU has an excellent team. The new players have stepped right in. It appears that OSU has no weakness. OSU is the class of the Big10, and OSU and Alabama are in a class by themselves nationally. OSU is in a golden age, with recruiting, coaching, and facilities. The rich get richer. I guess I'm jealous, but what can you do? I can understand that kids want to play for a National Championship and also go to the NFL. And that OSU and Alabama are two of the best places for those dreams to come true.

If Michigan gets very lucky, they could win this year. (If Barrett gets hurt, or there is a significant injury or two on the DL, or something else like that). But if Michigan doesn't win in 2016, we might not realistically have a chance until 2019. It doesn't help to be bitter, and it doesn't help to be delusional, and it doesn't help to complain and throw in the towel. What can you do?

One last thing:  I believe that every sane Michigan fan who really understands football will give Harbaugh and Michigan a break as regards beating OSU. Given everything the Buckeyes have going for them, it could take a good 3 - 5 years from Harbaugh's start until Michigan actually beats OSU.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I'd be fine with Baker having the award alone. Nothing for Peppers. Like y'all say, Peppers is overrated, too much hype, too much praise, anyone could do those punt and kick returns, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. Peppers will be just destroyed by OSU's receivers and runners and QB. No way he's fast enough and your line porous enough for him to get to JT. Nothing to worry about. He's good and all, but probably not good enough to start for OSU. Baker, Booker, Raekwon, Conley, et al, they're studs. Peppers? It's all just hype in September. Let's see if he can actually do anything against a real team, like MSU, or Iowa, or OSU. Until then? Just shut up.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Every decommit is different. I'm too lazy to look up names right now, but here are 4 that come to mind.

  • TE out of Detroit area recently decommitted. This was a good thing. Honestly, his talent level was just not up to what is needed. I believe he and the coaching staff had a heart to heart, and it was made clear there wasn't a space for him. This gave him lots and lots of time to look for a better landing space.
  • Two kids out of Ohio. Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are going to once again recruit Ohio. There are too many good players in Ohio, a wealth of riches. Many of them are available because OSU doesn't have room. But I think they committed in an emotional moment. The reality is that even at mgoblog, guys were scratching their heads when those guys committed. Even here at 11W, you guys were saying, yeah, right, those guys are going to Michigan? Cumong. I don't blame Harbaugh for trying. The other thing is that 2018 commitments just don't matter that much, nor do decommitments.
  • Aubrey Solomon, DT from the south. That one hurt. Solid DT's don't grow on trees. The failure of a grad intern flunky is irritating. Having said that, apparently, family (momma?) strongly wanted him to stay near home. What can you say? It has always been hard to pull recruits out of the deep south. Still, that was the one decommitment I can think of that hurt.
Comment 18 Sep 2016

Yeah, we'll see (on the OSU game.) There are a bunch of important things:

  • Do our 3 starter level guys come back strong? (Lewis at CB, Charlton at DE, and Mone at NT). 3 guys that are starter level make a huge difference.
  • How much does Michigan develop and grow over the season? Specifically, does Speight have the same improvement gain that we saw with Rudock last year?
  • How well does the defense pick up and fully implement Brown's schemes? Right now the D is still learning with Brown.
  • Does the OL get any better. Frankly, a lot of our problems are with the OL. Drevno is a good coach, but the OL still isn't there. And really, we don't have a good (let alone gamechanging) RB. The OL situation really sucks, because that is something that is hard to correct quickly.
  • Does Michigan stay healthy?
  • Does OSU stay healthy?

I also think we kill Sparty this year. Regarding that, I don't think you're going to hear Harbaugh or other kids mouthing off. Harbaugh is doing a slow burn. He is pointing to the MSU game, and will unleash the barbarian hordes. And you won't hear Harbaugh brag or mouth off. And after Michigan kills MSU, Harbaugh will have nothing but praise for Dantonio and the team.

Coming back to Michigan - Sparty, I think it goes your way and OSU wins. However, for the first time in a long time, I feel like Michigan COULD win if things fall just right.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

OSU's got a great team. Urban is a great coach. The recruiting at OSU has been off the charts. All of those things are true statements.

I don't know when Michigan will be competitive with OSU. All I know if that there's no point in saying it unless it is true, and we haven't seen it be true in a long time. What I will say is that I believe Michigan is heading in the right direction, and that Harbaugh is the right coach for Michigan. I'll also say that I am looking forward to the OSU game more than I have for years.

The other thing that will help UM out a wee bit is having 3 starters on defense back before too long. How much it will help, I don't know. I can't predict the difference. But you have to think getting back a CB who was rated in the top 5 returning CB's in the country is going to help. Along with two solid, solid guys on the DL (Charlton and Mone) coming back too.

I now am predicting Michigan wins out the rest of their games . . . except their most important one. They win all of them except the last one . . . Michigan loses to OSU.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Well, Urban Meyer is awesome. I'd take him as Michigan's coach in a heartbeat. You are very fortunate. I wouldn't care for Saban, or Dantonio, or Miles, or Pete Carroll. But Urban Meyer is at the top. Short of him, I love Harbaugh.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

This whole incident is just hilarious to me. I mean, for Harbaugh haters, this is PURE GOLD. Pure Gold, Jerry. Harbaugh:  the gift that never ends:

  • Overnight slumber parties.
  • Climbing trees.
  • Playing Peruball shirtless with players.
  • Tweeting about all kinds of things.
  • Pushing the satellite camp thing TO THE EXTREME.
  • Spring Break in Florida.
  • Giving plain weird radio interviews.
  • Drinking milk to excess.
  • Spouting off on "American Sniper."
  • Spouting off on Kap not standing for the Star Spangled Banner.
  • EATING BOOGERS (or not).

Cumong, Harbaugh never quits. He is one weird dude. I dunno, I might hate him too if I wasn't a diehard Michigan fan.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

The legend grows.

"I have never eaten a booger in my entire life," Harbaugh said with a laugh. "That might have looked like what was happening. But I think if you rub your nose and then you bite your fingernail, that's not eating a booger now.

"There was no booger eating. Let me clear the air ... for clarity here, for the record, I have never eaten a booger in my entire life."


Comment 12 Sep 2016

Couldn't agree more as far as Peppers just shutting up. If you are butthurt, just get rid of your Twitter account. Never feed the trolls. It doesn't work. If Michigan is going to say anything, say it on the field.

As regards those buckeye fans who think they are anonymous. Actually, as regards those Buckeye fans from ANY SCHOOL (obv. including UofM) who think they are anonymous. I am 100% for them being "outed." Rip away that veil of anonymity. Post their name on the Internet, their phone number, their address, their place of employment, their photograph. It just infuriates me when people are abusive because of the anonymity of the internet. Sometimes, there are ways you can ferret out someone's identity if you are savvy enough with a computer. I'm all for jerks and a-holes having to deal with the consequences of their own behavior. It doesn't matter whether it is an idiot who poisons the trees at Toomer's corner or someone who crosses the line on twitter, these morons need to be called to task. Especially by their own fanbase.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

As regards Michigan's offense, a few comments. First, I think you take what the defense gives you. If they're going to dare you to pass, keep on doing it. If you can stand in the pocket and shred their secondary for 300 plus yards, 4 TD's and no picks, go for it. Second, I think Harbaugh would rather keep the playbook closed until it is needed. I remember being irked when Michigan used a great play in a game where it wasn't needed a couple years ago. It was completely unnecessary, and ruined an future surprise. Save that for games where you are fighting a much better opponent.

As regards Michigan's defense, well they got gashed on several plays. You can blame it on several things, but they got gashed. I'd much rather they work through this now, and next week vs. Colorado, rather than being shell shocked against OSU. Few comments. It will help when we have 3 starters back on the field. Jourdan Lewis is the fastest guy on the team, and has been out the first two games with injury. And two starters on the DL are out for a week or two. Second, speed kills. On the 87 yard TD, RB Adrian Killins did a great job, and it was a well designed play. There was no way once he made the boundary we were going to catch a guy who ran 10.3 in 100 meters in HS. Third, Don Brown may be a defensive whiz, but there are going to be some kinks in installing his defense. With all the blitzes and aggression, Michigan is going to get burned on occasion. It remains to be seen how well the defensive players pick things up over the course of the season.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

SMH. Peppers needs to deal with it. OSU fans should just continue to send him abusive and obnoxious tweets. Yep, I think that's a winning formula. Get inside his head with jokes about the clap and being overrated and too small and too slow. I think he'll be demoralized and that will help your team win the game. Shoot, you should shoot to hang 50 on the Wolverines this time around, and shut them out. With all the top recruiting classes, this will show the world who is king and who is on top.

I'm afraid I won't be able to respond in kind to any Buckeyes, since I don't have a twitter account, and I'm too old to tweet college students. But hey, if it works for OSU fans at 11W, have at it. What could possibly go wrong with tweeting athletes on the team? They're public figures, they've grown men, and it goes with the territory. Stay classy, my friends.

(EDIT:  obviously I'm being sarcastic. imhe, there is no way on earth anyone over the age of 22 should ever be contacting or tweeting someone who they don't have a personal or professional relationship with. I'd kinda like to see if any of the proprietors on this site are gonna weigh in on that. I don't mind your trashing JH for eating boogers. He can take it. And FTR, I've grossed out my teens big time by picking my nose and yep, actually eating a booger. Guess it's just a Michigan thing? But seriously, I don't think it reflects well on any fanbase to pile on an athlete via twitter or social media.)

Comment 09 Sep 2016

I'm incensed by this play. If the NFL doesn't take significant disciplinary action against the Broncos and the guy who left his feet to lead with his helmet and spear Newton, it makes every last thing they say about safety a completely bogus lie.

Comment 09 Sep 2016

Great, great book. Couldn't put it down. Great analysis of the culture in Appalachia, and the culture of privilege. I posted about this book sev. weeks ago, but the mods took it down. Will say, regardless of your political persuasion, it is worth taking the time to read and consider what J.D. Vance writes. Because the book is so autobiographical, it does not read like a snotty academic treatise in the least. But there are lots of nuggets of gold to mine from the book.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

I just read an interesting article yesterday on rail gun technology. They've been testing rail guns at Dahlgren for several years. The Zumwalt is apparently the only ship in the Navy that can generate the charge needed to propel the shell. However, the speed of the shell is literally so severe that the rails (the gun barrel, so to speak) disintegrates and falls apart pretty quickly. They're going to have to keep working on the technology before they can ever think of realistically implementing it.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

If you can get to Norfolk VA, you can spend all day on the Wisconsin. I was able to get to a lot of the ship in just a few hours. They have a fair amount of the ship open, although they continue to add more areas. I think the berthing areas and the heads haven't changed all that much. In fact, the Wisconsin was active recently enough that a lot of the working areas aren't much different than a cruiser or destroyer today.

I've heard that the Aegis Burke Destroyer handles much better than a cruiser, especially in heavy seas. Supposedly they were going to shut down all the cruisers, but there undoubtedly was politics involved.

One thing:  I can't even imagine what it would be like to be on a ship without AC. Temps in the Persian Gulf are regularly in excess of 100 degrees. There's just no way you could function in an enclosed area. Engine areas must be totally brutal. Replenishment at sea is bad enough.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

Yep, yep, yep. Couldn't agree more. Technology is good, and in fact necessary. But there are a multitude of problems when you become fully reliant on technology. One problem, at the design stage, is who has the programming? That is to say, for OPSEC reasons, do we really want anything built or designed in China or Japan?

Second problem, as you just said, what happens with failure? I have a good friend who is pretty high up in Motorola. Back in 2001, after the 9/11 twin tower terrorist disaster, communication in NYC in lower Manhattan was at a standstill. That isn't quite correct. Cell phones were almost useless that day. There was a twofold problem. First, the towers held so much of the cell tower transmission capability that when they went down, it knocked out the signal for a huge number of phones. Second, as people all over were seeking to contact loved ones, the traffic absolutely swamped and crippled the system. Before that time, bean counters in NY had wanted to kill police and fire radios, because it was vastly cheaper to have the police and fire and emergency responders all move to cell phones. They would have saved millions and millions:  if you just provided every police officer and EMT and fireman with a cell phone, you knock out the need for all kinds of expensive radio infrastructure. On that horrible day, old-fashioned Motorola radios allowed for communication when everything else failed.

Robocop is an incredibly cheesy, stupid movie. And yet, it struck a chord, for these very issues we're talking about. The movie lampooned the ability of technology to eliminate humans from the picture. Not only did the technology in "enforcement droid 209" fail, the movie also highlighted how it can be disastrous when someone with ulterior motives has control over some of the programming.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

The Navy shut down the Zumwalt, agreeing only to finish the prototype and two more that were in production. The cost of a single destroyer? 3,96 billion dollars. Instead, they decided to restart up building Arleigh Burke class destroyers, at a cost of 1.843 billion dollars. That means the Navy can afford to build two Arleigh Burke's for the cost of a single Zumwalt. Even with greater personnel costs, the Burke is far, far more cost effective. And as good as the Zumwalt might be, there is really something about "presence." That is to say, two Burkes can be in two places, from the Persian Gulf to the China Sea to the Mediterranean to home ports. Plus, the Burke is a highly proven ship, with the best heavy sea maneuverability on the ocean.

Technology isn't always all it is cracked up to be. My daughter is an ACNT (Aegis Computer Network Technician) on a Burke Destroyer. Her job, in a nutshell, is to make sure the weapons systems computer network on the destroyer NEVER goes down. If that network goes down, an entire carrier group essentially becomes sitting ducks for anyone with ballistic missiles. The point is, they have problems with the CURRENT technology. And the supposedly "new and improved" technology doesn't ever seem to deliver. Here are several examples.

  1. Gerald Ford class Carrier:  It is more than a half year late, has no date on when it will be done, and is more than 2 1/2 billion overbudget, coming in at 13 billion. And it still doesn't work . . . they still don't have the catapault working, or the elevators working right, etc., etc.
  2. F35 jet fighter:  hailed as the most expensive fighter in history, the program has been plagued with problems. The software runs on the ground, and a lack of testing and functionality is delaying the program by years.
  3. The LCS (Littoral Combat Ship), a new design, has had 3 out of 4 ships grounded THIS YEAR with engine failures and other problems.

Technology looks great in movies like Star Wars and Star Trek and Transformers, etc. But the reality on the ground and in the water is often quite different.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Of course Michigan fans are excited. The Wolverines have been crappy for a long time. This is better. But yeah, let's see what they do when they face real opposition. Hawaii is such a snacky cake, it just doesn't mean a thing, doesn't prove a thing. RR used to beat up on crappy teams. Heck, Illinois beat up on a crappy team, as did Maryland. When Michigan plays Wisconsin, and Michigan State, and Iowa, we'll have a better gauge on whether or not they actually have improved. And for many Michigan fans, we anticipate doing well against every team . . . except OSU.

Comparing Michigan and OSU, I feel pretty comfortable with our top 30 guys against your top 30 guys. Not saying Michigan is better:  just that they're in the ballpark. I also feel comfortable with comparing last year's recruiting class. But comparing the entire team, OSU is just better. It will take a while before Michigan is at the same level.

I would hope that if Michigan has surprises and trick plays, they would hold them in reserve until they're actually needed. The biggest revelations from Saturday are McCray on defense and Evans on offense. If they both continue to play at this level, and stay healthy, it opens things up for Michigan tremendously. I also want to see how the OL and DL do against teams that actually provide some opposition, unlike Hawaii.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Injuries are the key to Michigan's season. If they luck out and don't have a ton of injuries, they could go pretty far. But it takes a lot of luck to be injury free. I think that Michigan's top 25 - 30 players match up well with OSU. But we don't have a ton of depth, especially at LB.

For OSU, yeah, you are more exposed on the DL with depth than you have been for years.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Injuries are always the wildcard that can't be predicted. But yeah, I think this might be a rough year for OSU on the interior.

Regarding UM and the LB's, we'll just have to see. Key for Michigan is a guy you haven't heard of . . . Furbush. He is working through some kind of injury. It will be several weeks before he returns. But yeah, the thought is that against a team like OSU, he is going to see the field a lot. They aren't going to pull Peppers off the field, but are going to work to minimize having him face big OL guys, power running, etc. I personally think that Peppers will do just fine against Weber and Barrett. He is fast enough and big enough to close in the open field and take them on. But he obviously isn't big enough to deal with your OL. I don't know what kind of FB and TE blocking you are bringing this year. I think Gedeon, McCray, and Furbush will be fine with bigger dues. Peppers would shift more to a nickel or safety position against certain formations.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Michigan's defense looks legit. Three comments. First, let's see what they do in the next several games. Hawaii was gassed, and way overmatched. Can't tell anything by snacking on a cupcake. Michigan has been burned by putting too much importance on the ability to pound snacky cakes, and then fall on their face when the Big Boys show up. Second, I'm watching the DL carefully. If Mone, Hurst (DT), and Charlton (DE) are all healthy and functioning fully in another 3 - 4 weeks, watch out. If not, the depth is still not good enough. Third, at first glance, the LB corps acquitted themselves well. McCray (Trotwood Madison) was Big 10 defensive player of the week. Gedeon and Peppers did very well. This was the biggest unknown. I still think they don't have enough depth at LB, but if they stay healthy . . . 

As an aside, I've said this elsewhere, but losing Sprinkle won't hurt OSU . . . yet. It does mean, however, that you really are on the edge in terms of depth. Lose one more DT, and I think you will struggle against MSU, Wisconsin, and Michigan (in that phase of the game). A good OC with a good OL and power running game is going to continue pounding you guys up the middle, wearing out the DL. If you can't get solid starter level rotation in the middle, this is going to be bad for OSU by the 4th quarter of those games.