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Comment 3 hours ago

Not gonna defend Michigan, because I can't. Their play this century is pitiful. Of course, having drunk the kool-aid, I think things are turning around under Harbaugh. But yeah, they actually need to beat someone in the top 10 first, and particularly, beat MSU and OSU. (That's what ultimately makes the loss to MSU more painful last year). I like Herbstreit's analysis on Michigan, which really echoes Spielman:  Michigan hasn't had the horses to play. Maybe 5 years or so ago, Spielman commented that not a single player at Michigan would start at OSU. Painful, but true. Herbstreit opines that Harbaugh is turning that around quickly, but is still a couple years away. We shall see.

Addendum:  Bruce was pretty good, but Cooper? Nah. Gotta win the big one. If you go 11 - 1 every year but lose to Michigan, it doesn't matter. Tressel got it. So did Bo, Woody, Meyer. We'll see what happens with Harbaugh. He obviously has an EXTREMELY formidable opponent in Meyer (and Meyer's coaching staff).

Comment 4 hours ago

Yeah, Brutus, I didn't want to write too much, but I agree with you on Nebraska and PSU. In certain ways, I think the Big 10 was bad for Nebraska. I get the TV money, but I still think they belong in the Big 12. I don't know what to say about PSU, but I am dubious about their return to relevance as well. The cult there is strong, and they MIGHT come back. But I think they're going to wander in the wilderness a long time, 15 - 20 years, before that could be a possibility.

Comment 7 hours ago

Here's the thing. It has been my observation over the last 30 some years that these top 8 perennial teams may have a downturn, but eventually, they come back. I remember, for instance, that USC was down for a significant period, from around 85 through 2000. At that time, I naively thought they would never come back. Alabama was down for two separate 10 year periods. I also naively wondered if they would again be relevant. ND has not been at the top for the most part since Holtz left. (You certainly have spanked them post season). Even OSU had their disappointments from 87 through 2001. It would have been naive to think you never were going to come back.

I think that largely, sustained success is cyclical. You may have success for a long time. Eventually, there is a downturn. However, for these top teams, there also eventually is a return to the top. The difference is that these teams largely stay near the top, where other teams have spent more time in the middle of the pack, only occasionally rising to the top. That's my two cents. Being that this is an OSU site, be extremely thankful for Meyer's tenure. It won't last forever. And I think the nature of the beast is that OSU also won't be the king of the hill forever. Nor, for that matter, will anyone else.

Comment 8 hours ago

Yeah, it is fair to point out that idiosyncrasies are forgiven more in those who have actually, you know, won something. Harbaugh isn't in that conversation yet. Your assumption is that "he's not going to turn UM into a national juggernaut." I think that's kind of presumptuous, and it is too soon to tell what level Harbaugh will coach at. Personally, I think that many OSU fans underestimate how far he will go, but hey, that's why you play the games. We'll see what the year brings. Guys on the board are fond of saying "he hasn't won anything yet." That's partially true. But remember that Harbaugh has had certain kinds of success. It was his recruiting (while still playing in the NFL) that helped his father win the Div. 1-AA National Championship at Western Kentucky. In the span of 3 years, he took a perennial loser in San Diego, and won 2 consecutive Pioneer League Championships. You know what he did at Stanford. I think his work there is underrated:  bringing Stanford from failure to a culture of winning is very, very difficult, but he succeeded.

You know, I'm going to stop now, because there's really no point in being a Harbaugh apologist on a Buckeye board. I will just say that I think Harbaugh is well suited to Michigan, and I do believe a significant amount of the problems in San Francisco were with Jed York and the ownership, not with Harbaugh. The other thing in San Francisco is there is less turnover. At UofM, you have new kids coming in every year. Malcontents don't last, and the number of guys who actually stick around 4 - 5 years are pretty slim. Point is, I don't think he is going to wear out his welcome very quickly. Time will tell.

Comment 19 hours ago

We'll just agree to disagree.

iirc, Bo hired Bill McCartney many years ago out of high school in southeastern Michigan. He was a good DC, became head coach at Colorado, where he won a NC. Not too shabby, and came out of HS.

Hiring HS coaches only in order to get an athlete? Ok, that's selling out. But personally, I think hiring Wheatley, Bush, Poggi, et al were good decisions. Oh, and they hired Gwen Bush, the mother of grad transfer Wayne Lyons. Lyons and Bush came, but Lyons didn't get a lot of PT. That didn't frost Bush, who has stayed with the program. Being creative in finding good people is a good thing.

Comment 19 hours ago

Well of course people have many reasons for what they do. I don't get the feeling that too many guys on the team think ill of Harbaugh. Fact of the matter is, I think many very successful head coaches have some screws loose. Woody, Bo, Les Miles, Mike Ditka, those are all pretty colorful characters. That isn't all bad.

Comment 22 hours ago

To be clear, it would have been great if Mitchell had lasted at Michigan. He was gifted athletically. But some headaches just aren't worth it. I feel bad for the guy.

I think Harbaugh is somewhat consistent. They released a needed OL guy last year (Logan Tuley-Tillman) because of extremely, extremely poor decision making.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh dismissed Tuley-Tillman from the program in September before being charged with three felonies in Ann Arbor's 15th District Court -- two counts of capturing/distributing an image of an unclothed person and one count of using a computer to commit a crime.

We'd love to have LTT right now for depth, but he cooked his own goose. What can you do. I want to be clear:  yes, guys are great athletes, and we want them. But not at the expense of selling out the soul of your program. jmhe.

Comment 23 hours ago

Yeah, I think Harbaugh makes his expectations clear, and if you clearly flaunt them and 'F up, the leash is short. And if you don't like it, you're out of there, pal.

I don't know what it is like on a pro team, but I'm guessing that you have learned to do what you're expected to do. And if you really break those rules, some coaches will run you out of dodge. I completely agree that Harbaugh is in control, and is not gonna tolerate a bunch of nonsense. And I think this will pay dividends. I suspect Meyer would do the same thing.

I have heard from one insider that is was pretty much coincidence to have all these things happen at the same time (3 decommitments and 2 transfers in the span of a couple days). While it may look like a trainwreck / tire / dumpster fire, I think the two transfers are good for the program (wish the kicker better elsewhere, and wish Mitchell to do well with a second chance). Regarding the decommitments, Taylor was a foregone conclusion, Solomon has to have mama on board, or forget it, and Irvin I don't know about, but 2018 is a ways away. Of course, I'd love to see all three at Michigan, but better to be clear about things now instead of later.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

The Jay Harbaugh letter was not to Falo. Think Michigan has offered him too. There definitely is a "blessed" meme with a lot of these kids when they get an offer from various schools.

Serious question:  what in the world does an "offer" mean any more? Is Falo a take for OSU? I know at least several "offers" at Michigan are not offers they will allow a commitment for. Right now, I think Michigan would immediately "take" the top dozen guys on their list, including Falo. And they'd have room for all of them (with Solomon decommitting and David and Mitchell transferring, that's three more spots).

Second serious question:  how many recruits do you think OSU will sign in February 2017? 20? More? I keep hearing space is tight, but it isn't like it is keeping OSU from putting offers out there.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Smart alec. Let's go through the five, shall we?

  1. Taylor. Well of course we want him, but he is an OSU legacy, for crying out loud. We all expected he would flip. 2018 commitment from Ohio.
  2. Solomon. We definitely wanted him. Great kid. Says he is still considering Michigan. I'm SMH at that one. Believe it when I see it. Committed in the emotion of the moment, without considering mama's wishes.
  3. Irvin. Hurts, but not terribly. Another 2018 commitment, OG from GA. Hard to keep kids from SEC country.
  4. Andrew David, kicker, from Ohio, to TCU. He wasn't starting, and apparently has already been passed up by Quinn Nordin, who is a freshman. Kickers are weird. Plus he wants to play baseball, and for some reason I don't understand, wasn't able to at Michigan. If we have someone starting, plus a freshman ahead of him, this isn't the end of the world. You never want to see someone transfer out, but the reality is that it creates another place for a scholarship.
  5. Ahmir Mitchell. We wanted him. Probably more for Safety than receiver, but yeah, he was athletic. Could have definitely played at Michigan. A bit thin at safety. His off field problems are not public, but were severe enough that he is off the team. C'est la vie.
Comment 24 Aug 2016

Yep. Like I said, I'm not an insider, and certainly miss some of the details. One thing I will say is that while there has been lots of scuttlebutt around Ahmir Mitchell, I have heard virtually nothing about Shelton Johnson, who is suspended for the year, and nothing about Kareem Walker, who is apparently active on the team, even though he missed the team pic. Whatever is up with Johnson and Walker, it is much more under wraps. Right now, to me, it looks like both of them want to make it work on the Wolverines (cue the meme about how they're idiots for not cutting and running along with Mitchell et al.)

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Here's some of the scoop on the 3 guys who weren't in the team picture, with the subsequent infamous interview shortened by Harbaugh.

  1. Mitchell has been in the doghouse a long time. Insiders pretty much knew this transfer or dismissal was coming. Here is a link to a rumor about this that originally came from Rivals/Scout, back in mid-June. The rumor was that a receiver from NJ was in Harbaugh's doghouse, and on his way off the team. You'll notice the thread on mgoblog was very long, with lots of debate about whether or not players should be kicked off the team for smoking weed. Apparently, the concerns about Mitchell went far beyond marijuana. I am not an insider, nor privy to the details. But this was more than a slap on the wrist kind of infraction, whatever he did.
  2. Walker is on the team and practicing. I don't know what is up with him. If he is being disciplined, it is minor. However, he hasn't been mentioned by Harbaugh as a key guy who might see the field.
  3. Shelton Johnson is the third guy who wasn't in the team picture. He apparently is also suspended for the year, at least currently. Until he transfers out tomorrow. /s. On a practical note, he was going to need to redshirt anyway, to gain weight, etc. Being that he came in with Rashan Gary, he wasn't likely to see the field this year. Here's a link from last week mentioning the suspension of Mitchell and Johnson.
Comment 24 Aug 2016

Some of you might remember that Ahmir was missing from the team picture, and reportedly was suspended for the year internally. This was something that Harbaugh was raked over the coals for, because he didn't want to talk to a reporter about the details. Apparently, people in the know have said that Mitchell really liked to party, far beyond mere weed, and there were plenty of party pics he put up via snapchat. I guess this sounds like I'm making excuses, but yeah, from everything I hear, his transferring from the program is a good move. I wish him well, but he does not appear to have been a good fit. Maybe he'll land at Rutgers? Dunno.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Great post. So many thoughts.

Cargo shorts:  love them. Where I draw the line? Jorts. But that's just me . . . I won't publicly criticize anyone who wears them.

Lady Gaga and "The Edge of Glory." Again, there's no accounting for taste. Listen to what you want. But she's all yours. Never seen her in maize and blue anyway.

No AC? That's crazy. However . . . I really like to minimize the use of AC. If it is 69 outside, open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans, for crying out loud. I absolutely HATE going out to a restaurant or office or conference and having to wear a coat because the AC is cranked. If it is hot, wear shorts and a t-shirt and drink some iced tea. If it is still hot, turn on the AC. "Get off my lawn."

Michigan 0 - 12 vs. top 10 teams. That's plain embarrassing. SMH. Think it will end this year vs. MSU or Iowa (assuming they're ranked that high). For me, I am predicting OSU to beat UofM again, but as of right now, that game seems like a tossup to me. It won't be a 42 - 13 debacle. But things are too hazy for me about both teams right now to make any predictions.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

What if Weber goes down? Why, it's just "Next man up," right? OSU has endless depth. Injuries won't even phase you. I mean, if you can weather the loss of two QB's, you can weather any loss.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

I don't think so (message being communicated in the wrong way). The truth of the matter, as far as I can see, is that these guys got swept up in the emotion of the moment, and committed, when they really shouldn't have. Both Taylor and Solomon, tbh, when they committed, it was Whaat....? You roll your eyes, smirk, shrug your shoulders, and wonder if it will really stick. I mean, what do you do? What would you do with Taylor if you were Harbaugh? Not offer him because it is a forgone conclusion he is going to OSU? Nah, that's no good. But I really wonder, to be totally honest, if Mattison, Brown, and Harbaugh thought Taylor would stick. For crying out loud, I am too lazy to search your site, but there were guys here at 11W, the very day Taylor committed, who guffawed and said, "Yeah right. Like that's gonna stick. He's coming to Columbus." To be totally honest, Solomon's commitment was also a bolt from the blue. Totally not expected. It is hard to pry guys out of the deep south (Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama.) It is a lot easier with Florida, because they don't have as strong of the deep family roots that you find in the rural deep south.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Gverrilli92, I think your post finally burned the bridge for me. I will continue to be civil, but you've crossed a line. Mocking UofM and Jim Harbaugh by looking for cheap laughs from fellow Buckeyes over the tragic deaths of others? Not cool. I guess the mods here are ok with that. Hey, I've always said, this is your site, and you can do as you wish with it. I'm just a barely tolerated guest. While you can do what you want, post what you want, say what you want, it isn't for me. This isn't the kind of fandom I have. I'd rather end the rivalry and never play the game again than go along with this kind of trash. jmhe.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Not sure Harbaugh is allowed to comment. Can you talk about high school students, whether they commit, or decommit? I'm thinking he can't say anything specific, although he can surely share disappointment, if he is indeed disappointed.

Looking at Taylor, Solomon, Irvin, and David, the loss of Solomon hurts the most. Taylor and Irvin, being 2018, were less critical. David had apparently already been passed up by incoming kicker Nordin.

This also points out the challenges of recruiting in stronghold areas of other teams, in other parts of the country. Of course, OSU doesn't have those challenges, easily pulling guys out of Florida.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

There was something personal with Hayes and Ann Arbor. Not going to dig around, but insiders felt it was best for him to get out of town because of an unhealthy family situation. Nothing to do with Michigan. Sometimes there are other reasons than the school.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

This Monday sucks for a Michigan fan. It was bad enough that OSU got commitments from two 5 star WR's. But that was expected. And it was bad enough that Leonard Taylor decommitted. That also was expected. But Aubrey Solomon? That hurts a bit more. If you read his commitment post, it was definitely surprising that he committed. Wasn't expected. But man, if momma ain't on board, you have got a problem. Of course, we had hoped he would stick, but yeah, this hurts, even if it isn't shocking.

Oh, and FTR, I don't think any sane fan thinks that an opposing fan or coach out there was behind this. Someone on the recruiting staff screwed up royally. The graphic with kids going to the NFL was stupid, but not the end of the world. Sending a note to a player, with multiple misspellings, and screwing up that neither the recruit nor mom went to the event, is just a horrible, inexcusable mistake. Schadenfraude indeed.

There really isn't anything positive to say. Michigan wanted Solomon, and could have used him. While Lindsey and Grimes are great gets for you, I think Michigan would be very happy with DPJ, Nico Collins, and Oliver Martin. And Leonard Taylor is an OSU legacy, more than a year and a half away. But Solomon Michigan could use now. You can't have too many guys on the DL like him. There are a couple other possibilities out there, but don't let anyone kid you:  it would have been great to get Solomon.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Not MMan. I won't change my moniker. If I ever get thrown off this board, I won't bother adding a new user name.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Har de har har. I don't think Jim will be too upset. Harbaugh, like Meyer, is putting tons of "offers" out there. We don't know all the internal details, but it appears that a number of offers are not such that a commitment would be accepted. You will notice that Michigan did not "offer" a ton of kids at summer camps this year. And with several who were offered, it appears they wanted to commit, but weren't allowed to.

One way that Harbaugh and Meyer are similar:  a ton of emphasis on DL recruiting. That's why Taylor was offered in the first place by UofM, and with his talent, I am not surprised a bit that Urban was all over that. Regarding other guys on the DL, I am not sure where Tufele will end up between UM and OSU, but I think both schools will fight it out until the end. Michigan already has 5 guys committed on the DL, and they will definitely take a 6th in Tufele if he wants to come to Ann Arbor and play ball for the Wolverines. You can never be too deep on the DL. It has been the strength of the Buckeyes for some time, and this is a rare year in that Michigan will be better than you on the DL in 2016.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Yeah, that was rhetorical. There's no way that Taylor is going to Michigan. Well, it seems highly unlikely. Sure, Michigan would love to have him . . . not happening.

I'd expect Urban to get virtually any player he wants in Ohio. It is about the same in Michigan with Harbaugh there. I expect Michigan to get the top 5 in-state (DPJ, Ambry Thomas, Jaylen Kelly-Powell are prospects, and Jaylen Ross and Corey Malone-Hatcher are already committed). After that, not everyone is a take for Michigan.

I find it interesting that Antjuan Simmons (LB from Ann Arbor and OSU commit) is still only ranked 11th instate, and is a 3 star. We still think highly of him, and if Urban wanted to process him out to make room for someone else, I think Michigan would be happy to have him.

Oh, and about recruits from the state of Ohio if Urban wants them:  the obvious exception is going to be guys who are Michigan legacies, or from Toledo or someplace far from Columbus without a fan connection to the Buckeyes. Every now and again, there is a contrarian who wants to leave home. I can't remember the name, but there was a highly ranked kid last year in Ann Arbor who I believe ended up at ND, partly to get away from a toxic home situation.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

You could see the writing on the wall with Taylor for a long time. You all expected him to eventually go to OSU. And to be honest, so did many Michigan fans. Of course, Michigan would love to have him play for the Wolverines. But commitments aren't what they once used to be. Especially with out of state commitments, it isn't done until NSD.