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Comment 5 hours ago

I don't know what most Michigan fans believe (i.e., that he is "the best coach evarrr.")

I do know that most Michigan fans believe Harbaugh is a significant upgrade over Hoke and Rich Rod.

Personally, I think that Harbaugh is a very good coach, but he hasn't really proven anything yet. For me, it is a combination of many things . . . not just Harbaugh, but also position coaches, quality of players on the team, support services, physical resources, and a fair amount of luck.

I think that if you are consistently recruiting like Meyer has (in the top 5), you are going to be very good. However, there are a ton of wildcards that can't be predicted. No one knows injuries. No one knows who will turn out to be a superstar. No one knows who will flame out due to academics, or substance abuse, etc. No one knows when a coaching staff is going to throw away a winnable game by not adjusting properly to scheme, weather, etc.

Comment 5 hours ago

You guys are just plain greedy . . . your 2017 class is head and shoulders above everyone, including Michigan. IIRC, you have all 5 star and 4 star recruits, with the exception of one highly ranked kicker. Obviously, I hope Jaylen Kelly-Powell goes to the best school for him . . . and obviously, I hope that is Michigan and not OSU. We shall see soon enough.

Comment 5 hours ago

It depends on the requirements of a program, and if there is any program flexibility. That flexibility extends several ways:  is the academic program flexible to scheduling needs? Is the football program flexible to scheduling needs? What about outside required internships or practicums? Here are some examples:

1.  What if a medical field required time in a hospital setting from 1 to 5 pm? or from 2 - 6pm? How would that square with football practice? What if class attendance was virtually mandatory?

2.  What if architecture had certain classes scheduled only in that late time slot?

3.  What if someone was in a school of education, and their student teaching commitment ran until 4pm, or later?

I believe that it is either impossible or close to impossible to be in the School of Nursing or Architecture at UofM and also play football. Some programs you can make work, others you can't.

Personally, I think this cuts both ways. That is to say, can a football program say, "because this is a legitimate course conflict, you can miss the first hour of Spring football practice each day there is a conflict between the course and scheduled football practice." All too often, the assumption is that football is the priority, and everything else should take a back seat to football. (I ain't here to play school.)

Comment 23 May 2016

Interesting that they wear the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) picture above while on shore, but all change into their blue coveralls when underway. So the sailors come to the ship in either civis or NWU's, but immediately go to berthing and change into working blue coveralls.

Comment 23 May 2016

Actually, I believe McCaffrey has indeed been invited. Or will be.

Regarding Tufele, he is a good one. I'm curious how the scholarship crunch will affect OSU in this. Will it have any affect? Is he high enough on OSU's board that it doesn't matter, and he could displace someone else? Nice problem for OSU to have:  so many good prospects interested in the Buckeyes, and you can't take 'em all.

Comment 23 May 2016

I wonder if Meyer would have a hard time ever being on a Navy ship. Spent a day with my daughter on her Destroyer last month (about to deploy to the Middle East). They pretty much all wore their blue coveralls while underway. And I'll assume there are no blue blazers and blue button down shirts in any OSU fan or player's closets. It's got to be a bit harder to shop as an OSU fan, unless they have specialty shops in Columbus:  I can't think that I've ever seen a large selection of red blazers in any store I've been shopping in. I guess you guys could wear black or gray blazers, although I haven't seen tons of them either. And I suppose in Civil War reenactments, Buckeye fans are always hoping the South, decked out in gray, rises again, and the North, wearing their Union blues, fails. As I think about it, weren't Nazi officer's uniforms gray? So many difficult color choices.

Comment 21 May 2016

Honest question:  do you think Meyer and Harbaugh really care? I think Meyer would smirk at a kid in Michigan gear, and Harbaugh the same when the situation is reversed. I really think they both just love football, love coaching football, and want to see kids have a good time and learn.

The second question:  as a dad, would you prefer your son go to OSU and sit on the bench, or go to another school, even Michigan, where he was a better fit and more likely to see the field? Partly, it has to do with depth and who is in the class and how much room you have. It has at least a bit to do with how you're evaluated. But it also has to do with scheme:  McCaffrey is a perfect fit for what Harbaugh and Michigan want to do at QB. He is a pro style QB, and as such, wouldn't be as good a fit at OSU. This isn't a knock on OSU:  they just have a different offense than Michigan does. Another example is tight end. Michigan has talked about occasionally using 4 tight end sets. That's a different formation than OSU will ever use, so there might be room for more tight ends at Michigan. One last example:  Michigan uses a fullback more than most schools, and definitely more than OSU. As a result, Michigan is more likely to give a scholarship to a fullback, and have a better fit for a fullback.

Comment 21 May 2016

You could do that . . . but remember, Springfield is 45 minutes away from OSU. It isn't like Harbaugh's holding a camp in Columbus. The analogy is if you held a camp in Jackson, or in Detroit. Both are about the same distance from Ann Arbor. (And Meyer is already going to Sound Mind - Sound Body in Detroit).

Comment 21 May 2016

Good catch. Yep, I had forgotten that Johnson transferred.

Regarding Taylor, I wouldn't be surprised if he flipped to OSU. Obviously, he would be a huge priority for both schools. I think there are too many variables:  how many spots are available on the team? How much of a priority is he for both teams? (who is showing him "the love.") How soon to playing time? How does he get along with the guys on each respective team? How does he feel about his position coaches? How does he feel about Meyer and Harbaugh? Is he interested in academics? If so, what programs, and who sells him on the programs? What does his family have to say? Do they want him to stay close, or do they not care? Is Ann Arbor close enough? What is the "vibe" about each team a year and a half from now? Does he want to be on a team that's been there (OSU), or with a team that's perceived to be "on the rise?"

I don't know much, but I do know that it is foolishness to try and predict the mind of a 17 year old. (I have a 14 year old boy who plays ball, and I don't know half of what my own son is thinking, let alone someone else's kid).

Comment 20 May 2016

I guess it makes sense for Michigan to go to Springfield, in terms of Michigan having two commitments from Springfield (Antwuan Johnson and Leonard Taylor). Give them a chance to show their stuff on their home field.

Oh, and FTR, Michigan fans will believe Taylor is coming to Michigan once signing day is passed . . . in a year and a half. Too many things can happen between now and then to be too confident about Taylor sticking.

Comment 16 May 2016

Should you wander over to mgoblog, you will find nothing but scorn and derision for Brandon and his excess, his hubris, his folly. From the perspective of Michigan fans, the day Brandon was canned is a red letter day, a great day.

Comment 16 May 2016

Oh, and the initial question is dumb. Asking "Want to troll Michigan?" is on a par with:

  • Is the pope Catholic?
  • Is water wet?
  • Do you want some money?
  • Is Jim Harbaugh crazy?

Of COURSE you want to troll Michigan. Interestingly, I think it would troll Michigan more to vote for the worst movie on the list. (Assuming that Race isn't the worst on the list).

Comment 16 May 2016

Who has seen "Race?" Did you like it? I see it got mixed reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. According to them, not a great movie, but not bad.

Certain, Owens is the greatest athlete ever at OSU.

Comment 14 May 2016

I was sarcastically pulling your chain. Sigh. Obviously, Meyer and Harbaugh are both uber competitive. But they're not idiots, and at the end of the day, it is a game. Which is something entirely different. Fighting cancer? Obviously more important.

I've never commented on it here, but if you're interested and you've got some time to kill, look up some of the links on Harbaugh's service trips to Peru. Here are a couple:

Now, I haven't hunted it down, but I've read some stuff on these kinds of topics as regards Meyer. The point is, I think both of them are "all in" as football coaches, but realize there are beliefs and values that transcend football and transcend rivalry. And that apart from competing on the field, they have a fair amount in common.

Comment 14 May 2016

I guess I should have added /s. Sarcasm doesn't come across well on the Internet. I'm poking fun at the silliness of "no Michigan related posts" on Friday.

EDIT:  FTR, I suspect Harbaugh and Meyer don't hate each other, any more than Bo and Woody hated each other. I suspect they both respect each other, and know they have a worthy opponent.

Comment 14 May 2016

You got it, gobucks2204, Urban has a REAL smile. He really CARES about cancer. Harbaugh and Fowler? Fake. They're just camera hogs, and it is ALWAYS just about them. You can just tell, because of the way they are smiling. It is just OBVIOUS.

Oh, and Jason Priestas:  this is Michigan Friday, ya know, here at 11W. what do you think you're doing, putting up a post about Harbaugh, for crying out loud. This ain't 'Nam:  there are RULES.

Comment 13 May 2016

To OSU78:  I want to pick up on one thing:  "Great teams and coaches who respected and liked each other except for 90 minutes in November." I like that. It isn't always true, but generally, I like that. I've been around the edges of the coaching fraternity, and there are good guys, and bad guys, just like any area of life. There are competent winning coaches, incompetent coaches, losing coaches, shady coaches, dirty coaches, every kind of coach under the sun. IIRC, Bo and Woody wanted NOTHING more than to beat the other team. But I don't think they despised each other.

As an example of something I don't like, If Joe Paterno covered for a pedophile, which it surely appears he did, I lose all respect. If I had a strong sense that a team was being coached to play dirty and to cause injuries, I'd be unhappy and lose all respect. If recruiters or boosters were setting up all kind of cash payments under the table, and hookers, and doctoring grades, I'd lose respect. For the most part, I don't think either Meyer or Harbaugh are involved in the dark side of shenanigans.

(FTR, I feel sorry for both Woody and Tressel and their respective inglorious ends. But you can't hit a player on another team. And Tressel, in caring for his players, either was ignorant or looked the other way or justified covering something piddly up. I really don't give a rip about players trading in golden pants or jerseys for getting inked. But once this was out there, you can't lie about it and try to cover it up. I guess I'm particularly disappointed in Tressel, because he seems like a great guy, and he wrote a book about Christian character. Which he then completely undercut by his words and actions.)

Comment 13 May 2016

Many creative choices. Witty. While shaking my head, this thread is pretty good. Oh, and the original from Jay just begged to be 'shopped.