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Comment 25 Jun 2016

Wow. Basically, an average player ranking of 95. I don't think OSU will lose again. At least not while Urban is the coach. It's like the Buckeyes are an NFL quality team. How can anyone compete with you? No one out there has a chance at all anymore to beat Ohio State. There really is no excuse for OSU to lose to anyone this year. Certainly, not to Michigan, especially playing in the horseshoe and all. 

Comment 23 Jun 2016

You'll find out in November exactly what Peppers is about. We'll probably have a clue before then what exactly is the big deal, and whether the hype was justified or not. I myself could do without all the hype. I don't think Peppers is self-promoting. MSM and fans and social media are the guilty parties.

I won't repeat what others have said above, but do believe that Peppers is very flexible. Faster than most traditional LB's, bigger and harder hitting than some in the secondary, he should be a good nickle back. I myself am very interested to see how this plays out. If there are four on the line (DE, DT, SDE, WDE,) four in the secondary (FS, SS, 2 CB,) and 3 in the middle at linebacker, I could see Peppers excelling by having the freedom to blitz, to drop into coverage, to do all kinds of things. I don't see him being a stalwart playing against a power running game, but being a very valuable disrupter. I think he will do much better in patrolling and covering the middle of the field, the area from the LOS back about 10 yards. I guess we'll find out.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Stand corrected. I just had checked out Scout, but you have to look at all the offers and rankings (Scout, ESPN, Rivals, 247, Composite). I don't think Michigan (or OSU) would go wrong with either, and as you say, you don't know how anyone will pan out until they actually hit the field.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

"Michigan must be thankful for the 1990s because without it no breathing Wolverine fan would be able to say much to Ohio State fans."

Ha Ha Ha. Just for grins, I went back and looked at the record. Many Michigan fans think back to the advent of Bo Schembechler, who started in 1969. From 1969 through 2000, a span of 32 years (all of which I can remember), the record was:

Michigan - 19 wins - Ohio State - 11 wins (2 ties).

From 1969 through 1989, leaving out the 90's, the record was:

Michigan - 11 wins - Ohio State - 9 wins (1 tie).

I personally liked the Woody - Bo era more than the Cooper era. During the 10 year war, the record was

Michigan - 5 wins - Ohio State - 4 wins (1 tie).

Your era of domination was started under Tressel, and continued under Meyer. Our era of domination was long, long ago. I won't predict Michigan under Harbaugh is going to win . . . but Michigan fans believe the pendulum has begun to swing back in our direction.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

think the weed in question looks something like this. Not quite, but similar.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Who wouldn't root for Cleveland. They are probably the saddest city in the country for pro sports. Smh, but I'd love to see Cleveland win something. And I don't like Golden State.

However, the episode you are talking about happened a week or two ago. And the guy is a deadbeat from Ohio, if I remember correctly. He was outed, and even identified by someone here at 11W. I hate, absolutely hate, the idea of pathetic fans contacting potential recruits on twitter (or any form of social media). This drives me absolutely insane. And yes, that kind of Michigan fan should be thrown under the bus. I have to believe that you feel the same way about idiot Buckeye fans (most recently, guy with the knockoff jersey stealing tons of frozen meat from a grocery, stuffing in his sweat pants.)

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Good luck. I think Riep goes to the Buckeyes. However, I do think this makes your class tight, tight, tight. And I think this clarifies that Ambry Thomas and Jaylen Kelly-Powell go to Michigan. Even though Thomas might be ranked higher than Riep, I think being an Ohio native and a Buckeye fan pushes Riep to OSU and means they slow play Thomas. And Kelly-Powell is ranked too low for OSU:  with Pryor committed, and Okudah likely going to OSU, that's two safeties, all you can afford to take. Again, as I've said repeatedly, OSU is killing it in recruiting. The biggest thing that helps Michigan is they have a lot more room than OSU. I have heard rumors from Rivals that one true Freshman WR is not going to be part of Michigan's class, creating at least one more spot. (Not 100% positive, but this may have to do with a plant closely resembling the Buckeye leaf).

Comment 17 Jun 2016

I am neither a fan of Cleveland nor Golden State. It is interesting seeing how fans color things completely in terms of their team being robbed or the fix being in for the other team.

imhe, stars do get the benefit of the doubt with foul calls. One, it benefits the NBA for their biggest stars to be on the floor. Two, with the "hack-a-shaq" philosophy, sometimes other teams are going to really play hard against stars. But this is a somewhat unique situation. LeBron and Curry are the two biggest stars in the game. Because of that, there is a sense that both are not going to get quite the same amount of calls they might have otherwise. The last thing is that I don't think officials want to be the ones accused of "fixing" a game, because they put someone out of the game with a bunch of ticky-tacky foul calls. In the end, I think this benefits Cleveland. Why? This is game 7 coming up. There will be pressure on the refs to "let 'em play." What that means is that Cleveland can play an aggressive defense, especially against Curry and Klay. And an aggressive defense is the only way I see the Cavs (or anyone) beating Golden State.

I'm a Chicago fan. And allowing teams to play aggressive defense fits my preferred narrative:  that the Bulls with MJ and Pippen and Rodman and an aggressive D would have destroyed Golden State.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

Just pick a pretty girl's name. There are tons of choices.

Angel, Mercedes, Cyan, Cinnamon, Candi, Destiny, Magic, China, Amber, Star, Flower, Jade, Sugar, Lavender, Chastity, Bubbles, Tiffany, Brittany, Sable, Lotus, Magenta, Violet, Gigi, Portia, Paris, Diamond, Chloe, Angelica.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

It's nice just to eat popcorn and watch. I don't have a dog in this fight, despite the common references to Harbaugh in this thread.

General principles:

  1. You're an adult. Act like one.
  2. Adults dissing kids is off limits.
Comment 15 Jun 2016

Glass houses.

Michigan pulled an offer last year. OSU asked Sibley to take a gray shirt this year. Alabama has done this kind of stuff forever. You do what you have to do. I personally don't think that OSU is slimy, nor do I think Michigan is. If anything, Meyer did Sibley a favor by giving him plenty of time to land somewhere else. (And FTR, I don't feel too bad for Erik Swenson, who landed at Oklahoma. Fine football school). The only thing I'm wondering at OSU is whether or not Clark gets asked to take a grayshirt. With your numbers so tight and all. For selfish reasons, I'd love to see Amir Riep's offer pulled, and also Matt Dottson and Joel Honigford. I think Michigan would take all three of those guys.

EDIT:  And FTR, there are crazies in every fanbase. Michigan fans who think Urban Meyer is evil, the devil incarnate. OSU fans who think Jim Harbaugh is a cheat, a crook, a pedophile. After a while, you just tune out all the noise.

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Best of luck to Mr. Sibley. The writing was on the wall for some time, and he found a classy way to address the situation and move on. Unfortunately, the numbers crunch bit him. Hopefully he is very successful at Pitt. As said above, Coach Meyer and OSU play big boy football, and sometimes, have to make hard decisions. Any head coach and team seeking to be the best will have to occasionally give out a gray shirt, or pull an offer that was accepted. Recruiting is not a friendly singing of Kum-bay-ya around the campfire. It is a hard business, and sometimes kids don't get what they want. 

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Brilliant. There's only one thing I don't get.

You’re forced to cheer and watch a bunch of sleepy 3rd graders playing herdball disguised as soccer, or attend an all-day swim meet on our holy day.

What kind of Buckeye fan are you? Why are your kids playing anything instead of FOOTBALL? I guess you might get a pass if your children are girls or transgender something or other. But for the world of me, why would any of you allow this to happen? Soccer? Swimming? You need to have your man card, your fan card, taken away. The other thing about football is the other dads absolutely are with you in simultaneously following OSU games. Heck, at some youth football games, enterprising dads have livestreamed college games to the stands at the same time their son was playing ball. Now that's multitasking!

One other comment on Fall weddings. I consider it a trap to schedule a wedding on a scheduled off-week. Because, inevitably, you'll have a future anniversary that falls on an important game date.

p.s.  Once, I actually had coaches give an "excused absence" so my son and I could go to a Michigan game that conflicted with the youth schedule. Priorities, you know.

Comment 13 Jun 2016

First of all, I'm speaking as a fan. Both Meyer and Harbaugh and their staffs know way more about recruiting than I do. I'm simply sharing my opinion on what I would consider if I were a coach when looking at 5 star players. But I'm not a coach, which means my opinion is worth zippo. Actually, from an OSU fan's perspective, my opinion is worth less than zero, since I'm from Michigan. Whatever.

Second, your staff is second to none. The proof is in your record. Michigan can't compare. Having said, that, the only staff person still on board after Hoke left is Greg Mattison. I guess he gets a pass in your book, since he was with Meyer at Florida some years ago.

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Man, you guys are whining about some first world problems. Of course, in general, you want as many five star recruits as you can possibly bring on. But there are multiple factors I'm sure the coaches consider.

  • Their own evaluations. Sometimes, the coaches and position coaches see something or are looking for something slightly different. As an example, Tom Brady tested out very poorly in many of the NFL physical metrics for QB's. We all know how that turned out (and keep your stupid snarky deflategate comments to a min.) As another example, LB Jake Ryan wasn't heavily recruited by OSU, and gladly accepted a schollie to UofM. He was the number 21 ranked high school football player in Ohio back in 2009. His teammate at St. Ignatius, Scott McVey, was ranked number 1 in Ohio that year, and went to OSU. I talked to someone in the know back in 2010, and even then they said, "you got the better player . . . wait and see." That's exactly what happened.
  • Potential. What do you do with a kid who started playing late, 'cause they always played basketball, or had a huge growth spurt, or moved to the States from Australia or Africa? If I was as loaded as OSU, If I was a coach, I might consider taking someone with a very high ceiling who just isn't there yet. Someone who really is going to need a redshirt year, someone who is a boom or bust type player. If they have the speed and the frame, maybe it is worth taking a player with this profile. OSU has the luxury of really looking for these guys, because of your depth. Michigan just got a DE, Luiji Vilain, a 4 star was a bit under the radar at first because he's from Canada. Michigan got in on him early, and beat out Alabama, OSU, and a host of others. Glasgow, who came in as a walk on, was just drafted into the NFL. If a team's talent evaluation finds players good enough for the NFL that no one else sees, that is just as good (or better) than fighting over 5 star players. There's an incoming TE, Nick Eubanks, from Plantation, Florida. The kid is raw, raw, raw. He may never amount to anything. Lacks focus and discipline. Really needs to redshirt. And yet . . . he has all the measurables (6'6", speed, athleticism, and raw talent,) that you can't coach. He was definitely a kid the coaches took because of "potential."
  • Location. If I were OSU coaches, a would give at least a small bump up to in-state guys. This is especially tricky for OSU, because there are so many good HS players in the State of Ohio. You guys are really hurting this year because you don't have many openings left. There are three guys Michigan would take in a heartbeat:  Amir Riep, Jaylen Harris, and Joel Honigford. There are multiple factors (position of need, spaces available, overall rankings, evaluations, etc.) Having said that, you don't want to alienate kids and families and high school coaches. And if you gray shirt both Sibley and Clark, you are going burn bridges with some of the coaches and kids in Akron. All five of the above names are 3 or 4 stars, not 5 stars. I think you'll have to pass on Honigford. But I'd think long and hard before turning down Riep, Harris, and Clark for out of state 5 star guys.
Comment 13 Jun 2016

Comment from a Michigan fan. I always enjoyed going to games in South Bend. It is a beautiful campus, and a great school. For a Big 10 fan, games in the footprint are very nice. Even in the Big 10, it is a stretch for me to get to games in NJ or MD (or Nebraska). The ND stadium is nice, it is easy to tailgate and then get to the game. The atmosphere was often pretty electric. And a night game in early September is fun. I'd much rather play ND than a directional school (Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, Central Florida, etc.) or Bowling Green or Toledo, etc.

I'm kind of curious why OSU hasn't scheduled WV more often, or Louisville, or Cincinnati, or Pitt. While they aren't generally the same as ND, they would seem to be reasonably close, and a game where there would be a lot of interest.