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Comment 24 hours ago

Congratulations. As I said elsewhere, great teams always find a way to win, even when they have an off day. OSU has a good defense, and a great RB in Zeke. I don't see anyone beating you in the next 6 games. And honestly, unless Rudock improves an awful lot, along with Michigan's OL and receivers and RB's, I don't think Michigan will beat you either. I will say, I think Michigan has a decent DL and secondary. Their LB's aren't as good, but aren't shabby. Michigan vs. OSU will be two strong defenses against offenses that could be better. Thing is, with Zeke, OSU is better. I haven't seen anything in Michigan's 4 wins that leads me to believe we will do well against your defense.

Again, congrats.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Great teams can play poorly, and still find a way to win. OSU has a great defense, and Zeke is a great running back. I know y'all would like to see OSU win more easily, but you're still winning. You're still finding a way to win, no matter what. Not too many teams out there are 5 - 0. Way to go, OSU!

Regarding Michigan, their game didn't inspire me. Maryland is nothing. Now if Michigan wins convincingly against NW, MSU, IU, & PSU, we can talk. Until then, Michigan hasn't proven a thing. They are September champions. In other words, not champions at all.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Whatever. Will say, as a Michigan fan, I'm glad that under Harbaugh, Michigan has gone back to traditional uniforms. imhe, iconic schools (Michigan, USC, Alabama, Ohio State, Texas) can have iconic uniforms. Save the crazy aberrations for the Cincinnati, UConn, Maryland, kind of teams. But to each his own. We'll see how this goes for OSU.

Comment 01 Oct 2015

Scratching my head . . . I haven't done a count, but I'm pretty sure that there aren't nearly as many threads over at mgoblog about Urban Meyer. Stop this obsession with Harbaugh. You guys have a great coach and a great team. It'd be foolish to think that Harbaugh is a bad coach. He isn't a bad coach. Harbaugh's a great coach, and he has a great staff. Still, you don't need to focus on him. He has his idiosyncrasies. And they've been well known for a long time. Honestly, didn't Woody have his own? And Bo? And many great coaches?

Right now, I wonder if anyone in the country can beat the Buckeyes. Personally, I think that Michigan will probably win the next seven games. They might lose one, but it won't be to MSU. Having said that, it is very doubtful to me that Michigan could beat OSU. I believe our line play, both DL and OL, will be exposed by OSU. Michigan will be ready, but the talent disparity is still there. Everything would have to go perfectly for Michigan to beat OSU. I won't say it is impossible, but I think it's improbable. So chillax.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I actually agree with most here . . . there isn't enough data to really know yet how good Michigan will be. Here are some bullets for your consideration.

  • Michigan has very little depth in a number of areas. QB is one. Peppers is another. And the OL is another. If Rudock goes down, or Peppers, there is no one to replace them. And if a key lineman, or worse, two, go down, their OL won't be able to plug someone in who is really good . . . there is no "next man up" for Michigan.
  • The jury is way out on Rudock. He doesn't have a strong arm. He is a game manager who won't play on Sundays. The thing is, he is very good at reading the defense, and making adjustments at the LOS. He has only had two months to get timing down with receivers, and only 4 games live experience. He probably won't lose any games for Michigan. If he gets his timing down with his receivers, and if Michigan has a bit of luck with weather, I think Rudock could do it and beat both MSU and OSU.
  • Following up on weather, both the MSU and OSU gameday weather forecasts are huge for Michigan. If they are still, rainfree days, regardless of sun or cloud, or temps, this is vastly to Michigan's (or Rudock's) advantage. OSU has extremely mobile QB's, and a great running game. Michigan has neither. But if the weather is nice, Rudock will be able to open things up by completing passes. And the receiving corps is not bad.
  • Coaching. Hoke was way outcoached by both Groucho Mark (Dantonio) and Urban. Those days appear to be over. There were several years where there was a bye before the MSU game. Didn't matter. Michigan never seemed prepared, and Dantonio always ways. Harbaugh is a different animal. Listen to this quote from someone talking to parents of a BYU player on the flight home:  "We got out coached. There is a reason Harbaugh is an NFL level coach. He is good. He prepares a unique game plan every week. There was an insinuation that we don't adapt much to the opponent. (My commentary on that point: That is consistent with what we've heard the coaches say that we worry about our own execution and rely on that to beat the opponent. The problem is that other teams focus on execution just as much. More talented and better coached execution beats even our best execution when we don't have the talent or game plan to support it.)" There's more from that message board:  "I chatted him up a bit [A former player from the 80s.] and he was very frustrated with Anae's inability to adapt to what the defense was doing. He said the whole plan was to shake and rattle Mangum,and Anae never varied from what simply wasn't working. He said there are absolutely things that can be done to counter what Michigan was doing but Anae didn't do it. It's like he didn't have a plan B and was dumbfounded that Anae couldn't have predicted what Michigan's defensive strategy would be and at least try something different - slants, quick screens to the flat, crossing routes over the middle, etc." Harbaugh and his coaching staff are COACHING UP the players at Michigan. If you look at what OC Drevno has done, and DC Durkin, along with special teams Baxter (and Mattison demoted to DL coach!) there are no slouches. Harbaugh is going to have a specific game plan for MSU, and the chess match won't be so strongly in MSU's favor as it has been recently.
  • Regarding MSU, there are several things in Michigan's favor. One was just stated:  Harbaugh won't be outcoached. Michigan will be ready, and Harbaugh will have a game plan. Oh, and I also will bet Harbaugh will make much better halftime adjustments. A second is that this is a home game. That's usually good for a couple points. A third thing that I believe favors Michigan is that State's defense is a bit dinged up and down, and it is strength (Michigan's defense) against strength (MSU's offense). I believe this is to Michigan's advantage. One other thing that helps:  MSU for years has had a very aggressive secondary, with a lot of clutching and grabbing and tugging and aggressive man coverage. Michigan is doing the same thing now. This vastly evens the field:  either the zebras will call plenty of PI on both teams, or few on both teams. Honestly, I don't care what happens with this:  the point is that it will be much more fair.
  • What worries knowledgeable Michigan fans is the line play. Michigan has not faced a DL like MSU, let alone OSU. I don't know how the OL will hold up against huge, fast, talented D Lineman. Conversely, while our DL has been very good, I'll reserve judgement until I see how they play against MSU and OSU. Honestly, this is where I think Michigan falls short of OSU.
  • Another thing I want to see is how Michigan does on the road in the conference. They lost their only road game thus far, after all. We'll know a lot more about this shortly. However, I think it helps Michigan tremendously that they are playing Maryland, MN, IU, and PSU on the road. I'm not scared. Michigan fans HATE having both OSU and MSU at home or on the road every year. But it is to our advantage this year.

I do think that Michigan has a great shot against MSU. And I think that they can win every other game. OSU? I just think there are too many variables. On paper, at least, there's no way that Michigan can win. I guess that's why you play the games!

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I, a Michigan fan, have no clue. But the ride has been way more fun. In the 11 - 2 season, Michigan could have lost so many games. Against Oregon State, UNLV, and BYU, there has been no doubt. I love that so far, the defense takes no prisoners, and is a blue collar team that plays hard and physical.

Do I think they'll be in the playoffs? No. Do I think they'll beat MSU and OSU? No. Do I think they'll win all their other games? No. But I don't think any of those things are impossible. I think Michigan has the possibility of being competitive in every game, including MSU and OSU. I think they will not quit, and will play hard in every game. The variables is what makes it impossible to predict. What will the weather do? Rudock, Michigan's QB, doesn't have a cannon for an arm, and wind could cause havoc. What about turnovers? Michigan has been terrible in this department for years. But a little luck here can turn a game around completely. What about injuries? OSU has tremendous depth:  Michigan does not. In particular, if Michigan loses Rudock, or Peppers, there is no "next man up" who can do the job. They don't have OSU's depth of riches at QB.

I am willing to predict that Michigan will beat EITHER MSU or OSU. I am willing to predict that they will lose AT LEAST one other game, possibly two. I am willing to predict that Michigan WON'T be in the playoffs. That's improvement, and that's good enough for me this year.

There are EDIT: three other things.

  1. First, I am confident in Harbaugh and the rest of the coaching staff being very competent. I believe they will be coaching guys up, and the one thing that makes me roll me eyes here is when OSU homers say Harbaugh hasn't done anything, will have his head handed to him regularly by Meyer, and can't see why anyone would want to play for him.
  2. Which leads to my second point:  I am confident that the recruiting, which wasn't terrible under Hoke, is going to get much better. I fully believe that there are some studs out there who have been watching Michigan closely this year as they consider their options. And I expect that a significant number of them are going to play in Ann Arbor on Saturdays. I can see Michigan adding 3 - 4 more players, I think all of which OSU has offered and would want.
  3. EDIT:  addition:  Everyone on the DL comes back. Plus Mone, a projected star who broke a bone in a freak accident just before the season began, will be playing. Almost everyone on the OL will be back. Only losing Glasgow, who may be the weak link at center. OSU fans should know that the big uglies are where it starts. If the DL and OL only get better, and have a full year of seasoning, watch out next year. 
Comment 28 Sep 2015

Michigan fan here. I think that the growth this year is greater than typical. Because Harbaugh is new, and Rudock is new, it takes time for everyone to be on the same page. I can't and won't predict a lot. I have them 8 - 4, 9 - 3 at the best. I don't see on paper how they could beat OSU. But stranger things have happened. If they really are coached up, and believe in themselves, I think Michigan could potentially beat OSU. Unlikely, but possible. Thing is, they're not gonna fold.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Yes, it definitely is ok. It is a great way to show your support and encouragement. This will help your recruits know that there is no better place than Ohio State, and no better fans than Ohio State fans. When you tweet and Facebook recruits, you are showing innovation, you are showing boldness, you are showing the true colors of Scarlet and Grey. Don't be discouraged by the naysayers. This is your time to really make a statement.


Comment 09 Sep 2015

I would rather be a Buckeye fan than have AIDS. I would rather be a Yankees fan than have AIDS. I would rather be a Browns fan than have AIDS. Come on, LOUTS8WINS. It is a bit over the top to say you'd rather have AIDS than be a Wolverine fan. Of course, you can always fall back and say, "lighten up, Francis. Just a joke." But still, bad form, bad taste. To each his own.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

Have I drunk the Koolaid? Sure I have! I'm a Michigan fan. Having said that, I'm hoping Michigan ends up 8 - 4 or 7 - 5 this year. Better than that is unrealistic. I pretty much figured we would lose to Utah, MSU, OSU, and another one or two games. I also think that Harbaugh is a vast improvement over Hoke, and that the learning and improvement curve for this year's team will be great. If Michigan ends up 8 - 4, and Harbaugh has a good recruiting class the next couple years, we should be competitive. But to beat the Buckeyes or Alabama, etc., will take a bit of luck, good coaching, and better players. We won't see the fruit of that for another year or so.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Well, I'm thinking an improvement this year, competitive next year, and in the thick of things the year after. OSU has been recruiting at a consistently high level. It will take a year or two for Michigan to be at the same level, and a year or two after that for those high level recruits to make a difference. Look at Stanford. Harbaugh was 11 - 1 in his fourth year there, beating Virginia Tech 40 - 12 in the Orange Bowl. I don't think it will take Harbaugh as long at Michigan. When the Wolverines have double digit win records, are competing for the Big 10 Championship, and are in the discussion for the playoffs, the ship will have been righted. I don't see that happening this year, and probably not next year either.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I'm a Michigan fan. I come over here because sometimes there is good analysis, and sometimes it is interesting to see what OSU fans are thinking.

Honestly, I don't know why so many here have their shorts in a wad. You have a great coach. You just won the National Championship. You are seriously in the running to repeat as National Champs this year. You have the best recruiting class for 2016 in the country, both in total points, and in terms of the average quality of incoming recruits. You have had Michigan's number the last 10 years. And your university has improved significantly on an academic level. I don't know what more you want. I don't care what kind of coach Harbaugh is, it will take years to completely right the ship. Right now, you really can quote Harbaugh and have it be true:  "Nobody's got it better than us."

It takes a bit of gall to go to a rival board and say, "Congrats. I guess. He wasn't good enough for us, so you can have him." Now, if Michigan gets Rashan Gary, and someone from here says, "Congrats. Great job. Happy for you, but wish he had come to OSU, we could have used him." that would be a more well received post. Just sayin'.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

[EDIT:  this is in response to Fatpants question, who is the most hated.] Obv. the most hated will change for different people. I think for different reasons, Pryor, Clarett, and Boren would be high on the list. For me personally, while I don't "hate" Jim Tressel, it bothered me that he wrote "The Winner's Manual," while at the same time giving a pass to a bunch of guys on the team. What the players doesn't seem to me to be all that bad (selling golden pants and jerseys, and getting a few tats in exchange.) Especially with all the other things that have happened at other schools. The issue for me was the coverup, lack of transparency, lack of knowing what was happening.

Urban Meyer would probably be a love/hate thing for Michigan fans. He is a great coach, and will be a fierce rival to try to catch up to. Michigan fans hope to eventually have another 10 year war, with Harbaugh bringing competition back to the Game. However, Michigan is in no way at Ohio State's level . . . yet.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Thanks for the reply, Script-Ohio. Your explanation makes sense, and I can mostly live with that. My only comment:  In this hypersensitive, hypervigilant culture, I'm personally pretty careful about things I'm associated with. I'm in a career position where I've got to be very careful with public perception, and with belonging to a group or signing off on an activity with which I don't know the details. More than once, I've seen people hung out to dry for things they weren't personally responsible for. I really try to review that kind of thing beforehand.

Personally, my grandparents were mostly from Germany. I have heard the excuse regarding Nazis, "we didn't know what was going on. We had no idea what happened in the labor camps." That excuse didn't really cut it, and to some degree, that applies to the band. If you join an organization, whether a fraternity, band, club, association, etc., you are signing off on the activities of the group.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Ok, this is what I'm trying to understand . . . "FAR less than 1% of current and former members have ever heard this song.  I was in for 5 years and never have." So tell me, did you have a copy or multiple copies of a songbook? Did you sing any of the songs? Do you remember any of the songs? Does the songbook have hundreds of songs, so that it is easy to miss most of them? So tell me, script-ohio, were you ever offended by anything in the band? Or were you just fortunate to never be exposed to anything offensive . . . it either happened before or after your five years, or on a different bus or location during your five years?

The other thing I don't get is this. It sounds like the songbook has been around for a long, long, time. All I've heard about TBDBITL is that it was just kids being kids, no big deal, making a mountain out of a molehill. It really seems odd, since there have been reports for several years, that not a single band member prior to this ever came out with it. Very interesting.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

FTR . . . right now, it is OSU and the rest of the Big 10. While I think Michigan will be better, it won't happen this season. No way anyone but OSU or MSU wins the Big 10 this year. Having said that, I do believe Harbaugh was the right hire, I do believe he is at Michigan for the long haul, I do believe things will turn around in the not too distant future. Just not this year.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of all college teams. I don't think Hoke was a terrible recruiter, but he was over his head and didn't develop talent. OSU both has a higher level of talent, coming in, and has developed it better once the players are on campus.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Have loved minivans. 3 kids, vacation, cross country, makes life tolerable. Honda and Kia were great. Dodge was a workhorse, but rusted out. Even with the oldest daughter in the Navy, the two 14 year olds can each have a row and avoid killing each other. (Boy and a girl.) I think too many people just love the idea of hating on minivans.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

OSU got a good RB in Weber. Hope it goes well for him, except for that one game in November. I think there was just too much ground to make up with the Hoke disaster for him to come to Michigan. Michigan fans will always raise their eyebrows at the timing of Drayton's announcement. But I suppose things like that go both ways.

I do expect Michigan to be very competitive against the Buckeyes going forward, perhaps more than most on this board feel. The OL cratered under Rodriguez. It took several years to grow under Hoke. With Drevno as OC and OL coach, and the number of upperclassmen on the OL, they are going to be much better starting this year. I also think that Harbaugh will stay at Michigan longer than 4 years. San Diego and even Stanford were stepping stones. And he would have stayed at San Francisco except for the disaster that was Jed York. Their loss was Michigan's gain. Michigan is a destination head coaching position. I doubt Harbaugh goes back to the NFL unless things line up perfectly.

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Michigan fan here. Darrell Funk is no longer with Michigan . . . he was not retained when Harbaugh became the head coach.

The new OL coach, Tim Drevno, is also the offensive coordinator. Last year, he was the running game coordinator and OL coach at USC, where Max Tuerck earned All-American honors on the OL. Previously, he served as the OL coach with the 49's from 2011 - 2013, coaching Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, and Alex Boone among others. (Boone might be your best resource to find out what Drevno is like. I'd assume someone on the board is in touch with Boone. You already are aware of how Boone feels about Harbaugh.) Drevno was at Stanford from 2007 - 2010 (under Jimmy,) coaching the tight ends for two years and the O-line for two years. Under Drevno, the O-line was 2nd in the nation in fewest sacks allowed, and they anchored a brutal running game for the Cardinal.

Suffice to say, Drevno is an upgrade over Funk. His tenure at USC, the 49's, and Stanford speaks for itself. He is heavily involved in recruiting at Michigan. Currently, Michigan has commitments from Bredeson (#1 OG at 247), Onwenu (#8 OG at 247,) and Swenson (#10 OT at 247.) They are in strong contention for Terrance Davis (#9 OT at 247.) And it is possible they would sign a 5th OL in the class.

I won't make excuses for the OL play at Michigan. It has been substandard for a long time. Having said that, OL is the area with the longest lead time needed for development. If you look at the depth chart, Hoke's first class is only now redshirt Juniors. They were expected to have made the jump in this coming year. Should Drevno coach them up, and they have the requisite strength development and mastery of footwork, we could see a significant jump in the OL this coming year.

One more thing. It has long been rumored on Michigan boards that there are several unannounced medicals out there yet to become public. My understanding is that at least two of these are on the OL. The depth chart is not perilous, but recruiting a strong OL class is critical to what Harbaugh wants to do. If there are two medicals, plus attrition of one or two, plus graduation of one, a class of 5 on the OL is needed.

I think a few of you on this board forget how critical a solid OL is to the overall success of the team. I for one believe that if Michigan had had a better OL, it would have significantly changed the record over the last few years. Harbaugh gets this, and you will see an emphasis on the OL going forward.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

I think you're setting your sights too low. TOSU could win ALL their games with the 2nd string. I think, it would be a bit more fair and interesting if OSU played their 2nd string the entire season. Just think of the glory:  "OSU goes undefeated, wins Big10 title and National Championship with 2nd string, prepares to play and beat the Browns." Yep, that's it.

Comment 08 Jun 2015

So, my user name makes my allegiances clear.

Regarding the OP, as a 2-star recruit, I'm definitely interested in seeing how this guy pans out. I'm really not sure whether he will be a bust or just be someone who hasn't been seen yet. Don't know. Ideally, he redshirts, and has a lot of potential, and is coached up. But who can say? Obv. my hope is that seeing guys live in these camps gives the Michigan coach staff the opportunity to uncover guys that have gone under the radar and don't have the rankings they should. We'll see, won't we? It's obv. Michigan can't waltz in to a 4 or 5 star home like OSU can, and have their pick of the litter.

Regarding Harbaugh and shedding his shirt, and his twitter, and his personality, some will like him, and some won't. It really doesn't matter what I think. What matters is what potential recruits think. Michigan fans seem to think that 16 - 17 year olds will eat this stuff up. TOSU fans seem to think that he is a weird wacko with no dignity that 16 - 17 year old will steer clear of. I guess we'll find out. I'm personally biased, but I kinda think it is pretty cool to see a 50 year old guy who is willing to play ball with kids.

As regards Meyer and Harbaugh and coaching cahones, well, Meyer has the rings. Harbaugh doesn't have a thing. I'm sure neither Urbs nor the team are the least bit scared of Michigan. The Buckeyes have had Michigan's number for a good 10 plus years. So we'll just have to see. But I feel confident that Jimmy is better for Michigan than RickRod or Hoke, and that Michigan will be more competitive. I fully expect Michigan to lose to MSU and OSU this year. But I also expect that they are NOT going to lose to the rest of the teams in stupid ways, although they might just not be good enough to win a couple other games. And I expect that Michigan will be winning their share of games with OSU within the next few years. Honestly, I am of the opinion that having Michigan and OSU both at a high level is more fun and good all around. Many of you would prefer that Michigan stay bad permanently. We'll just have to disagree.

Comment 08 Jun 2015

Regarding attrition, the thought is that there are a number of seniors who were redshirts, and who never have really seen the field, who won't be extended a scholarship for the 5th year. There also are at least two and possibly three guys who could be legit medicals. Lastly, there is always some unanticipated attrition, 2 - 3 guys. If you add it all up, the class could easily end up close to 25.