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Comment 24 hours ago

As I said in another post, at least you beat Michigan. But seriously, smh. This is a train wreck.

What I really don't get is why Matta doesn't pursue more in-state players. To wit:

  • Trey Burke
  • Caris LeVert
  • Xavier Simpson (seeing significant time on the court)
  • Ibi Watson (less time . . . needs to develop)
  • Mark Donnal (he never was a star, but gives some quality minutes off the bench)
  • Jon Geske (He really got schooled against Wisconsin, but Beilein is getting him minutes on the floor so he can learn.)

All of these guys are from Ohio, and they're all on Michigan's team. How many of them were offered by OSU? I believe that Burke and LeVert were not. I don't know about the rest. But either Matta and his staff aren't good at identifying talent, or they aren't good at developing the talent they have. Because if they thought they had better talent, why doesn't it show?

(FTR, almost all of Michigan's players come from Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana).

It is irrelevant to this post, but Michigan has a guy sitting out a year . . . Charles Matthews, a 5 star transfer from Kentucky. Word is that he has really developed, and the NBA is already drooling over him. Michigan is losing two starting seniors (Walton and Irvin) and one backup (Mark Donnal). They have three commitments, and one spot open. It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY, but they are still in it for Mohamed Bamba, the number 3 player in the country, from PA, a 6'11" PF. If they get him, again, very unlikely, but if they do, next year could be very special. They'd have 3 key starters back, 2 key backups, and 2 new guys (Matthews and Bamba) who are stars in the making.

Back to OSU:  I just don't get it. At the very least, start recruiting Ohio better and don't let the best talent leave the state.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

I think this whole thing about banning hires based on players is crazy, and will have some bad unintended side affects. I really am not in a place to know whether or not it is good that Johnson isn't coming to Michigan. The reality is that he would have come as an analyst, and become a coach in April. Sucks it didn't happen. But I don't blame him at all for going to be a coach in Oregon.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

I, for one, find this amusing. Some people like Harbaugh. Others hate him. Whatever. The one thing, though, is I can't believe you guys like Paul Finebaum in this. Do you literally believe that the SEC is ethical? Do you really think JH is cheating? SMH. Look, I don't care that you hate JH and Michigan with every fiber of your being. This is right and proper. But cumong, if you are standing up for Saban and Georgia and Tennessee and Ole Miss and the rest of them, you have lost your minds. Personally, I think that Meyer could really troll the SEC, but maybe he wants to go back some day, or he calls those guys his friends. Dunno.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

I think Michigan is going to sneak in. They just beat Wisconsin, putting together a small 3 game win streak (MSU, IU). They should beat Rutgers and Nebraska. And beat either NW or Minnesota. Purdue is their only hard remaining game. With Wisconsin being considered a "quality" win, that gives UM more than enough wins to get in. How far they go is another question altogether. They will be hard pressed to make it out of the opening weekend. But you never know. With as many 3 point shooters as they have, they can catch lightning in a bottle if they all are "on."

Comment 13 Feb 2017

As said by OzzyGuy, Johnson has a ton of experience. Regarding hiring parents or HS coaches, FTR, they all worked out. Wheatley has gone back to the NFL, but Partridge has been promoted, had tremendous success as a HS coach in NJ, and is a very good recruiter. Gwen Bush is still on the support staff. Her son never ended up playing much as a 5th year transfer from Stanford.

Regarding how many losses JH gets to OSU, I'm going with 4. If Michigan wins this year (year 3), I'll be shocked. Next year, we're back in Columbus. Year 5, it should be a fairly even playing field.

I also am among the koolaid drinkers who don't believe JH is going anywhere.

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Urban Meyer should get the tattoo done. Be a man of your word. A promise is a promise. I'm curious if he said where he was going to get a tattoo, and what kind of ink he was planning to get.

Oh, and for all the crazy stuff JH does, he doesn't have a tattoo, or a body piercing, and doesn't plan to get a tattoo or piercing or grill. He will do sleepovers and jump into swimming pools with his clothes on and climb trees and play peruball shirtless, but he says no to tattoos.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

I'm just a fan, and don't know exactly what goes into who they recruit. I am sure that there are lots of similarities, but there are definite differences in what schools are looking for. An obv. difference is in what Meyer and Harbaugh are looking for in a QB. I also think Harbaugh might do more with TE's, and really likes FB's.

I will say, if I were OSU, I would prefer the 100 player in the country at LB from the state of Ohio, over say the 60 - 70 player in the country from California. The kid from California is "better," but how much better? As another poster said, however, we don't know exactly what the coaches are looking for. But all things being equal, I'd take the local kid if at all possible.

One interesting case:  Antjuan Simmons. It seems neither Brown nor Harbaugh were ever that excited about him. He committed to OSU, and then something happened . . . maybe OSU realized the same thing? We don't know the details, but I think there was an example of a local player who the coaches felt wasn't as good as some other options out there.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Atlanta crapped the bed. No two ways about it. It almost is like the coaches had some huge secret monetary bet on New England, and had to find a way to throw the game. How in the world could they be so blind to clock management, and to putting NE in a position where they couldn't possibly win. Shoot, my teenager had gone to bed, figuring the game was a foregone conclusion (at the end of the 3rd quarter.) TBH, I didn't wake him up because I figured, there's NO WAY Tom Brady brings the team back. I mean, how many miracle things had to happen?

  • Sack, fumble recovered.
  • TD, plus a 2 pt conversion.
  • Sack, 15 yard penalty, no field goal.
  • Miracle catch by Edelman.
  • TD, plus ANOTHER 2 pt conversion.
  • Win the coin toss, take the ball.
  • Score a THIRD TD.

Who in the world could script this nonsense? If it was a movie, they'd reject the plot line, because "who would believe such a crazy story?" Honestly, as much of a Brady fan as I am, I shake my head at this.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Yeah, fair observation. The article on Brady isn't worth a thread by itself, though. And yet, the point of the article is that it isn't all luck for Brady. It's kind of that thing in life where "good luck" follows some people and "bad luck" follows some people. The older you get, the more you realize that it isn't always luck . . . it is often choices that affect one's "luck." Oh, but as to the initial point, I half agree that Atlanta really chose to lose, and gave the game away. I guess the Brady stuff is just to say that there are very few QB's and teams who can capitalize on the way Atlanta played. You have to give half the blame/credit to Atlanta and their play calling, and the other half to Brady. Atlanta still would have won against virtually any other team and QB. I absolutely know that the way NE (and Brady) won is completely infuriating and mind boggling to a Brady hater. There were two guys in Bible study last night, one from Buffalo and one from Pittsburgh, and both of them are just crazy that Brady won . . . yet again.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

I have always been curious why OSU didn't recruit Jake Ryan harder from Ignatius. I have some connections there, and they thought that Ryan was better than Berger (the class of 2014 LB who went to OSU and washed out due to injury). I mean, it was great to have Ryan at Michigan, and is nice to see him at Green Bay. But I was always curious about that. Surprised OSU didn't recruit him harder.

Personally, I think this is going to come back to bite OSU (not recruiting kids from Ohio harder.) Look, we all get that you need to recruit every 5 star recruit you can . . . from Bishop - Gorman, from IMG academy, from Cass Tech, from wherever. But if I were the recruiting coordinator, I would choose a kid from Ohio who was rated just a smidge below a player from somewhere else. The kids all get that it is a business, and that their goal is to go to the NFL. But man, a kid from the Cleveland or Columbus area who is a mid 4 star level recruit and a fan of OSU seems better to me than a slightly better player from California or Nevada or Florida or wherever. We won't know for several years, but Michigan fans are very excited about getting DT James Hudson out of Toledo Catholic Central, and also getting OL Honigford out of Sugarcreek, OH. Obviously, OSU had a recruiting class for the ages in 2017. But not even offering Hudson helps Michigan not only now. It builds goodwill with HS coaches in Toledo. If Ohio State continues to dominate Michigan, well, there's your answer. But I think Michigan has done a better job locking down the state. About a quarter of their recruits come from Michigan, with the lowest being a 3 star DT out of Berrien Springs, MI.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Great article. Of course, I'm thrilled for Brady and the Pats. But man, Atlanta was way complicit in that win. A total collapse. I don't get why they didn't run the clock down more. I also think that the injury to Tevin Coleman hurt.

I do think that a balanced offense works better than an over reliance on EITHER running or passing. Just my opinion, but if you are too predictable, it doesn't usually work. I do think that Brady is a rare QB with accuracy and putting passes in windows where good defense isn't enough. Talking about those windows, I was also struck by the drive with 3, iirc, 3 defensive holding calls on the Atl secondary. Those defensive holding calls meant that the Atlanta defense had to really back off in coverage for the balance of the game, helping out the Pats.

There was a fascinating article this week on how Brady is a QB who seems to have an obscene amount of "luck," all the way back to his final three games at UofM. The point of the article was that it isn't all luck . . . when you have 20 years of work, you are able to see trends. Here's a fascinating quote:

Over time, close game results tend to even out, at the mercy of a bounce or two, a turnover or a missed field goal. In the 10 years before Brady became the starting quarterback at Michigan, the Wolverines posted a 19-18-4 record in games with a margin of a touchdown or less. In the 17 seasons since Brady went to the NFL, Michigan is 41-38 in such games. In the two seasons in which Brady started, Michigan went 10-2 in close games, accounting for half its wins during a stretch in which it went 20-5.

He goes on to analyze Brady's career through the NFL. Brady has the best winning percentage in close games (in the NFL) of all QB's who have been to the Super Bowl.

LINK:  Brady has defied math since college

All that being said, I completely agree with Ramzy that Atlanta tightened up and really threw that game away. Mind boggling.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

Would have been nice if Michigan had won this year. SMH. Personally, I don't see them winning against you guys in 2017. The problem, the achilles heel for the team for a long time, was the OL. And that's something that takes time to rebuild the right way. It won't happen this year.

Oh, the other thing is that Speight was badly injured against Iowa, and whatever happened, he couldn't pass vertically against OSU. Once your DC realized that Speight couldn't throw bombs, that shrunk the field considerably. Adding the subpar OL, there was no way Michigan could beat OSU. As it was, they made more of a game of it, but they did not have enough to come up with a win.

And FTR, these aren't sour grapes. OSU won fair and square. My point is that Michigan is getting closer. Hasn't happened yet, but under JH Michigan is becoming more competitive.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

I'm obv. a Michigan fan, so you know my allegiance. (And FTR, I'm thrilled he went to Michigan, and yeah, his skills weren't maximized in Ann Arbor. Just the truth. He still is a Michigan fan, and Michigan fans still cheer for Brady.) But I'm curious, Crumb. What would it take for you to acknowledge Brady as the GOAT? I mean, from my perspective, you can ALWAYS find some reason that things should have gone differently. So what will it take for you? Two more SuperBowl wins? Three? You can find reasons to blame the Pat's win on something else, but still, the body of work speaks for itself.

I will say, both Belichick and Brady are driven. They match each other well. Brady's diet, his practice regimen, his sleep schedule, are all designed to maximize his ability to win. Belichick will do anything he can to win, within the rules. (This last statement is where we differ. You would say he's a cheater. I would say he's an opportunist. We'll agree to disagree.) I would say, BTW, that Meyer is driven. And that he (and JH, and Saban, et. al., will do anything they can, however sketchy (as long as technically legal,) to gain an advantage and win. For that matter, that's how Jordan was in basketball. And in one sense, that's how Lebron is. Do whatever you can within the rules to help your team win.

I personally think Brady's desire to win, and to do everything possible to win, is what makes him the GOAT.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Hoke was a good DL coach in the past. It was the one area that he was responsible for at Michigan, and it was a strength under him. He also wasn't all bad at recruiting. We'll see what happens, but Hoke is a good guy.

Comment 05 Feb 2017

Of course, Brady gets my vote as the GOAT. Watching, the trophy presentation, he was pretty gracious, imhe. Brady will be the first to tell you that there are more talented QB's out there physically. Aaron Rogers certainly comes to mind. But winning is the ultimate measure. Some suggest that any good QB at NE would have won. I beg to differ. Brady made the most of his opportunity. He and Belichick and Kraft have stayed the same. Just about everyone else has changed.

Oh, and a little factoid:  Michigan has the most Super Bowl MVP winners (5) of any college. Bama has 3, ND has three, USC has three. And it goes from there. (OSU's rep is Santonio Holmes.)

Comment 03 Feb 2017

OSU coaches have done a pretty good job of keeping up the walls. It is no secret that Michigan has benefited greatly from a number of Ohio athletes . . . you all know Braylon Edwards and Desmond Howard. Dan Dierdorf and Elvis Grbac are a couple more. Some of my recent favorites are Jake Ryan, Willie Henry, and Chris Wormley.

I do think you have to treat northwest Ohio and the Toledo area a bit differently . . . there are some divided allegiances there. It also strikes me that Cincinnati isn't an OSU stronghold, but I might be wrong.

Regardless, I think that for Michigan and Nebraska and Wisconsin to compete, they absolutely have to recruit nationally. Honestly, so does OSU. While this is very painful for born and bred fans of the team, you won't get 5 guys with 5 stars each if you limit yourself to Ohio and the surrounding states. Guys like that don't grow on trees. Be thankful that Meyer has been aggressive in getting the best talent possible. At this point, OSU recruits itself:  high level guys are interested in OSU, because it means they have a chance to compete for a National Championship.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Good observation. And no, I am not counting Michigan in that group, at least in 2017. Really wondering what next year will be like. We will be awfully young, and don't have the depth that OSU had in 2016.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Hahaha. Smart ass. I won't say "good riddance." But the Kalis hype was always more than the performance. Frankly, I wonder about the coaching the first year or two he was here. It has improved, but too little, too late.

Semi-serious question:  are you thrilled you have your QB coming back? Do you think he will put it together with passing next year? I have my doubts. I think OSU will be able to beat up on almost everyone on your schedule. But when you face a team with a ferocious DL and lock down corners, I think OSU is going to struggle again. Honestly, I think OSU's ceiling will be to make it to the playoffs, but to lose again, leaving OSU in the top 4, but not at the top. Just my opinion, man.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Personally, I think that OSU and Bama are both well above the rest. I am irritated at George, because I think there definitely were shenanigans going on. But that's sour grapes.

A few caveats.

  1. I personally think that punters and kickers should be left out of the average. For you, that would be Blake Haubeil at .8321. For Michigan, that would be Brad Robbins out of Westerville at .7591. Any year you have a punter or kicker, they are always a 2 or 3 star and kind of skew the rankings.
  2. I think the overall average is key, but you're going to have ranking services miss on several players. This year, for Michigan, I think that Aubrey Solomon is our best player, and not Donovan Peoples-Jones. It really doesn't matter who is "best." They both are 5 star talents. But you get the point.
  3. Every now and then, you have a generational talent, and it is clear. QB and RB are a place where this makes a difference. What I'm trying to say is that if you have a truly great running back or quarterback or wide receiver, they can outshine their rankings.

Still, OSU has a class for the ages. I think Michigan is coming closer, and is in the ballpark, but this year was unreal and obscene for you. Tip of the hat.