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Comment 22 hours ago

Hoke would have apologized. Not Woody. Not Bo. Not Urban. Not Harbaugh.

I personally don't know how much the satellite camps helped Michigan in recruiting. As said above, we won't really know for a couple three years. If Michigan ended up picking up incredible players that no one else really saw or focused on, well, the camps helped. But the proof is in the pudding. Let's see how guys signed because of satellites actually perform on the field once they're at Michigan. Beyond that, do satellites create good will? I think so. The HS coaches I've read have talked about the exposure they give to everyone.

As regards his "antics," (i.e., playing Peru ball shirtless, sleepovers, climbing trees, Spring ball in Florida, going to rap concerts and pro wrestling, participating in a rap song, holding a huge signing day event, etc., etc., etc.) I think Harbaugh is having fun, even as he is ridiculed and mocked by Saban, Finebaum, OSU fans, and others. When you do the kind of things he is doing, you're going to get mocked. Goes with the territory. The question is, what do players and parents think? Now, it is obvious (from OSU's 2017 recruiting class for the ages) that Meyer and OSU are doing just fine, the way they do things. I strongly suspect OSU will finish strong, with several more 5 star guys. We'll have to wait until February to see how Michigan does. But I'll bet Michigan finishes very strong. They won't catch up to OSU in terms of 5 stars, but they'll have a top 5 class and won't be hampered by class size issues.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to performance on the field. Press conferences and antics don't mean jack in the middle of the summer. There are no summer national championships, or summer Heisman trophies. But Harbaugh's Michigan team is going to compete hard. Will they beat OSU? Well, I've predicted they won't. But I've shifted a bit. I would be shocked if Michigan loses like they did last year. Michigan may not win, but after last year's whuppin', they know a lot more about what it takes. I think the game will be close.

How do I know the game will be close? I don't. I'm just a fan. No inside info. But I find it fascinating that here, on your own board, there are 4 front page articles on Michigan and Harbaugh. Michigan is coming. And OSU knows it.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

"You can't handle the truth." A Few Good Men.

"Meine Zeit."

"You've got more (something or other) than Carter has little pills."

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Sorry. Just commenting on the 3 guys who we have mutual interest in. You guys have such an incredible class, you're getting a bit greedy.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Anytime you raise this kind of question, it ends up being very difficult to quantify. Because, every fan base has dick fans. Including Michigan.

I have never had problems and always heard good things with fans from Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, ND, or Northwestern.

Illinois fans are jerks, and hate Michigan. MSU fans can also be jerks. And PSU fans are delusional. EDIT:  I forgot that Rutgers does not seem very likable either. I know nothing about Maryland.

However, OSU is in a class by itself. It seems like some of the OSU faithful have an over the top hatred and obsession with Michigan that is just bizarre, especially given your domination over thew last few years. Call me a chicken, but I really am not sure I would go to a game in Columbus. I mean, I have relatives who went to OSU who are great. But there are some fans there who just take it to another level. I like that Michigan and OSU want to beat each other terribly, that they will play their rival to the utmost. But I want there to be respect. I don't like cheap shots, and trying to hurt someone else. And that includes fans picking fights with fans from other schools, and pouring beer on them, spitting at them, etc., etc., etc. It never is called for.

EDIT:  So, I want Michigan to beat OSU more than anyone else. After that, I want Michigan to beat MSU and ND, and then PSU. I despise that Michigan has lost to OSU way too much. And want that to change. But I still respect OSU as a great team, with a history of great teams, and great coaches. I want to dominate OSU. But I don't hate you. It is difficult for me to articulate this appropriately.  In the big scheme of things, I hate MSU, and really dislike some other schools. OSU? The Buckeyes are Michigan's greatest rival, and will always be their greatest rival. The model for me is Woody's relationship with Bo. They fought each other tooth and nail, but they respected each other, and were friends at the end of the day.

FINAL Edit:  I really dislike more of the teams in the SEC and ACC, and a few in the Big 12 and even Pac 10. The cheating, the bag men, the complete lack of any concern for academics, is on a whole different level. I mean, even though I'm a Michigan grad, and think the world of my school, I have a lot of respect for many of the schools in the Big 10. Less so in the SEC and some of the others.

TL;DR:  Summary:  I respect OSU, desperately want Michigan to beat OSU, but don't "hate" OSU. PSU and others? An afterthought.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Strongly agree with this. Every 4 star rated kid wants to have his 5th star, but so much of it has to do with measurables that few have. When you have someone with the strength and stamina and speed to start and do well in the NFL, you have a 5 star player. And that just doesn't happen that often. Too many kids don't really develop until they're in college.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

You have a great class. I think you have several silent recruits (Grimes? Lindsey?) so the space left is very tight. On your list, there are at least 3 recruits Michigan is also after:  DPJ, Browning, and Tufele.

Word in Michigan circles is that things are very positive for DPJ. Michigan has room for 3 guys:  DPJ, Nico Collins out of AL, and late riser Oliver Martin out of Iowa.

As for Browning, things are improving for Michigan, although he is still considering OSU. Question:  Do you have room for him?  Re:  Michigan, Steve Lorenz says, "Michigan's in his very, very top group," the source said. "At worst they are running third right now. He had a great visit to Michigan and his brother's connection to Coach Harbaugh remains strong and has helped them." Browning would greatly improve Michigan's LB corps.

Tufele I don't know much about. I mean, I know he is great. What helps Michigan is that current NT Bryan Mone out of Utah is also a Pacific Islander, as is director of player personnel, Tony Tuioti.

I really don't know who will close out your class, but this is recruiting for the ages. Congratulations.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Congratulations. Sigh. You guys are killing it on the recruiting trail. Still, I am very pleased at the prospect of Benjamin St.-Juste, Ambry Thomas, and Jaylen Kelly-Powell in the secondary. Not the same as OSU, but not shabby either, by a long shot. (I don't think Darnay Holmes is coming to Ann Arbor, but if he did, that would put Michigan on a par with OSU in the secondary).

Comment 23 Jul 2016

I am sure it is a combination of scouting and measurables. Strength, speed, jumping, catching, are measurable. Where it falls apart are intangibles that can't easily be measured. Always being in the right place at the right time, always taking the right angles, finishing tackles. football intelligence. Those you can still measure, but not as clearly. This is where solid talent evaluation on the coaching staff is so critical. You obviously want the "best" players you can get, but on occasion, a 5 star guy can be a prima donna, an entitled cancer who isn't worth having.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

I will never cut the cord . . . because I have never had it. I am fortunate to live in a major market with ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, WGN, and others. I can typically catch several Michigan games on ABC, go to a friend's house for some on ESPN or Big10, go to a couple games live, and find a bar for the rest. The cost of all this is WAY less than having cable TV. I don't watch shows, and can easily get the movies I want from the library (free) or from Red box. It is insane to think of paying out $200 a month. Over the last 20 years, I have saved something like $40,000. That's a lot of spare change.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Ok, I can agree that it is too strong to downright say Michigan won't win the Big Ten. I think it is unlikely they will win the Big Ten. I wouldn't predict they'll win the Big Ten. But yeah, I'll back off from saying they won't, or they can't do it. It is possible. Just don't feel comfortable saying it's probable.

I definitely am aware that neither O'Korn nor Speight are green. I'm hoping one of them really shines, and does very well.

As regards injuries, yes, you can say that about any team. I just think Michigan is still a bit more vulnerable than OSU to injuries.

Lastly, I do agree that you can't hold Harbaugh accountable for the 0 - 12 record. 

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Ok, I'll bite. To be candid, I think we COULD in Columbus. And yes, as a Michigan fan, it is my hope the Wolverines win. But in order to win, several things have to happen.

  • O'Korn or Speight have to really master the playbook and have a connection with the receivers. And stay healthy. Could it happen? Definitely. But that's an unknown.
  • Michigan has to stay healthy. We saw what happened last year when Glasgow, Mone, and Ojemudia went down on the DL. We couldn't manage without them. Eventually, I think we'll have more depth. I don't think it is quite there yet.
  • I want to see how the LB corps performs. I feel like they're pretty raw. I'm intrigued by Peppers, but want to see how he does against a team like OSU. Also don't know how quickly and thoroughly the LB's understand and implement what Brown wants to do.
  • I know the OL is experienced, but can they dominate? Can they really push, and open holes? Can they protect the passer? Personally, I think the OL has hurt us tremendously for a number of years. I also think we are not that deep:  we want great guys starting, with solid guys behind them. I don't think we have that yet.
  • OSU has done it a number of years under Meyer. Michigan hasn't. That 0 - 12 figure is pretty bad. I do think Michigan handles MSU easily enough. But I'll believe they're on a par with OSU after I see the game.

Now, if Michigan stays healthy, if we have a good to great QB, if the OL really pulls it all together, if the LB really improves under Brown, well, I think we could win. But there are quite a few "ifs" there. I just can't predict a win for Michigan, although I think they could steal one. Just my opinion.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Responding to High St:  They are definitely not solid at LB. RB they're ok, but nothing like OSU's quality. (Doggone that we didn't get Weber. So close.) At QB, it isn't that they aren't solid:  it is that no one has a real clue. Just how good is O'Korn? Could Harbaugh have coached up Speight that much? This is a great unknown. The other place I'm waiting to see is the OL. I'm not convinced yet that the OL is "solid." Yeah, they have experience, but they really need to be better than mediocre, and actually create some holes, and provide some protection. We shall see.

Last comment is injuries. OSU can just reload. Michigan isn't there yet. There are a bunch of positions where there is a significant step down in quality from the starter to the next guy up. If Michigan is able to get through the season without any significant injuries, well, that changes the equation in their favor.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

So many thoughts.

  1. Michigan isn't winning the National Championship this year.
  2. Michigan isn't even winning the Big 10 this year.
  3. Harbaugh hasn't proven a thing yet.
  4. Michigan hasn't proven a thing yet.

I get annoyed with bandwagon fans. Michigan is not "back." They may be on the way back, but they sure aren't there yet. I really have no idea what yahoos think Michigan is going to compete for the National title, let alone the Big 10 title.

I have consistently predicted:  Michigan will lose again to OSU this year. They will beat MSU. They will lose a second game in a "trap" game. I have also predicted that Michigan will lose again to OSU in 2017. They will lose too many starters after this year to be competitive.

Where I differ from OSU fans on this board is that I really do believe that Harbaugh is a very good coach, and that Harbaugh will not wear out his welcome, but will be at Michigan a long time. He won't win for a couple more years because the talent is just a bit down from OSU. From 2018 going forward, Michigan will play OSU toe to toe.

I also believe that Harbaugh is building a team designed to compete with OSU. To wit, SBNation's Bud Elliott wrote the following after covering the "Opening:"

Michigan is building the perfect foil to Ohio State’s spread in the Big Ten, a bruising throwback pro-style offense with great diversity in its run game scheme and top-notch QB coaching.

Some of Michigan’s commitments won’t exactly shine in a non-contact event. Take 6’1, 232-pound running back A.J. Dillon. A padless, non-contact event just isn’t his game. The same thing goes for running back O’Maury Samuels, whose game is mostly straight-line size/speed. Oh, and Benjamin St-Juste, a 6’3 defensive back from Quebec should in no way be a three-star after the event. He showed good fluidity and was not outclassed by the major step up in competition.

I have lots of confidence that Harbaugh is heading Michigan in the right direction. It just will take a couple years to get there.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Several comments from a Michigan fan.

  1. There is no gloating here, no happiness, no schadenfreude. The whole thing is sad, is reprehensible, is wrong.
  2. Having said that, I don't envy OSU or Urban Meyer or Greg Schiano, or OSU fans. This is just bad. There is no win. Even assuming Schiano never saw anything, there is doubt cast on his character.
  3. Regarding PSU, and Paterno, this is just another black eye, and they are in denial. This is crazy! And they want to put the statue back up? What kind of la la land are they living in? What a travesty, what an embarrassment. And Franklin thought recruiting was bad? It is going to get worse.
  4. Again, this puts things into perspective. We are football fans. But in the overall scheme of things, so many things are so much more important than football.
Comment 11 Jul 2016

I hate jerk parents. When my kid was playing youth football (not in the State of Michigan,) there were a few occasions when parents were out of line. And at least one coach was a hothead. I will never stand up for a Michigan fan who is an asshole.

While I won't defend those parents, I'm curious if there is any more to the story, or if they were just jerks who were out of line. Sometimes, the pot calls the kettle black, when the reality is there is plenty of jawing and name calling and the like going on among the fans (or parents) of rivals on both sides of the field.

Comment 08 Jul 2016

FTR, I don't tweet. I don't have twitter. I don't know how to tweet. And I roll my eyes at the idea of obsessed fans tweeting recruits. I mean, it is bad enough that we spend too much time on sports blogs. Periodically, I remind myself, get a life, get out on your bicycle, spend more time with your wife and kids, live life to the fullest. And blogging (and obsessing about recruits, and even worse tweeting them) is not having a life.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

To be the best, you should expect the best.

  • You have a great coach who is paid more than all other Big 10 coaches.
  • You have the highest budget by far in the Big 10, and trail ONLY AUBURN nationally.
  • You have had the best recruits in the Big 10 each year the last 10 years, thus better players than anyone.
  • You have the best facilities in the Big 10.
  • You have a history of success, with more NC's the last 25 years than anyone else in the Big 10.
  • You are on record for the most 5 star recruits ever in a single class.

For OSU to lose to anyone at all is failure. Maybe Oklahoma would be slightly understandable, being that you are breaking so many new guys in. But for OSU to lose to Michigan, your biggest rival historically, in Columbus, given your total domination under Urban Meyer, would be inexcusable, a choke job of the worst kind. That would be inconceivable, a stain that would stagger the imagination. I'm sure that couldn't happen.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

I don't know, you didn't really didn't do any harm, and you kept someone who couldn't make up his mind from committing to tOSU. If I were you, I'd be cautious, but there might still be occasions where you could tweet a prospect. For instance, if someone dissed DPJ speed and hands, or someone said that Jay Tufele was soft, I think it'd be just fine for you to defend their honor and chime in for them.


Comment 07 Jul 2016

Somewhat agree. It takes a few years of solid recruiting, along with coaching up the kids, before you can be competitive all the way through. Michigan has talent in the starting positions, but is much more vulnerable to injury, definitely beyond the 2 deep. And it isn't just depth. On the OL and DL, and a bit less the LB group, it takes time for guys to develop the strength, the size, the knowledge of what you're doing. Yes, Freshmen can occasionally step in, but freshmen playing on the lines is almost always a bad sign, and an indicator of the lack of depth. Michigan's OL recruiting the last couple years, especially last year, wasn't great. This year, they are in on a bunch of great guys, and could add the number 1 center, along with 3 others in the top 100 on 247. And on the DL, 4 guys are graduating this year, along with 2 more that could go early entry if everything works perfectly. I've always held that consistent line recruiting and line play is a key predictor of future success.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Funny you posted this. I was thinking, first we get a Hillbilly from WVa, then we get a simpleton from Ohio (Hoke,) now we have a raging lunatic. Thing is, there are such things as crazy geniuses.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

HA! You actually made me laugh. They both are crazy, Miles and Harbaugh. Batshit crazy. But in a poll? Jimmy wins the crazy poll hands down. Oh, and FTR, I, a Michigan fan through and through, think Jimmy is crazy. It's just, he is OUR crazy coach. OSU goes for respectable and good looking (the Senator, and now Joe Handsome, aka Urban Meyer, the coach who every player's moms love). Michigan? We've got a guy with a couple screws loose, a maniacal laugh, a weird stare, a bizarre wardrobe, playing shirtless, criss-crossing the country, sleepovers with kids, sigh. Just Crazy.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Yeah, it really depends on each particular player. Some guys would rather work hard in practice at OSU, so that they can play if the guys in front of them go down to injury, or get on the field for garbage time. And others would rather be on the bench at OSU then to start at a lesser school. You have no guarantee to start at Indiana or Central Michigan. And if your room and board are being paid, and you're getting a decent degree from OSU, I could see some guys choosing to stay OSU. If these are the decisions a guy is making, why not stick with the camaraderie of the current team, the cache of being a football player at OSU, the degree from OSU, instead of starting all over again somewhere else.

Where it starts to get sticky is when the coaches don't give options but force a guy to leave:  you will transfer "voluntarily," or we will see that you are injured, there might be drugs planted in your car, you will start failing classes, etc. I'm sure Urban Meyer will be blunt, but I'm also sure he would never do anything to run someone off the team.