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Comment 22 hours ago

Hate to say it, but you better hope for failure. At least enough failure for Matta to be gone.

Think of it this way. Imagine that in some way, OSU gets to 22 wins. Maybe 23 wins. And they have 13 losses. At that point, OSU sneaks into the NCAA tournament with maybe a 9 seed. They manage to win a game, then exit. If that happens, and Matta stays another year, you're really screwed. I really don't understand the mindset of your AD. There is loyalty, but this is crazy. The ship has sailed, and your basketball team is not going to get any solid recruits at this point. If they are one and done guys, they are going to Kentucky, Duke, maybe UCLA. If they are top 50 guys, they are going to Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Louisville, etc. Top 100 or 150, they're going to Xavier, Butler, Penn State, etc. It is bad, and it is going to get worse.

Comment 23 May 2017

What in the world does this have to do with Michigan? Get a grip with your obsession.

Obviously, OSU is on a real roll right now with recruiting. Runaway train. But those things don't usually last forever. Ask Thad Matta about that.

To your point, Michigan certainly is not going to go into Ohio and pull most 5 stars. Those guys are mostly going to go to OSU. But there are always exceptions. Charles Woodson and Desmond Howard come to mind. Jake Ryan was from Ignatius, and iirc, didn't even get an offer from OSU. And even Jim Harbaugh was born in Ohio.

It sometimes is hard to know exactly which kids are being strongly recruited by which school. (that is to say, what does an "offer" mean? Can someone commit on the spot?) Weber is a guy Michigan wanted. So was Gant. I assume OSU wanted Rashan Gary. In the current class, OSU is doing way better than Michigan. For instance, Michigan wants Jeremy Ruckert, but he is 100% crystal balled to OSU. I think from NSD of 2019 forward (not 2018), the playing field will be reasonably even and we will have a better sense of how Michigan and OSU are recruiting against each other.

As regards Cincinnati, I'm glad Fickell is the HC. But I really don't see them competing with OSU head to head. Just in a very different place than Alabama, FSU, Stanford, ND, USC, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, LSU.

Comment 22 May 2017

Trying to be charitable. I'd also imagine there are OSU fans who think he's the bee's knees.

EDIT:  What's the nickname of the other OSU superfan? BTW, I don't think Michigan has ANYONE anywhere near those two guys. Smh. Glad to say that OSU wins the crown as regards crazy over the top fans who dress up and get a lot of camera shots.

EDIT 2: The one Michigan fan who we don't mind the camera following is Kate Upton.

Comment 22 May 2017

It was annoying (this thing Buckeye Crusdader linked to.) I think all rational fans get irritated with the idiot homers for are fans of their team. I'd imagine there are many OSU fans who don't care for Casey Anthony or Buckeye guy or the idiot who used twitter (of which I don't even have an acct) to reach out to potential recruits. (IIRC, one of my fav 11W pieces is I think done by Ramzy on NEVER contacting recruits. Plus the flowchart on whether it is a good idea. It never is a good idea, imhe. Unless maybe you are on the team or from the same HS or know someone previously. Which is virtually none of us.)

I won't say much, because I don't want to blow my cover. However, I have a relative who used to play ball with some of the guys at OSU (before too many knee injuries.) He currently is in regular contact with some OSU guys in the NFL, and some OSU guys still on the team. Obviously, he is an OSU fan all the way, as are a bunch of my relatives. (My dear wife, glad to say, converted years ago and is a happy Michigan fan.) My point is, this relative is a great guy . . . and he actually gets along with some of the former Michigan players in the NFL. Without naming names, he feels some of the guys currently playing at OSU are idiots and a pain in the rear. And he has reason to know personally. (it should go without saying, but there are some great kids on your team as well.) It really underscores for me that there are good fans at every school, and assholes at every school. Both on the team, and in the fanbase.

EDIT:  I am not an insider, despite my relative. However, I have a theory that some (not all) of the 4 and 5 star talent tend to need to be babysat more than 3 star guys who really love football and grind for all the PT they get. I think that if you've been the best athlete on your team by far since you've been a 5 year old playing peewee ball, and you've been catered to, and the rules are different for you in terms of playing school, well, you come with a big head and some baggage. And I wouldn't be surprised if OSU has more of those guys than Michigan . . . because you have more 5 star kids. That's what makes someone like Rashan Gary so incredible. A great athlete, fast, big, strong, but very bright and humble and not full of himself, unlike some other guys we know and love/hate.

Comment 20 May 2017

I'd fully agree with BlueBayou. The thing about the satellite camps has nothing to do with Michigan academics. It is an opportunity for football kids to get exposure to lots of schools, schools they would never see otherwise. It makes sense for the 4 and 5 star talent OSU is after to travel. That's a worthwhile investment, assuming they might eventually make it up with a pro contract. It doesn't make sense for 2 and 3 star talent, however. They are the ones who really are being affected.

There is one other thing I'd add. The new rules also affect camps like Sound Mind, Sound Body, which OSU attended. Because it isn't on a college campus, it no longer is approved.

Comment 20 May 2017

Fair enough. I guess I'm just grumpy because we've had a bunch of slow receivers for several years. And low production receivers. Darboh and Chesson were the only exceptions.Here is a chart on production of receivers under Hoke. Notice the SEVERE falloff after Chesson.

WR Amara Darboh, 2062
TE/WR Devin Funchess, 1715
TE Jake Butt, 1646
WR Jehu Chesson, 1639
RB De'Veon Smith, 251
TE/FB Khalid Hill, 226
TE AJ Williams, 164
RB/WR Dennis Norfleet, 157
FB Joe Kerridge, 123
TE Ian Bunting, 118
RB Drake Johnson, 107
RB Justice Hayes, 105
FB Sione Houma, 91
S Jabrill Peppers, 82
WR Moe Ways, 64
RB Ty Isaac, 54
WR Drake Harris, 50
FB Henry Poggi, 47

Comment 20 May 2017

I don't know why you gave this guy the time of day. He doesn't represent Michigan well. I've never heard of him, or his website. And there has been zero coverage of this over at mgoblog. Even beyond that, I don't have a lot of hope in the NCAA doing anything about anybody out there. With all the stuff at Baylor, and North Carolina, and Miami years ago, it seems like no one ever gets more than a slap on the wrist. In other words, even if something like a DM is wrong, I can't see the NCAA ever doing anything about that.

FTR, I think that players should be able to benefit in some way from their likeness and autographs and memorabilia swag. (the stuff OSU was penalized for.) As far as I'm concerned, the biggest problem with OSU was Tressel's coverup. The "crime" was inconsequential. Although, that's about how I feel about "practice hours" undere RichRod. As for satellite camps and Harbaugh, I think they were good for second tier kids, and that the recent NCAA regs ("Harbaugh rule") are mostly because of territorialism in the SEC. I think the new rules completely ruined camps like "Sound Mind, Sound Body," which were great events for a lot of kids, imhe.

Oh, and regarding JH doing anything of consequence, and his being "owned" by OSU. Yeah, there isn't much of anything for a Michigan fan to say until Michigan actually wins. I'll agree that the cupboard wasn't totally bare for Harbaugh. A few units, especially the defensive line, but also the secondary, weren't bad. But Michigan's OL has been atrocious for years, and that is a unit it takes YEARS to rebuild. And Michigan's WR corps seriously lacked speed for quite a few years. All in all, the talent level at Michigan was far below that of the Buckeyes. A strength of OSU recruiting has been making early contact with kids, years early. Michigan is only now at the point in the cycle where there are able to focus on recruits for 2019 and 2020, similar to what OSU is doing. Oh, and Michigan, unlike OSU, has no recent success to point to.

As for the charges in this vid, I have absolutely no idea whether or not there is any truth to them. Yeah, if it was true, it wouldn't be good. But even then, I'm still skeptical anything happens to OSU.

Comment 17 May 2017

The OSU basketball debacle. This is torture. If Thad had been fired, or had stepped down, you could move on. But there is just the steady and constant drip. drip. drip. drip. I think the low point so far was when a walk-on player, son of a coach, who would definitely get lots of playing time, chose to walk away from the team in order to focus on academics. Smh.

Comment 17 May 2017

Towards the end of the year? Get married in the morning on Nov. 25 in Columbus, your holy city. Color scheme should be scarlet and grey. You can undoubtedly get a luxury hotel room in Columbus for cheap that particular date. Check in, have room service with champagne, and watch TV from 1 to 5pm. (or 12 to 4pm.) Head out to celebrate with a fancy dinner around 6pm. Look for a place with pizza and beer.

Comment 16 May 2017

You are in trouble. Don't envy your position in basketball. Don't even feel a smidgen of job at your situation. smh

Comment 12 May 2017

As regards Rumler, I have no idea where he will go. However, JH is just doing the same thing as Meyer, and only now is it possible. What is it? Building relationships with players YEARS before they commit. Obviously, when Harbaugh came in a couple years back, he had to focus on the incoming class. And he had zero relationships built over time. Each year it has gotten slightly better. Next year will be the first year where Michigan will have had a good full 3 years to build relationships with players. That has paid significant dividends for Meyer. It will start to bear fruit for JH and Michigan in this next recruiting cycle.

Comment 11 May 2017

OSU is the cream of the Big 10, and the only truly elite team in the conference. However, I really don't think Michigan is going to fall very far. Remember that they went a solid two deep on the DL, and Rashan Gary is a terror on the edge. The word from practice is that the incoming players are all faster and more athletic than those who departed. There isn't a single position on defense being filled by an incoming freshman. These guys starting in 2017 got to see the field, and are not wet behind the ears.

The big question will be just how long it takes for the OL to come up to speed, along with a bunch of very talented incoming freshmen receivers. And of course, what is happening at QB. The report is that the OL is already an improvement over last year. If that is really the case, and Michigan stays healthy there (Michigan's depth is suspect,) then Michigan could have a better year than many suspect.

In the end, it doesn't matter. Michigan has got to beat OSU, and with the quality of your players, along with your coaching, that is going to be a hard, hard thing to do.

Comment 11 May 2017

It really was over the top. Thing was, she dug in her heels and wouldn't relent, recant, hedge. I think if she would have backtracked early on in the segment, the situation could have been salvaged. People say dumb stuff all the time. I've said dumb stuff. Thing is, when you're called on it, you need to own up to your own stupidity. It reminds me of some posters here (Michigan and OSU fans both) who argue a point, can't let it go, and eventually go down in flames. Just grab some popcorn and watch the disaster unfold.

EDIT:  With the bloodletting in the national ESPN staff, I was kind of surprised they retained Jemelle Hill. Imhe, she has said some really stupid stuff as well.

Comment 10 May 2017

You're 100% right, and that's exactly my point. Michigan's defense was fine, but the offense was substandard, including against Wisconsin. Speight being healthy against Wisconsin was just enough to win that game. But the offense still wasn't good . . . it was just good enough to win. With Speight injured, it hurt Michigan's chances to beat OSU. I don't really want to go further, because OSU won, and there's no point crying in my beer. You guys won, fair and square as I said, and all you do now is burn from the loss, and look forward to next year.

Comment 09 May 2017

I think that Michigan's tight ends and fullbacks were ok. But your point still stands:  OL, QB, WR, and RB are basically the whole offense. Speight's injury was the killer. He was able to overcome the OL by stretching the field. . . prior to Iowa. Because that threat stretched the field, it gave room for the RB's to be passable. All gone after Iowa.

I won't make excuses:  OSU won the game fair and square. (Ok, other than the one ball placement and penalty, but yeah, you're always going to have some plays like those in a game.) My point is, UM could have won the game, and it wouldn't have been a fluke. If Speight had been healthy, I think Michigan would have won. But you can't live in the land of if's and could haves and should haves.

I do think going forward, the game is much more competitive. Problem is, Michigan is so young this year . . . smh. Let's just say I don't see OSU curb stomping and humiliating Michigan too often any more. I can't predict what will happen this year because you can never predict how long it will take for Freshmen to catch on. But if Michigan stays healthy, and the freshmen click, yeah, Michigan could win. Actually, I think Michigan's defense could once again be dominant. It is still the offense that is suspect. Especially the OL. Everything else, I feel good about. Speight will be fine. Peters at QB behind him is greatly improved. The incoming WR group is reportedly very good. And the RB group has improved. The OL appears to have gotten better, but they are very thin. Must stay healthy.