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Comment 17 hours ago

Traditions come and traditions go. Hopefully someone will start a new tradition for you.

I do like the suggestion above of moving the event earlier in the year. Obviously you want to tie this to the Michigan game, but that isn't going to happen. And it probably makes sense to drain the lake to prevent anyone from jumping in. Maybe they can jump in the mud or sand, but not in the water.

Comment 18 hours ago

So sorry to read this story. Very sad. Terrible loss for the family. Have to say, this may be a tradition that will have to be re-thought. While the University can have waivers signed, and claim no liability, that is problematic. Merely allowing the activity to occur, there is implicit liability. As an analogy, think of swimming pools or trampolines. The reason for fences and gates around pools and trampolines is to close off an "attractive nuisance." No matter how much the University tries to avoid being responsible, it is hard to make that argument . . . particularly after a fatality. They may get one pass. But heaven forbid the Mirror Lake swim happen next year, and there be another fatality. At that point, because of this year's incident, the University would be told, "you knew this was a possibility, and you still allowed this event to happen."

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Watch the matchup between Thomas and CB Jourdan Lewis. If Lewis gets plenty of PBU, or intercepts Thomas, Michigan will indeed stuff the box and key on Zeke along with the QB's. On the other hand, if Thomas can shed Lewis and get some big catches, it will open things up for you. Just saying, if Thomas succeeds, he will be the first receiver this year. Against MSU, Cook hit Burbridge, but had way lower output than the rest of the season. Lewis won that matchup.

And if your pass pro is sucky, and Michigan is able to get to JT for sacks, he will be shaken and rushed, allowing Michigan to stuff the box even more.

On the flip side, if Rudock continues to make completions to his receivers, especially to Chesson over the top and Butt down the middle, Ohio State will be in trouble. Once things head in that direction, it will set the pace for the rest of the day.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Zeke's a great guy. I'm glad he is playing this Saturday, and I'm glad he'll be playing on Sundays next year. This was a complete non-issue blown up by the media. Just stupid. If everyone on the team had as much passion and heart as Zeke, you'd be a lot better off.

Frankly, Zeke is one of the guys that I'm concerned about. He could really run roughshod over Michigan, through them, around them, over them. Now we'll really find out what the Michigan DL is made of. I think it will be a good fight. Having said that, I'll be really curious to see tOSU's game plan. If the tempo is slow, with a limited number of plays, and Michigan's offense stays on the field a long time, that will help us. Also, if tOSU can't pass, and Michigan can cheat to crowd the box, it will be tough sledding for the Buckeyes.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Me and my football watching buddy. Having said that, there are several things that many observant Michigan fans have noticed.

  1. We believe Harbaugh is a QB whisperer. You can decide for yourself. But once he settles on a QB, they improve. At every place he has coached. The thing with Rudock is that he finally really seems to have gotten his timing down with his three primary receivers. We wondered if it would ever happen, and then Rutgers. In addition, Rudock passes a lot with a second TE, with a FB, with a RB, and with one more WR. Harbaugh and Fisch are running some NFL routes. There's a dig route (last week and this week) that was not defensible. TD vs. IU, long gain vs. PSU. Rudock let the ball go long before the WR was there, but the timing, the window, was impeccable. Against PSU, they ran a West Coast scissors pattern to spring the TE for a 26 yard TD. 
  2. Michigan doesn't have good RB's. They might be the worst in the conference. But Harbaugh has adjusted. IIRC, they ran 19 running plays, and 43 pass plays, vs. PSU. Harbaugh wants an even balance, but he is using what he's got. He is throwing screens and outs because the running game is almost non-existent. Look, 3 games in a row over 250 yards is pretty good. The other thing with the OL is they are pretty good in pass pro. Harbaugh has varied Rudock under center, 3 step drop, 5 step drop, 7 step drop, play action, etc., etc. As a result, PSU only sacked him once.
  3. Michigan's DL has been very solid. It's just, I'm terrified of Zeke. I don't know what is going to happen there. But if they shut down your running game, you are in trouble. Because you are not going to destroy the Michigan secondary, especially Lewis, and also Peppers.
  4. Special teams was a disaster for many years. Horrible. Michigan, with Harbaugh taking care of the QB position, and OC Drevno doing the OL, has the luxury of having a dedicated ST coach. And it shows. Michigan has averaged 10 yards better in field position than their opponent this whole year. Apart from the MSU debacle, the punter (O'Neill) has done an awesome job. Peppers, Lewis, and Chesson have had some solid returns in both KO and punts. A walkon (Allen) has been solid with field goals.
  5. Back to tOSU, please explain to me, with MSU's terrible secondary, why there weren't more passes in the game. Is something up with JT I don't know about? I know it was windy, but still, something should have been done. Thomas is too good of a receiver. I just don't get it.

I think I speak for almost all Michigan fans in loving Harbaugh. Hoke was a nice guy, but maybe over his head. Rich Rod got screwed at Michigan, but maybe wasn't the best fit for the culture here. Maybe it was too hard following Carr. Former AD Dave Brandon was an unmitigated disaster. If you want to know the honest truth, I don't care if Michigan loses to tOSU this Saturday. Why? Because I believe that Harbaugh will have the team prepared, will have them play hard and to the best of their ability, has the team headed in the right direction, and is vastly raising the recruiting level. Oh, and one thing Harbaugh did was exactly what Meyer used to do:  Harbaugh has brought in an incredible coaching staff. He chose to make less money, to free more for his staff. I truly believe that tOSU has more quality among the players on the team. But I also truly believe that Harbaugh has assembled a better coaching staff. And this is one of the huge differences in Michigan's success this year. I do think that you really, really miss Herrman as OC, and will be watching with interest to see what happens with tOSU offense next year.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

FTR, I don't hate Meyer. He's a great coach. 5 - 10 years ago, Michigan was interested in him. That wasn't going to happen. Regarding Harbaugh, he is a character. From a Michigan fan's perspective, he deals very well with the media. He doesn't get sucked into their traps, and he doesn't tolerate fools or foolish questions. The Freep especially has some bozo columnists and reporters. He doesn't lay down for them at all. We are glad to see Harbaugh not revealing information to you or to other opponents. We love his enthusiasm. We love that he has gotten Michigan to overperform this year, doing better than they should.

For Michigan, Chesson's injury is ominous. He is the fastest guy on the team, and the number 1 WR. Having him, Darboh (great possession receiver) and Butt (great TE) makes it very difficult to defend Michigan. Chesson in particular stretches things over the top.

Regarding tOSU, I really have no idea what you did with the playcalling last week. We don't get why you didn't challenge MSU's secondary. It literally makes no sense. Even though Michigan lost to MSU, that was the template, and that (along with special teams) is why Michigan was poised to win the game, instead of losing on a freak play.

I really can't predict what tOSU's running game will do against Michigan. If you can run plays at a very fast tempo, give the ball to Zeke, use the QB's to run as well, you should do well. I'm very interested to see what Ohio State will do with the running game. With the passing game, I'd love to see tOSU  challenge Jourdan Lewis and Peppers and the rest of the secondary. And I'll look forward to seeing how your OL does in pass pro.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I don't know what to think about this whole situation.

First, Michigan has no running game, and could use any number of RB's. They could use Weber, and they could use Walker. But I'm not sure Harbaugh would take Weber at this point.

Second, would Meyer let Weber go? Doubtful. And he'd have to sit a second year.

Third, what was the tweet about? I sure can't tell.

Fourth, I don't tweet, and I would never, ever, ever under any circumstance contact a high school athlete, and I really also avoid speaking in a disparaging way about any high school or college athlete, on a site like 11W or mgoblog. Recruits and players are on these sites. It just is a bad idea.

Fifth, and finally, the one thing that always bothered me was Stan Drayton leaving the day after national signing day. That stunk. If Harbaugh signed a killer recruiting class, and then left the next day for the head coaching position in Indy or Chicago, it would stink just as bad, and it would be wrong. And allowing players in that situation look around is dicey:  most schools have already filled all their slots by that point.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I like your ideas and want to subscribe to your newsletter. You should definitely do this.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I really don't know. I've been predicting a win by Ohio State all year, but now I'm wondering. If your playcalling doesn't improve, it is going to be rough sledding. Rudock is now the 4th QB at Michigan to pass for more than 250 yards in 3 consecutive games. (He joins Todd Collins, Tom Brady, and John Navarre, not shabby company). Michigan's OL isn't great at creating running lanes, and we don't have any RB that know how to find the lanes. But the OL isn't bad at pass pro. Rudock has actually completed passes to as many as 10 different receivers in a game. And Michigan's top TE, Jake Butt, can get up high where very few can get to the ball. If Rudock continues to make a ton of completions to his top three receivers (Butt, Darboh, and Chesson), along with a few more to the rest of the receivers, and if jack of all trades Jabrill Peppers or receiver Chesson have a couple successful trick plays, it could be extremely demoralizing to tOSU. To be honest, I've wondered about Ohio State all year, but assumed you would turn things up a notch against MSU and UofM. Go figure.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

A true Michigan fan (almost) never roots for tOSU. In this instance, I'm not rooting for tOSU. However, it serves Michigan's interests for tOSU to win. So, all things being equal, I'd prefer that tOSU win. I'm not going to find it, but Harbaugh basically said the same thing. tOSU is in the enviable position of having their destiny completely in their own hands. That's what happens when you are the number one team in the country, with great coaching and unparalleled talent.

The only time I'd root for tOSU "might" be when they play the SEC in a bowl game, and maybe a few others (Texas? Florida State?)

As regards Michigan's games, I think the PSU game has the potential to be ugly. I don't really know what to expect. They don't run the same offense as IU, and I don't expect things to be quite as ugly, in terms of stopping their run and in terms of running on them. Still, won't be pretty. The wild card is Rudock. Was last week just a one week wonder, an aberration, or is he finally on the same page with his top three receivers? Butt has more yards receiving, iirc, than any other team's total TE yardage for the year. And the light has finally gone on for Chesson, who is the fastest player on the team. If Michigan has any pass protection, and Butt plays anything like last week, I like our chances.

However, I don't see how Michigan can beat tOSU this year. your quarterbacks, Zeke, Thomas, your DL, your secondary, all of it, seem to be too much for Michigan. Especially with losing our number 1 and 2 NT. We really can't replace Ryan Glasgow on the DL, so we are going to be gashed big time. Still, you play the games for a reason. I don't see how Michigan can beat tOSU, but stranger things have happened. A blind squirrel eats a nut every now and then. Going forward, Michigan will be competitive.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

People make bad choices all the time. Your so-called "friend" has made several. I mean, what was he thinking choosing a woman who wasn't an Ohio State fan? Because, she definitely isn't an Ohio State fan. And for that matter, he isn't either. Who wears the pants in this relationship? Sounds like your "friend" is pretty pussy whipped. And for that matter, why in the world are you going? What kind of cajones do you have? They set the Big10 schedule far in advance. They could easily have gotten married the week after the Big10 Championship. They could have gotten married any time from mid-January through August. They could have gotten married Oct. 31. They could have gotten married Sept. 5. They could have even gotten married on a game week with a crappy team . . . say Rutgers, or Western Michigan. And what kind of post is this that you don't even explain the so-called "reason" for scheduling a wedding this Saturday.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

You are historically correct about there being many Ohio HS kids at Michigan. Interestingly, in this recruiting cycle (2016 signing day), it appears there will be approximately . . . zero Ohio kids coming to Michigan. I think it is a coincidence, but still interesting.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

I hate these kinds of stupid hypothetical questions.

  1. Never root for Michigan. Just don't do it.
  2. Rooting for PSU isn't a whole lot better.
  3. Honestly, you shouldn't even care.
  4. But having said that, if I were you, I'd want all my opponents to win . . . except against your own team (i.e., against tOSU). That makes the tears of your oppontent more delicious, when their only loss is against you.
  5. Beyond that, I would ask, which scenario is better for us in terms of the NC? In this case, that would be Michigan winning, right?

Basically, what PSU and Michigan do should be irrelevant to you, and you should root for neither. But acknowledging that a Michigan win is better for tOSU is decidedly DIFFERENT from actually ROOTING for Michigan. Just don't do it. And if you know tOSU fans rooting for Michigan, please shame them, disown them, embarrass them. They are an embarrassment to your fan base.

p.s.  There is really only one exception when I will actually ROOT for tOSU. That is when they face a pompous, arrogant, opponent in a major bowl game. I don't have a problem rooting for tOSU to win over 'Bama, Texas, FSU, Auburn, ND, Clemson. Maybe USC (Southern Cal, not South Carolina). At that point, my hatred for the SEC and ESPN and ND or Texas takes over, and I'll root for the Big10 and for someone to shut up the prognosticators at ESPN. Sadly, I think for many of you, your hatred for Michigan is so deep you would rather 'Bama or FSU or LSU, etc., beat Michigan.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Glanced through your list. Fascinating that there are really no names on it where both Ohio State and Michigan are competing for the same guys. Obviously, I don't really follow tOSU recruiting. Although, I know you are at the top of the national rankings. Looking at tOSU's list at Scout, I only see three top guys with offers from both teams:  OT Jean Delance, DT Chris Daniels, and WR Donnie Corley. (Daelin Hayes doesn't count:  there are some personal family reasons it is extremely unlikely he stays in Ann Arbor). The other thing interesting this year is that Michigan doesn't have a single commitment from the State of Ohio, and looking at uncommitted players, I think it is very unlikely Michigan gets any recruits from Ohio in this recruiting cycle. That might be a first ever.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Don't think Michigan can beat you, as it currently stands. There are several observations I would make. First, Michigan has been decimated at a single position:  NT. Former five star Ondre Pipkins transferred out . . . Harbaugh wouldn't play him health wise so he left. Mone, the number 2, broke his leg in August. And now Glasgow, the starter and linchpin to the DL, tore his pectoral muscle. That's 3 out of 4 NT are gone. If you watched the entire season, the DL was dominant until recently. We also lost a starter at DE, Ojemudia. Now, I'm not whining or making excuses. But winning now becomes extremely difficult.

Indiana is a weird team. May I remind you that Ohio State could easily have lost to them. And they gashed Iowa's DL in running as well. I really, really wish Howard would have transferred to Michigan instead of IU. C'est la vie. And regarding Minnesota, that was also a strange game. They were playing inspired, and there were some fluke pass completions.

Regarding your comments on Michigan's secondary, we've complained about the same thing for years, as regards MSU. (holding, clutching, grabbing, etc.). It kind of became, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. However, until this year, our secondary couldn't have done it. And our secondary isn't great. We have one great CB (Lewis), Peppers is pretty good wherever he plays, and the rest of the secondary isn't bad. I can guarantee that Lewis will be matched on Thomas the whole game. If JT has time to get off perfect back shoulder fades, well, Thomas wins. If JT doesn't have time and his passes aren't accurate, well, who knows.

We have no idea what to think about Rudock and the receivers. However, if it is the case that he is healthy and has his timing down with Butt, Chesson, and Darboh, our passing game will be good. Rudock is unflappable, and he is really doing a great job of throwing high passes where only our TE (usually Butt) can get them. He has done similar things with Chesson. Chesson is faster than Peppers, and he and Rudock appear to finally have gotten over the hump.

There's no way we will be able to run on you. Our RB's are no good, and the OL isn't great. Better than terrible, but still not all that good. The only thing that could possibly help is if Rudock can actually shred your secondary, forcing the LB's to stay back and not cheat against the run. That's been the main MO against Michigan since RR, and I'd continue to do that until Rudock decidedly proves he is going to beat you over the top.

I do think you can beat MSU. Especially if Cook is injured.

But again, I really don't think Michigan can hang with OSU. The talent disparity is too great. We have no running game. Our OL isn't blowing holes for the RB. Our DL is hurt, down 4 guys. Our secondary only has one lockdown corner. Our LB corps is pretty mediocre. Our special teams started out very good, but our long snapper hurt is finger against MSU, and they aren't playing Peppers as much. We've gotten gashed the last couple games. All in all, this isn't our year.

But I don't think Harbaugh is going anywhere. I'm very pleased with our coaching. Our recruiting will be improving. And with it, the talent disparity will not be there much longer. After this year and next, I'll be shocked if Michigan and Ohio State don't return to largely playing 500 against each other.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

Well, yes, they've out-performed expectations. At this point, whether they end 8 - 4 or 9 - 3, the season is a success. I'm thinking 9 - 3.

I guess there are a couple wild cards:

First, Michigan has a week and a half to get things right on the DL. Who knows, maybe they move things around a bit to bring it up to mediocre from terrible.

Second, Injuries over the next week and some. I don't want or expect them. But if you should lose one or two of your best skill players, that might change things. Don't think that's going to happen. So Michigan will in all probability lose.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

Well of course Gary would be huge. They've got a decent chance at that.

The interesting thing on the DL is that they have everyone back at DT, NT, and SDE. They're losing at WDE,  They've already got commitments for 3 on the DL. And are in for 4 more, with Gary being ranked the highest, and the lowest being around 110.

Yes, Michigan fans believe we're heading in the right direction. Even against MSU, we gave them a game, and lost on a fluke. Again, heading in the right direction.

Comment 14 Nov 2015

No way UofM beats tOSU. Not gonna happen. As said above, our defense is going to get gashed. Michigan wasn't deep enough, and losing the number 1 and 2 NT (Glasgow and Mone), and Ojemudia, the starting buck linebacker (DE) is too much. We were able to replace the DE. but didn't have 3 or 4 deep at the NT.

Comment 14 Nov 2015

So, Michigan fan here. Over on Michigan boards, we've been concerned for a while. You need to understand that virtually all of Michigan's injuries this year (over than the dings everyone deals with) have been on the DL. Preseason, NT Bryan Mone goes out with a broken leg in a freak accident. Then, against Maryland, starting DE (buck linebacker) Mario Ojemudia goes out for the year with a ruptured achilles. Those were rough injuries, but survivable. Last week, against Rutgers, Ryan Glasgow went out with a torn pectoral muscle. Out for the season, announced today after the game. That essentially ended our season. He was the linchpin. Glasgow plugged the middle, allowing the rest of the DL to run havoc. Every team deals with injuries. Every team needs a "next man up" mentality. But when you lose your number one and number two at the same position, you're royally screwed. Unless you're tOSU, with the best Big10 Recruiting in the last 10 years. I still thought tOSU was going to win this year. (Check my posts . . . I've been consistent). But there was always hope. Now? Not so much.

With Zeke, and your QBs, I just don't think Michigan has a chance. And while Rudock has done well the last two weeks vs. Rutgers and IU, well, let's get real. Those wins are against two teams with a combined Big10 record of 1 - 11. That doesn't mean jack. I do think IU had a pretty good OL. And I do think their transfer RB is in the groove, and way better than given credit for. But Michigan is toast. There's no way with your offense, and with our fractured DL, that anything good will happen (from Michigan's perspective). If Michigan manages to make a game of it, Harbaugh is more of a magician than I could have believed. He's been doing it all season with smoke and mirrors. With Glasgow out, we are horribly exposed.

Oh, and btw. IU always manages to choke. I remember watching their game against you, and thinking, there's no reason to get my hopes up. IU will find a way to lose. And they did. That's what IU does. Rudock has improved, and so have the receivers, but it won't be enough. Our OL still isn't good enough, and we still don't have a really good RB.

Harbaugh "MAY" be able to gameplan against PSU. But not against tOSU. My biggest hope is that Michigan finishes the year recruiting really strong. adding a bunch of four stars and a five star or two, finishing the year 9 - 3, I'll be absolutely thrilled.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Great post, skinnytrees. Succinct and to the point. I'd love to see the numbers, but I'm betting most of the clicks came from the great state of Ohio. People love that stuff. I'll admit:  I can count on one hand the number of times I've gone to TMZ, but this was one of them. Was certainly curious what JT did. I actually think that in the long run, the film is better for JT:  it corroborates that he was polite and respectful to the officer. Sure, he screwed up by drinking and driving, but hopefully this is just a minor bump in the road, he learns, and moves on.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Oh, and at .099, JT had 6 drinks in the hour prior, and I'd say he was feeling it. I'd like to know how many of you can have 6 drinks in an hour and be "just fine" and not have your senses significantly impaired. I know I certainly would be feeling it . . . although I suppose there might be some of you out there who would argue it is fine to have 6 drinks and drive, because you're just fine. SMH.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

That's good to hear. I don't come here all the time, and so I don't know how many threads, but there was certainly one major one with this question. And I didn't do a count of who would have let JT off and who wouldn't have.

I will say, the current climate and circumstances almost demanded that JT not be let off. With cameras and lots of witnesses and multiple police, you really don't have much of a choice. They apprehended the vehicle, not the driver.

To use a different circumstance, say that JT was driving and was stopped by a single cop maybe a block from his home. No one else is there, and it is obvious he is pulling down his street to go home and to bed. Maybe that cop can give a verbal warning and let it go. Even that would be impossible if cameras were rolling.

But there was no way a cop could ever ignore this, not in the circumstances where JT was apprehended. As mentioned in the thread last week, once he pulled out of the line and went the other way, the jig was up. He would have been far better off to stay in the line and take his chances. Who knows, when he rolled down his window (if he stayed in line), he could have identified himself, and the cop would have waved him on. That's a moot point:  it wasn't what happened. C'est la vie. A learning moment for JT and for the whole team, I suppose.

Well, to the best of my knowledge, JT is starting against Illinois, so the matter is pretty much done and over . . . provided JT doesn't drink and drive again. Now if that happens, well, I think he'd be toast, and for good reason.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I'm an idiot. Obviously, .099. As said by loubuck35, .99 would kill you.

Having said that, you know what I meant to say, even though I was off by a decimal point.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Thanks for clarification. Didn't know if concurrent offenses caused lesser to be dropped, or if they all added on top of each other.