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Comment 13 Jan 2017

From this Michigan fan's perspective, OSU clearly has the better class, not Michigan. Urban Meyer is killing it.

Having said that, I don't care who wins the recruiting ranking. I care who wins the games. Which OSU is doing very well, thank you.

The other thing is that if you are in the top 5 teams in recruiting in the country, the order doesn't matter tremendously. Several dominant players at key positions matter more. And identifying 3 or 4 star guys that blossom is also very important. Look at what Clemson did:  someone over here researched their recruiting classes, and they clearly weren't as good as Bama. But it didn't matter.

IMHE, it is critical to dominate on the lines, both offensive and defensive. Beyond that, to have one or two true difference makers at the skill positions (QB, RB, WR), someone who just can't be stopped, is critical. And the rankings of "experts" isn't perfect. Sometimes, a guy just has intangibles that everyone misses, except on the field. Michigan's poster child for that is Tom Brady. Going in the 6th round, what NFL team out there doesn't wish they had drafted him? The measurables weren't there, but it didn't matter. Same is true to some degree with incoming recruits. To the degree that Meyer (or Harbaugh, or their staffs), correctly identify the "best" QB or WR or RB or NT or LT, etc., it makes a huge difference.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

No idea on Tufele. I do know that Michigan could really use another NT, and that they would be very happy with EITHER Tufele or Solomon. And I kinda don't think they're going to get either.

I don't know much, but I think that Harbaugh will recruit to the very end. Interestingly, with Solomon, his mother appears to favor Michigan. It has always been close to impossible to pry kids out of the deep south. Michigan has been particularly bad at getting anyone solid out of Mississippi. With Gay, Collins, and Solomon all in the deep South, I'm just SMH. Harbaugh will continue to swing for the fences, but those are hard, hard situations for recruiting. When kids have the chance to play for 'Bama, Georgia, LSU, Clemson, Auburn, and the Florida schools, it is murder to get them to come north. Always has been. That's why losing the OL Wilson from Brooklyn and Najee Harris from the Bay area hurt . . . neither came from the South, although that's where they both ended up.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

As it turns out, Tyrone Wheatley went down to see Collins instead of Harbaugh. Even crazy Jimmy has some limitations, and if that isn't an excuse (to not be on the road), I don't know what is.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I don't know that I agree. The reality is, Michigan's OL has sucked for 10 years. OL Coaching sucked under RR and Hoke. And the quality of the guys sucked too. (Be glad that Kalis came to Michigan. SMH.) And for fans in the know, it is going to be about the same on the OL next year. You just can't plug in big uglies as Freshmen and expect things to go well. If everything lined up PERFECTLY, (Newsome comes back from injury, two solid starters return, one freshman from this year is solid as a starter, and one true freshman is ready), Michigan would improve on the OL. But that's delusional. I just can't see it happening on the OL . . . until 2018.

Now, the DL is solid. It will drop off from this year, but not much. More of the concern is not 2017, but following years . . . Michigan needs to finish strong in recruiting with one more NT/DT.

Michigan is also going to hurt with receiving. Losing their #1 and #2 WR, maybe their slot, along with their TE, is a lot to replace. Again, it "COULD" happen, but you just can't expect freshmen to step in and succeed automatically.

I fully expect Michigan to have 3 - 4 losses next year. However, I'd be absolutely shocked if they fell off like Michigan State. The recruiting, while not at the same level as Bama or OSU, has been solid. Under Hoke, it tanked. Michigan was #37 in 2015. Last year was a top 5 class. This year should be the same. Add one more, and you have some consistency.

I've said it before, but Harbaugh gets a very, very long leash in Ann Arbor. As an alumni, with some success, he is given extra leeway. Because Michigan has sucked for 10 plus years, fans are actually more patient and more forgiving. From the end of Carr, through RR and Hoke, Michigan has been in the wilderness. Even though Harbaugh hasn't won it all anywhere, he's done well. Stanford and San Francisco give him credibility. Also, Michigan players said that this was the first year in a long time that Michigan was competitive with OSU. I believe that will continue.

I believe that Michigan will probably lose to OSU in 2017, but every year after that, it will be a dogfight where Michigan will compete. If Michigan continues to recruit like they did last year and this year, they will move into "reloading," more like Bama and OSU, instead of just "rebuilding."

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Congrats to Harbaugh. Interestingly, Harbaugh might still be on the recruiting trail tomorrow, to see Nico Collins, a 4 star receiver out of Alabama. Or, he could show up at 12:01am tonight for a sleepover. We're all interested to see what he does. We know that Michigan is still trying to get four guys (Collins, Gay, Tufele, and Solomon) to commit. Honestly, if Michigan gets one or two I'd be happy. Our biggest need at this point is DT/NT, followed by LB.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Hamilton is coming to Michigan. Wolverine fans are ok with this. He won't be OC . . . that is Drevno. Hamilton will work with the passing game and receivers, iirc. Michigan will never amount to much of anything until they have a solid OL. I believe they did a decent job of recruiting this year (2017), but they aren't there yet. Probably not til 2018. But if OSU keeps on having so many early entries to the NFL, who knows. Maybe Michigan will be able to compete with you. SMH.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

As much as it would be nice to get Harris, Michigan's biggest need is on the OL. Second biggest need is DT.

Looks like they strike out on several guys on the OL (Leatherwood to Bama; Slaton to Florida, problems with academics?; Isaiah Wilson to Georgia. They have 5 commits, and are looking for a couple more. Filiaga out of TX is a 4 start who looks probable.

At NT, they wanted Reitmaier (stuck with Oregon), Solomon (trending to Bama) and Tufele (staying out west?) That hurts. They do NOT have depth there.

Michigan hasn't had a top level RB for more than 20 years. But as good as Harris is, they really need linemen more.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Actually, I 100% agree with you. No school, including Michigan, has any grounds to be high and mighty. It always is easier to claim that you got robbed / jobbed, and that other schools are full of thugs, cheats, ne'er do wells, etc. I'm willing to name names:  I am no fan of Brandon Gibbons or Taylor Lewan. And they aren't the only ones.

OTOH, there sometimes are players who turn themselves around. For instance, Graham Glasgow, now with the Detroit Lions, had a problem with alcohol while at Michigan. He ended up living with his grandmother his senior year, and really turned his life around. I believe in second chances, and concurrently, I believe transgressions should be dealt with, regardless of the player or the school.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

From what I have read, Perry was suspended for two games, based on what Michigan coaches knew at the time. He is now suspended from the team and all team activities until the matter is completely resolved through the courts. I believe that they want to avoid either rushing to judgement or exonerating Perry until the facts are altogether out there. If after court, Perry is found substantially not guilty, he will probably stay on the team. If he is found substantially guilty, I would imagine he is finished.

EDIT:  I definitely don't believe players should be given a pass. But from my own son being in trouble with the law, in particular for something with a female, I can say that sometimes, actions are wrong, but are consensual. I just don't know where or whether or to what degree Perry touched the woman in question. I'd like to know a lot more first.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

I didn't read through the whole thread, but certainly understand. The only way to combat this (for clear first round picks, especially at an injury prone position like RB) is for the NCAA or bowl to pick up an insurance policy for 10 - 20 million, for players who would lose big financially if injured.

I don't quite know the solution, but yeah, to some degree, the playoffs dilute the bowls. They are cash cows, and fans are tired of being milked. Imhe.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Michigan won't pass you. Not going to happen.  However . . . if Michigan adds all the guys they're realistically shooting for (Harris, Solomon, Tufele, Slaton, Singleton, Collins, Anthony, Gay), the gap will have narrowed significantly. More than that, it then becomes more of a question of whether or not either OSU or UM has uncovered guys who were really underrated, or conversely, offered guys who were overrrated.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

You're right, WorthyBuck, it's not even close. Right now, at least. The difference is that Michigan has lots of room left, and is still solidly in the running for a bunch of guys in the top 150. If Michigan is able to add another 9 - 10 guys in the top 150, the gap has narrowed considerably. This won't really work, because OSU is going to add more guys too. Still, how Michigan finishes will be critical. I would suggest that if Michigan has 15 guys in the top 150, and OSU has 17 - 18 guys in the top 150, it would be pretty close. What becomes critical at that point is whether either staff has identified guys who are "diamonds in the rough," overlooked by others. The other issue is whether or not either team has significant flameouts of guys who were rated very highly, but failed, for some unknown reason.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

My post was already verging on being too long, so I chose not to explain Mattison, even though the thought occurred to me. Here are some things about Mattison.

  • Mattison was the DC/DL coach at Florida 2005 - 2007 under Meyer.
  • Mattison was the DC with the Baltimore Ravens when they were good, including Ray Lewis.
  • The single area of strength under Hoke was the DL, with Mattison as DC and Hoke helping with DL.
  • Mattison was the only coach Harbaugh retained from Hoke.
  • The DL has been an area of strength for Michigan. Mattison and the DL were one of the reasons Rashan Gary came to Michigan.
  • Mattison can develop guys. Ryan Glasgow, the starting NT / DT, is going to be in the NFL next year. He started as a walk on.
  • Michigan already has 6 DE's and a DT in the incoming class. And they're looking to add both Solomon and Tufele. This is one area where Michigan is now reloading, not starting from scratch.
  • Mattison ain't going anywhere. He is past retirement age, but loves to coach. He took a "demotion" from DC to DL, so he can keep on coaching, but with a slightly lighter load. And be near grandkids. Ann Arbor is his final destination. Michigan is incredibly fortunate to have him.
Comment 19 Dec 2016

Obviously, Michigan won't catch OSU in terms of recruiting rankings this year. Let alone reach the buckeyes in terms of average star level, etc. OSU has a class for the ages. However, Michigan has really ramped things up with recruiting under Harbaugh. If Michigan gets Najee Harris, the number one ranked player in the nation, that will be significant. The area where Michigan has really suffered for years is the OL. They will never be able to compete toe to toe without a solid OL. You have to have five solid guys on the OL to be able to do what is needed in the run game. Adding the number one center in the country today (Ruiz) was very important. They are in the running for a top 100 guard (Slaton) and tackle (Filiaga). Add those two, and that is 8 guys on the OL. It won't matter for 2017, but will make a difference from 2018 forward.

DL recruiting has been good, but what happens with Solomon (#31 nationally, #2 DT) and Tufele (#56 nationally, #4 DT) will be important. Add both, and Michigan is loaded on the DL. Add one, and they're satisfied. Add none, and it is disappointing. Obviously, Tufele is critical because of the head to head recruiting competition with OSU.

OSU's recruiting in the secondary is mind boggling. Michigan has some solid guys (Ambry Thomas, Benjamin St. Juste, Kelly-Powell), but not at the same level as the Buckeyes.

The knock against Michigan has been player development. That has changed. With former NFL coaches, they have massively coached up some guys whose talent was wasted. Drevno with the OL, Mattison with the DL, and several others with experience in the league, mean that things have changed.

As regards another 10 year war, let's wait until Michigan actually, you know, wins a game. I personally think it will be rough for Michigan in 2017. From 2018 going forward, I think we'll see whether or not Michigan under Harbaugh has what it takes to compete with and beat OSU. My hope for 2016 was a competitive game, obviously, hoping for a win. Well, OSU won, although barely. No excuses. If Michigan did what they needed to, they could have won. Let's just say the players on the Michigan team now know they can compete.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Joyeux Noel. This is an incredible movie, based on a true story in World War I. Brought tears to my eyes. I love this film, and would really encourage you to find it and watch it, at least once. Of course, I enjoy "It's a Wonderful Life," "Elf," "A Christmas Story," and many others. But do try to see Joyeux Noel. Definitely worth your time.

Comment 17 Dec 2016

Obviously option one. As regards next year, I always thought that was going to be a tough year for Michigan. It is in 2018 going forward that Harbaugh will be scrutinized . . . at that point, he will have had enough time to recruit the players he want, and there will have been enough time for the OL to improve. I have always felt that Michigan's OL being weak was a disaster. That's part of the reason Michigan lost to OSU (again) this year. With no running game to speak of (caused by a crappy OL), OSU could focus on the passing game, and Michigan's chances went down significantly.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Maybe. But great coaches are competitive at recruiting all the way to the end. Jim Harbaugh did everything he could to get Weber to come to Michigan. It didn't work out, but JH kept at it to the very last day. There are some guys out there who were silent commits. Tariq Black, who committed yesterday, was more in that category. DPJ, Najee Harris, Isaiah Wilson, Aubrey Solomon, Jay Tufele, are different. If any of them have decided, they have hidden their decision well. So I wouldn't automatically assume DPJ was pulling Urban's chain to get him to come up in a snowstorm.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

Wow. The rich get richer. We'll see when he announces. Would certainly be a coup for OSU.