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Comment 9 hours ago

I'm not Buckeye nation. But like many things, this transcends sports loyalties, and puts things into perspective. Have prayed, and will continue to pray.

p.s.  I also would love to find out if you or family members or church or community are really coming together to support your brother and your family.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

Buckeye3M, that's hilarious. Harbaugh is unhinged, no doubt. I would say there is a difference between yelling about calls in a game, and whining. But that's quibbling:  whining, complaining, yelling, they're all about the same. I think the whining about Spring practice in FL by Sankey is not very becoming. And somehow feels different. But yeah, pot, meet kettle.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

Some of this has to do with Michigan's academic calendar. Comparing UM to OSU, Michigan began classes one week earlier (Jan. 6 vs. Jan. 11). Spring break is 2 weeks earlier (Feb. 27 vs. Mar. 14). And Finals end a week earlier (Apr. 28 vs. May 3). Having practice over Spring break allows practice to begin earlier and end earlier for Michigan, keeping study days and exam days completely football free. If you look at the schedule, there is practice 4 days during Spring break. That leaves 4 days free, whether for the beach or something else.

Realistically, how many college students, including football players, are just waiting to go home to mom and dad over Spring break? And who wants to spend the end of February and beginning of March in the midwest? You know what it's like in Detroit and Cleveland and Toledo that time of year. And who wouldn't want to have the Spring Break cost of food, travel, and lodging . . . to Florida . . . completely covered!

Regarding teams being in Florida over break, and the time commitment and time away from family, look at baseball, and tennis, and golf, who all spend lots of time down south for their sport. And regarding time away from school and sports, look at Basketball teams, who never have Christmas or Spring break off.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

I don't think it is either - or. Harbaugh will have a "both - and" policy with coaches. He will continue to pull his coaching staff from NFL, college, and high school ranks. As an example, Don Brown, the new defensive coordinator, came from Boston College, where he had his defense performing at an extremely high level, without the horses Michigan has. Jedd Fisch has NFL experience, and just had a contract extension, and is a position coach. Greg Mattison has lots of experience in both college and the NFL, and is a position coach. OC and OL coach Drevno has experience in both college and the NFL.

I expect that there will be plenty of turnover in the coaching staff, as coaches are given promotions and more responsibility elsewhere. This creates room for internal promotions, bringing in some guys from the HS ranks, and bringing in some guys who are experienced at high levels.

To be clear:  I think bringing on Bush and Wheatley was clearly tied to wanting their sons to come and play ball at Michigan. It would be ridiculously naive to think otherwise.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

On the front page of 11W in Skull Session, we read:

Ohio State lapping conference competition in recruiting has been a meme since Urban Meyer's arrival in Columbus. That in and of itself isn't news, but sometimes statics trundle across my timeline that put Meyer's dominance into perspective. This was such a statistic:

According to 247 Sports Composite service, Ohio State had 39 top 100 HS recruits in the 2012 - 2016 classes. The rest of the Big 10 had 36 total. . . 

Jim Harbaugh might have Michigan on the upswing, but he's already three years and 29 points behind Meyer. He has yet to prove he's in Meyer's league, and I doubt he ever will.

This is a clear statement that Michigan didn't and doesn't have the horses. It isn't an excuse:  it's the reality. Those numbers above don't lie. It will take two more recruiting classes for Harbaugh to even have a chance of equalizing the talent pool with Ohio State. And OSU already has a huge head start for 2017, with two 5 star guys and 10 four star guys. 

The one place I obviously disagree is on what Harbaugh will do going forward. I fully believe he will go toe to toe with Urban Meyer in both recruiting and coaching. Michigan is still way behind. But let's see where things are at in 2018 and beyond.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

This is an argument I'll never win on an Ohio State Board. I know OSU fans detest Harbaugh. That's the way it should be. I will say that blue blood Michigan fans won't be happy with Harbaugh and his way of doing things. From my perspective, he will do whatever he can, within the rules, to recruit and to win. The Big10 and the NCAA certainly can change the rules if they don't like what he is doing. I do believe that Harbaugh will certainly use every legitimate leverage and influence he can to help Michigan. I don't think that Michigan is going to be paying cash under the table to players or their families, or providing hookers, or providing cars. But I fully expect Harbaugh will continue with offsite summer camps, and with sleepovers, and with social media, and with expecting commitments to continue to improve, and with hiring High School coaches and with having part of Spring practice down south over Spring Break and with having an event on signing day to highlight new recruits. I don't know what Coach Harbaugh will do next, but I'm sure he'll continue to be creative.

I've heard a lot on this board about how glad OSU fans are that Urban Meyer doesn't stoop to Harbaugh's level and do any of these kinds of things. Honestly, I'm glad to hear that. Urban Meyer is doing a great job of recruiting. You already have a couple of 5 star recruits for 2017, and 10 more 4 star recruits. You have the best recruiting class for 2017. You have great facilities, and great players, and send a ton of guys on to the NFL. Guys are lining up to come to Columbus. Other than maybe Alabama, you are doing better than any team in the country. As someone said in another thread, you have an embarrassment of riches, and the rich get richer. Harbaugh absolutely HAS to be creative and do whatever he can to bring players to Michigan. I'd love for Michigan to be in the same place as OSU, where 5 star recruits just line up at the door for the privilege of playing for Meyer. But wishing for it won't make it true. And whining about life not being fair won't help either. OSU has a huge advantage right now. Huge. I'm glad to see Harbaugh do absolutely everything he can, within the rules, to close the talent gap. If we can bring on Dylan McCaffrey at QB next year, Donvan Peoples-Jones at WR, Isaiah Wilson on OL, Corey Malone-Hatcher at DE, and Drew Singleton at LB, we'll STILL be way behind OSU. But we'll be bringing in quality guys that might make a difference down the road.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Well, obviously as a Michigan fan I'm ok with this. But at least two of the people hired by Harbaugh are coaches. Partridge and Bush (assuming he is hired) were HS head coaches. They both started at a team that was nothing, built it up, won the State Championship, and were hired by Harbaugh. If he was hiring guys who had no background in football, it would be really skeezy. These guys were very successful. In fact, Bush Sr. played at FSU, then in the NFL. He coached in HS, now moving up to College ball. This is a guy who has been around. You'll notice that on Michigan's incoming recruits, Bush was decent, but there were lots of better recruits than him. Harbaugh didn't hire any of their parents. Harbaugh is hiring guys who he sees being a good fit for the team, and guys that help open a pipeline.

I just read an article on how prevalent hiring HS coaches at college programs is in Texas. In fact, Hermann has a guy on his staff who was a HS coach, and who was the key to signing the number 4 player in the country. (My facts might be off:  maybe one of you from Texas can verify). The point is, it makes lots of sense to hire young, driven, successful High School coaches.

I fully expect Harbaugh to continue to do this. Oh, and there's one other coach out there who's son came to Michigan: Tyrone Wheatley. So there are three on staff whose kids came to Michigan, (Bush, Bush, and Wheatley) and two others who came from HS ranks. (Partridge and the guy from St. Ed's). Regarding Partridge, he was promoted to LB coach when Durkin left Michigan for Maryland. Assuming Michigan loses another coach or two when they take a higher position elsewhere at the end of the next season, Harbaugh will look to a successful High School coach to join Michigan. There was scuttlebutt that he wanted to bring on Poggi, the former head coach at Baltimore Gilman, whose son plays for Michigan.

Comment 06 Feb 2016

First of all, no one knows how Gary will turn out. But being a consensus number 1 is a pretty strong indicator. Regardless, I don't expect him to start the season. As an analogy, Peppers was good for Michigan, but wasn't there yet. However, the DL is the strongest unit for Michigan. If all you saw was the OSU game, you're rolling your eyes. After all Michigan was gashed badly by Ohio State. As strong as the DL was, Michigan still didn't (and doesn't) have the depth OSU has. With three starters out (Glasgow, Mone, and Ojemudia), Michigan couldn't survive the end of the season on the DL. Next year, Michigan will be pretty deep on the DL. This allows them to have 8 guys in the regular rotation. Gary will be part of that rotation, but will go in and out, allowing guys on the DL to play with a very strong motor. OSU, of everyone, should know how important line play is, on both sides of the ball. I feel pretty confident about their DL next year. The year after is concerning. And the OL is still a work in progress.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

You already took Michael Jordan, Mike Weber, and Jordan Fuller. Quit being greedy.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

FTR, there were plenty of those kinds of comments at MGoBlog about Harbaugh back when he smarted off. Funny how things change. To see this in a different setting, look at how Cleveland fans have been as regards Lebron.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Michigan did well. OSU did better. Of course, I'm waiting to see how they do on the field. And realistically, you usually don't see a ton from most of the class until the 2nd year.

While I believe that Michigan will do better against OSU with Harbaugh at the helm, I have no proof. I'll believe it when I see it, and not before.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

No, the Harbaugh love is pretty strong at MGoBlog. Anyone over there who criticizes anything Harbaugh does probably has a death wish.

But yeah, reading both sites provides some balance, and the format there leaves a lot to be desired.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

FTR, Brunstar, I joined 11W on 2/1/14, more than two years ago. And while I am completely a Michigan fan, there's no need to put lots of Michigan stuff up here. The only reason I posted was the OSU connection in the OP.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Yeah, I know. It is a sick obsession coming to your board. There are several reasons I hop over here.

  1. Info about OSU. Keep your enemy close, and all that. I mean, I have to weed out the over the top OSU homers, but that's true with Michigan homers too. And I have to just ignore all the "Eff TTUN" and refusal to use the letter "M" (Smh, rolling my eyes). Whatever. But this is a great source of info on OSU football.
  2. The obsession with Michigan. Honestly, I think there are an awful lot of posts about UM here. Just sayin'.
  3. MGoBlog's format and servers suck. I'm hoping that gets fixed sometime. Love the content, love Brian, but they need to get the re-design done.
Comment 04 Feb 2016

The only thing I didn't know was the part about the prof presenting at SOTS. That was new info, and made sense.

BTW, for anyone who is bored, the Willis Ward story is really interesting. Ga. Tech in 1934 refused to play Michigan if Ward took the field. Michigan's AD and former coach at the time, Fielding Yost, was a racist from WVa, and agreed to Tech's terms. Ward's teammate, Gerald Ford, was absolutely incensed, and the Michigan campus really took Ward's side. Of course, racism has been around forever, but it is fascinating to see how it played out on the gridiron. There was a cool graphic yesterday from EDSBS showing the first year black students were allowed on the field, especially in the SEC. Dark period in our country's history. The movie last Fall called "Woodlawn," which actually got an "83" on rotten tomatoes, partially explores what happens in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the 50's around this whole issue.

Of course, OSU was ahead of the curve on racism with Jesse Owens too. (don't know about the football team in Columbus and when they integrated). Owens set 4 world records at Ferry Field in Ann Arbor in May 1935, in the span of 45 minutes. That's 1 world record every 11 minutes. Here's a link to an SI article, calling this the "Greatest 45 minutes EVER in sports."

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I'm waiting to see the same thing. Personally, I find myself rolling my eyes when some recruits talk about "academics." But, there are some who are legitimately interested. It's interesting that Jake Rudock, who just finished a grad transfer year as Michigan's QB, is planning to go to med school. Obviously, academics are important to him. Some of the guys? Not so much.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

CTBuckeyeFan, fair enough. The key guy on the DL, Ryan Glasgow, went out with a torn pec against Rutgers. And Brian Mone, supposedly better than Glasgow, went out with a broken leg in pre-season camp. But that's just making excuses. You have to play "next man up." Until the DL plays a lot better against OSU (and everyone else), it is all just talk. And one player won't make the difference. Still, I'm really looking forward to next November. OSU will not be playing the same kind of Michigan team they've been playing for too long.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

That's why they play the games! I don't know Gary personally. Just a Michigan fan. However, what apparently was impressive wasn't just what he did in games. After all, like you said, that was against high schoolers. What was impressive was his total complete domination in camps and in the post season all star game. When he was playing against 5 star offensive linemen, no one could stop him. No one. You don't get a consensus number one ranking for nothing. You don't get rated "most NFL ready" because you're fat. Consistently, he was praised because of his high motor, and because he never quits a play. Having said that, I'd love to see what time in a college strength and conditioning program will do. Because the DL is Michigan's strength, he won't need to play many snaps either.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Congratulations. Another great job of recruiting from Urban Meyer. Of course, I'm thrilled with Michigan's class too, with the exception of losing Baltimore OT Devery Hamilton to Stanford. Imhe, the two classes are pretty closely ranked. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses. Obv. Gary is a strength on the DL. With the loss of Hamilton, the OL recruiting was weaker than needed.

Regardless, If both schools get about the same level of class again in 2017, we'll be able to make a better judgement on coaching and development, since the talent level will equal out quite a bit. Let the games begin.