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Comment 28 Aug 2015

I have joined here, not to talk crap (although some..frustration we'll call it...has slipped out), but to see the rivals thoughts on topics, who you're going after in the recruiting world, etc.  For the most part you guys are pretty cool and fairly level headed.  For the most part MGo is as well, but there's also dumb people that talk too much, but you'll find those guys everywhere on the interwebs

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Henry and Hurst are both very good and Wormley will probably slide between SDE and DT now.  Hurts our depth for sure, but there's still talent there

Comment 31 Jul 2015

He obviously does not have the 3 NTs, but he can obviously recruit, find and develop talent, his assistants are second to none (I'll need to go back, but I think he has 5 former assistants that are now head coaches in the NFL and college) and he's had proven results at EVERY stop he's made - most of those teams have been major remodeling projects. 

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I don't think that's true at all.  You don't have to care about something you're commenting on.  Heck, 90% of the comments on the Graham Rahal visits the Woody Hayes Center are about QBs w/ their shirts off.  I can guarantee more than 90% of people on this site have never heard of Graham Rahal or care about INDYCAR, but the comments are still there.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

I would love for Michigan and Ohio State to determine the B1G title nearly every year, but not at the risk of losing "The Game"...I don't want them to play twice per year either..just once..the final game in November

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Dantonio a better coach than Harbaugh? No doubt he's a great coach, but Harbaugh has been very successful at both the college and pro levels and was/is the most sought after coach in the game, at both levels...time will tell.

I do think the B1G East will quickly become the #1 conference (even over SEC West) in the nation b/c of OSU, Michigan, MSU and PSU

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Good write up, Eric.  I think 8-9 wins is realistic, but I wouldn't be surprised with a few more.  I think this team has the talent defensively to keep them in every game, but too many questions still offensively could hurt them.  If the line comes together and they can establish a little bit of a running game, it could be a very run and competitive team.  I'm slightly worried about going to Utah, but I don't see Harbaugh losing in his debut Michigan game, but it could be very close 23-21 or something like that.  Both MSU and OSU are at home, which helps, and my bias + Harbaugh tells me they will upset one of those teams.  Hoke kept his teams pretty close against OSU, so the magic that Harbaugh brings could inspire some craziness in 2015.  It will be a fun season.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Listening to Sam Webb, it sounds like the kid is actually closer to 310 or 315, but multiple recruiting sites have him listed over 360, so who really knows at this point (besides him).  

Comment 03 Jun 2015

Clearly there's some bad weight in there.  I have a feeling he'll commit to losing some this year and quite a bit will be trimmed off when he gets into a college workout program and hopefully he'll red shirt when he gets here so he'll have even more time to trim down and get into college playing shape.  Not too worried about that, but very happy he went Blue.

Comment 08 Apr 2015

I can't bring myself to root for anyone else in the B1G, including non-conference regular season games

Comment 20 Feb 2015

Really?  Do we need to create a list of guys who are turds that have played at OSU or visited the school?  All schools have idiots in their programs or who played for their programs.  There is no need to take jabs at any school for meeting with a player, turd or not.