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Comment 13 Feb 2014

This is insane.  I think it's time to move towards a Stanford-like training/conditioning program

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Defense first teams usually give you the advantage over the course of the season.  Oregon, Texas Tech, Baylors of the world are very fun to watch, but when their offense stumbles 2-3 times per season, they don't have any change in those 2-3 games.  I'll take a team like Bama, Stanford, 2013/14 Michigan State any day over Oregon.  Sometimes you have Florida where they are so awful nothing helps, but the point is I'm taking defense.  Also, I could be wrong on this stat since I'm just pulling it up from memory, but wasn't Florida State #1 in total defense in 2012?  

Comment 15 Jan 2014

The pizza is horrible, yes, can't argue with that.  

DPZ's share price grew 2 1/2 times from mid 2004 to mid 2007 while YUM's grew under 2 times.  Papa Johns was similar (share price and stock movement doesn't always mean good company, though).  DPZ and YUM both pay a dividend, Papa John's doesn't.  Keep in mind YUM is also a conglomerate made up of multiple restaurants.  Most fast-food chains should be recession proof and some are obviously better than others (like YUM is better than DPZ).  But looking at a company's share price, especially during a major economic recession and recovery, proves nothing - most stock charts have the exact same pattern from 04-today.

That's the only part of your article I disagree with:  using the IPO in 2004 and Brandon's leaving in 2010, but not mentioning the economic recession or how pretty much every other public company had a similar rise, fall, rise.   


Comment 15 Jan 2014

I am neither a fan nor hater of Dave Brandon, but showing stock price growth from 2010 to today?  Come on.  Pretty much every company from 2004-today is going to show a good gain from 2004-2007/2008 a huge drop, then huge gains.;range=my;range=my;range=my;range=my

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Nussmeier is a great hire.  The most impressive part of his resume isn't what he did at Alabama, but what he did at Washington.  I couldn't be happier with this hire because 1) he's young and good and 2) he adjusts his system to his players, something Borges struggled with greatly.  The recruits help for sure, but Michigan has been holding their own in recruiting and I expect that to continue.

Comment 25 Nov 2013

I don't think it's a money issue.  Michigan is paying both Borges (deservedly or not) and Mattison very well right now.  When assistants get paid well, the HC also gets paid well.  I think it's more of a loyalty thing.  I think Dave Brandon gives Hoke 5 years to see if he can turn it around, but I don't expect Borges to get that.