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Comment 22 Mar 2017

Who knew that John Deere was squeezing the American farmer? Leave it to the Eastern Europeans (some of which are my peeps as I move along in my genealogical journey) to jailbreak American software just so a farmer can FIX HIS OWN TRACTOR. Do what you have to do fellas to get the work done and food on our tables, whether Deere likes it or not. 

And I still like McCall for H-back, though if UFM thinks that this is a position for Campbell to reach his potential then I am all for it. 

Lone last comment: I have always felt that Chipotle uses too many fillers-lots of rice and such. I should not need to pay for extra meat and less of the other stuff-do that off the bat or I take my burrito purchase elsewhere. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

No it would not make any sense for him to not miss week 1. But as ugly and stupid as Mayfield looked in that video, my guess is that if the perpetrator were a third string DB he would miss more than a week. Mayfield however is too important to the Sooners, so at worst he misses the opener. 

Would not be shocked to see him only miss the first half, just to make sure that Baker gets some in-game reps prior to the showdown in the Shoe. Just seems to be the way Big Game Bob rolls. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

No way on earth that Mayfield missed the trip to Columbus. Stoops doesn't have the testicular fortitude to even consider showing up in Ohio without his "stud" qb. 

The Bat Man story is one of the weirdest I have ever read. There is a reason that "truth is stranger than fiction" became a commonplace phrase, and this story is a perfect example. DJ, where do you find stuff like this?

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Assistance in remembering things is always something I will be interested in, particularly names of people I meet/have met, so I am glad that was at the end of the Learning New Things article. I have been known to meet someone, and then within a minute forget their name, which is more embarrassing than not knowing the capital of Australia which happens to the gentleman being interviewed for the article. 

As for the spreads, I would say at almost 6 months away -20 is a good place to start. Just less than 3 td's so the book will get plenty of play on OSU until/if the number rises a point or two. Personally I would think the spread between Ohio State and Indiana should be wider than that of Louisville and Purdue, but who knows. 

Comment 19 Mar 2017

I would be fine with the 09 being the regular away jersey to be honest. 

And I seem to be in the minority here, but I do not really associate the uniform with the game it was worn during. I just rather enjoy the alternate looks here and there. While I really like the Chic jerseys as well, the all black was just too much of a departure for my taste. 

Comment 18 Mar 2017

The article about the eventual passing of Queen Elizabeth is almost startling for its detail. I realize it is probably a bit weird for the US to think about, since we broke with the Brits so long ago, but the planning of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the inevitable seems so over the top. The monarchy has lost much of its appeal of late, and it is tough to see Charles and Camilla of all people restoring that level of importance it once held. 

Having read this entire story, I will now be watching to see if it really goes down as smoothly as the English think it will. So many moving parts as it were, and with social media I would imagine that changes things greatly as well. 

Comment 16 Mar 2017

I do not have time at the moment to watch the 24 minute documentary about Fenn's Treasure, but I plan to later. That is some story about the hidden treasure, which one has to wonder if it does really exist, but I think I believe it is out there somewhere. I have never been a treasure hunter (nor a millennial like the authors/searchers), but something about that story is intriguing to me I have to admit. 

DJ, I love the Skullys for the OSU info and takes of course, but nary a day goes by without at least one, and usually more than one, of the WMD's being extremely interesting. Thank you for that my man. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Mike Leach may be nuttier than a pet coon (as my grandpappy used to say), but he is no fool. If you have three backs who can run and catch, why not use them? Ohio State has of course had a host of backs who could do both, and/or do it in tandem, which has been beautiful to watch.

Leach will always be fun to follow with all the quips and throws and doing whatever the hell he wants to do. I am hard pressed to think of something funnier a coach has ever said than the "fat little girlfriends" line:
Comment 14 Mar 2017

Interesting story on the forgotten towns of Pennsylvania. While I have zero love for that state and its flagship university, this article could take place in any number of towns and states across America, but particularly the rust belt.

Just this weekend I was in southern Wisconsin and saw a small billboard for Historic Downtown Sharon (WI). Only being a few miles off the main road we were on, we decided to take a little detour and see what the deal was. Expecting a small, quaint town with a diner and antique shops, instead we found more empty storefronts on main street than open businesses, and a large abandoned plant that obviously was a major employer in its time but is now desolate. 

What is left for towns and areas like this one or those photographed in the Pennsylvania story? I shudder to think. 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Absolutely. I am still surprised the Bucks did not receive an invite, but the postseason should be a reward for what was accomplished during the regular season, in all sports. And if you missed even the NIT due to going 17-15, then win a few more games. 

If your football team goes 6-6, or please God help us 5-7, then no bowl for you either. Win another game or two and get rewarded for being better than mediocre. 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

That is quite the analogy, and I admit I would not have thought of it myself. My wife is a Purdue grad, and while she likes football she knows full well that Purdue is a basketball school, as Ohio State is a football school. I am not sure OSU has dropped below a school like Xavier in the pecking order, as it still has the B1G connection to raise the profile, but recruiting is everything and that has lagged without any doubt. 

Comment 03 Mar 2017

John Gilkey sounds like an interesting character. I like a good book as much as the next guy, maybe even more so these days asI enjoy the actual weight of a book rather than a digital copy, but to have the kind of existence he had/has and the hubris to get away with what he did is rather astounding. 

And Malik Hooker will be the truth at the next level, assuming he can stay healthy. 

Comment 28 Feb 2017

The CASPER story is pretty cool. I would never have known that Louisville had such a bad vacant building problem, but this device seems to really work. If they can indeed drive the cost down, this could be a useful item for many cities. 

Or they can just tear the buildings down, but that is neither here nor there for this story. I do wonder why the city actually owns so many vacant buildings however. 

Comment 24 Feb 2017

This^^. Cheating has always been around, and will always be. It simply depends on the type of wrongdoing, and who ends up taking the fall from grace when caught. The SWC back then was likely the worst of the offenders as far as payments, etc. Nothing will ever be as abhorrent as Ped State and now Baylor. The NCAA could hire 200 more investigators and lawyers, and could still probably not keep up with all the garbage happening.