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Comment 23 May 2017

Hard to believe that whoever killed Ita Tobolowski covered their tracks so well, especially when one particular guy seems to be the odds-on favorite for the murder. Hope Dallas can figure it out sooner rather than later. 

Of course Michael Phelps is a _ichigan man. Why wouldn't he be? He may be a winner in the Olympics but he is not winning at life as a ttun fan. 

Comment 22 May 2017

I have no argument with anything you have posted Buck68. All of this is in the eye of the beholder, and since I was born long after both of the "world wars" were fought I can only go on what I read and what I have heard from people like my father, who was stationed in Germany right before my birth. 

Honestly and Integrity should be the benchmarks, but sadly there are many in this world who have their own standards, which seems to me to be the root of many/all of our problems as a society. 

As for covering a variety of topics, I particularly enjoy the WMD's each morning, and try to read at least two. I may not comment on all that i read, but more often than not I do. Definitely during the offseason this is an exercise to keep the brain functioning and not worry so much in football that is months away. From serial killers to war to social media, DJ always keeps it interesting. 

Comment 22 May 2017

Since this world has had two major wars, I am certainly glad that our officers learned from I to II. In particular that our returning soldiers needed assistance after they won WWII. Changes in tactics and treatment-novel concepts. 

Nit so sure I agree with Bowden either. Plenty of coaches have been given keys to a kingdom and NOT done what Saban has accomplished. As DJ points out, Bama was not exactly the 66 Packers under Mike Shula and the like, but since Nick came in and got all of everything he has been incredible. Schools like Georgia should have every chance to win big, and yet they don't. There has to be a melding of many factors to reach that summit. 

Comment 20 May 2017

I know that babysitters may be hard to find and cost a few bucks, but please. There are places not to bring your kids, in fairness to the other adults and also your children. 

Went to a Queensryche show a couple of weeks ago, which also had an opening band. Opener went on at 8, QR not until 9. A couple two rows in front of us had a girl who could not have been older than 6. This was entirely too late for her to be out, and the crowd, while not out of control, was also not what I would want a 6 year old around. I just don't understand what people are thinking sometimes. My 5 year old stayed home and she was in bed before the show started, as she should have been. 

Comment 20 May 2017

I wss not expecting to read a serial killer story on a Saturday morning, and yet I did. I will never cease to be amazed by the level of human depravity we see. Very hapoy for Lisa to have not only survived but to have forged a normal life after what she went through. 

I keep hoping that JimBaugh will stop talking, but unfortunately it seems that will never happen. 

Nicely done on the story in the Comeback DJ. 

Comment 19 May 2017

I have watched the "tiebreaker" special a couple of times, and once with my father-in-law who is OSU class of 1969. That was a tremendous experience, as of course he could not see why TTUN would even be considered the choice of the AD's. I do believe the qb being hurt played a role in the decision, but either way can you imagine this kind of a decision being left to a vote in this day and age?

The adoption story is one that boggles my mind, and the fact it is still ongoing just makes me wonder about the judicial system in general, and New York in particular. Then again, I wonder about a great many things that happen in New York, so maybe it is not so shocking. What I cannot understand is why Abush himself seems to have no input. I can understand not dragging him into the entire drama, but he seems old enough to me to have a say. 

Comment 18 May 2017

Indeed about eating. 

I read the Jonestown story as well, but it brought back too many memories to comment on. I was very young when it happened, but even then I could tell this was obviously bad. Now reading about the horrors again after such a long time it still seems like there was no way it could have happened. 

Which then made me think about how people for decades now have used the phrase "drinking the kool-aid" for buying into something, and how utterly detestable the whole concept is since this occurrence is what spawned the phrase. 

Comment 18 May 2017

DeVier Posey I always felt was underrated. Loved watching him play at OSU, and if he can flourish in Canada then more power to him. 

Out here in Chicagoland high school football on Fridays is probably more important than college on Saturdays. With the B1G offices in Chicago, someone should have probably figured that out. And while college Saturdays are huge in many places, Fridays have always been for the preps so to think otherwise is inane.

As for Baylor, that school and PSU can both just go away as far as I am concerned. Atrocities plural at both places, with nobody that seems to want to take the blame or do anything about it. Sad and atrocious. 

Comment 17 May 2017

There is some great stuff in here 2204

Right now, I'm a Dallas Gant fan and the best program for him is this. ... I hope he kills Michigan.

Spoken like a true father. 

And the very first comment on the story:

Whatever, it's his decision. I hope he loses a lot of games.

Spoken like a true fan of the team up north. Like "I wasn't paying attention anyway so we lost nothing"  Or, you had a kid from Toledo whose dad was a TTUN fan and yet he chose OSU for all the reasons one should choose the Bucks rather than the wolverines  

Comment 17 May 2017

I love the idea of a car appreciating rather than depreciating in value. Now that is a concept I can get behind, though I am not so sure living in Cuba would make it worthwhile. The sandwiches could be tremendous, but the rest of it other than a Peugeot rising in value makes me pause. 

I can I cannot understand what it is about ND that makes anyone go there at this point. Yes, they won a lot in leather helmet days, but recently? Blah. And as we have clearly seen, Kelly is certainly not someone I would want coaching/leading my child. However, I do know people of Irish descent who root for ND simply due to them being the Irish, so maybe that is it. 

Did not know they still made short-sleeeve dress shirts, but when you wear it like Forte does [with a smile and Iike you own it] then by all means do what you need to do. 

Comment 16 May 2017

I have heard that also. Have some friends who lived in the area for a time and they also said that while it was a huge win for them, the Mountaineers were winning championships and as such that was more important. While I cannot blame them for that way of thinking, it was so much fun to see a team that was in the top 10 lose to a lower division, and it being TTUN made it that much sweeter. 

Comment 16 May 2017

you mustn’t speak to wharf-rat boys, not even to give directions

I am guessing that every 1978 article from The New Yorker will have this very line in it, and by God every story from then should. 

Personally, Appalachian State would be higher on my eternal list. I will never forget everyone streaming out of The Shoe on that wonderful day and running across to what was still Hineygate if memory serves to watch the huge tv screens showing the first ever game on BTN as the Mountaineers defeated TTUN. We were all about as happy seeing that occur as having watched the home team win the live game. Still have the "scoreboard" shirt from App State from that game in my drawer. Ahh, good times.  

Comment 15 May 2017

Seems so unlikely that Confederate soldiers were in Egypt doing their thing, but indeed they were. I may have to read that book by William Loring out of curiosity. 

The Badgers pulling that scholarship certainly does seem pretty questionable, but it also seems like a Bucky thing to do. Sketchy way to push a kid out the door no doubt, butnwhy would anyone want to play QB for them ever? Outside of one good year from Wilson, who have they had that has been even above average?

Comment 13 May 2017

Elflein was solid, but man I loved Samuel and would be happy if he were still around. 

That said, to technically answer your posed question, I think it has to be Elflein. There are questions about the line, but no shortage of studs that can run and catch. While Samuel might be better than any of them, need to fill the perceived weakness first and that would mean Pat anchoring the line again

Comment 13 May 2017

I also think that I have a Zune somewhere, and should probably try to locate it. The idea was fine by Microsoft but man did it flame out quickly. I would still use mine if I knew where it was. 

I read the entire Strawberry Girls article, and while it was entertaining to picture what was happening I am not sure why I read a 9 year old story about Plant City, FL. Kudos to DJ again for finding enough stories in the wmd section to cover anything and everything. Need a follow up on the 2008 Strawberry Court DJ. 

Warinner has been much maligned of late, but the NFL prowess of many of his charges is obvious. For that he should always be commended. 

Comment 12 May 2017

Butch is a Brian Kelly disciple, so it is no shock that he is some kind of a polished turd, who admittedly came up with a creative way to describe not winning enough games. A terrible description, but creative. 

I am no fan of Muschump either, but I would have bet money that the Butch team would have been the one losing its collective minds prior to a big matchup. 

Comment 11 May 2017

Watching Brian Kelly take four Ls would still be considered a real good time.

watching Brian Kelly take another 8 losses would be even better. I would love it if the new normal of ND football becomes 7-8 wins a season. Man that ACC is a juggernaut. 

The microcelebrity is beyond annoying. I guess I don't understand the appeal since I have no interest in being any level of celebrity, but whatever floats your boat I suppose as long as it does not directly affect me. 

The opioid epidemic is such a sad state of affairs, and of course women are generally left to pick up the pieces. Even if I did somehow get hooked on a prescription drug like Xanax, I am really unsure where I would then be able to come up with a heroin score to further my addiction. Maybe I am simply naive, but I also don't technically live in the rust belt, though I am close enough to Chicago to know the issues presented by drug use  

I will leave it by saying that the photo of Zeke and Daly just brings a smile to my face. Those two look like they are heading to a Three Stooges tryout or something