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Comment 06 Apr 2015

I have felt Duke is overrated all year, but Coach K has to be given the benefit of the doubt for what the Dookies have done during this run. Wisky has played better teams in the tourney, but Duke will likely lay the smack down tonight. 

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Bo Ryan is still an insufferable ass. Even friends I have in Madison say he is that way in "real life" when he is around town. He has however collected some talent that has been better than expected, and they play hard, though with the caveat of being floppers here and there. As long as they shoot reasonably well from the perimeter they are insanely efficient. Begrudging kudos to the team for elevating the Big Ten, but not so much for the man who looks suspiciously like the team's mascot. 

Comment 19 Mar 2015

An entertaining Skully as always, but a reference to Aston Villa to boot? My day In the Central time zone has begun with a smile. Let's go Bucks, and Villans this weekend as they host Swansea City. 

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Have to say Point Pleasant, though I may have been only one of maybe a few dozen people to watch all dozen episodes. Really dark, and many gorgeous ladies to boot. Should have been much longer. 

Kudos also to the mention above of Midnight Caller. Extremely underrated, and had Bill Lumbergh as the star. 

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Absolutely true Opus. The football itself was not always very good, but the concepts, camera angles, etc have been integrated into the NFL with nary a word about where they came from.

as a Chicago Enforcers season ticket holder, it was great fun (save for the weather in February). Where does anyone think that Jerry Jones got the idea for his "touchdown decks" that the cheerleaders use? Yup, the XFL. One of many things pirated from the McMahon brainchild. 

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I also voted no, because one game does not a renaissance make. And Wisky is about as one-dimensional as it gets. Granted under most circumstances Gordon is borderline unstoppable, and the Bucks did basically shut him down. BUT, I am a better qb than either Stave or McEvoy and my eligibility ran out long ago. Do this again to Bama and Oregon and I will gladly change my vote immediately. 

Comment 16 Jun 2014

Very well done. Cannot argue with any of the choices, though leaving John Heisman off the top 10 is one that I might take issue with after more consideration. Just not sure right now who would be taken out to add him. 

Comment 10 Jun 2014

Ding ding ding. Above is the correct answer. I continue to hold out hope that as long as the Big Ten is stuck with Maryland and Rutgers that the rumors about Georgia Tech coming aboard are true. The a jackets would most certainly be a great fit academically, and both football and basketball are at worst mediocre and at best upper echelon. The rumored tag team with North Carolina is looking more problematic with all of the academic questions in Chapel Hill, but something needs to be done to balance out this Rutgers debacle. 

Comment 01 Jun 2014

Well put about The Vest. He was considered a fine coach, but not so sure that he was expected to win a NC so quickly or go a ridiculous 9-1 vs TTUN. He was successful by any measure. 

Urban Meyer can certainly be a success without winning a NC. There has to be some gray area here-and what he has done thus far is pretty damn good. Keep beating meeechigan, win the conference and make it to the final four a few times and it is all good

Comment 16 May 2014

Ahh, the new World order. Hulk said it was going to change rasslin' and it did. Hogan turning heel was a genius move on his part and made WCW more relevant than ever. Great link for a Skull Session, on a Friday in particular. 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

How hilarious, and so true as well. A trip to Detroit would be nice and close for them, and they can lose to a MAC team in December just as they should have done back in September when the refs took one away from Akron. 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

As an alum of Northern Illinois, I am glad to see that people somewhere other than Chicago are paying some attention to the rest of the BCS. Can NIU hang with OSU? Not likely. Can the Huskies play in this particular B1G? I don't see why not. 

i like the schedule comparison between Fresno and NIU. Both teams played Idaho, but NIU struggled some on the road while Fresno did not. However, the rest of the non-con stacks up nicely. Iowa is by far the best win by either team. Eastern Illinois is top 5 in the FCS led by an NFL prospect at qb. Cal Poly is 6-6. Rutgers is barely better than Purdue at this point (though kudos to them for beating bielema). 

All in all seems to me that the computers are closer to being correct on NIU than the humans are. I am certain there is bias against the Huskies for the perception of the Orange Bowl outcome last year. While I am not saying NIU should have won, the fact does remain that they were down 17-10 with the ball in FSU territory going into the fourth quarter, so the final score is misleading. 

As someone who attends multiple games each year in both DeKalb, IL and Columbus, OH I hope both the Huskies and Buckeyes get to the BCS bowls that they deserve. Running the table is not easy to do and both should be commended for accomplishing that feat. Would be nice if Jordan Lynch got an invite to NY as well, but that is probably unlikely. 

Go Huskies and Go Bucks

Comment 15 Sep 2013

About that Wisky game, I am not so sure how that was stolen by the referees. Stave never put his knee down, nor did he spike the ball. If anything, why wasn't Arizona State awarded the ball when their guy fell on it? If the play was not blown dead (and it should not have been) then that should be a live ball and an ASU recovery. End of game. 

Akron got screwed at the end by having their first down taken away, and by a minimum of 6 seconds being run off that should still have been on the clock. Not a great day at all for the officials, but many difficulties are self-made (I am looking at you Stave)

Comment 26 Aug 2013

+1 Boxley

incredible story. Always look forward to the Ramzy column, but this was exquisite. 

Comment 25 Aug 2013

Have to add to the MACtion. As someone who has a masters from Northern Illinois I have to root for them to beat the useless Hawkeyes and build on the Orange Bowl trip from last year. Won't be nearly as good a game as UGA:Clemson but that is ok. As long as football is back it is all good. 

Comment 20 Aug 2013

OK, this is atrocious without a doubt.  But in a way, did it not accomplish what it set out to do?  Look at all the attention this nightmare is getting for Purdue, and even here on an OSU site.  Would any of us be talking about the Boilers today for any other reason?

Comment 03 Aug 2011

As a born and bred Chicagoan and Buckeye loyalist, I have to weigh in on the pizza and hot dog conversation.  All of the typical deep dish places have been mentioned, but if you want to try a pizza with the best ingredients you will find and a medium-type of crust (not a paper thin nor deep dish) then you must try Home Run Inn pizza.  There are now half a dozen locations, but the original on 31st street is the place that White Sox fans have frequented both before and after games since the late 1940's.

For hot dogs, I would definitely choose Gene and Jude's in River Grove.  Not downtown, but worth the trip.  Best french fries you will eat, and they are loaded on the dog and bun when you order.  Check them out online if you want more info.

Keep up the great work, and we are looking forward to Eat Too Brutus later this year. Go Bucks!