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Comment 2 hours ago

Thanks for the article about Monaco and their "futbol" team. I have no love for Monaco in general and have never visited the tiny principality, but that team plays some beautiful soccer. Looking forward to the Champions League matchup with Manchester City today, as it should be fun to watch. Keep covering all bases in the WMD's DJ. 

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Ted Ginn is a great comp for Hester, much better than Dontre. But, Ginn could actually run routes and catch the ball in the open field, which is exactly what became the beginning of the end of Devin's amazing return career with the Bears. I am no fan of the Midgets of the Midway, but I do live in Chicago and as such have seen it all from them. Once Devin Hester decided he was more than the best returner ever and wanted to be paid like he was TO or Reggie Wayne, his inadequacies as a 3-4 down player were shown immediately. He was taken off of returns and no longer made much if any impact on games. 

Dontre, again if healthy, could surpass Hester in being more useful overall with catching the ball out of the backfield, splitting out in the slot, and generally being a receiver. More like Ted Ginn in that respect than Devin Hester. Again, he has to be put in the right situation with the right coach, and most of all stay healthy. 

Dontre could "replace" Reggie Cobb in the Packers' system imho. Cobb has moved into a key receiver role and has mostly been taken off of returns in recent years, but McCarthy has shown he will take a guy and use him however it works. I would love to see Dontre get signed in Green Bay and see how that works out. 

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I am with you on both of these points-you got to them before I did. I have been a huge Jagr fan since he arrived, even over Super Mario Lemieux as I just lived his game. To be doing this at 45 is incredible. 

As for Dontre, he could be the next Devin Hester if he falls into the right situation (and stays healthy, which I will grant is a big if). Devin was very good at The U, but I don't think anyone expected him to be possibly the best ever at returning. Dontre could surprise folks if given the opportunity, though I must also admit that the prospect of him in the CFL does have its merits. VY playing qb up there maybe not as much. 

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Give me some of that 1907. That is so oddball that I think it would be great, especially the striped sleeves. 

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Kudos on the Jedi Council find. Any Star Wars fans on here should click on that link-some pretty classic stuff right there. 

Michael Thomas is a beast no doubt, and as did take your advice and select him in my computer football league, and he helped me to second place (major qb failure in the final week unfortunately). 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Exactly. Crean is a douche extraordinare but this was a good move in his part. No need for the showboating when you slammed a bad team, and it did appear he apologized to the other coach. Teachable moment I guess, though he and his in-laws are still about the most annoying clan in sports at this juncture. 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I am glad that PSU gets to come to Columbus. I really despise that team, that school, those people/fans, and probably that whole state. It will be wonderful to see the Bucks exact some revenge and put the Nits back in their place. Urban is not going to lose to them again, and McSorley may have another 3 pick game in him as he did in Pasadena. I realize they dropped 49 points, but that was Somme questionable defense by the Trojans to help that along  

Light up the Nits, the Sooners and everyone else in 2017 Bucks and head back to the playoffs to shoot down all the negative nonsense. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

No way that Chip and his humongous ego would ever be a coordinator in college. He would be a head guy or nothing. Maybe an OC in the NFL but that is it. 

That said, he would probably be great in the role, as it would keep him in check a la Lane Kiffin and he could call whatever he wanted. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Yes, still proud of what this team accomplished. And the defense played its heart out until running out of gas. The field goal misses were huge for momentum methinks as well. Not sure what to say other than this is an aberration in the big scheme of OSU and Urban in particular and 2017 will no doubt end differently for the boys. 

Comment 17 Mar 2016

I always felt that Tress should have used the TE more considering those throws are often "safe" inasmuch as they are typically of the shorter variety and a really large man is there to get his hands on the ball. And with Tress playing it "close to the vest" this would be a perfect addition to the arsenal.

A bit tougher for the Urban offense with the tempo, and more importantly the sheer number of impact players available to get the ball to. Sure the TE up the seam can open things up, but when you have multiple running backs who are dangerous and who knows how many h-backs with mad skills, there are only so many times to throw to the big guys without all the others languishing. 

It is nice, but also not entirely easy, to have such an embarrassment of offensive riches. 

Comment 07 Mar 2016

Plenty of Chicago talent, but as in hoops most of the true top-level kids do not head downstate to Champaign. Used to be a pipeline from the public league down to U of I, but no longer. Can Lovie really turn that around? He has not coached in college in 20 years, but he does have the name recognition. 

I would actually compare his tenure as Bears boss to that of Ditka. Plenty of talent, but lack of coaching acumen meant that Chicago underperformed their skill level. Ditka should have won a heckuva lot more than he did, and I would say the same for Lovie. Now he needs to hire good coordinators to have a prayer. 

As for Cam Cameron, I am no big fan of his especially after seeing his train wreck at IU, but at least he has been in college more often and more recently than Lovie. 

Comment 07 Mar 2016

OSU has the daunting task of (hopefully if they can beat PSU) Sparty again, but that 6 seed would look awfully nice. Purdue should have lost yesterday and they would be in much better shape also. Basketbucks have only themselves to blame for being so inconsistent, with flashes of brilliance, to end up on the 7 line. 

Comment 07 Mar 2016

Yes, but this assumes that Lovie is a good coach. The West is there for the taking it seems, but hoisting this guy up as the man after multiple failures with the Bears and a mostly dismal run with the Bucs seems shortsighted at best. I am not saying Smith is an abject failure, but considering how long he has been out of college what is the point?

as someone who lives in Chocago and had to watch his "coaching" firsthand more often than I like to recall, I would think the Illini could do much better with this hire. Other than name value, Lovie would be yet another in a line of mediocre to terrible (here's looking at you Beckman) football head coaching hires. Go grab Rod Carey from NIU, or even a Cam Cameron from LSU rather than pay Lovie even more than those guys for less production. 

Comment 22 Feb 2016

Now this is perfect. Had not really thought of 2016 in this way. Assuming Urban has gotten the guys he wanted and coached them up (which we can be all but certain he has), this offense has a chance to be deadly with or without a bunch of returning starters. 

Comment 15 Feb 2016

After reading the LGHL article in its entirety, it breaks things down very well. The one point I feel may be missing is comparing offenses across college football from the Tressel era to the Urban era. I am fairly certain that if we take all offenses into account, the current Buckeyes have to face many more hurry-up and/or spread offenses, which leads to more offensive plays being run, which eventually leads to more points being scored and hence a greater number of points allowed by Buckeye defenses, even if the defenses have similar talent. 

I love defense as much and likely more so than the average fan. If The Vest had to face as many up-tempo offenses as Urban does, I would bet the defensive numbers would be more on par with the current numbers. Between the opposing offenses running more plays, and the OSU offense scoring so quickly under Urban, the numbers may well skew higher regardless of the coach.