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Comment 3 hours ago

Holtmann does have his work cut out, but I would not be surprised if he shocks a couple of big teams this season on his way to a postseason berth. Mayne not the NCAA, but an NIT bid for a year like this one with some exciting basketball might be good. 

At the risk of being slammed, I must admit that I don't get either Skyline or Frisch's. Neither is the worst by any stretch, but neither are on my to-do list when in Ohio either. 

I have always been impressed with the Mall area in DC, but WWI definitely needs a larger presence. The Korean War monument might be the most moving one I have seen-something akin to that for the First Great War seems only fitting  

Comment 23 Jun 2017

I would honestly be more interested in Iceland and that area even more than NZ/Australia. Part of that is due simply to the travel, as with a bad back I cannot even fathom the flight down under. 

Very sad to hear about a high suicide rate-that is one of the saddest things that can happen to a person, but as much so the people left behind. 

I enjoy the idea of remoteness, so Iceland is now officially on the list of places to head to. Thanks for the heads up. 

Comment 23 Jun 2017

his life became so pathetic you felt bad about the animus

I love this line DJ. And it is so true. I still find Bert annoying and foolhardy, but at Arkansas it is more he doesn't matter to us directly any longer. Plus, kudos for throwing in animus as a secondary word of the day. 

The All Blacks have been so good for so long that it almost defies logic. I would love to visit New Zealand to see rugby, and the country, firsthand. I am jealous of MN Buckeye and his post above about having just been there, even if you didn't get to see a match live. 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

How can people contracted with the CIA be dumb enough to get fired for stealing Kit Kats and Fritos? So this guy figures out a hack and tells all his friends, just so they can save a buck here and there to the tune of $3k over a year? How shortsighted can they be?

Great to hear that the O line is putting in some extra time. As pointed out, when there is news this time of year it tends to skew bad, so always happy to read something that is good. 

Illinois is bad, and not getting much better if at all. Hard to believe this is a team that has given the Bucks fits here and there, such as the 2007 debacle I attended in Columbus. 

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Ireland is a haven for funneling soccer money. Who knew? I figured there must be some connection to all of the big names being investigated, when names like Ronaldo and Mourinho come up. But Ireland? Ok then. And of course the writer was correct in that CR7 did his celebrating after Real Madrid won the UCL that night, since the article was from early June. 

I am fine with Rutgers being at least relevant. Not really interested in seeing a team get constantly beaten to a pulp year in and year out. Unless that team is PSU, or ND, or TTUN.... Wait, maybe I am ok with teams being terrible, but I hold no I'll will toward Rutgers so they can improve and I will be in their corner as an interested bystander. 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Agreed. I expected a slap on the wrist, such as the opening half of the first game. No way they would bring him to Columbus with zero pt, so I figured a half would suffice. 

Hard to believe OU did even less than that. You are dead right about seeing what a program does in a suspension situation. This Lincoln Riley had a chance to make a statement, but he and the university decided to wink and nod instead. 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Rashan Gary may be a stud, and it would have been nice to see him in Scarlet and Gray, but one man does not a team make. TTUN will still be forced to watch yet another genuflect offense at the end of a game vs OSU, and all will be right with the world. Not that I didn't enjoy winning in sudden desth last season, but that was an anomaly. 

I had no idea that the flag would have (likely) been planned so far in advance, but it makes perfect sense. Have to be ready for the next one in a year, or even if there may not be an added state for another 60 years. 

Comment 19 Jun 2017

Have to respect what Hurley did at St. Anthony's over all those years. An impressive run to be sure, and quite the way to go out by letting the players divvy up the spoils. Good for them-if it has to end, this is a nice way to do it. 

The photo of the Tressels is gold. That should be front page every day.

Rutgers must thank their lucky stars every day that Delany came calling, even if their payout is less than others for now.  What a windfall, with little effort.  Unless Chris Ash can get things rolling in Piscataway.

Comment 16 Jun 2017

Okada is an amazing talent. I am a big Kenny Omega fan, and I have seen Okada/Omega I a handful of times. The fact that it is called a 6star match says it all, and it was incredible. I have yet to see Chapter II, which I now know ended in a draw. If you are any kind of a wrestling fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Okada (and Omega as well), as NJPW is what wrestling used to be. 

I cannot wait for the Bucks to savage the Sooners. I was one who expected Mayfield's slap on the wrist to be the first half of the opening game. Even that was too much for OU it seems. Sad and annoying. 

Lee Tressel=one damn good American. As is his son. Lucky to have "known" them both through football. 

Comment 15 Jun 2017

The specific earmarking of the money that you reference is my biggest question. Ok, so some loaded guy throws close to a mil at a school. They can say it goes toward the student fund, athletics, whatever? 

A big trend is obviously to name things after donors, such as locker rooms and press boxes. Fine-those are things that are tangible on a campus and are used by multiple people. To single out the football team alone for a vacation has to be in such a dark gray area that it is mighty close to black. 

Comment 15 Jun 2017

I still have no idea how it's legal. Not like donors are falling over themselves to send regular students overseas for a week.

and with that quote, DJ sums up the entire TTUN trip perfectly. How on earth is this ok?

I for one hope that Binjimen becomes the man. Someone has to. JT needs a Mike Thomas type to be able to count on. 

Holtmann has his work cut out, but don't tell me the Bucks cannot win at least 15. If they are so devoid of talent to not end up at 500 or better then I will be shocked. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

The Irish video is fantastic. Not sure I completely understand why it exists, but that is beside the point methinks. 

Props to "Mr. Elite" PJ Fleck for messing with the NCAA and the B1G. I hope he rolls the west. 

Good luck to James Clark. Hate the Hokies but I am fine with him doing well. 

Another fine day to be alive. Make it a good one. 

Comment 10 Jun 2017

Awlin, maybe that is what it was -that they would honor the contract, not necessarily that he would still be involved with the program. Still looking for what I read, but you may well be right which would be why I cannot find it.