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Comment 17 hours ago

Correct. Smoke and Mirrors. They were the trash of the PAC-10 prior to Knight dumping all his cash in, then hiring Chip. While,there has been success, none of it really mattered in the big scheme of things. Yes they made a championship game, but they beat a suspect opponent to get there, and promptly got Rick-rolled by the Bucks. 

I had hoped they would keep Helfrich around indefinitely as he was in way over his head. However, Taggart can say all he wants but his early tenure has been rocky at best. I am fine with the Ducks going back to being at best mediocre and at worst an afterthought. 

Comment 23 hours ago

The next big game the Ducks win will be the FIRST big game the Ducks win. A few nice victories here and there, but no natty's and barrly anything else of note. Chip may have been able to run roughshod over the PAC-12, but then when meeting the big boys not so much. How big of a favorite were they over The Vest and OSU in the Rose? And nada for them. 

Comment 23 hours ago

The Rockefeller story is simply amazing. A very long read, but just incredible. To run a long con like that for decades, and not as a simple nobody but a man of tremendous means, is impressive in a way. I think my favorite part of the entire tale is that he once used the SSN of David Berkowitz-he was ready to bolt anyway, but could he possibly have thought that one could slip through the cracks?

Oregon was mostly smoke and mirrors it seems, but I am not so sure Taggart is the answer to change that. Especially when he is throwing recent and current players under the bus for basically being shallow. 

Seeing JImBaugh get verbally smacked by an Italian guard is a great way to start any day. 

Comment 24 Apr 2017

I cannot imagine how being a flight attendant has to be challenging. Think about how almost every passenger is likely cranky about having to go through everything involved with getting to the airport, going through security, waiting for boarding, etc. Multiply that by a hundred or two, and that is only the beginning. That said, this verbal judo has to be a good idea, as anything that has a chance of keeping things from escalating has to be worth a shot. 

Hooker absolutely received the right advice it seems. Really, how much further could he rise after another season ar OSU? Not nearly as far as his stock could tumble with a down year. Good luck to the young man-Green Bay could use someone with his talents

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Charles Rogers was an incredible talent. That guy had immense skills without a doubt. Did not like watching him play for MSU since I am no Sparty fan, but he could do things many other players/receivers could not do. Shame to see what his life degenerated into. 

Credit to the operators of malls for finding something useful to do with their space. I can say that the enclosed malls around where I live are all on life support, and are absolutely doing things like carnivals in the parking lots, and also selling the outlots to smaller shops like fast food of coffee places. No need for all of that parking anymore. For whatever reason, outdoor "commons" malls seem to be doing fine, in direct opposition to the enclosed malls, around here at least. 

20 years is not nearly long enough for those mitten state people. That split championship was pretty much undeserved as it was, but they need to hang their hats on something I suppose. Keep up the mediocre to bad work fellas. 

Comment 21 Apr 2017

No arguments with any of this. As for the sorghum, I too thought that was an odd choice, but I chalked it up to the Cornell influence

Amd yes, even if the robots arrive and are put to use, then the question of what to do with the data and to extrapolate it in a useful manner. I can already see the proprietary software for the computer that will cost as much as the robot does, which is not extremely helpful. 

Comment 21 Apr 2017

I like the self-driving robot idea. Seeing the amount of acreage that many of our midwestern farmers have to cover, if this can make life easier (and more efficient) then get it going on a large scale. But only if the government does not cut the funding apparently. Nice to see Cornell U involved with U of I as well. 

Terrelle is right in that his year could have been bigger, due to the failings of his team and himself. The Browns qb's were not Johnny Unitas or Dan Marino by any stretch, but TP also had a ton of drops. He will get better.

No way Hooker drops that far, period. If he does, huge mistake by whoever passes him by. Personally I take Lattimore over him, but corners are tougher to find in my book.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Nothing is creepier and more annoying than Caillou. What a whiny little bastard he is. Teletubbies are cool in comparison. My daughter was into Bubble Guppies, and they were ok-had the occasional adult joke that I would find funny while it went over her head.  

And this post, with the following helmet sticker, put me over the 1000 mark. Proud day for me and the family. Of all things to be a milestone, making fun of Caillou does it. 

Comment 20 Apr 2017

I had absolutely no clue about the blue blood of the crabs. What an interesting story and concept. I am always amazed when people can figure this stuff out-who thought to take the blood of a crab and use it for testing of bacteria? Ranks up there with "look at that chicken walking around. Why don't we eat what it drops out of its butt, then pluck its feathers and eat it too". The first person to do these things is a true pioneer. 

Damon Webb stepping up is a wonderful thing. Need someone to replace Hooker, but to expect Webb or anyone to be that kind of a ballhawk may be a stretch. Hopefully not, but stand up to the run and be solid in coverage and I am good with it. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

There did not seem like a whole lot of "reasonable doubt" to me, but I was not in the jury room. And I suppose it is possible that the jury looked at his then current predicament and said "what the h$&@ we will let him off for this one since he isn't getting out anyway". 

But this lead to what may be lowest-common-denominator television: an entire segment on Sportscenter with Stephen A. Smith talking about Aaron Hernandez. A guy who simply loves to a) hear himself speak and b) loves to stir the pot speaking about a) a bad human being who by all accounts b) caused all of his own problems. 

I was at the gym, so this was the channel that was on, but I am guessing that somewhere on Fox Sports Mr. Bayless was likely doing the same thing, and I would say that may have sounded even worse. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

The block party for Reagan Tokes is a beautiful thing. Hopefully thousands attend and make it worthwhile. 

The spyware story is too much for me. Way too invasive, especially when taken from the viewpoint of the abused spouse, who now cannot even plan an escape from the tormented. 

Bearcats rise in Ann Arbor? Works for me. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Very salient point about meeting people. I had not looked at it in that manner. Certainly easier to do in an Airbnb than your typical hotel I am sure. Glad there were no safety concerns either. Maybe I am just a conspiracy theorist or something, but I am leery of these arrangements, as well as Uber/Lyft. Who knows, maybe my cabbie is a psychopath, but I guess I like the idea of him being licensed to drive people around in a car that looks different than mine. Same concept with this-while I am no huge fan of hotels, if I go to a Hyatt property for example I have an expectation of what the room will look like, etc. which I do not necessarily have with an Airbnb. Maybe I should relax a bit and go with the flow. 

Full disclosure, I should also mention that my wife writes hotel contracts for a living, so I may be more comfortable with them because she will inspect each hotel and room before we officially check in. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

It never gets old seeing ttun players/coaches look like imbeciles. Somehow Chris Evans is matticulating at *ichigan and yet has no idea where Pisa is. Priceless. I would agree that it is a cool trip for a college student, but as far as truly accomplishing anything practice-wise I just don't see it. 

Interesting story about the hotels going after Airbnb. I cannot blame them one bit. Not that I believe hotels should be able to monopolize any areas, but if these short-term deals are not following laws and paying taxes then that should be looked at and taken care of. I don't know that I would stay in an Airbnb, but obviously many people are. Safety should be the priority, and if memory serves there was a link in the WMD's recently talking about these short-termers being used as brothels. Sounds like a bad idea to me

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Ok, the decade prior to Brees did not have much in thr way of studs. But saying the 90's did not have a multitude of NFL caliber starters is not the same as saying Purdue has not had an qb's since leather helmets, as the ND and Cuse references seem to point to. The Boilers have had as many qb's as any other Big Ten school make the pros, other than *ichigan I believe. I will have to look that up later when I have more time. 

Anyway, I am with you on Notre Shame living on the laurels of things done decades ago. But from Griese to Everett to Orton to Brees and many others, Purdue has sent plenty of signal-callers to the next level. Was some of that system related under Tiller? Maybe, but that is also the Brees era so what does that say?

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Yes Beees had/has an incredible drive, but to completely dismiss Purdue is a mistake. The Boilers have been very bad for quite awhile, but they have in the past been known as the Crsdle of Quarterbacks. Plenty of signal-callers from West Lafayette have gone on to the pros, with Drew being the best of them. Brees still holds a plethora of school and conference passing records  

As far as Big Ten schools and quarterbacks, you could find schools with much less of a pedigree when it comes to this topic. To dismiss Purdue outright is short-sighted. As for Dilfer, maybe he has said so many questionable things that people tend to not listen as closely when he speaks anymore. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

If I had to cover a dolt like Petrino, I think I,would do exactly what that sports coverage did. The Ville has become insufferable with the coaches they currently employ, so do what you have to do to make fun of them. 

The 2 qb system for South is tremendous. Why not do that? I was all for the idea for 3 qb's in Columbus, with JT Cardale and Braxton. Get your athletes on the field however you can. 

And of course, looking forward very much to Star Wars land. Disney paid a small fortune to get the Lucas empire, and they have already done ok with the property I would say. And they will continue to expand and dominate. Only 8 months until the next movie-and we will get a few months of winning football before it hits, which is even better. 

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Mickey did everything hard from what I have read. With good knees for a full career he may own about every record that matters. Especially those concerning speed and range.

Look at what he was able to do with bad knees, and as you say consistently hungover. He was still among the best ever, even with those "handicaps". Shame really that he could not have had his due at full strength. 

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Happy Spring Game day. Wish I could attend, but thanks to BTN we can watch live while ttun has to do the tape delay thing. Warms my heart. 

The cold case story has so many layers to it. Does seem like a cover up, but maybe only by the goof who was originally on the beat. I was hoping there would be some follow-up with Nels, the dead girls' father to see what he felt about finally having his theory vindicated. 

Comment 15 Apr 2017

You are coming at me hard on this one, and I appreciate that. The fact that I may well be losing, my bad, but that is how it goes. I will admit to having forgotten how Aaron could/did run early on-by the time I got to watch him he was simply a slugger. While not a knock, as he did it well, his wheels were not in my wheelhouse (haha). 

With regards to defense, I will add that Ted played a very unique position in a very unique park. His defensive metrics may not be great, but he was always considered to have been very good for the oddity that is left field at Fenway Park. 

And while continuing this discussion, I ran across another name that we really should have mentioned, that of the man tied for 4th on this list.

Career Leaders & Records for Base-Out Wins Added (REW)
1. Barry Bonds (22) 129.82 L
2. Ted Williams+ (19) 100.44 L
3. Hank Aaron+ (23) 99.27 R
4. Mickey Mantle+ (18) 96.90 B
  Willie Mays+ (22) 96.90

The Mick was an all-timer without a shadow of a doubt. Everyone knows how good Mantle was, particularly before tearing up his knees. I was lucky enough to get to meet Moose Skowron on a few occasions, and the one thing he would always say was that Mickey could do anything he wanted on a baseball field. So by way of acquiescing to Aaron being better "overall" than Ted, it is very possible that Mays and Mantle were better than both of "our guys". 

Comment 14 Apr 2017

Fair enough. We may be splitting hairs here, as all of the bames mentioned are in the pantheon. However, I would not say Aaron was any better than Ted defensively or baserunning. Mays and Bonds I will give you are top of the heap as pure "players" that could do anything/everything. Ruth has the cred, but his pitching career was done around the age of 23-24 if memory serves. Still a great feat to be able to play the field and pitch at a major league level, but I personally would not place him above any of the aforementioned names due to the pitching aspect. 

I could add Rogers Hornsby, maybe a Mel Ott, and a Rickey Henderson, even a Ken Griffey Jr as amazing all-around talents. But very few (if any) were as pure of a hitter as Ted. Other guys way back when hit 400 and close to that, in a much different time. Even from Ruth to Ted the game had changed.