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Comment 20 Feb 2014

Don't tell anyone, but I snuck in dressed as Earle one day.  Which made it really awkward when I was leaving the stall at the same time the real Earle was going in.


Sunday...I've been pulling double duty!

Is that just code for going to the bathroom twice?


Comment 20 Feb 2014

I hope he is still around too since he usually has good insight into a wide variety of topics.  How I noticed he was missing was that he no longer appears on the leaderboard, which made me think his account was possibly deleted.  The account still exists though with all 5,240 helmet stickers, which means he should be on the leaderboard.  So either you get dropped from the board for inactivity (which might explain why buckeyesvstheworld and hovenaut are so active.  They are afraid of being dropped) or Michigan fans are no longer eligible for the big board which is just a discriminatory practice.  Come on, Michigan fans have feelings too.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Wow, that is an old picture!  That was like 3 lost teeth ago for me and about 1000 buffets ago for Hoke.  Wait one darn cotton pickin minute!  How did you get that picture?   Uncle Lou, is that you?

Comment 19 Feb 2014

No, SL is right, that is Hail, I'd recognize that face anywhere.  Didn't you know that Hail is Denard's lovechild?

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Thanks Hodge.  It is a shame.  He's been working really hard, and we were hoping his experience would be an advantage in the conditions they have been facing.  This year it was some bad snow (rain made the course kind of slushy and sloppy).  Four years ago when he was in the finals one of the competitors hit him coming out of the gate taking him out of it immediately.  It is always going to be something though and you just try to overcome it.  We are really proud of him.  He gave it his all and carries himself with a lot of class.  You can't ask for more.

It has been a down year for the US snowboarding as a whole.  Makes you wonder if the rest of the world is catching up to us. 

Thanks again Hodge.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Funchess is the better overall receiving threat (he is a WR really), but Butt has the best combination of blocking / recieving of the Michigan tight ends making him a valuable every down player.

Hopefully he heals quickly, because I was really looking forward to the Butt Funchess combo on the field in 2014.  It has the potential to be a deadly combination that will sneak up and overwhelm our opponents.



Comment 13 Feb 2014

Butt out!  This is none of your business, so go back to talking about the buckeyes while I go to my room and cry.

Seriously though, this sucks.  He's the best all round tight end option Michigan has.  I was expecting to see a leap from him next year, but this probably will keep that from happening.  I wish him a full and speedy recovery.


Comment 05 Feb 2014

In all fairness, his dad was quite vocal against MSU too.  All I can say is that I am really curious what happened at his MSU OV, as that seems to have been the turning point and both parents got very vocal against MSU after it.  (Various rumors such as MSU players told Malik he didn't have to go to class there, MSU coaches telling Malik to man up because it was his choice and he didn't need to listen to his parents, supposedly said in front of his parents, and then there are worse ones I won't repeat)  I don't know if we will ever truly know what happened that weekend, but I don't think I've ever seen a OV lead to such a drastic negative reaction from parents. 

Comment 04 Feb 2014

While it is true that Landon Collins lived with his father and step-mother, I think it is too much to say that his mother was absent.  Landon came to live with his father post Katrina when he moved in with them about an hour away from New Orleans.  Landon's mom, step-dad, and brother continued to live in New Orleans (his step-dad is his younger brother's bio dad, so moving with Landon wasn't an option).  Now this separation I'm sure made things hard, but I'm sure they did the best they could.  I saw her at his football games here, which makes me think they were interacting on a regular basis in some way.  Still, I'm sure she didn't wield the kind of influence in his school choice as she would have liked.

Also, I'm not the one that downvoted you in case you were wondering.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

My kids went to school with Landon Collins.  The kid wore Alabama stuff to school all the time.  How his mom wasn't already prepared for his commitment to them, I'll never know.  I will say that while she still seemed disappointed this year, she handled her other son's commitment to Florida much better.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

My guess is also because MM originally canceled his tOSU OV in favor or one to MSU, having to be talked back into visiting tOSU.  I would think that isn't normally a good sign.  The MM situation definitely is a special case though and it will be interesting to see what he decides tomorrow.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

No reason was ever given why he did not appeal and he isn't talking about it.  That lead me to think why he might not have.  What I wrote above is what I came up with.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

I have nothing backing this up, but this is how I think things may have played out  behind the scenes.

Nov 20th - Gibbons notified of preponderance of evidence finding.  At this point he still has the option of appealing.  Maybe Hoke is not notified by the University yet due to Gibbons ability to appeal this finding?

Nov 20th or 21st -  My guess is Hoke probably is made aware of the situation by at least Gibbons.  This is conjecture, but seems like something that would be talked about for at least guidance.  Gibbons probably hasn't decided at this point if he is going to appeal, so the decision is to treat him as "innocent" until the process plays out or Gibbons decides not to appeal, whichever happens first.  (Or Hoke doesn't know yet, but I'm going with what I first said as more likely)

Nov 23rd - Gibbons plays versus Iowa.

Prior to November 30th - During this week, I'm assuming Gibbons weighs his options.  Maybe getting guidance from a lawyer, the coaches, or family.  At this point I think a plea agreement between the University and Gibbons is made (maybe before the game, and finalized after).  Gibbons agrees to give up his right to appeal if the University does not publicize his expulsion and the reasons behind it.  This being an attempt to save face for both the University and Gibbons.  The injury (maybe because the deal wasn't final and Gibbons possibly will appeal) and then family matter story is now the path forward and neither will have their name rung through the mud.

November 30th - Gibbons has an "Injury" and sits out The Game.

December 4th - Gibbons meets with OCSR and tells them his intention to not appeal.

December 19th - Gibbons is expelled

December 23rd - Hoke says Gibbons not traveling with the team due to "family matters".

Prior to January 28th - Details about Gibbons expulsion is leaked to the Daily.  The possible motivation is that somebody inside the university feels the guessed at plea agreement between Gibbons and the university lets a rapist off the hook, disagrees, and wants justice served (legal charges are still not going to be brought up, but obviously there a people that feel strongly that he did it with the OCSR being one of them)

January 28th - The Daily runs its story and all hell breaks loose

Post January 28th - University staffers in damage control mode.

The above isn't an attempt to justify or defend anybody's actions.  It is purely speculative and my "conspiracy theory" for what is going on.  My thought process here is that even though this wasn't really a legal process, it has a legal feel to it, and this seems like a direction that lawyers would take.  I know if I was in Gibbons shoes and a student body found me "guilty" of rape, I certainly would have gotten a lawyer in an attempt to protect my name and rights.  I just don't see a person giving up their right to appeal this sort of finding without getting something in return (not publicizing expulsion, therefore protecting his name and job prospects).  These are just my thoughts.  Feel free to weigh in on what you think.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

You have to be somewhere you have less distractions

I don't mean this as anything against the McDowells, but am I the only one that thinks that this line of thinking is a little naive?  College for a normal student is one big distraction let alone an athlete.  Can he move farther away from his current friends?  Yeah, but if those friends are the type of people he prefers to hang out with, then he will be able to easily find more friends like that, or find some other distractions to replace them with.  Just because he will be in a football program doesn't mean his teammates are the only people he will hang out with.  It all comes down to a player's judgment, and none of his final four are going to act as babysitters.  At a certain point he will have to be accountable for his decisions.  Maybe the present is the best time to start by letting him choose where he wants to go.  As a parent, sometimes you have to let go and let your child make their own choices.  Inevitably some of those choices will be mistakes and that is when you come in to help them pick themselves up.  (Of course ideally they don't make a mistake, but we all do).  Again though, I wish he and his family nothing but the best and hope they make whatever decision is best for him/them.  I do not envy them.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

Sources are saying that Malik's parents' desire for him to leave Michigan is based on some bad influences they want him to get away from.  (attributed to some non-football friends he associates with which of course is a reference to Michigan and MSU fans).  This comment has lead others to note some of the twitter handles Malik is following (Hint: The marijuana related ones).

I don't know if any of the above is true.  All I can say is that what used to be a mysterious recruitment with almost no information is now one that is leaking all sorts of supposed morsels. Malik loves the MSU social/party scene, parents very strongly hate MSU, Michigan coaches saying "hey, we like to party too, but remember football" or something like that, Malik's mom's public spat with fans on the interweb, his parents want him away from bad influences, ..... What is next?

I will say, I feel for the kid and his family and the difficulty this process appears to be putting them through.  I hope Malik and his family are happy wherever he ultimately decides, and he ends up being in a place that helps him to be successful. 



Comment 03 Feb 2014

Florida State makes sense when you take into account that they have family in Florida and both Malik's parents have talked about moving there if he goes to FSU.  I don't think his parents are going to let him get too far from them no matter where he goes.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Normally I would be there with you when somebody writes an article that comes from the often used "anonymous sources close to the program", but this article directly quotes Eli Gold who is connected to the Alabama program.  If the guy is going on the record, and no other named source is contradicting him, then you probably need to lend it some credence.

If one can connect the dots to deduce that Nussmeier was pushed out, then one also could reach the opposite conclusion.  It could as easily be that Nussmeier was sick of being micro managed by the king of control freaks in college football in Saban and he found Michigan to be a good landing spot since Brady Hoke definitely won't be meddling with the offense.  (Duh, I mean the man can't be bothered to put a headset during the game, so he obviously isn't coaching.  Well, there was that one time, but it was near the end of the game and I'm sure he was just trying to get his pizza order in.  He loves him some Dominoes!)

As for hiring Lane Kiffin as his OC, it isn't surprising.  Saban and Kiffin are already connected, Saban obviously values Kiffin's opinion if he had him consult, and most importantly, Kiffin was unemployed.  It makes him the obvious number one replacement at OC even if it wasn't planned.

Sometimes things aren't always as they seem.

What is the truth you ask?  Well as with most things, the true story is probably somewhere in between.  My guess is it was a mutual decision to part ways, but I'm in agreement with HH.  Who cares how it happened.  Nussmeier has a proven track record and is an upgrade over gorgeous Borges.


Comment 07 Nov 2013

I'm sorry but Jake Butt does not play in the S.E.C. he plays for ..............   Oh ...... is this another Michigan players are transferring thread?  Dang it, FML.

*By the way, this post was a good read.  Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

We aren't really missing the point.  I wasn't trying to devalue your Kc McDermott type moment. I'm just trying to have a little fun with DJ while I can.  Somehow I feel like the window of opportunity or my mood to attempt humor on 11W is quickly closing.

To get serious for a second, as for the Michigan base, the expectation has long been that we weren't going to land Juju.  His official visit was really just viewed as him wanting a free visit to witness The Game live and watch probably what he thought was going to be one of the best games of the year.  Now that it is becoming more and more evident every week that it probably will be a blowout, he doesn't feel like it is worth the free trip.  So you see, his interest in Michigan probably hasn't really changed, it is his interest in watching The Game that has. (Especially when you consider the leaders for his services ND and USC have not exactly been lighting it up either, making his stated reason ring a bit hollow).

I will go on record here as stating that this probably also isn't a good sign for tOSU's chances of landing him.  If tOSU had a strong chance for him, I would expect he would want to take in The Game and witness the beating live, like Clarrett, Billy Price, Brionte Dunn, and other tOSU recruits have done in the past.  DJ, do you think this statement is wrong?  I would be curious for your point of view and thoughts on tOSU's odds of landing him.

So I'm sorry, I don't find Juju deciding not to visit Michigan as rubbing salt in the wound, especially when I have much better and more painful options to choose from when watching my team's lack of improvement every Saturday over the season.  (If Juju soon becomes Hand or Mcdowell for the same stated reason, then that will sting, but not this).