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Comment 11 hours ago

I didn't get to watch this game, but my general opinion is the most important thing is to get the win.  An ugly win is still worth the same as a blowout at the end of the day.  All you guys have to do is win the B1G championship and your in the playoff.  Keep in mind, this team played its best football in those last three games last year, so the important point is not how you get there, but just to get there.  

Comment 11 hours ago

Where in the south are you?  I live in Baton Rouge and the culture there has been very open. Even to the point that kids at my children's high school have come out with no problems at all.  This leads me to believe that intolerance isn't a southern thing.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Ferentz never blocked Rudock from going to Michigan.  In fact, it got some press for the opposite reason.  There were no conditions put on his transfer and that is considered unusual (it shouldn't be though).

I think you might be remembering the defensive back from Auburn that came out and said they were blocking him from considering Michigan.  After some negative press, they relented, but nothing ever materialized there and I can't remember where he went.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I'm not sure how me being pathetic comes in to play in this debate.  Even if the PAC 10 wasn't as good then, neither was Nebraska's Big 12.  Nebraska's schedule was garbage compared to Michigan's strength of schedule.  Their real signature win was against a then # 2 ranked Washington that finished the season with 4 losses and ranked #18.  It doesn't matter what one's perception of the past is when on paper, there is a very strong argument Michigan was better.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Just to correct a couple things, Michigan had the #1 ranked defense in 1997, not Nebraska.  On top of that, Michigan beat 7 teams ranked in the top 25, including a #3 Penn State squad that also looked prime to make a title run, while Nebraska only beat 4 teams in the top 25.  Also, let's keep in mind that Washington State was the 7th ranked team in the country, so it isn't exactly like they were a cupcake.  It isn't like Michigan didn't have a solid if not stronger resume considering Michigan didn't have to rely on a miraculous questionable call to win any of their games like Nebraska did.

Going off resumes alone, Michigan had to play a stronger schedule, with over half their schedule being ranked.  Nebraska only had to show up for a third of their games against ranked opponents.  Michigan being national champions is an easily defendable stance.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

I second Commander's Palace as the best place to eat.  If you want a Unique experience, try to see if you can get the Tobasco room at Antoine's for some real private dining. They have private dining rooms and that is the only one that can seat 2-6 people.  Make sure you follow their advice and get the Baked Alaska for dessert.  It is less about the dessert and more about the show.

As for Bourbon, I think it is overrated, but you have to do at least one night there, so Pat O's for a Hurricane and souvenir glass, and Tropical Isle for a Hand Grenade.  You can get Absinth at this little "pirate" bar down the alley on the left side of the St. Louis Cathedral by Jackson Square.  While at Jackson Square, make sure you have some cash to purchase a painting or get a reading from a psychic.

For some music, make sure to go too Preservation Hall for some Jazz.  After that, I recommend Frenchman Street.  That is where the locals go for drinks and music to be away from the tourists.  

You also will want to go to Cafe Du Monde like others have said and go to the French Market just to look at the stuff in there and maybe buy something.

Make sure to do a ghost tour at night, and if you have time, try to see a Plantation House (Oak Alley is the most famous) or maybe a swamp tour.  If I think of anything else, I'll pop back on here later.

First and foremost though, keep your wits about you and be safe.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Upnorth, I don't have any issue with you other than you are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful state and I'm not. ;)

I also don't have any issue if you want to bring any news over here from Mgo, but when you truly bring news from over there, you tend to always severely slant it and distort the real story.  Also, I just don't see any value in "reporting" on what is being said or done in other site forums.  I'm just not a fan of that, whether it is at Mgo about us here, or us on 11 W reporting on them there.  I just don't think anyone cares, and those that do will have already seen it when they are over there lurking.  I guess it is a pet peeve of mine, but I hope you don't take it personally.  I just pick at it for fun since you are over there a lot, but it really is just the pot calling the kettle black since I'm over here quite a bit.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

It's a new Bleacher Report thing.  They have been doing these announcements for a number of recruits.  I think the first one to do it was Iman Marshal last year and it seems to be headed towards the new normal.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Upnorth, how do you not have an account over there?  I've been thinking you spend more time over there than here since you like to report on Mgo's ongoings in real time here.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Thanks for the answer.  I appreciate your candor on the situation.  I had been wondering if this was a situation where the kid was being slow-played and he didn't want to wait, or if they truly don't find him to be a good fit for what they are looking for, so he is not a take.  It sounds like it is the latter.  

I will say, even on the Michigan side, some have speculated that he might end up being a tight-end in the long run.  I'm not sure about that, but I do think it will be easier for him to break into the WR rotation at Michigan.  Either way, the kid seems like a hard worker, and I'll be excited to see him suit up in the maize and blue.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Birm, I might be too late to ask this question, but I was hoping you could shed a little light on the Ahmir Mitchell situation.  I understand that there isn't a spot at tOSU right now for Ahmir with other receivers still higher on the board, but has Ahmir really been told that they don't have a spot for him, or did the tOSU staff request for him to hold off his decision to see if they can make a spot for him (other players going elsewhere).

Comment 14 Aug 2015

Agreed, I don't think they will end up being the only ones, but being the first allows them to get the wow factor nobody else really will.  It doesn't matter if it is a good wow, or of the WTF variety.  Most of the boost from this will be about the off the field "swag" that will come with it.  Will it make a big difference?  Maybe a a small one in the short term, but there will still need to be a winning product on the field to sustain anything.  Otherwise, none of this will really matter.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

So I wasn't expecting this move, and it seemed like a strange move, but I do think this could help recruiting.  Kids like their brands, and the Jordan brand is still big.  This won't even be about what they are wearing on the field.  It will actually about what they get to wear off it.  As part of these deals, the players get outfitted with clothes and shoes off the field, so the Michigan players will be getting a bunch of free Jordan shoes and clothes.  Think about former LSU QB Jordan Jefferson and the 50 pairs of Nike shoes he had when the police were looking for the ones he was wearing when he kicked that other guy outside a bar in Baton Rouge.  This to me seems to be the biggest perk to this deal.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I just figure this article on multi-year scholarships is pertinent to this conversation.  For your enjoyment, Michigan wasn't included in this article since they didn't finish in the Top 25 in football or basketball in 2013-2014, so we don't know where they stand.

As you can see in the linked article, only 1 of the 28 schools listed offered multi-year scholarships until eligibility is expired (Oregon).  The truth is, outside of Oregon, a 5th year is never guaranteed and never has been, not even at tOSU.  The fact is, Harbaugh actually gave Heitzman an opportunity to stay by giving a tryout, when it is more common for schools to let the 5th year seniors go with their degree in hand if they don't have room.  In my opinion, Heitzman got a pretty good deal, the only issue one may have, is that Harbaugh was very direct about the circumstances behind earning that 5th year, but hey, at least it was honest compared to just quietly reviewing Heitzman's status during the spring and then just not renewing his scholarship if he didn't like what he saw. 

Comment 15 Jul 2015

From what I have read, Notre Dame is still claiming they have the largest deal.  Rumor has it they were given UA stock as part of the agreement and that it has doubled since they signed on.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

Elevenwarriors.  So, please don't tell anyone or they may pull my Michigan Man card.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Congratulations.  It is hard to turn down a deal like that.  I have two kids at LSU with full rides.  It was hard at first, but I got over it real fast.  You can't have a greater gift than graduating college with zero debt.

When you are looking at things, make sure to be comparing total costs.  Tuition is only one component of cost, so when thinking about the money, you need to look at the big picture.

Again, congrats to your daughter.