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Comment 19 Sep 2014

It always cracks me up when Michigan people make the comments and don't look at their own modern era (that they've lived through) that is littered with losses at home to powerhouses like Appalachian State, Toledo and Utah.

I hope you aren't talking about me.  Appalachian State will always equal a bad loss.  Toledo will always equal a bad loss.    Utah, however, I’m glad you brought them up, because it helps to prove my point on context.  You look at the name Utah and assume it was a bad loss, but if you look at what that Utah team did that season, it is hard to say it was embarrassing at all.  That year, Utah eked out a 25 to 23 victory over Michigan, ended the season undefeated, ranked as the #2 team in the country by the AP, #4 by the Coaches, and beat then #4 Alabama 31 to 17 in the Sugar Bowl.  Again, if you just look at the name, you might think it was bad, but that is why you always have to look at the context.

The same Ohio Conference that produced the likes of John Heisman

This statement simply isn’t true.  The Ohio Conference did not produce John Heisman.  Ignoring the fact that the Ohio Conference didn’t exist until 1902, Heisman played for Brown (1887-1889) and Penn (1890-1891).  He then had what I would call a coaching blip at Oberlin in 1892 and then in 1894.  Oberlin would later become a founding member of the Ohio Conference in 1902 along with Ohio State.   Since he only coached 2 of the 36 years he coached (15 out of his 274 games) at an institution that would later become a member of the Ohio Conference…  that just isn’t enough to say the Ohio Conference produced him, especially since he started as a player in the Ivy League.

They are all legit, against legit competition at the time, I've confirmed it with a number of drunken tailgate historical scholars.

You have me here.  I can’t beat the opinion of drunken tailgate historical scholars, but I do have a couple questions to ask them if you could pass them along.  If the Ohio Conference was so legit, then why did Ohio state jump ship to the Western Conference (Big Ten) only 10 years after helping to found it?  The Western Conference was founded in 1896, so why not join it then?  Also, how come none of the Ohio Conference teams ever really were noticed on the national scene?  None of them ever really made the rankings of their day.  Can you explain this?

However, I do completely discount victories that Michigan tries to claim over such entities  as: American Medical, Ann Arbor High School, Camp Grant, U Club, Cleveland AA, Detroit AC, Detroit Industial, Havard Club Chicago, Iowa Pre Flight, Michigan AA, Michigan MA, P&S Chicago and Quantico Marines - to name a few.

I’m not really going to defend any of these.  What is the point, I’m not really qualified to talk about whether some of these wins are quality or not, nor will I question the wins Ohio State counts over Ohio Medical, the Dayton YMCA, the 17th Regiment, Columbus Barracks, Camp Sherman, Iowa Pre-Flight, Fort Knox, and the Great Lakes NAS.  It really only amounts to 25 victories for Michigan, 13 for Ohio State, 31 for Texas, 50+ for Notre Dame (Stopped counting at 50, but saw more I think would meet your criteria).  I would say though, you may be underestimating the difficulty of those games.  Alabama only has a 4-3 record versus Birmingham High School.  Essentially, every school counts these victories, so really nothing to see here.

I will say though that it is rather unpatriotic of you to criticize teams such as Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Texas, and all the others for playing the different military service teams like Iowa Pre Flight, Quantico Marines, the 17th Regiment, Camp Sherman, Fort Knox, and the Great Lakes NAS.  These were great moral boosters for the war time effort and many college players were on these teams when they joined the military to serve their country.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

The rule just means he's ineligible to play in games, but says nothing about having to kick a player off the team and/or not letting them practice with the team.  Teams typically don't keep players on their team that aren't eligible to play.  What is the point?  They will just take practice time away from the people who can play.  Well in this scenario, they are probably trying to position themselves to be able to still help Spence.  That is my guess.  Besides, he can probably give the starting oline one heck of a workout at practice.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Don't forget he also had an assist from Lloyd Carr as well.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

they count a victoryies over a HIGH SCHOOLS, YMCAs, and others over various mens clubs.

It always cracks me up when the people that make these comments don't look at their own history and what wins their school's record is littered with.  Who are you to discount a tOSU victory over the Dayton YMCA or the fact that the first 25 years of tOSU football was spent playing mostly other Ohio schools? (Even though Michigan began playing the Ivy League powerhouses of the day on their own turf in only their 3rd year).  Enough with that though, the real question is, are all schools' being measured by the same criteria?  The answer is yes, including tOSU's storied past. (National championships are a different story though.  I'm waiting for Auburn to discover some more any day now)

If we don't look at the context of the history, who is to say future generations won't discount our own teams we've lived through up to now because there wasn't a playoff, or because the players weren't paid (except the SEC, because they will have a leg to stand on with this one), or because the games were played on earth and not in zero gravity stadiums across the galaxy, or insert potential reason here that may diminish our day and age (no.... really, I would like others to post some other reasons.  Could be fun)

Edit:  None of this means I'm for the whole, "Oh yeah, well we own the overall record" weak argument after a loss.  One should respect those that came before us, but we still need to live in the present.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

This is kind of what I'm thinking.  It was mentioned that the medical staff was helping him, something they probably can't do if he is off the team and no longer a student at the university.  I am thinking he finishes this semester while the school helps him and then transfers someplace he will be able to play or goes into the draft.  If this is what is happening, kudos to the program for seeking the path that ensures he gets the help he needs and better sets him up for success if he has to leave.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

 A scholarship based on athletics shouldn't be a guaranteed four year reward for having had a nice HS career.

My question to this is why not?  Isn't this basically how academic scholarships work?  You don't need to excel above your peers to keep it, you just need need to stay in good standing and maintain a minimum gpa.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

My vote is for M Man to be the next University of Michigan J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach.

Comment 16 Sep 2014


Fresno Ohio State Leads the Country in Multi-Year Scholarships

DJ, I fixed your title for you since the article you cited only covered a smattering of schools and Fresno State's policy after multi-year scholarships were allowed (2011) changed to give all their incoming athletes 4 year scholarships, and they actually extended it to their current athletes as well, meaning they have around 316 athletes on four year scholarships. (Link) (Illinois has approx. 293 to lead the B1G)   If a school such as Fresno can go all in on their "student-athletes" then there is no reason schools like Michigan, tOSU, Texas, Alabama, ...... can't as well.

The article linked above also comments on the potential reason as to why the NCAA chose to remove the ban on multi-year scholarships in 2011.  Shocker .... apparently it was meant to be a self-serving tactical move for legal reasons (which DJ alluded to).

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Last Summer, as a true freshman, he reported to school at 248 lbs with 27% body fat.  This year he is at 220 lbs and 9% body fat.  So he obviously has bought into the S&C program, now we'll see if it makes a difference on the field (if the OL performance is good enough that is). 

Comment 25 Aug 2014

A couple days ago Hoke did have Smith first.  I think at varying times over camp every running back spent some time at the top of the depth chart.  I guess its the whole "everyones a winner" approach.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

They play MSU, so the requisite coach speak applies.

Team [Next Opponent] is the best opponent we play all year.  [Next Opponent] is a well coached, fundamentilly sound, awesomest team out there.  They are who you think of as the ideal football team.  If there is anything else you can think of that I can say to kiss their tookis even more, please let me know.

Unfortunately, MSU has been more relevant in the last couple years.  Hopefully that changes quickly.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

A side note: the theory that these numbers are skewed by blowouts in which the Buckeyes used backups in the fourth quarter doesn't explain away the disparity.

No, but a change in offensive philosophy due to a blowout may.  If you are winning in the fourth quarter, you usually become more concerned with running the clock out over scoring points.  If you are losing, you are going to gamble and pass more. (opponents).

It should also be noted that Ohio State actually had the ball more in the second half.

The above statement and the statistics provided would seem to lend credibility to the possibility of changing the offensive philosophy in the second half to run the clock and protecting the lead.  A statistic that should be looked at to see if this could in fact be the case would be the offense's run/pass splits for each quarter.  If tOSU went noticibly run heavy in the 4th quarter, that would probably be indicative of an attempt to run out the clock and would probably lead to less points being scored.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

There is nothing defensible about York’s actions.  The victim and the victim's friend never presented themselves as a threat.  York had enough time to think about punching him, line up, make sure no one is looking, and then clock him in the side of the head when the guy wasn’t looking.  The interesting thing in this is York’s friend appeared to know that York was going to punch the guy before it happened.  How is that?  There is nothing redeemable here.  He deserves to be gone and get his just punishment in the legal system.  If another school wants to give him a second chance, fine, but it better not be Michigan.  That is all.

*Edited comment to be a bit more constructive, but even so, I still think York is an asshole.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

There was only one guy who annoyed the shit out of me (and another group of OSU fans) the entire game (I mean the entire game).

Sorry, that was me, but in all fairness it wasn't because you were rooting against Michigan, it was because you had that big #1 foam finger you kept sticking up in the air and I couldn't see the game.  The only thing I remember being worse was that guy in front of me at the Utah game from years back that wore the sombrero.  I tried to give him the business about it too, but that freaking sombrero was so big he couldn't hear me.  Luckily some guy a few rows in front of him finally heard and tried to help, but he still didn't take it off.  Go figure.

So my advice is if you leave the sombrero and/or foam finger at home, you should be all right.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

The press release issued by any program, not just Michigan, usually will depend on what is known at the time of the release.  Michigan's statement on the suspension was the first indication there was anything going on with C'sonte, so of course they will say as little about the situation as possible given his right to privacy and what is considered public knowlege at the time.  By anouncing the suspension,people will start digging and find out what is going on, but the university isn't the first official source.  If the press had already caught wind of the incident and it was already out there, I would expect the statement from Michigan may have been different.  If you want to blame anyone for what is said by any program with regards to these situations, blame the lawyers that are most likely involved and have to approve any official statement.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Hey, honest mistake.  CDUB4 set me straight on the 11W football scholarship grid inaccuracy.

you fucking weasel

Thanks for the vote of confidence on my sexual prowess.  Now if I could only get my wife on that bandwagon....

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Somebody had to leave before the season or else the team would have been over the scholarship limit.  According to the football scholarship grid of this site, with JT, there were 83 players on scholarship with the limit for this year being 82 (2014 being the last year of the 3 scholarship reduction).  This gets the scholarship numbers down to that magic number of 82 just in time.  Good Luck to you JT in your future endeavors!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

The other thing people are losing sight of with Cornell was that his original #1 ranking was based on the viewpoint he was going to be a Clowney type WDE.  Now that he has put on a lot of weight since the initial rankings, most are now projecting him to move inside on the DL.  So that mixed with being good but not dominating in his camp appearances are the main reasons for his drop in the rankings.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

I wouldn't call Damien Harris a flip.  To me, a flip was either currently committed to another school at the time or commits to another team in a relatively short period after a decommit.  This shows that the reason for the switch was most likely due to another coaching staffs work and not something else.  Damien Harris stated he decommitted because Michigan fired Borges, not because tOSU coaches convinced him to.  He also opened himself up and is concidering more than one other school.  I would consider Shaun Crawford a flip by Notre Dame, but not Damien Harris.  He just opened things back up.  Either way, I can tell you that both sting the same, which is probably the more important aspect.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

FWIW - I did not DV you once.

Are you secretly saying you downvoted Bass multiple times, i.e.  more than once?