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Comment 26 Aug 2014

Last Summer, as a true freshman, he reported to school at 248 lbs with 27% body fat.  This year he is at 220 lbs and 9% body fat.  So he obviously has bought into the S&C program, now we'll see if it makes a difference on the field (if the OL performance is good enough that is). 

Comment 25 Aug 2014

A couple days ago Hoke did have Smith first.  I think at varying times over camp every running back spent some time at the top of the depth chart.  I guess its the whole "everyones a winner" approach.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

They play MSU, so the requisite coach speak applies.

Team [Next Opponent] is the best opponent we play all year.  [Next Opponent] is a well coached, fundamentilly sound, awesomest team out there.  They are who you think of as the ideal football team.  If there is anything else you can think of that I can say to kiss their tookis even more, please let me know.

Unfortunately, MSU has been more relevant in the last couple years.  Hopefully that changes quickly.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

A side note: the theory that these numbers are skewed by blowouts in which the Buckeyes used backups in the fourth quarter doesn't explain away the disparity.

No, but a change in offensive philosophy due to a blowout may.  If you are winning in the fourth quarter, you usually become more concerned with running the clock out over scoring points.  If you are losing, you are going to gamble and pass more. (opponents).

It should also be noted that Ohio State actually had the ball more in the second half.

The above statement and the statistics provided would seem to lend credibility to the possibility of changing the offensive philosophy in the second half to run the clock and protecting the lead.  A statistic that should be looked at to see if this could in fact be the case would be the offense's run/pass splits for each quarter.  If tOSU went noticibly run heavy in the 4th quarter, that would probably be indicative of an attempt to run out the clock and would probably lead to less points being scored.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

There is nothing defensible about York’s actions.  The victim and the victim's friend never presented themselves as a threat.  York had enough time to think about punching him, line up, make sure no one is looking, and then clock him in the side of the head when the guy wasn’t looking.  The interesting thing in this is York’s friend appeared to know that York was going to punch the guy before it happened.  How is that?  There is nothing redeemable here.  He deserves to be gone and get his just punishment in the legal system.  If another school wants to give him a second chance, fine, but it better not be Michigan.  That is all.

*Edited comment to be a bit more constructive, but even so, I still think York is an asshole.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

There was only one guy who annoyed the shit out of me (and another group of OSU fans) the entire game (I mean the entire game).

Sorry, that was me, but in all fairness it wasn't because you were rooting against Michigan, it was because you had that big #1 foam finger you kept sticking up in the air and I couldn't see the game.  The only thing I remember being worse was that guy in front of me at the Utah game from years back that wore the sombrero.  I tried to give him the business about it too, but that freaking sombrero was so big he couldn't hear me.  Luckily some guy a few rows in front of him finally heard and tried to help, but he still didn't take it off.  Go figure.

So my advice is if you leave the sombrero and/or foam finger at home, you should be all right.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

The press release issued by any program, not just Michigan, usually will depend on what is known at the time of the release.  Michigan's statement on the suspension was the first indication there was anything going on with C'sonte, so of course they will say as little about the situation as possible given his right to privacy and what is considered public knowlege at the time.  By anouncing the suspension,people will start digging and find out what is going on, but the university isn't the first official source.  If the press had already caught wind of the incident and it was already out there, I would expect the statement from Michigan may have been different.  If you want to blame anyone for what is said by any program with regards to these situations, blame the lawyers that are most likely involved and have to approve any official statement.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Hey, honest mistake.  CDUB4 set me straight on the 11W football scholarship grid inaccuracy.

you fucking weasel

Thanks for the vote of confidence on my sexual prowess.  Now if I could only get my wife on that bandwagon....

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Somebody had to leave before the season or else the team would have been over the scholarship limit.  According to the football scholarship grid of this site, with JT, there were 83 players on scholarship with the limit for this year being 82 (2014 being the last year of the 3 scholarship reduction).  This gets the scholarship numbers down to that magic number of 82 just in time.  Good Luck to you JT in your future endeavors!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

The other thing people are losing sight of with Cornell was that his original #1 ranking was based on the viewpoint he was going to be a Clowney type WDE.  Now that he has put on a lot of weight since the initial rankings, most are now projecting him to move inside on the DL.  So that mixed with being good but not dominating in his camp appearances are the main reasons for his drop in the rankings.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

I wouldn't call Damien Harris a flip.  To me, a flip was either currently committed to another school at the time or commits to another team in a relatively short period after a decommit.  This shows that the reason for the switch was most likely due to another coaching staffs work and not something else.  Damien Harris stated he decommitted because Michigan fired Borges, not because tOSU coaches convinced him to.  He also opened himself up and is concidering more than one other school.  I would consider Shaun Crawford a flip by Notre Dame, but not Damien Harris.  He just opened things back up.  Either way, I can tell you that both sting the same, which is probably the more important aspect.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

FWIW - I did not DV you once.

Are you secretly saying you downvoted Bass multiple times, i.e.  more than once?


Comment 26 Jun 2014

Not to throw off the conversation, but I am interested in asking a question to see if it affects others thoughts on the 2015 RB topic.  Recently Birm interviewed Damien Harris and the following comment by Harris stuck out to me.

"I don't mind coming and trying to compete for my spot, but I'd still like to be the only back in my class.

Before Damien Harris committed to Michigan, the coaches had indicated they were looking to add two RB's to the class.  As soon as Harris committed to Michigan, they changed their recruiting strategy and shut down their RB recruiting for 2015, pushing away other RB recruits like Weber and Patrick.  Once Borges was fired and Nussmeier hired, Michigan once again began recruiting for 2 RBs in the class and subsequently Harris decommitted. (Did Borges secure Harris' commitment by promising he would be the only RB in his class?)

So with the above being said, if Damien Harris is intent on being the only RB recruit in his class, should that affect tOSU's recruiting strategy?  Would you be willing to accept a commitment from Scott or Weber if you knew it would hurt your chances with Harris?



Comment 26 Jun 2014

Haha.  Nice observation.  You might also notice that it makes its way down to the Toledo area.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

Michigan actually has a rich Native American heritage.  I happen to be a bit of an expert on the topic having invested many hours at some of their casinos.  (Link to a version of the original map that can be zoomed in to see what the guy came up with too)





Comment 26 Jun 2014

He was never thought of as a lock by Michigan fans and has always been considered a Sparty lean (over 75% CB since September 13, and having no Michigan predictions since December 13).  His name hasn't even been mentioned with regards to Michigan recruiting for a while now.  For the 2015 cycle, Michigan's class size is quite limited and as far as DE recruiting goes, they seem to be strongly focused on WDE prospects (KLS being priority #1 and as evidenced by no longer recruiting Cornell and cancelling his visit, which in my opinion was really stupid by the staff).  Going back to Alibi though, Michigan being left out wasn't really a surprise (If they made his Top 5 it would have been because they were one of the instate schools).  I don't know who cooled on who first and won't even try to speculate.  I will say the instate recruiting for 2015 seems to favor MSU over Michigan though and seemed to swing that way with MSU's hiring of Curtis Blackwell.  If you recognize his name, it's because he helped start and ran the SMSB camp until MSU hired him.  He's very well connected in the Detroit football community and it appears to be paying dividends for MSU in the short term.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

Madonna actually attended Michigan too, so I guess Lourdes is just following in her mother's footsteps.

Madonna Ciccone (Music, Theatre & Dance)

One of the most acclaimed pop icons of the 20th century, known for many chart-topping hits, including “Like a Virgin” and “Like a Prayer.”  A native of Pontiac, Mich., Madonna received a dance scholarship and attended U-M for two years, then moved to New York City in 1978 to pursue her career in entertainment.


Comment 23 Jun 2014

Hey, I'm not trying to pick holes in your statement, I'm just saying that I don't trust Bill Kurelic's info as much as the 11W guys.  I think the 11W guys get things right more than he does.  If Birm and the other 11W guys don't call it, then it doesn't move the needle for me.  I just don't think the 11W staff would have missed Chris Clark deciding he was going to pick tOSU the night after his visit.  I just don't.  (Especially so badly that Jordan crystal balled him to Michigan after it).  That has nothing to do with what you said, and more my trust in them to be on top of the story and not needing to drum up some juicy info to convince you to pay for a subscription.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

However, Hilliard going somewhere else (as long as it's not *ichigan) will not cripple OSU.

Fixed that for you since I'm pretty positive he has already eliminated Michigan even though he hasn't said it yet.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

Is this behind a paywall?  If not, it would be great to see a link.  I don't know how much I believe Bill's story.  Could Chris Clark have said something like "I could see myself picking OSU after this visit"?   I could see that, but Michigan was always seen as having a tenuous lead heading into these visits with the Buckeyes playing catch up.  From 11W's Jeremy on June 8th about 11 days before Clark's commitment to Michigan.

As for Chris, the nation's most-offered tight end, the Wolverines of Michigan continue to be the team to beat,


I still believe Michigan has the edge for Clark

When it comes to recruiting, and especially with shared tOSU and Michigan targets, I tend to find the 11W guys to be really plugged in and since all of them continued to crystal ball Clark to Michigan as his visits progressed, I felt pretty confident that things hadn't swung.  In fact, I feel Jordan's crystal ball selection of Michigan a day after his tOSU visit tends to poke a hole in Bill's story.