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Comment 05 Sep 2016

I think this would be a good spot for this question.  What is the criteria required to put someone on a coach's tree and can a coach be put on more than one tree?  Mike Young's basis seems to be the person's last assistant position before getting their first HC gig.  So as an example, If that is the case, then Durkin can't be considered on the Meyer tree.  To go a little deeper with Durkin as an example, then maybe you go by most years as an assistant with a HC.  If so, he was an assistant coach for Harbaugh for 4 years and only 1 year for Meyer.  So from there, if we decide they can be on multiple trees, is there a minimum time requirement to make the tree?

In the end, I think  a coach only makes a tree if they are successful and can be on multiple trees to fit a storyline.  Anybody else have any thoughts?  

Comment 31 Aug 2016


+1 to counter the DV.

From a normal Football perspective, is this punishment more harsh than what would normally be handed out?  I would say most likely.  This scenario is different though because the issue was brought to the academic part of the school, so the real question should be, is the punishment normal for a student in this scenario?  I would also answer that most likely it is.  It just so happens that this particular student is a football player, and since he is suspended from school for a semester, he can't play.

If you look at a lot of the transgressions by athletes across most schools, it probably could be said, from a student perspective, the punishments would fall on the light side.  This is because the school typically lets the athletic program handle the punishment.  In this instance, most likely Title IX was a consideration and the school was forced to act since it was reported to them.

As for the Michigan case with Gibbons, I wouldn't lump it with FSU or Baylor.  Part of the issue there was that no criminal charges were ever pursued by the victim, nor did the victim report it to the school.  It wasn't until the law changed allowing a non-victim to report it (a former professor at the school) that it gained traction and finally resulted in Gibbons getting kicked out of school.  The school acted when it was able too by law.  My guess is that Hoke thought the Gibbons situation was more a he said she said drunk hookup and erred on the player's side, much like Urban may be inclined with TG (not meant to compare player's actions, just a coach's inclination).  As we all know from hindsight, Hoke's decision was a very poor one.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

DJ, I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate and respect your stance and level head on how you reported on the TG situation.  Often times the propagation of the unsubstantiated claims and rumors continue to at minimum victimize the woman in this scenario.  We will never know what happened nor do we have the right to. A decision was made that wouldn't even be on our radar if it didn't involve a football player.  Your words on the matter rang true for me.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Niblick, I'm going to be honest, I was thinking the same thing at first.  So far, the Hurry Up has been mostly a recap of other site information and past 11W quotes, but I don't expect that this will continue.  In all fairness to Andrew, he is new to this role.  It is going to take him time to build his network and get connected to the recruiting scene.  Birm didn't get there overnight and neither will Andrew.  This beat is all about building relationships.  Give Andrew time and with 11W behind him, he will start becoming the source of new insights and information.  He also has a great writing style, so I feel confident the Hurry Up is in good hands going forward.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Carlos Hyde got the benefit of the doubt from Urban and a suspension.  Dunn not so much.  Both 5th year seniors.  What is the difference?  In my opinion when it comes to potential altercations with women, the second one is the right call all the time.  Good move.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Maybe not.  It could be they wanted to send a freshman in general as a sales pitch, and Mack earned it over the other freshman.  Unless they specifically wanted to send a freshman WR.  If so, then the sales pitch would probably be directed at DPJ since he is looking for that type of thing.  If calculated, I would be more likely to believe it was just wanting to send a freshman in general though.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

True, it isn't the length of a traditional internship, but they are still getting paid and essentially a free trip to New York.  This has more perks to it than just a job shadow in your own hometown or near the university that comes at the player's own expense.

Either way, this is a a way better way to use a school's network to provide opportunities instead of just handing players cash.  I would be for this type of thing gaining ground at other programs.  Who knows, it might be happening elsewhere and tOSU is just better at the PR game.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

DPJ's is different.  He actually is job shadowing, which is unpaid and you follow people around as they do their job.  The tOSU one is a very exclusive paid internship opportunity in New York.  People on here have commented how difficult it is to get this opportunity, but here you have 3 football players getting it, one of them who hasn't even completed his freshman year of college.  So hooking up players with a well paid gig in New York seems like it would carry a higher risk of a NCAA infraction to me, especially since someone who could be labeled as a booster is involved.  I think everything is on the up and up, I just think this is one of those things that can help determine where the impermissible benefit line may lie.  The general public always thinks they know, but coaching staffs get creative when testing the lines.  I think this is one of those.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Here is the bio of Jim McNamara.

James A. McNamara is the global head of the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Third Party Distribution business. He is responsible for the global distribution of mutual funds, separately managed accounts, retirement products and sub-advisory services through third party intermediaries such as banks, trust companies, and broker-dealers. He is also responsible for the global distribution of cash products sold directly and on a third party basis. Additionally, he has oversight of GSAM’s Defined Contribution business. Mr. McNamara serves as President and is a member of the Board of Trustees of Goldman Sachs Trust, the U.S. mutual fund family, and is a member of the Firmwide New Activity Committee and the Structured Investment Products Committee. He also serves on the Investment Management Division Client and Business Standards Committee.

Previously, Mr. McNamara was head of U.S. Third Party Distribution and prior to that, was director of Institutional Fund Sales in charge of the Bank Trust and Corporate Cash businesses. He joined Goldman Sachs in 1998, was named managing director in 2000, and partner in 2006. Prior to joining the firm, he was a Senior Vice President and Eastern Regional Sales Manager for the Dreyfus Institutional Service Corporation. 

Mr. McNamara earned a BS from Ohio State University. 

First off, that is a really impressive resume Jim has, so that is why I included it all.  It is interesting though that he is a tOSU grad, with this being something that could be labeled in a recruiting advantage scenario.  Given the connection, he would have to be involved in having this set up, through direct involvement or through influence.  I think everything is above board here and the program is great, but I would be curious as to how you work around the risk of the booster angle.  I just find that type of thing interesting and wouldn't mind knowing.  We hear a lot about satellite camps, spring break trips, bagmen, but when the actual end result is something like this, we don't get to know.  My curiosity wants to know!  Congrats to Burrow, Hubbard, and Mack, you got an opportunity not a lot of people get.

Comment 02 Jul 2016

Yes, just like Michigan wanted to chase off a promising 4* EE running back.  The Dean situation is a similar scenario, only tOSU recruited Damon Arnette to take Dean's slot after he had already enrolled.  They had to cut him loose, there was no room, and that cost Dean a year.

Also, I'm not denying that Harbaugh has cut guys loose.  Hell, he openly admits it with his meritocracy comment.  If you continue to work hard and listen to the coaches, you get to keep your slot.  What I am saying is that they do encourage kids to look elsewhere before they slow contact.  Honestly, it isn't any different than Meyer and crew.  According to Sibley's interviews, he didn't hear from the tOSU coaches anymore after they told him he would have to take a grey shirt.  That is the equivalent of telling your ex that you still want to be friends.  You don't really want to, and secretly you want them to go away, you just don't want to look like the bad guy.

Comment 01 Jul 2016

Falcon's situation sucked, yes, but is was handled way better than the Jamel Dean situation at tOSU.  The Michigan coaching staff was open and honest with Falcon before he signed on the dotted line that because of his injury history and recovery progress, they only had a medical scholarship for him.  This happened at a time when he could make a choice with no negative impact on his eligibility.  tOSU waited until Dean was on campus, even though they had already recruited another prospect to fill his slot, and then told him they were going to medical him, even though he had an expert opinion from Dr. Andrews that he could in fact play.  He chose to transfer, but was forced to have to sit out a year.  There are now reports that he is competing for a starting spot at Auburn.  If Falcon was screwed as you say, then what tOSU did to Dean was ethically worse.  

As for Swenson, his situation was never about talent.  His was that he refused to listen and do what the Michigan coaches asked of him.  Who is to say he would listen any better once on campus?  Nothing, so his offer was pulled.

Comment 30 Jun 2016

It is because Swenson is the only one that complained.  Weaver defended Harbaugh and said that he knew the situation at all times.  The one other one had nothing but good things to say about Harbaugh and Michigan.  So really, it just comes down to Swenson complaining that he was wronged, and enough sources have come out to say that clear expectations were in fact set up, the only problem was that when he wasn't following the coaches' requests, they should have pulled his offer sooner.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

My guess is both, but my understanding is Sitkowski is #1 on Michigan's board.  Harbaugh won't shy away from a good athlete though.  Example being Gentry.  Brought him in as a QB but now he has been moved to TE.  DTR would have the possibility to change positions too.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

I'm not saying anyone cares either way.  That is not the point.  What I am saying is that the only way a coach is allowed to have face to face contact with a recruit right now is if they are working a camp.  Urban definitively was not working the camp by all accounts.  What he did was a bump rule violation according to the NCAA bylaws.  Even if it gets ruled that, it really isn't egregious anyway.  Nothing would happen over it.

Here is a more interesting question, would Urban have showed up if Harbaugh was working the camp?  My opinion is no because Urban has been working hard to avoid talking about Harbaugh with the media.  What is your opinion?