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Comment 6 hours ago


I do find it annoying that they feel so much love and 13 year old girl, boy- band worship for him that they will come onto a rival fan board and feel the need to do the same there.

First off, I do understand that Michigan fans have been excited about Harbaugh being our new coach, and it has the extra benefit that he was already connected to the program and is coming in after 7 tough years.  I would think someone that has already gone through this type of excitement would understand.  I mean Urban Meyer was hailed as the savior of the Buckeye program when he was first hired, much like Harbaugh was for Michigan.  Quote below.

Buckeye fans are treating Meyer as if he's the second coming of our lord.

In Ohio State's current situation, Meyer may just be the program's messiah — in a college football manner of speaking.

- Link

That is just one quick example from multiple articles that had similar references when he was first hired.  That mantra was so ingrained in the press that it was still being sung in 2013.  I'm sure if I look, I may be able to find it being rehashed after the national championship this year.  The truth is, you can't hold the fans accountable for the press's choice of words to sell papers or gain clicks, and you can't hold contempt for a fanbase that is optimistic with a new coaching hire.

What you can do though is choose to stop subjecting yourself to all of the Michigan coverage if it annoys you so much.  Don't you see that you are the one that is subjecting yourself to what you are most annoyed about?  You can choose to stop going to Mgoblog and reading every bit of Harbaugh and Michigan related coverage you can get your hands on.  I guess that would mean you couldn't come on here and give it your own twisted spin.  The difference between you and I is that what I attempt to do here is give the forum a constructive Michigan fan's perspective, but your purpose partly appears to be going to Michigan sites so that you can come back here and give a tOSU perspective on Michigan happenings.  I do hope that I'm hitting the mark on my intended purpose here, but given your comments, I will bow out for the day to start the weekend to reflect and let you guys commence with what is supposed to be a no Michigan day (which I usually honor by not commenting on anything on Fridays if I can help it ;) )

Before I leave, I do want to answer your question you directed to me.

Blue Bayou, you don't find  it inappropriate that an adult college coach, in the process of recruiting two HS students, asks them to get down in a 3 pt. stance in a public restaurant and make a spectacle of them?

First, No, I don't think it is inappropriate.  The use of the word inappropriate almost implies some level ill intent, or that Harbaugh harmed them in some way.  It definitely was a pretty innocent interaction.  Now, Would I have done what Harbaugh did?  No, I wouldn't, but I've learned that not all people handle situations the same way.  This has greatly played out in my role as a parent.  I've found many times I can't have the same expectations for my kids, that they are going to have to do things there own way sometimes, so I am not going to expect someone like Harbaugh, or Urban to act like me if I can't get my own kids to.  They have to be themselves, and apparently how they are has lead them to be successful in their careers to this point, so I am not going to question it.  The thing with leadership, is that it comes in different packages, and sometimes you have to be willing to put yourself out there and look ridiculous.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Comment 7 hours ago

I actually think Satellite Camps can be a good thing and don't really have a problem if every school is doing it.  Back when I was in High School, I kind of remember this as being the norm at the camps I went to.  You would go to a camp and there would be other college coaches there as well as the hosting college.  A current example of what I remember as the norm can be seen with the Michigan "Satellite" camp in Florida since it is being staffed by college coaches from Michigan, USF, FIU, and Dartmouth.  So there is a selection of different opportunities for the kids that attend.  I'm not sure when this all really stopped, but my guess is that it probably stopped around the same time college football became a big money business.

Comment 7 hours ago

Eh, I don't think this is all that strange.  You can't really convince a guy that has already made his decision.  That was probably less about Mack and more about Robertson.  At some point or another, all head coaches do stuff that are strange or creepy.  Example, Urban likes big butts and he cannot lie, or there was the time he called a potential recruits girlfriend daily.  Here is the thing that I really wonder when we hear stories like this.  I have a feeling that the great coaches like Bo Schembechler, Woody Hayes, Bear Bryant, ...... could have been considered eccentric / insane too, its just that information wasn't spread so easily then, and the public probably wasn't too interested in recruiting then.  

Comment 11 hours ago

My only other advice is don't get hooked into buying a bunch of crap you don't need in the nesting phase.

This is good advice, and one of the other things I can offer here, is that it could be a good idea not to buy new on everything.  You might have some friends willing to sell you some of the stuff they no longer use, or you can look on Craigslist for things you are willing to buy used.  Even then, there might be some stuff you might want to buy new and keep that could be useful for a second child.  The thing I liked about Craigslist for some of the things we bought was that I was able to get things that seemed relatively new for a decent amount less than new.  On a number of things, when we were done with it, I was also able to get back on Craigslist and sell them for the same amount I had paid myself, so really we used them for free.  There actually were two items that we had bought that I got more money out of them than I originally paid for them. The used market just happened to support that at the time.

Comment 11 hours ago

Firs off, Congratulations!  Being a dad is going to be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in life.  I can't offer any info on the NIPT question since my wife and I didn't do it, but I can offer some good book recommendations.

First, a good book for the both of you.  What to Expect When you are Expecting.  My wife and I read this one together.  My favorite part of it was the week-by-week fetal development section in each chapter.

The second book I recommend just for you is Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad! I enjoyed this one enough that I now buy it for my guy friends that are first time expectant fathers.  Some of them now do the same for their friends.  It isn't meant to be too serious of a book, that is what the first recommendation is for.  This is optional, but my wife and I got some laughs out of it.

I also highly recommend that you get a 4D ultrasound (maybe a different name now).  As the expectant father, this was the first experience I had that made it all feel real.  It actually felt like I was introduced to my son for the first time when we did this.  

Now this might be my most important advice I can offer.  No matter what, you have to make sure that you get a picture of the first time your wife holds your baby!  If you need a pinch hitter on this one, then feel free to pass this responsibility on to a parent  or inlaw if they are going to be in the room too, but it is important that somebody be assigned that task and knows its their job.  When my son was born, I was in charge of taking pictures, and I got so caught up in the moment that I didn't get that picture.  Lucky for me, someone else got the picture for me even though I was in charge of the pictures.  Even though it is 8+ years later, almost every time that picture comes up on our digital frame, my wife reminds me how lucky I am that someone got that picture.  It is a key moment, so you have to make sure you get it on camera.

Also, if you could let me know where I can send some Michigan gear for you new child, I'll get that out to you as soon as I can.  It's always good to give your kid options.  ;)

Comment 27 May 2015

Somebody better let this guy know before he reaches campus that tobacco products aren't allowed on the sideline during a game.  He very well might be a walking NCAA violation waiting to happen.

Comment 26 May 2015

over whose dick warts (player arrests) are more contagious. 

This is the scariest thing about this.  Hopefully this doesn't devolve into a gif posting party.  Site policies are sure to be broken.

On another note, you bring up a good point.  I see way more posts on 11W about what is being said or is happening on MgoBlog than I see on MgoBlog about 11W.  I'm not sure why that is, but it is an interesting observation.

Comment 26 May 2015

I have it on good authority from the Seattle Seahawks that there is nothing to see here.  You can be assured that an NFL franchise would spare no expense or no stone unturned in such an investigation.  Move along, nothing to see here.

Comment 20 May 2015

but he refuses to change it back.

What can I say, I'm an attention whore.  Much like my good friend Ann ............

Comment 20 May 2015

As a matter of fact, I think I have.  I believe he's the kid that used to always steal my lunch in 6th grade.  It's good to see some things never change.

Comment 20 May 2015

I can drink more beer than you can and still wake up, on my own, at 4:30am and go to work

All I can say is that I'll be hard to beat since I have a flexible work schedule, it is always 4:30 AM somewhere (no timezone specified), and I can work from home.  Where is the challenge?

Comment 20 May 2015

The Michigan athletic department asked for permission from the player's living relatives to unretire the numbers and implement what they called "Legends Jersey's".  The jerseys were given a commemorative patch with the former players name on it.  The locker for the Legends Jersey were also given plaques.  Rumor has it though that the Legend's Jerseys are going away now that Dave Brandon is no longer the AD and it was his idea.

Comment 20 May 2015

I actually did and already ate it!  I had steak and a baked potato.  I'm saving my pudding cup for an afternoon snack.

Comment 20 May 2015

Well, I guess I'll just move off to my corner over here until the conversation makes its way back to overall win records.  

Comment 20 May 2015

I don't like when players make comments like he made.  It's best to be humble in a loss.

I will say though, in all fairness to him, he came into the game with an injured shoulder, it got dinged up early in the game, and then he tried to play through it, which obviously didn't work out well for him.  I don't think it was his performance in that one game that dropped him though, I think it was the injury.  The shoulder he injured has been a problem for him since his high school days, so I think the drop might actually have been due to some questions on his durability.  I also think it is that injury history that has him not wanting to play in the box.  It will be hard to keep that shoulder healthy playing there.

Comment 20 May 2015

Unfortunately I'm clean shaven.  If it wasn't for needing to be employed, I'd have a goatee.

Comment 19 May 2015

I agree, but you have to admit that no matter what forum, you can't expect to bring up a conversation about all time win records and not expect a Michigan fan to get involved.  To do so with the expectation of no response is like raising the Bat signal and expecting Batman to not respond.  Batman must respond.......