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Comment 18 Dec 2014

I've seen those same two things along with a desire to be closer to home.  Maybe it is a mix.  I don't think we will ever definitively know since I don't think he will end up talking about it.  Either way, I'm sad to see him go and wish him luck.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Not just Michigan fans.  The recognition of Public Ivy schools has been out there for a while and isn't even specific to just Michigan.  The term was actually coined by Richard Moll (A Yale grad) in 1985 to identify the public universities that offered an Ivy School experience.  Along with Michigan, here is a list of the other recognized original Public Ivy's.  Note that the state of Ohio also has one of the originally recognized Public Ivy's.

College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia)
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
University of California (campuses as of 1985)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Texas at Austin
University of Vermont (Burlington)
University of Virginia (Charlottesville)

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Sad to see him go.  I really liked this kid and was hoping to see good things from him.  He really bought into Brady Hoke and the whole Team 135.  as others have said, it has already been anounced he is going to WVU.  The typical transfer restrictions were put in place meaning he couldn't transfer to another B1G school or one that is on Michigan's future schedules.  So if there is a brother deal to be had, then it would mean WVU for both.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Transfer restrictions prevent Michael from  going to another B1G school or a school on Michigan's future schedules.  It has also arlready been anounced that he is transfering to WVU.  I'm sad to see him go and wish him luck.  Hopefully everything works out well for him.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I doubt they used "subtle hints" to leave the program just so they can "hope" that a higher rated player commits

Just curious if the new timeline has affected your thoughts on this.  The coaches knew Monday they had a new commitment at a position of higher need because of numbers.  About 24 hours later a player decommits at a position that wouldn't hurt from a decommitment with spots getting limited.  So the coaches wouldn't need to hope, they actually would have known what they were trading for at that time.  Does this change your thoughts on the situation?

By the way, I'm not touting a moral high ground or anything like that.  This is part of the recruiting game, and the most successful college coaches these days are doing this.  I agree with a comment below, a coach shouldn't directly pull a scholarship from a commit, but there is nothing wrong with encouraging a kid or two to look elsewhere.  Especially when you are giving them some time to figure out a place to land.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

The appeal of Bama is that it is a high profile program that competes for national championships every year competing in what is considered the strongest conference.  Throw in the fact that they rely heavily enough on their running backs that they can produce two 1000 yard rushers at that position most years.  The RB's are usually the focus of the offense in the game and in the media.  All these things provide for improved draft stock with reduced wear and tear.  That is the appeal.  Primary back in college = overrated, primary back in the pros is what matters.

Being the primary back at OSU might be less appealing in some recruits eyes compared to platooning at Alabama, although if I were a recruit I would be excited about the opportunity with both.  Potential perception problems for OSU might be that the QB position is the strongest focus of the offense on the field and in the media.  Second strongest focus in the media is the "Percy Harvin" position.  The RB may feel like less of a focus, and at times that may have showed in the lack of Carlos Hyde in key moments, as an example when he was playing.  These might be some hurdles that Urban and the coaches could have to address with RB recruits, but OSU as a program has the same appeal as Bama, so that is what will keep good RBs coming, but could explain why in some instances, a running back would go south to Alabama.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Weber silently commits to OSU Monday, Green decommits Tuesday on a "mutual" parting of ways, Weber publicly announces commitment on Wednesday, so I think that still leaves three spots since those two things balance each other out for a sum of zero change in class size.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I think this means Harris to OSU isn't going to happen.  Harris a number of times has said that he wants to be the only RB in his class.  Maybe the only program he is looking at that doesn't affect would be Bama given the way they platoon their backs?  I'm not sure, but I think his reaction to the Weber commit to OSU isn't a good sign.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

my opinion is he wasn't getting the love from the coaches (they weren't keeping in touch with him)

Couldn't this be a passive recruiting tactic to get a kid to decommit?  I mean, Jayru Campbell "decommitted" from MSU, but I'm sure that was actually the MSU coaches' decision and not his.  That one is just a little more obvious.

This situation is way different than The MSU story, but just trying to make a point.  I'm sure for most schools, the kids they really want don't see a decrease in communication.  If you have a logjam at a position in a recruiting class and you can't decide or don't want the perception of dropping one of two to three possible kids, then why not "encourage" the kids to make the decision for you.  Reduce or eliminate your communication with one, two, or three kids you are ok to lose one of and I guarantee one of the kids decommits at some point.  Then you come back in with the two that haven't decommitted yet and start telling them again how much you want them, you've been busy preparing for the college playoff, you are sorry if they feel neglected, but you still want them.  In essence, the kids decided who stays for you and you opened up a spot without looking bad.  Maybe this isn't what happened, but with how much this kid loved tOSU, how he reacted to his offer, how he trolled Michigan, how he was a leader in the class' recruiting of other players, I just don't see this decommitment happening without some level of encouragement from the coaches, passive or not.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

If you are seriously looking for tickets, don't wait for me, if you find some tickets at the right price, it is best to buy them.  I'm feeling 80% sure I'm going to take my sons with me this year.  Even though I'm not a tOSU fan, it should be a great game, and it is the first year of the college football playoffs.  I might even show up for the game in my Michigan gear.  Actually I won't, this is just a loose reference to what LSU fans did the year Michigan played Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.  There were a number of LSU fans at the game in their Jerseys, and at times during the game they would start chanting SEC, SEC, SEC!  That by far was the strangest part of the experience.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Since I can't brag about the state of Michigan football, I might as well brag about this.  I have 4 tickets to this game for face value.  Since I live near New Orleans, I am on a list to buy them early every year.  On the years I choose not to go, I just sell them.  If I decide to sell them, I'll advertise on here first.

As a side note, a lot of times they somehow "find" tickets after they have been sold out and release them on Ticketmaster, so if you don't get them through the school, or are priced out of the secondary market, keep checking to see if any more tickets get released for face value.  Maybe this won't apply anymore since it is a playoff game, but up until now, I know a lot of people that have gotten tickets to the Sugar Bowl this way, including some friends of mine when Michigan was down here a couple years ago.

Good luck to everyone on their hunt for tickets!

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Drake was a key reason the game was close for the first 3 quarters.  He was doing a great job running the ball and once he was out, the Michigan offense sputtered.  (didn't score again until the TD at the end).  Reports are saying this is the same ACL he tore at the beginning of 2013, so hopefully this doesn't mean anything long term for him, and he is able to fully recover.

It is too bad both sides couldn't make it through this game without any injuries.  I felt for JT when he got hurt and was hoping it was something he could play through this year.  I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he gets an invite to NY, he deserves it for the outstanding year he had.

Comment 27 Nov 2014

Wishing for the best for this young man and hoping he is found safe.

Comment 14 Oct 2014

I think you are confusing the two running backs.  Harris is the one that said he wants to be "the guy" at RB wherever he ends up and wants to be the only RB in his recruiting class.  Having followed both recruitments, I have only ever seen Weber say that he isn't afraid to compete and isn't afraid of having another RB in his class.  I think it was Harris' insistence on being the lone back and being a strong lean to tOSU that helped close the door on Weber earlier. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

You are right, even though Michigan wasn't overly supportive during his tenure, that could have been turned around with better results on the field.  Rich Rod made his defensive coordinators at Michigan run his preferred 3-3-5 defense without either of them having any experience in it (extremely frustrating watching a defense consistenly on.  Rich Rod either had to get out of his own way and let his DC's play the defensive systems they were familiar with or done a better job convincing the administration to pay enough to Bring Jeff Casteel to Michigan.  You can see he learned his lesson since one of the first things he did when he got to Arizona was go out and get Jeff Casteel.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

I agree.  I've been to both and LSU wins hands down.  I've never seen anything like it.  You know you are on to something when people contemplate staying at their tailgate instead of actually going into the stadium to watch the game.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

M Man, I agree with you.  I think early in his tenure, Brandon wasn't shy about saying he would try to maximize the revenue for the department, and that the enormous season ticket waiting list was a sign that the price of the tickets was too low.  A shrinking waiting list was meant to be a sign that they were near maximizing that revenue stream.  The problem is, once you approach that line, it only takes a few issues (really bad home schedule and degrading product on the field) to fall off, and then the promotions kick in to recapture some of that lost revenue (granted the coke promotion was less about revenue and more about preserving the 100k attendance streak).

Comment 30 Sep 2014

You are right, Kurt Coleman did get suspended in 2009 for his helmet-to-helmet hit, but apparently things have changed since the addition of the targeting rule.

The Big Ten reviews every play as part of the officiating review program," Chipman told MLive. "In regards to targeting, that's an on-the-field call handled through game rules by the officials. There is no postgame review process for targeting."

That quote is from Scott Chipman, the Big Ten associate commissioner of communications.  You can see what is written up about it from MLIVE.  I don't know why you would neuter the ability to dish out a post game suspension from a review unless it was given up as some sort of compromise for the ability to be able to automatically dish out an ejection and 1 game suspension in-game.  Either way, in my opinion, they need to fix that.