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Comment 24 hours ago

In retrospect I think it's a good thing Jalin declared for the draft.  We have 11 receivers fighting to get on the field and 3 open spots on the line.  My prediction is the bigger problem this year is we've got so much talent at receiver that there's going to be really good players buried on the depth chart and people are going to ask "why isn't player X getting more playing time!"

Very very excited to see who our starting 3 wides are in September.

Comment 24 hours ago

“Once upon a time when Carlos Hyde was here – I wasn’t here, mind you – nobody was talking about Zeke Elliott. When he was a freshman he was a third-team back here. So the culture was built before Zeke and Zeke obviously enhanced it and moved the bar. And so now it’s someone else’s turn to go move the bar.”

When Antonio Pittman was here no one was talking about Beanie Wells.  When Beanie Wells was here no one was talking about Dan Herron.  When Dan "BOOM" Herron was here no one was talking about Carlos Hyde...

I can't wait to see who emerges this year

Comment 28 May 2016

IMHO the only thing holding Dontre back has been his health.  If he's healthy he's going to have a great year.  Talent never questioned, experience isn't a question, drive isn't a qustion.  If he's on the field and healthy he's going to be a weapon.  He should also thank Jalin for clearing the way to get all the snaps he wants this year.

Comment 27 May 2016
Texas recruits are leaving the state in numbers never before seen. A&M is falling apart, Texas has been bad for a decade, and now Baylor could get hit with Penn State level sanctions. This is a great time for Ohio State to close Texas prospects and open up a new pipeline. If you liked the Detroit pipeline, you'll love a Texas pipeline.
Comment 24 May 2016
I'm a big believer you collect as much top 100 talent as you can regardless of position. If you have guys that are special football players and they have the right team-first mentality then I believe things like position and scheme just tend to work themselves out. When you've got someone that is a special talent it doesn't really matter where on the field he lines up, you're going to like what he does.
Comment 18 May 2016

Thank you ETENIN, there's been a wave of upvotes recently keeping my post visible which I'm grateful for.  I love Ramzy, he's one of my favorite 11W writers - but it doesn't mean we can't debate and disagree with his ideas.

The Penn State Incident is a "power corrupts" story.  The reason we should keep talking about Penn State is it's a "power corrupts" problem in football and I think it's corrupting a number of football communities in a number of different ways right now.

Comment 18 May 2016

ICYMI: This Again

In one case from 2011, an assault at an off-campus event in Waco ended with three football players being charged as well as Baylor and Waco police discussing the incident. Waco police, according to documents, took extraordinary steps to keep it from the public view "given the potential high-profile nature of the incident." According to a police report obtained by Outside the Lines, Waco's investigating officer asked a commander that "the case be pulled from the computer system so that only persons who had a reason to inquire about the report would be able to access it." The report was placed in a locked office.

Comment 18 May 2016

My argument is that it is all too human to say "oh not this again, I don't want to hear about this" but you need to keep hearing about it - it is the sunlight that disinfects, it is the medicine society needs to take - or we are doomed to repeat letting something bad happen again.

Comment 18 May 2016

I can't disagree more with Ramzy.

The Sandusky incident is buried by the media, Ramzy included, because it doesn't fit into our internal narrative of what football is or should be about.  We don't want to confront it so we want to bury it.  That instinct that "football should be fun, rape isn't fun so therefore let's not talk about it any more" is exactly the kind of thinking that leads to problems.  Football is a powerful economic and social force and that power can either be used for good or evil.  The Sandusky incident should have a bright spotlight shined onto it and everyone involved should be demonized for the part they played in it so society is forced to confront it.  Only by recognizing and confronting it will we keep bad things from happening in the future.  If you downplay, bury it, say "let's not talk about this again" you're engaging in behavior that create the setting for evil things to happen.

Comment 15 May 2016

Completely agree.  His height of 5'10" limits him in the pros but I think height is one of the least important factors at the college level.  Accuracy, arm strength, precision, decision making, foot work, running skill, durability, reading a defense.  If you have 2 QBs that do all of those things at a prime Peyton Manning level then and only then do we need to start talking about height.

I'm not taking Tate Martell with the 1st overall pick of the NFL draft but I think he's going to be an absolutely deadly deadly college QB.  I hope he's on our side!

Comment 15 May 2016
If the Danny Clarke story plays out like you just said it would validate every bad thing people said about Urban when he took this job and hurt Ohio State's reputation for years. Clarke has been the model of a stand-up committed recruit in a time when commitments mean less and less and if Urban was to turn his back on him it would never be forgotten.