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Comment 3 hours ago
Alabama is ranked high for the same reason they are every year - the infallible logic of "because Alabama.". Their win/loss record, their stats, how they play on the field none of it matters because the voters just say " well SEC and well Alabama so let's rank them here." I'd love to crush them again this post-season.
Comment 19 hours ago
  • Alabama and Georgia already have a loss
  • TCU eeked out a 6 point win over Minnesota and a miracle catch to beat Texas Tech
  • Michican State barely got a 3 point win over Purdue
  • Baylor is playing FCS schools on their schedule

The 1993 Dallas Cowboys aren't making an appearance in any conference this year so cool your jets.  Ohio State is 5-0 and still #1.

Comment 20 hours ago

It's time to see what Dontre Wilson can do.  I thought Marshall was going to fumble for a 3rd time on a punt return where he was waving the ball around like he was on a deserted island trying to signal an airplane.  There's too much talent to be risking losses at the hands of Jalin Marshall.

Comment 02 Oct 2015
"It's dumping season" Quoted for MFing truth DJ!!!
Comment 22 Sep 2015
I have never heard of the term "junk defense" so I'm assuming Ash is being derogatory with that term? If so, I think that's pretty lame - if a defense works against you it's clearly not "junk" and you need to take it seriously.
Comment 21 Sep 2015

Brim - If I wanted to just hear tOSU fluff and party line I'd follow some coaches on Twitter and let that be that.  The reason we love hearing from you is your objective opinion and analysis.  Keep having a unique voice, keep being objective, and it's okay to be negative sometimes and even wrong sometimes.  Tell us the truth of what you feel at any given time and let us decide for ourselves whether to believe it or not.

You're doing an awesome job, keep up your own unique objective independent voice.

Comment 21 Sep 2015
I've seen a lot of seasons end in disaster because the Buckeyes created 4+ turnovers to inferior completion. Purdue games from the Terrelle Pryor gears cone to mind. But the difference is this year we have a shut down defense that can absorb those hits and still win. That's the difference between this team and those 2009 2010 teams. 3-0 fix the offense and we're national champs again. Go Bucs!
Comment 18 Sep 2015
Braxton is going to go down in the history books as one of the greatest Buckeyes of all time. What a guy.