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Comment 15 Mar 2017

I disagree, when we have a truly talented player Urban tends to feed him.  Philly Brown has 63 receptions, Zeke has 289 rushing attempts, Curtis Samuel had 1600+ all purpose yards.

But most players just haven't been as talented as their recruiting rankings or our fan-perception thinks they are.  But I think with multiple top-50 WRs being signed that is going to change in a big way around here!

Comment 15 Mar 2017

I agree there is a talent problem and I double-agree with Ramzy that Ohio State fans go through every bit of mental gymnastics possible to convince themselves year-in and year-out there is not a talent problem.  

I feel the only truly talented receivers of the Urban Meyer era were Devin Smith, Michael Thomas, Philly Brown, and Curtis Samuel.  Of those names my personal opinion is Smith, Brown, and Samuel achieved to their potential and only Michael Thomas was actually truly underutilized in this offense and that is on the coaches.

When I look at the WR corps I don't see bad scheme or "blocking" holding back receivers.  I just see guys like Jalin Marshall, Dontre Wilson, and Noah Brown who just aren't as talented as fans thought they were.

But the good news is I think this is all going to change.  We've never seen WR talent like Urban has recruited in the last couple years.  If the QB can get them the ball I think we will start to finally have the talent at WR that we've been wishing for for a decade.

Comment 26 Feb 2017
Urban is the ultimate "reload not rebuild" recruiter. We're in an insanely enviable position where we've seen 3-4 first-round CBs to the draft depending on how this year's goes. And wee have two 5-star corners in our recruiting class. 99% of coaches would kill for that but Urban looks and that and demands more, he demands to sign Kendallville Sheffield to bridge the gap between 1st round draft talent because, otherwise you know maybe Ohio State would have to suffer a single season without a sure-first first-round corner on the roster lmao What an insane recruiter Urban is.
Comment 01 Feb 2017

The interest in more DTs is just being greedy, we aren't needy at DT.

We already have the 6th best DT in the country in Haskell Garrett and no one is talking about Jerron Cage who'se a top-250 national player in his own right.  Jerron Cage is the "other guy" and he's higher ranked than any DT in the last 4 years of recruiting.

We're fine at DT this year.  I wish Tufele all the best.  On to 2018 DT recruiting!

Comment 29 Jan 2017

I think Wayne Davis or Josh Meyers is going to win the starting right guard spot this year.

With the talent Urban is recruiting you can't just "wait your turn" to start, 5-stars are going to fight for that job day 1.  So I think there's a lot of offensive linemen (and WRs too btw) who need to decide whether they want to be a starter at a place like Cincinati or be a career backup at Ohio State.

Comment 21 Jan 2017

The NFL draft is the same story every year.  White defensive ends and Wide Receivers aren't "athletic and explosive" and will be busts.  Meanwhile black linebackers "don't have the instincts" (i.e. are too dumb) to succeed.  You hear this crap from ESPN all Spring, then monkey see monkey do fans repeat it on Twitter.

Then everyone gets to look real stupid for their stereotypes when Bosa, Jordy Nelson, Navarro Bowman, etc. take the field.

Keep calling out these bad takes DJ!

Comment 16 Jan 2017

This is why Tyjon Lindsey needs Ohio State way more than Ohio State needed Tyjon Lindsey.  When Lindsey vacated his spot Ricky Slade saw a golden opportunity to jump into an uncrowded H-back room at the best program in the world for 5'9" 180lb playmakers.

"Hrm do I want to join the position at the program that made Philly Brown and Jalin Marshall NFL players and just made Curtis Samuel a 1,500 yard player?" Slade thought to himself "why yes, yes I do.  Thanks!"