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Comment 29 Aug 2016

Good job Chargers, you aren't going to get 100% out of your #3 overall draft pick because you wanted to get into little nickel-and-dime fights through all of training camp then had to pay him all of his money anyway.  Great priorities there guys....

Comment 28 Aug 2016
Let's just look at it logically. 1) is Sparty going to repeat? No, it took the luckiest season in program history to get there last time 2) Is Michigan going to do it? They don't have the talent of tOSU, can't beat us at home much less on the road, and their coach is too busy planning his next highschool sleepover to worry about game planning 3) The field - no one else in the big 10 looks primed for a serious run, new QBs in a lot of programs this year So as much as tOSU has some challenges to overcome so does the rest of the BIG. Remember this is the program that went 12-0 in Urban's first year, we are going back to the CFP.
Comment 25 Aug 2016
Predictive analytics requires the past to predict the future. With a team that has so many unknown players and in college football which regularly has many new players entering the starting ranks every year I find predictive analytics to be largely useless. In the NFL where players can have 10 year careers, sure. In college where 1/3rd of your team has never taken a start before? Nope.