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Comment 26 Nov 2015
DJ apologizing for an offense coordinator who makes 3/4 of a million dollars but doesn't even talk to the media afyer a loss while his 20-year-old working-for-free student-athletes man up to it... Somehow DJ read that an thought the need to apologize to Beck for how hard people are on him while I read that and my blood boils even more for Beck to be fired.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
So far 2015 is the year of the quarterback controversy, the underperforming offense, the disaster against Sparty, and the year the mirror lake jump ended. We can change that legacy into "the year we beat Harbaugh in his own stadium" with one win. Go Bucs!
Comment 25 Nov 2015
Every 4 million jumps someone dies skydiving Every 33 million dives someone dies scube diving Every 3.3 million runs someone dies marathon running Dozens of people die every year from the above activities at rates that are statistically predicated. So how does it make sense to put marathons on a pedestal of virtune and broadcast them on TV while demonizing a mirror lake jump after decades of incident free fun?
Comment 25 Nov 2015
People die doing almost anything you can imagine, does that mean we should go through life doing nothing? A family friend of our died at 20 years old choking to death on a gummy bear that couldn't be dislodged from his wind-pipe. Do we outlaw gummy bears? Not everything needs to be stopped forever due to tragedy visiting us.
Comment 24 Nov 2015

I don't think that's an excuse.  99% of teams in the country wish they could line up Michael Thomas, Braxton Miller, and Jalin Marshall 3-wide.

The problem I see is in the plays being designed/called (such as not throwing slants or in-breaking routes behind blitzing linebackers) and the protection of the QB so he can make reads and throws without getting hit.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

It made no sense in the game circumstance.  The problem was that the O-line was losing their blocks when blocking east-west and the defense was shooting every gap.  So why would you think the solution to the problem is to call a shovel pass where the line blocks east-west and the TE runs through the A-gap?

There is this one really easy way to involve the TE, it's called the forward pass.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I agree and then some.  Ohio State fans have high expectations for their team and shouldn't ever apologize for it.  They weren't booing the team and they certainly weren't booing Braxton Miller and JT Barrett they boo'd the play calling those guys were being put in because EVERYONE could see those QB run calls coming and it hadn't worked the previous 12 times.  They were booing no forward passing and a Heisman candidate left on the sidelines.

If you want to tell me someone like Austin Mack sits there and thinks to himself "yeah I see that Heisman candidate is being left on the sidelines and I haven't seen more than 2 attempts at a forward pass and I'm watching the worst offensive performance since 1999 and I'm noticing Braxton Miller not be put in a position to succeed but I'm totally cool with all that... but I swear if I hear one fan boo then I'm taking my talents to Auburn, that's what really matters!"  Come on, you've got to be kidding me here.