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Comment 26 Jul 2015

I still think Dantonio is a garbage human being for denying a high school kid a scholarship just for doing football drills against high level competition and other Michican State commitments at a historic midwest stadium.  He fakes being a nice guy when it's convenient but we see how far his morals go when $3.64 million a year is on the line.  I mean, what's some 3-star from a small Ohio town's education worth compared to another few million for the retirement home on the beach, am i right guys?

I can't wait to destrory his team this year.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Im sorry but this a bunch of bull.  Dantonio has had a recruiting class go way better than expected and found himself short on scholarships with 20 players already committed so he invented a reason to get a scholarship back from some 3-star no name.

This is all about Dantonio cynically building his roster, if this was a 5-star player or a guy in a year where Dino was struggling to get commitments then Cupp would still have his scholarship.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Wow it's amazing how many of these 5-star players just completely screwed themselves up.  Curtis Grant is really the only one that tried hard but just didn't have it in him.  So many more, Spence, O'Neal, Boone, could have made something out of themselves if they'd just committed themeslves half as hard as Daron Lee comitts himself to the game.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

The possibility of regression on defense.

Last year Michael Bennett was statistically one of the most productive defensive linemen in college football at causing sacks, hurries, and tackles for loss.  Doran Grant was equally outstanding, achieving feats like holding Amari Cooper to 85 yards.  Those two truly were stars and even if their replacements are very good those guys achieved rare feats that just can't be expected of every next man up.

If the defense can't account for their loss we could be holding our breath in big games against talented QBs.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

With the speed of Kwon and Lee and the Power of Bosa there just aren't enough blockers.  If you double Bosa you'll have a linebacker flying into your backfield on a blitz.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

"I just felt like, in our experience last year, our team chemistry from the SEC Championship game to the playoff game was affected by something,"

Yeah, it was affected by Ohio State's boot up your rear.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

It's a good thing Owaganu was protecting an inflatable clown because if that was a real person Cooper would have just committed murder.

Comment 10 Jul 2015

25 would be a very big class.  If you look at graduations and underclassman NFL commits the number comes to 15-18.  Add in another 3-5 medical-hardships and rules-violation-ejections and you're at 18-23 open scholarships.  It'd take a lot of NFL commits at a lot of Urban getting guys off his roster to open up 25.

So this class is nearly filled up at this point, I bet the staff is already pivoting to 2016.

Comment 10 Jul 2015

I am as high on Cooper and Nick Bosa as I've been on any DE recruits.  I know it's stupid to predict high schoolers in the NFL but I could easily see both being 1st round draft picks in the same draft, I'm that high on these two.  So while I really really want Hall at Ohio State, I wouldn't blame him for one second if he tipped his cap to Cooper/Bosa and decided to commit to another school.

That said, I REALLY hope he doesn't.  I want a Miller/Barrett/Cardale situation at defensive end!  Could you imagine the terorr in QB's eyes if we had that kind of talent rotating in to stay fresh for every snap of a game?