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Comment 25 Jun 2016

And I think it's a self-reinforcing principle.  You create a structured culture at Ohio State that makes kids that come from a structured background want to join your program, kids that didn't come from that background naturally don't like it, so then your team is all people that want a structured program thus making the culture structured which in turn attracts the next wave of such recruits...

It's to Ubran Meyer's credit that he doesn't pursue talented kids that are trouble-makers. If you read between the lines of Brim's reporting on the Sam Bruce offer it appeared as if the coaching staff said "he's a top 100 player, he's a perfect fit to be an H-back weapon, but we don't know if he's got a 'Zach Boren' mentality so we're going to pass."  We'll never know for sure but if so it takes a lot of balls to turn down a great player to maintain a specific culture

Comment 20 Jun 2016
"the tantalizingly talented player who still fails to receive the type of touches they almost assuredly warrant." This roster is loaded. The only way to get every player the number of snaps they warrant is if we add another 10 games to the season. Ohio State's 2nd team could beat half the BIG. Just be patient young men, your time will come - just make sure when it does you're at the top of your game.
Comment 17 Jun 2016

3 years ago I never ever would have believed I'd want to read a daily article about recruiting high schoolers on twitter.  Brim you did an amazing job, exceeded every expectation.  Thanks for all the great content and opening our eyes to the excitement of recruiting!

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Recruiting is a dirty business sometimes and there's no doubt Sibley suffered the ill effects of that business due to no fault of his own.  Ohio State runs a big boy program and sometimes tough decisions have to be made for the good of the program.

But I'm rooting for Sibley, he seems like a excellent stand-up person who got put in a bad situation and is now doing his best to make the most of it.  Nothing but class from the kid and hope he has an amazing career at Pitt.

Comment 12 Jun 2016

Dantonio certainly has figured out how to get in Urban's head.  In the last 2 years we've been a mixture of power run and air-it-out but against Michigan State Urban just throws out the playbook of everything we do well and institutes a move-the-pocket and run-the-QB offense that we hadn't seen in a single game in the last 2 years.  Dantonio psyches Urban out.