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Comment 19 May 2017
It's very realistic you'll lose hill, sprinkle, Jones, Lewis, holmes, and Hubbard this off-season. Replacing 6 "starters" is no joke. I agree we need the young DTs to step up this year because they'll be thrust into the fire next year ready or not. When you were a recruiter all you talked about was getting early playing time. Well young man, it's time to put your money where your mouth is!
Comment 14 May 2017

Lots of defensive line recruits needed.  By my count we're going to have a minimum of 9 players leave in the next 2 years.

- Graduation 2017 (Hill, Sprinkle, Lewis Holmes)

- Graduation 2018 (Slade, Thompson)

- NFL 2017/2018 (Hubbard, Bosa, Jones)

That 9 doesn't even account for any injuries/transfers that might happen.  It's time for recruits to sign! sign! sign! with Ohio State.  With 2 in the bag we still need another 6-8 defensive linemen in the next 2 recruiting classes just to keep pace!

Comment 11 May 2017
Anyone reading this who has had significant orthopedic surgery knows nothing is ever "like new" again. Doctors can do great things but you're only "young and healthy" once in your life.
Comment 29 Apr 2017

As long as players aren't getting paid in the NCAA and aren't playing in the NCAA playoffs I support draftees sitting out their bowl games.  If they are amateur athletes then they don't owe college football the risk of giving up their health and millions for nothing.

But if you are going to play, get the insurance!

Comment 28 Apr 2017

If I owned an NFL team I'd give Urban a blank check to be my general manager.  Urban is finding 1st round draft picks IN HIGH SCHOOL.  He may be a great on-field coach, but as great as he is he's still underrated as Ohio State's General Manager.  He might be the best evaluator of talent in the world.

I love Urban so much. 

Comment 26 Apr 2017

1) If you want to join Ohio State you'd better commit early

2) If a recruit is worried about competition he'd be much more worried about the 4 CBs the team added last year than the 2-3 in this class.  But I'd imagine the sales pitch of "we've had 4 or 5 first round defensive backs drafted in the last 4 years" is more where these recruits are focusing.