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Comment 03 Jul 2015
Michigan football is down for the count and Harbaugh will put it out of its misery. Harbaugh's antics only work if he has a once-in-a-generation QB making him look good. He will be exposed in Michigan and he will bury that program for good.
Comment 29 Jun 2015

The "ZEKE RUNS THROUGH THE TEAM UP NORTH" was the ballsiest play call of the year.  4th and 1 against TTUN with a 3rd string QB and your playcall is to run the RB at, literally, three UNBLOCKED defenders.  If any one of those 3 had stayed home they could have made the tackle.  That was a play call that relied 100% on misdirection and it worked!  So much guts to run that play.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

Yeah but even with maize-colored-glasses you can't see Michigan playing in the playoffs in 2016.  So if you want to play under the big lights it's OSU.  And honestly, DT might be the only position on the Ohio State roster where a freshman will be starting in the college football playoff depth chart.

I bet Tuf Borland at linebacker, Tristen Wallace at QB, and Tyler Gerald at O-line look real enviously at the DT depth chart haha.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

I think there's too much talent at DE for that not to end up being a position of strength for the team.  I'm less confident in DT.  When Washington was playing the 3 last year he wasn't exactly a world-beater which casts some doubt on the idea that all he has to do is line up a few yards to the left and his production will change.  And we're hoping he is supported by guys that so far have really not shown anything.  If the chips fall well we'll have an amazing DT group but I don't think those chips falling well is a sure bet.

That said, I am confident in the DEs and linebackers being a strength of this team that if the DT play is only average this year we'll still have one hell of a front 7.

Comment 26 Jun 2015
I think my most reviled player all season was that damned Alabama punter.
Comment 25 Jun 2015

Mirko is acedemically cut at Ohio State but might get into Notre Dame.

Here's what Jamel Dean has to say about Ohio State after being medically DQ'd but then cleared to play at Auburn

"I'm going to have a lot of anger built up," if he ever winds up facing Ohio State on the football field.

Add in the Mike Webber situation and, boy, even if everything was done for the right reason the optics sure look really bad.  One it's a miscommunication, two well you don't know the full story, but 3 starts to look like a trend.  

I sure hope Urban is keeping things on the up-and-up because he's not just a coach, he's a steward of the reputation of a University that came before him and will live on long after he's gone.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

If the tight end and running back are busy helping out on Bosa that means there's no one to pick up a blitzing linebacker.  With the linebacker speed of Lee and Kwon I think a lot of teams are going to pay a fierce price for over-protecting against Bosa.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

One day Ohio State will leave the cradle we call the Big 10 and be part of a super-conference with all the other big teams and we'll have a good match-up every weekend instead of once-per-year.  Wake me up when it comes.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

General Studies, hilarious