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Comment 13 hours ago
#17 Florida plays unranked Iowa #19 Utah plays unranked Indiana #21 Tennessee plays unranked Nebraska How are these matchups fair to the big 10? And I can hear it now, when the B1G teams lose in these unfair matchups we're going to hear about how the SEC is so much better than the big 10 all offseason. If Jim Delaney had 2 brain cells to rub together he'd be doing something about this but, nope.
Comment 18 hours ago
New Year's Eve is the worst holiday of the year. I'd much rather be at home watching football than trying to get drunk off of cheap Champaign at some spare "party" where everyone stands around for hours then counts down for 10 seconds of happy new year, then stands around going "um what do we do now?" Football > worst holiday of the year
Comment 19 hours ago
I think our defense is designed to stop teams like Clemson. Tyquon Lewis and Sam Hubbard could have a lot more sacks this season but are taught to hold the edges on 1st and 2nd down instead of getting to the QB in order to keep him in the pocket. Our scheme is designed to keep the QB in the pocket then get to him, preventing him from getting outside and making big plays with his legs. With a defensive line that makes him stand tall in the pocket as the noose steadily tightens around him and 7 guys in coverage who can all pick you off... That's exactly the defense that can defeat Clemson
Comment 21 hours ago
7 hours of people with no authority loudly complaining about Ohio State being in the playoffs because Penn State beat us? As fun as that sounds I've got better ways to spend a Sunday. See you at the national chumps.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
I hope Michigan beats out both Washington and Penn State for the CFP just because the butt hurt would be so fun!
Comment 03 Dec 2016
I think the easy decision for the committee is to say "we were impressed by all the conference champions so they are all in. Ohio State just didn't have the opportunity to impress us so they fell to #5"