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Comment 27 May 2012

Hoax, has got everyone  in AA (I'm 10 milles North) whipped into a frenzy, because he's brought back MICHIGAN FOOTBALL.!! In my mind a "euphemism" for crushing teams you're supposed to, pulling games out of their ass (LY, V OSU, ND, AND the Sugar Bowl), and then woof about it like you just won the NC.  Don't for get about their great Rose Bowl "efforts". (the biggest reason I like SC.  They alway humliate M, which makes my day , year, month, insert whatever!).

This guy's pool of creativity / originality is so shallow, all he can do is mimic Blo.  Yeah Blo, of the;  No NC's, a 2-9 Bowl Record and you read it here, 8 of his 12 Big Ten tiltes shared.   The funny thing is, Hoax won with Rich Rod's players. 

This year he's more on his own.  I wonder what Dennard will be "spooning up" this year, when they come down to Cbus to face Urban and the boys.....  and whoever claims they don't remember OSU guys acting in such a fashion, you're right.  THEY'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE, and they ACT LIKE IT!!!!